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Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas wrote a poem in 1587 about the world in its first week of creation by God. In the poem, title La Sepmaine ou creation du Monde, the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary was described as such:

“But with true beasts, fast in the ground still sticking
Feeding on grass, and th’ airy moisture licking,
Such as those Borametz in Scythia bred
Of slender seeds, and with green fodder fed;
Although their bodies, noses, mouths, and eyes,
Of new-yeaned lambs have full the form and guise,
And should be very lambs, save that for foot
Within the ground they fix a living root
Which at their navel grows, and dies that day
That they have browzed the neighboring grass away.
Oh! Wondrous nature of God only good,
The beast hath root, the plant hath flesh and blood.
The nimble plant can turn it to and fro,
The nummed beast can neither stir nor goe,
The plant is leafless, branchless, void of fruit,
The beast is lustless, sexless, fireless, mute:
The plant with plants his hungry paunch doth feede,
Th’ admired beast is sowen a slender seed.”

Thoughts Coming out of Beauty & the Beast

1. Wait … Did … Did this Enchantress bish really just yank a rose out his own garden!? Well no wonder he turned her down, that’d be like asking for a place to stay and offering the person a Hot Pocket you took from their fridge!

2. COSSSSSTTUUUUUMMMMEEEEESSSS!!!! Movies with period costumes always make me miss when I thought I could make it as a costume designer~

3. I guess it’s because I saw him pre-curse, but this honestly was the first instance where it truly hit me that Adam was, indeed, a man underneath all the fur and fangs. I know that sounds stupid but to be fair, we barely get any idea of who Adam was beyond just exposition through still stained glass windows. Seeing him in action sort of settles him more… . That, and imagining a foppish prince attacking wolves instead of whatever Beast!Adam is is just … yes. I love it when pretty boys fight.

4. I like the little adjustments they made to some of the songs. I like the songs they added even more.

5. “Courage to the sticking–” GASTON, YOU ASS: YOU KNOW MACBETH!!?

6. Loving loving loving all the interracial BWWM love going on! This NEVER happens!!! To me, that’s how you know this is a fantasy.

7. Speaking of black people … Pere Robert: YOU DA REAL MVP!!! … As was the black guard in the Cinderella remake … Hmmm … Are Token Black Sensible Men going to be a thing in all of Disney’s princess remakes?

8. I also like how they delved more into making Gaston despicable in more than just his vanity. I mean, I still love him because I love villains. But because of who I am as a person, I just love this version even more because he’s a sociopathic ass shit.

9. LeFou will literally make it rain … Just for Gaston

10. Stanley in a dress is good stuff. Because Stanley is pretty. And his dress and makeup is also pretty.

11. I honestly would’ve really liked it if the remake had emphasized the love being more platonic. I may make a separate post about this … In fact, I will because I’m procrastinating on homework

End Result: I prefer this version to the original. And I will admit that it is part because of the aesthetic, I’m not ashamed to admit it. But, in all honesty, I never really cared all that much for the original either. I have nothing against Disney Princesses, I just could never get too into any of them enough to call one my favorite. Even as a kid, it just wasn’t enough for me that Belle could and loved to read because hell, I ate books to the point of getting in trouble for preferring reading over paying attention in class, it just wasn’t special to me.

However, it’s also likely because I have an extreme weakness for people saying, “Please don’t go”, “Don’t leave me,” “I’m not leaving you, I’m just going somewhere else for a little while” or any variant of the kind. Seriously. This stuff is almost always guaranteed to make me tear up on cue.

All in all, it was pretty

Okay you guys. Teen wolf has some pretty hot guys and gals. But in all honestly, the hottest people on that show have been villains.




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gah damn

[̷͕͔̔ ̝͇̬̩*̴̪ ̝̣̔̓̈̇̇̒Y̧̭͕ͯ̇o̶̳͉͕̤̯̺̣͑u͈̥̾ͨͣ̐ͪ̍̐ ̶̬̱̼͈̲̮͒f̵͔͍̮̓e̽̇͏̳̲e̷̹̥̒ͥ̏̈́̇l̤̼̼͙̅ͪ͝ ̗͚̮̘͕̖̞ͦ̑̏̚l͓͈̟̖̞̞ȉ̹̈̇ͭ̐̀ͤk̛̰͕̩͔̂ͥe͕͉̠͓̒͐ͦͨ̓̐̉ ̡̞͙͖͍̍͆̂ͥy͙̝͔͙̳̙ͭ̌͞o̟̠̪͒͐̄͐̈̈̍͝ů͔̘̐͗ͭ̌͐͟'̻̖̔ͪͤͨ̽͡r̖̓ê͓̮̩͈͔̇̊͋̀ ̦͙͎͈͍ͯ͆̇̀̚g̲o̴͙̻̾̈ͅî̢͈̰̝͈̳̠͚nͮ͆͊ͥ̈̅҉̼͓̘̖͇̤̜g ͩ̈ͯ̀t͖̰͚ͤ̊̎̈̚͝ó̗̌ͧ̓̐̏ͤ͠ͅ ͚͇̜̹̲̼͆͛h̼̦͈ͥͪ̏̚̚a̮̺̺̙̥͊ͬͩ̊̀ͨ̆v̮͉͓̒̿̔̄ẻ̯̤̩̰̑̔̓ ͕̰ͧ͢ä̡̃̍̃ͬ ͉͈͎̟͔t̫̲̟͆͌͐̈́ͣ̽ͧe̵͚͔̪͍͔̞̫ͭͪr̆͏̝͕̘̩r͔͚̼͎̬̿ͨi͉̾̒̑̀̈b̺ͩ̌̄ͪͭ́̉l̥̜̤͐͒̓́e̺͗͆ͨͧ͜ ̷͍̠͎̽͊t̞̣͉̪̍͐ͅi͚̯̦͚͇̮ͥ͌m̎͒ͮͬe̦͍͒̓̋͆.̜̳̈̽ͯͭͤ̓͡]̖̘̒͆̒ͮ̀̄͐

So this was fun!:D frustrating, but fun! I was seeing a whole buncha Error!Sans art, but then I thought,”…Has anyone made him a Gaster Blaster yet?” And I had realized I hadn’t seen a Gaster Blaster Error yet, sooo.. I took it upon myself to design ooone!-confetti everywhere- Anyways, I hope you like this @loverofpiggies !! This was just a lil idea that I had to get out, seeing that Error!Sans is like any other Sans, different in his own way.. but still a Sans nonetheless! Soo uhh.. yea, this happened .v. (Gosh my Gaster Blaster design sucksXD I’m bad at vertebrae and all that stuff)

boop-anon  asked:

*the venomous, poisonous puppy of a species known as "void beasts" has come for a visit in search of attention. Look at this small thing wiggling is back end! Its so defenseless*

Aw hello there!! *she reaches her hand out to pet the pup*


the rythna mix I said I’d post like five months ago


Get Away With Murder - Jeffree Star | Black Sun - Death Cab for Cutie | Hurricane - MS MR | Hanging in a Void - Barcelona | The Beast - Imogen Heap | Hatefuck - The Bravery | Animals  - Maroon 5 | Irresistible - Fall Out Boy | Nature of Inviting - IAMX | Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench | I Am Not the One - I Will Never Be The Same | Fall Apart - Every Avenue | Shots - Imagine Dragons | Youth - Daughter | I Think I Broke Something - Behn Zeitlin, Dan Romer

Morse Code Clue

Since on the latest promo there was morse code clue for who The Beast was, and it apparently said “Someone you know” I was thinking what if it is Mason cause he’s still human. Or what if it is some how Issac cause they said he would be coming back, and they said he is in France, and The Beast originated in France.

boop-anon  asked:

*its grumbly today since it doesnt take too kindly to the new pup in its territory. A chewere pup. Its natural enemy. The grumbly void beast pup seems to be here for attention and pets only*

*She pets the pup* Hey buddy!

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TRASH QUEEN PLEASE BE CAREFUL VOIDBEAST IS LIKE super not great on the whole friendship thing. I mean I have hope that he can be less murdery and all powerfully destructive as the next person but Im still cautious as hell. If hes met with something he can't destroy....I feel like that will only make him more angry.

TrashQueen: Don’t worry! I’ve got everything under control!

*The Trash Queen is lugging a large sack behind her.

*The Void Beast is silent.

TrashQueen: Hiiiii~ I’m the Trash Queen! Nice to meet you White Reggie.

*The Void Beast ignores the morsel that thinks it can talk.

TrashQueen: It’s pretty dark down here. It must be really boring sitting all alone in a dungeon all the time. Soooo…. I brought some board games! All sorts of board games! Maybe we can plaaaay… uh…… Uno? I’m not sure how you’d hold the cards but…

*The Void Beast does not wish to play with his food.

TrashQueen: Maybe you can use your feet? I dunno…

*She approaches.

TrashQueen: That’s a nice smile ya got there…

*The Void Beast attempts to devour the Trash Queen.

*It… doesn’t work…..??

TrashQueen: Okaaaaay! Not Uno then! …There’s a lot of different games in this sack I dragged here! Chess? Checkers? Backgammon? Poker? Crazy 8s? Settlers of Catan? I’m a dungeon master in D&D and Pathfinder too! I can totally run a solo campaign if ya like??

*He tries several more times to eat her.

*None are successful.

TrashQueen: Okay stop. You can’t eat me. I’m “undevourable”.

TrashQueen: I get that you’re not interested in friendship and you see me as an annoyance at best. But… why not make the best out of this situation? I doubt you’ve been able to do much down here except sit and occasionally devour things. And the things you devour are completely helpless compared to a creature as powerful as you. So devouring them is probably effortless for you. No challenge at all.

TrashQueen: Why not play a game that you can actually possibly lose at?

TrashQueen: Unless… you’re afraid of losing to a morsel like me.

VoidBeast: I  W I L L  N O T  P L A Y  A N Y  G A M E S  W I T H 
Y O U  S M A L L  B E I N G.  I  W I L L  D E I G N  Y O U  W O R T H Y
  T O  S P E A K  W I T H,  H O W E V E R.

*The Trash Queen has made some progress!

Beast Theory

Alright it’s my turn to give a theory on who the Beast is. And if you know me and my theories you probably know who I’m about to try to prove is the Beast. But I don’t necessarily think it’s Stiles…

But his original body…

We do have to remember that Stiles isn’t in his original body but a copy the Nogitsune made for him. Maybe since he’s not really human that’s why the Dread Doctors haven’t been near him, they might not know what he is and are possibly afraid of him. So a lot of you are gonna be saying that it’s not possible for the Beast to be Stiles but is it really. I mean so far when the Beast has appeared Stiles is present elsewhere simultaneously. Such as the situation where Theo saw the Beast in the school while Stiles was traveling to New Mexico with Scott.

Or then when the Beast was being chased by the police with Stiles also in pursuit of it.

Or when the Beast was leaving the hospital, Stiles was there looking at it’s footprints.

You’d also bring up the fact that Stiles’ original body crumbled to pieces so it can’t be him, but then again how did the Dread Doctors bring back the Beast. That creature has been dead for centuries and they had to resurrect it, who said they didn’t decided to resurrect a teenage body to put it in that was pretty homicidal when it was killed.

Now I know the idea of the Beast being a girl has been thrown around, sounds really cool to be honest, but this is Jeff we’re talking about. A main character died in 3B and with everything that was going on it seemed that Stiles would be the one to die, yet it ended up being Allison and not so much suspicion was on her. Same thing could be happening right now, everyone will start thinking it’s a girl and then it could turn out to be Stiles in a way that no one would expect.

Alright now that I’ve given you the base of my theory it’s time to give you what you really want, evidence. And I’ve got quiet a few points which might just open your eyes to what I’m saying. I’ll bring up again that the Dread Doctors haven’t been near Stiles and haven’t interacted with him in any way. Stiles hasn’t seen them in visions and hasn’t physically been near them. He only knows what they look like from the cover of their book. So Stiles and the Dread Doctors having not interacted in any way is quiet suspicious as it is, more on that here (X). Now how about we look at the promo picture for season 5B itself.

There are so many points to analyze from here, but let’s start with something simple. When you first look at the image something that really stands out is the Nogitsune.

Strangely enough the Nogitsune is present like the other bad guys but the thing is that it’s not dead. In fact it stands above the bodies seeming perfectly fine. That’s pretty interesting don’t you think, just like how the Beast is also seen standing above the bodies in the mural at the Dread Doctor’s lair. But besides the Nogitsune there’s the bat.

The bat itself is etched with Damnatio Memoriae, and we all know that Stiles’ weapon of choice is a bat, so could that mean a connection. The fact that the Nogitsune, a supernatural creature, created the body Stiles is in is already proof that Stiles isn’t human, not since 3B. So if the Nogitsune created Stiles’ new body and inhabited the old one is it possible that Stiles still has all it’s memories, a thousand years worth of murders. If that’s so then Stiles would very much try to suppress those memories and forget all about them, condemn those memories even, because if he let those memories become a part of him he could become a killer, which is what the Beast is. But we have another interesting point which is Stiles’ name written on the chalk board.

Stiles’ name is the only one seen on the fresco and it’s not just random, but written on a chalk board. It was when Stiles wrote the numbers on the chalk board at the end of Illuminated that he realized he was the one who sent Barrow after Kira, that was when he realized he was the killer. That was a big moment for him and yet no one believed him until he was already lost and causing chaos. And all these points/possible allusions are from the promo picture itself for 5B. So how about we move on to a few comparison points I want to make about the Beast and the Nogitsune. Let’s start off with the eyes.

Both have white eyes, now of course we never saw that with Stiles because the Nogitsune didn’t need to use its power so much. Stiles was way to intelligent and could cause chaos without it, something the Nogitsune very much enjoyed. Besides the eyes we have a similarity in what they are in a sense. Gerard said that the Beast was like a shadow pretending to be real, well the Nogitsune got Stiles to understand that it was his shadow, that it was Stiles’ darkness coming to life. Now there’s another thing between the two, decapitation by force.

We’ve only really ever seen the Nogitsune and Beast with someone’s ripped off head. Which pretty much shows their strength and violent nature. But all in all these similarities can be a connection but it’s important to keep in mind that the Beast doesn’t know who it is.

If the Dread Doctors really resurrected the Beast in Stiles’ original body/the Nogitsune’s last host it’s possible they’re trying to get the Beast not only to remember what it is but remember all the violence from the Nogitsune that was left within Stiles’ own memories. So what needs to be done in order for those memories to resurface, well it may not be obvious but these big places the Beast has been at have a connection with the Nogitsune. For starters the tunnels where the Beast came from.

It was down in the tunnels where the Nogitsune first caused a lot of chaos and then years later it was where it gained so much power by taking control of the Oni. The tunnels are a pretty important place for both creatures. Then we have the school.

That was where the Nogitsune was defeated by Stiles. The Nogitsune used a lot of power there, causing a mass hallucination and it’d be a good place to go to try and trigger memories of violence. Aiden did die there as well and the Oni were attacking the others. Then we have the hospital.

The Nogitsune pretty much had a massacre there. Just having the Oni go around killing people for the sake of getting to Melissa and killing her. I mean the Nogitsune clearly had Stiles’ memories and it most likely went both ways, another reason why Stiles doesn’t talk about his time possessed, since it would bring back his own horrid memories of enjoying the darkness and bring back the Nogitsune’s own memories.

The big thing though is that the Beast is a chimera, two sets of D.N.A so you’d say that rules out Stiles but does it. Like I said the Nogitsune created Stiles’ body, it may no heal like a supernatural one but it was created by it so it can’t be 100% human. Valack told Lydia to think of someone who has possibly been over looked on the list of chimeras. Of course Stiles wouldn’t be on it because he was never a chimera. Here’s where you’d argue that I’ve been wrong this whole time. The Stiles we have now is most likely a chimera too, just never considered because no one pays attention to the fact that his body isn’t the original one he was born in. I did say that the Beast isn’t the Stiles we have now, but I also said he was never considered a chimera cause he wasn’t before. Stiles’ original body isn’t a chimera so you’d say the Beast can’t inhabit it but you forget, change the host.

Stiles’ original body was possessed by a Nogitsune, a fox spirit, so at the time of his death Stiles’ body would be a fox, that’s one singular piece of D.N.A not two. But remember what was the only way to expel the Nogitsune itself from Stiles’ body, to change the host. Scott, an alpha, bit Stiles and that would turn him into a werewolf, and what did Stiles say, you can’t be a fox and a wolf. Which is true, which is how they came to trap the Nogitsune, but Kira did kill Stiles before the transformation was complete. So that means that Stiles’ original body has the D.N.A of a fox and wolf within it. The Dread Doctors could easily tamper with the body and make sure the two sets of D.N.A coexist perfectly. That way they can resurrect the Beast and pretty much Nogitsune Stiles. It’s possible Lydia is already being drawn to that conclusion. She was there when Stiles told the Nogitsune it couldn’t be a fox and a wolf, she knows that Stiles’ original body would have to sets of D.N.A and that he wasn’t ever considered as a chimera. But lastly the biggest clue anyone has as to who is the Beast has to do with those shoe prints.

I sort of panicked when I saw them because they look so familiar. Those shoe prints look like some kind of shoes Stiles would wear so they just give me the sense that it is him in a way. And so far this Beast doesn’t remember who it is and so what if it needs to maybe see Stiles or be close to him in a way. If the Beast really is in Stiles’ original body then it’s obviously connected to the Stiles we have now. When the Nogitsune split itself from Stiles it still had a form of control and connection to Stiles. So it’s possible that connection was also resurrected, willingly or not. And if Stiles is strongly repressing his memories of the Nogitsune then the Beast wouldn’t be able to remember who it is either.

So let’s say the Beast and Stiles are connected, where’s the next place the Beast is going to be at, the lacrosse game and who’s going to be there, Stiles. Why would the Beast go to the game, unless there was something or maybe someone there it wanted. If they are connected and they meet it could possibly give the Dread Doctors what they want. Maybe underneath the Beast is the original teenage body of Stiles and once the Beast remembers who it is that Stiles will be gone forever, but at the same time Stiles would feel that too. He’d feel himself dying all over again, because I’m pretty sure he felt it the first time when Kira stabbed his body, he did faint after all. So if that were the case what if when the Beast remembers and becomes a killer, Stiles gets pulled down into the darkness. And that’s how we get Void Stiles back, Stiles himself becoming dark. Think about it, if the Dread Doctors were to have a Stiles look alike underneath the Beast do you think Scott, or the police or even Theo would kill it.

They’d do exactly what the Nogitsune did, daring people to try to hurt him because the truth is they wouldn’t. They know it’s not Stiles but it has his face, his eyes, his voice, it is him in a way. Now of course this is different cause the Stiles they have isn’t the one underneath the Beast but besides the Beast they’d have Void Stiles to worry about. As the Beast causes chaos Stiles would only feed on that and become stronger, possibly stronger than the Beast. And if the Beast were to be killed that would still leave Stiles, they’re actual Stiles, to deal with. And if Void Stiles is around you know who’d start making a play, Theo. He’s always wanted Void Stiles and he’s always treated Stiles with such respect and admiration it wouldn’t be surprising if the two teamed up, specifically to kill the Beast. Stiles would be Void but he isn’t the Nogitsune, he’d still have feelings and a need to protect his loved ones, the only difference is that all bets are off, he’d do anything to protect those he cares about which includes willingly getting blood on his hands.

And that could lead into the plot of S6. The Beast is killed and possibly Theo gets his alpha status thanks to Void Stiles’ help but everyone else would still have to find a way to save Stiles. He’d be powerful again with Theo, an alpha, at his side. I mean knowing Stiles he could bring back the dead pool but put his own rules to it. He would cleanse Beacon Hills of everything bad and it wouldn’t be exclusive to the supernatural. And he’d create chaos and mass murders for the sake of keeping his loved ones safe. And with the Beast gone Stiles would surely work on a way to get rid of the Dread Doctors as well, he’d have access to a thousand years of memory and he’d most likely know a lot about the Dread Doctors. It would actually be quiet interesting if that were to happen because in the end Beacon Hills wouldn’t be as dangerous anymore, the Dread Doctors would be gone and you best believe he’d kill Theo without an hesitation. Stiles would have used Theo to clean up the town but when that was done he’d be killed too. The other chimeras could go with Scott and everything would be quite peaceful again in Beacon Hills. But this situation wouldn’t have a happy ending for Stiles cause with his mission done and so much blood on his hands he’d leave Beacon Hills behind knowing he can’t stay.

Anyway that’s my theory on who the Beast is and a possible plot for S6. Of course it’s possible for Stiles to be the Beast and it’s possible it’s not him but if you know me or at least my theories you know that when it comes to figuring out who the big bad is I always tend to point my finger at Stiles. So thank you all for reading through this whole thing, I know it was long. Hopefully I at least entertained you for a while and made you think about the possibilities.




So the more they talk about the beast the more I think it’s Stiles, especially after they said there must be another way the teenager had two different sets of DNA. Ever since season 3 when the nogitsune magically barfed Stiles out of his own body I’ve wondered how that affected him, it could have had some supernatural effect like having a transplant but better for what the Dread Doctors were trying to do. Also they said Theo was the first step in the right direction, what if that was because he killed his sister and it’s easier to resurrect a killer with a killer. None of the other chimeras had killed anyone, unfortunately Stiles has. Anyway please someone tell me I’m wrong, my poor baby has been abused enough