void and observer

The moment before movement is
Filled with emptiness.
It is the beginning of
The beginning.
Containing the potential for
It is limitless.
—  The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin
A-void-ing reality// Closed RP with ashfisher86

Void. Big. White. Void.

Oh boy was she getting sick of seeing that. Sure, it wasn’t a big DARK void, but a void none the less. No direction seemed to be bringing any change and it was starting to ware on her last nerve. The miracle being she even had one remaining after all this time. Continuing to pace through the empty expanse of space, she finally came to a stop.

“You know what? This is bull. THIS. IS. BULL.”

Letting out an angry huff, she sat down and brought up the error filled screen again. Denials. Errors. Rejection messages. It was enough to drive anyone bonkers. Having a lack of information was always a nightmare to her, and this was the perfect example of a bad dream come true. She had no access to the main observer HQ, no way of communicating with her piece of trash partner, and from her perspective no exit. After all, there wasn’t even a door around her and forming portals out of nothing in order to break reality’s barriers was only possible when connecting to a server. However, she was in a dead zone. No connection, no portal.

“ARRRRRRGH! This is pointless!”

Flopping on her back, she stared up at the nothingness. Maybe there was something she could do if she got a higher vantage point. Was there even a ceiling to this place? Either way there were more questions than answers on her plate it was not helping her situation.