Humans, the entire Earth and the sun all exist in a giant void of nothingness

  • You’ve probably heard the cliché that humans are just tiny specks in the universe. It might literally be true.
  • A recent study gives more evidence to a theory that we’re actually tiny specks inside of a gigantic void of nothingness — and it’s the biggest known void of nothingness in the entire universe.
  • Here’s the theory: Imagine our entire universe as a block of Swiss cheese. The cheese itself is made of several “galactic filaments,” which are honeycomb-like network of multiple galaxies and stars.
  • The holes in the block of cheese are cosmic voids, which literally are giant bubbles of near-nothingness — they might have a few galaxies in them, but they’re not dense.
  • Humans are thought to live in a bubble that’s about seven times bigger than the average cosmic void, with an estimated length of 1 billion light years. Read more (6/7/17)

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