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I just had a discussion with someone that called Haechan talentless and ugly. Did I do the right thing?

Uh, ugly?


Like serious, ugly and talenless?

I think that person definitely mixed him up with someone else cause I know Lee Donghyuck of NCT who is also know as Haechan is very far from ugly and talenless. In fact, he’s full of talent and visuals. idk what that person was talking about. 

  • season 1 hilbert:a high pitched and squeaky mad scientist puppy dog
  • season 3 hilbert:his voice has dropped 3 octaves, his occupation is brooding
  • season 5 hilbert:his voice is no longer in the range that can be heard by human ears.he is a myth, a legend, a concept. he has transcended this mortal plane and now lives only in the realm of science, , he has really great ideas now but no one will ever know what they are because his voice is too low goddamn

Someone did a spanish dub of that one Overwatch comic!

For all you people who want to pretend they’re watching a novela! Thank you, @freefenrir-blog!