Kuroto caught a glimpse of the blond Zweilt down the hall. It had already been a bad morning and he wanted to try and avoid a fight today. He tried his best to make his way around Hotsuma without any trouble but he had a feeling it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Anything your partner can do mine can do better (@voicetheflames)

Toko looked at her cellphone. Oh no she was late. Those girls from Tsukumo’s class were a lot more aggressive today, but Toko managed to get by them. It took a while though. She frown as she ran to meet up with her brother. By this time the competition is already over. She’ll have to apologies and make it up to him later. She got to their meeting spot a bit out of breath. Oh good. He hasn’t come out yet.

Toko looked around and spotted Hostuma at the scoreboard. What was he doing here? Oh right. She almost forgot that Shusei was also competing. She grin a little and stuck up besides him. “Oh wow. Tsukumo is number one again~ As to be expected.” She gloat loudly. 

End of the World || AU

He had been walking for days, he hadn’t eaten much except for a nuts and berries he had picked up from the woods. But even he didn’t want to venture that far into the woods and get lost. To think a normal high school student, so close in graduating would end up in the middle of the end of the world. Thankfully Shusei had no family, so the struggle having his loved ones taken away, happened a long time ago.

He tried to keep his breathing quiet as he entered a small drug store. He could here shuffling in the back room, so decided to just grab what he needed and get out. But that didn’t stop him from drawing out his bow just in case. It seemed to be luck that he had a talent with a quiet weapon. The brunet grabbed a few water bottles, medical supplies, or whatever was left, and whatever else he could use, stuffed it into his backpack and ran out.

As Shusei continued down the abandoned road, he didn’t get far when he noticed a human figure. He quickly ducked behind a car and pulled his bow back out. Except he stopped when he noticed how straight they were walking. He had almost forgotten how a living breathing, human, looked like. He stepped out from his hiding spot, and cautiously approached the other.