wesawbears 400 follower follow forever!!!!

So since you guys helped me reach 400 followers, I thought I’d pay it forward and share the amazing blogs I love so much! I follow over 600 blogs, so if you’re not here, I definitely still love you, I just had to make some hard decisions. Thank you again!!!

IRL babes: @radioactivewombats @violetchachkii @crazypianofemalehuman @reader-rabbit @lexduncan @yourestilllostlittlegirl @mountaindewjew@wyrd-ink @radiolock

nonTFC mvps who have been here from the beginning: @womyninblack, @bwaytrash, @voicesofreasons @chrysanthemum-cas @idonthavemywings @gryffindorable713 @chasingparallax @dwarven-beard-spores @lunavocado @bringedlundback @sebastiantrash

My TFC loves: @bookdancer34 @cordeliacchase @nomourners-noofunerals @abramjostwn @bookwormlostinwonderland @rideaminuteinmystirrups @dreamingincabeswater @deitean @slyther-ssin @loooreleii @isawmyselfdie @athousandsplendidfreckles @foxpaws10 @badacts @shadowleafhummel @eliotwaugh @tzaritsa @jeremykncx @jeremynox @pousseywashingtondc @goldveines @aaronminyxrd @remembrd @hazzafluff @condensedmlk @faintlyglow @easy-goingveronicamars @welliefox @exyfexyfoxes @cigarettesmokeandexyracquets @crownmystars @find-yourself-in-passion @andrewjminyxrd @runawayneiljosten @darth-magic @tzefoxes @wymack @delphyc @hookersplease @rikomoriyamaofficial @cashkarlosandblue @neiljostm @southsidelovers @flowerparrish @sing-for-your-lover @vaikarius @alphawells

anonymous asked:

could you rec me some good shameless blogs to follow? my dash is pretty death lately. love your blog honey!

Oh gosh! I’ve never done a rec before wowie, okay bare with me here, I hope I don’t miss anyone great

Those are all of my faves, given to you in alphabetical order (because I’m neurotic). Everyone should follow them if you’re not already! 

(also ty bby im glad you enjoy it <3)


Wow. I honestly don’t know what to say other than thank you! You guys are absolutely amazing and I can’t believe so many of you follow me. I really don’t deserve all of you. <3

In celebration, I figured I’d finally do one of these.

First off, I want to thank the lovely astelis for being so amazing. You listen to all my rants and fangirling and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you, sweetheart. 

My Tumblr BFFs

emilybrowninng imajefferson laurajean92 natashasromanof nineagles onelonelycloud1982 stewartist warrior42life

Other Amazing People (Special Love For Those In Bold)

A-B aaronmarquis aflawedfashion agentgrantward agentsfitzward agentsofnothin agentswan andsomeyougiveaway anunexpectedhotdwarf applecover a-study-in-oddities becausehiddles brianknney

C-E captaindixons carmerion chaosclarke clarkethebraveprincess clonendrix colinodonorgasm comeherearmys cullen-bosasspants dontfuckuppeoplessnowflakes ezriela

F fairyinpink fifthharmony fightersofthe2ndmass fitzmonkeys fivedollarjordanparrish forestintrafalgarsquare fuckstruckswan fuckyeahgameofthrones fyeahbellarke fyeahbraxtons fyeahgrantward fyeahmaxthieriot fyeahthemusketeers fyeahtheraceofmen

G-H gallicka geekzrcool -grantward greatchairmanmeow griffinsclarke happilycaptainswan happycrowley headcase0424 hellasterek hey-ass-butt heydixon hoechlinth holmesillusion

I-M ijustwantanevilqueen jenpero jmma-simmons julibernardo kilianemma kylebraxton lateeshaaa letswishuponastar lieutenantmilller major-cosmic-shift martyfreethrow mazerun michelangloglo mickeyandmandy mickmilkovich mnms99 

N-O noelfshr oakenshieldscompany obliivion ohsebastianstan okteiviablcke oliverqeeen onceagainharry oswinyoswaldy ourdreamsofwinter outmakingmoonshine

P-S paceysjosephine ravenclawwit ricktatorshipxo scorptaire sercnavanderwoodsen shawnphunters sherlockspeare simplepleasureinstories skyewardz skyewward smilingwinchesters smoaqueen stannisbarathcon stilinksihales stripperleepace stupidape sturedman

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