…Okay I am all for seeing Dick Spenser get punched in the face, and I was having a good time with the whole Nazi Punching thing as a revolt against White Supremacy,  but I’m starting to get spooked.

Not because I think Nazis should be respected or protected in any way (I don’t. Advocation of genocide should not be tolerated, period).

…But because Tumblr is starting to do that echo chamber thing where a certain idea becomes memetic and echoed, and anyone who voices a dissenting opinion is shot down.

Except the idea that’s memetic is a normalization of violence, and the idea that’s being shot down is a reluctance to punch people in the face. 

And as a gay/queer man, the idea that this website can suddenly rally around the idea of normalizing violence terrifies me?

Like, I know they would do (and have done) the exact same thing. That there’s a narrative of self-defense. That they should be denied legitimacy and be prevented from ever gaining a foothold in politics.

And I know that there’s something deeply uplifting about seeing someone stand up against hate in such a visceral manner. That man who punched Dick Spenser in the face represents a tangible ally in uncertain, terrifying times. Not everyone has the privilege to protest peacefully, or have academic discussions. Sometimes your only means of fighting against an evil force are your fists. I get that.

The thing that spooks me is that Tumblr, a website known for holding some… lets say unhealthy viewpoints regarding social discourse, is taking the reasonable viewpoint of “stop Nazis because they’re evil” and RUNNING WITH IT. 

And I’m kind of terrified as to where that’ll end up.

…So, um. To all of my Jewish, Muslim, POC, and LGBTQ followers. This blog is a safe space. I care about you and support you.

…But I’m not gonna reblog any more Nazi Punching. 

That’s @clevermanka in Topeka today, demonstrating against the Kansas electors voting poorly. Representing so many of us who couldn’t be there because of work or meetings or other obligations, or ill health, or whatever other reason.

But there she was in sub-freezing temperatures, shaming them on our behalf, reminding them that the future will look back on this time and shake their heads - if people still exist, and if they still have access to information - and wonder what the hell was wrong with people back in these dark times.

She said, “No official count, but I estimated there were between 60 to 80 people in Topeka this morning to protest the electoral voters of Kansas. We didn’t change the votes (I didn’t expect us to), but I’m glad I took the chance to protest and voice my dissent while I still could.”

Thank you. We appreciate your service.

Black Panther #10 variant cover by Paolo Rivera


Connecting Variant Cover by PAOLO RIVERA
Shuri is reborn anew… New powers, a new codename and a new target: the Midnight Angels.
The newly independent Dora Milaje make their final accord with Tetu and The People…
T’Challa takes an audience with the voice of dissent, Changamire. But will both men finally listen to reason?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

whatever happens from here on out in the world of american politics, we need to do our best together.

if you are safe enough to express a dissenting voice, continue to do so, even if it is just in online spaces like this. refuse to be complacent about changes that harm people, fight at every opportunity you can.

protect the people around you as best you can if they cannot do it for themselves. when things become ugly, use the privileges you may have to try and defend those without them as best you can.

you have a duty to yourself- stay safe and strong and survive because we are better than this. you are so much more than this. your life is worth living.

I have always liked the Trickster archetype (Discord, Q, Coyote, Raven etc.) because they are the voice of dissent in the face of the status quo/oppressor.

Yesterday the largest protest in the history of the USA marched for women’s rights and against Trump. 

Millions also marched around the world.

The internet suddenly broke out in a festering pus ball of guys calling the protestors “spoilt Western women who need to STFU and go away because they look like idiots.” They also pointed out that humorous signs in a protest meant the protest shouldn’t be taken seriously because “it’s just a hobby for these spoilt women.”

Today, Trump’s press secretary threw a hissy fit because the media (accurately) reported that there were more people at the Women’s march than there were at Trump’s inauguration. He shouted at the press for pointing out they focused on the women’s march instead of Trump. “This is what you SHOULD be reporting!”

The whiners continue to shriek “How dare these people march against a democratically elected president! Get over it, snowflake!”

You know what else is democracy? The right to criticise the government. In fact, that’s why the first amendment exists–so you can point out when the government behaves badly. So expecting people to shut up and go away? Not gonna happen. Not unless you want to live in a dictatorship. 

Never stop dissenting, never lose your sense of humour. Never stop channeling the Trickster.

regular persian failed me in all the ways meowth delivered. loses all of its personality. drops all the great motifs. no longer has anything distinctive or standout about it. is just a fucking ~*~majestic~*~ cat

alolan persian actually has character to it and is memorable and distinctive and manages to do more with itself than just  “uh………. realistic cat….. but it has a forehead gem…. coooooool……..” in an impressively small number of steps


Black Panther #10

Ta-Nehisi Coates (W), Brian Stelfreeze (A/C), Paolo Rivera (VC)
* Shuri is reborn anew… New powers, a new codename and a new target: the Midnight Angels.
* The newly independent Dora Milaje make their final accord with Tetu and The People…
* T'Challa takes an audience with the voice of dissent, Changamire. But will both men finally listen to reason?
32 pages, $3.99

imo the only good thing about Trump’s election is how it’s lit a fire in Green Day’s bellies. They’re fucking enraged and they’re not afraid to show it. They’re not afraid to bare their teeth and voice their dissent. And I love them so much for it.

JK’s choices for James Potter

I wrote a piece a while ago on the topic of Snape’s Worst Memory, and how it slotted into the HP timeline, and then I followed it up with a post about Snape presumably creating Sectumsempra in retaliation to the werewolf prank.  (We, of course, appear to see Sectumsempra in action for the first time in Snape’s Worst Memory.)

I also discussed Remus, and why he didn’t react during Snape’s Worst Memory, and I read with interest @rowan-berry‘s comments on that post.

They reminded me of something I’d been meaning to post about:  the curiosity of JK Rowling’s decisions when it comes to James Potter.

For the first four books, James Potter was an absolute hero - and the only dissenting voice was Severus Snape, who frankly, nobody took seriously anyway.  Dumbledore compared Snape and James to Draco and Harry, so most readers assumed Snape/Draco and James/Harry were alike - most of us didn’t dream that Snape/Harry and James/Draco were the parallels.

…and everyone else waxed lyrical about James - he was brave, and wonderful, and brilliant, and talented, and cut down too soon…  

Originally posted by jesimahcah

And I get the ‘twist’ of James being a bully; I think it served an important narrative function.  But what I find somewhat baffling is how JK made it very difficult to fully redeem James after - and I think there were two easy paths that JK could’ve chosen which would’ve made it easier for the reader to forgive James for his actions towards Snape.

1)  Show James maturing by realising the consequences of his actions, and ceasing his bullying.

If we put the werewolf incident after Snape’s Worst Memory (it’s the other way around in canon), it puts James in a much better light.  We would still see his horrible bullying of Snape ‘because he exists’ - but it would’ve been thematically interesting to see him get cold feet when Sirius takes things a step too far.

James saves Snape, acts heroically - and it dawns on him how serious the whole battle between them has become.  I like the idea of him pulling Sirius in, and backing down.  I like the idea of him choosing to be a better man than that, and I like the idea that Lily really warms to him because of it.

Of course, Lily has already cut ties with Snape - but I could see her being relieved that James prevented Sirius’ prank from going ahead - and I could see her approving of the fact that James saved Snape even though he didn’t like him.  It’s emblematic of James doing the right thing, even if he doesn’t particularly care for the person involved.

But the way around that it is, well, it’s devastating.  Here’s a kid who is tricked into going to meet a werewolf by Sirius, and James saves his life.  Then, a few months later, the same two boys are hanging him upside down, filling his mouth full of soap and stripping him naked because:  a) they’re bored and b) he exists. 

Originally posted by bartholinemoans

The level of disconnect between the two events borders on sociopathic.  No wonder Snape rants that James was only saving Sirius, Remus and himself from getting into trouble.  In the first scenario, you could believe that James was thinking of his friends, but he also saved Snape because it was ‘right’.  In the second - in canon, it’s easy to assume that Snape’s life was simply not a factor, and James really was just saving Remus and Sirius.  

2)  Give James a real reason to dislike Snape’s Slytherin stance on the train.

One of the things that I think is particularly cruel about Snape’s alignment with Slytherin is that he clearly had no real understanding of what the house was about.  

The statement that causes James to pay the two any attention on the Hogwart’s Express is Snape saying:

“You’d better be in Slytherin,” said Snape, encouraged that she had brightened a little.

James is disparaging about the house, stating a Draco-esque line of:

“Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?”

In itself, it marks James out as a Draco style character, firmly placing your sympathies with Snape.  

…but how much more interesting would it have been if JK had utilised James’ background at this point?  

Snape was living in the Muggle world, with one Muggle parent and a seemingly disengaged magical parent.  He clearly knew very little about Slytherin for him to wish that Lily, a Muggleborn, would be in the house - at a time when Voldemort was rising.

Originally posted by not-infires-its-inspires

How devastating would it have been in hindsight if James had responded with something like:

“Slytherin?  You both hate Muggleborns then?” James said, raising his eyebrow at the pair.

Lily looked at Snape, confused.  “I am a Muggleborn.”

“Slytherins don’t hate Muggleborns,” Snape retorted, hotly.  

“They do.  I should know.”  Sirius scoffed.  “My whole family have been in Slytherin.”

“Blimey,” said James, “and I thought you seemed all right!”

“Maybe I’ll break tradition.  Where are you heading, if you’ve got the choice?”

James settled back in his seat.   “I’m going to be in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!  Like my dad.” 

Lily nudged Snape, her voice low and her face troubled.  “It’s not true is it, Sev?  You said it didn’t matter that I was Muggleborn.”

“Of course it’s not true.  Slytherin is the best house.  You’ll see.”  

James laughed out loud.   “Don’t you read the Prophet?  Didn’t you see the front page yesterday?”

Snape fell completely silent, his cheeks flushing red.  Sirius smirked at his lack of response.  

“Or Monday?  Or last Friday?”  James’ grin grew wider as Snape stayed silent, and then James looked directly at Lily.  “Slytherin is full of dark wizards and most of them end up in Azkaban!” 

Lily’s face paled at his words.  “Sev?”

James leant back triumphantly.  “It sounds like you don’t know anything about magic at all, Sev.”

Snape scowled.  “Come on, Lily.  Let’s go and find somewhere else to sit.”  

That scenario makes James entirely more sympathetic, even if he remains a little obnoxious.  It gives him a reason to interject, and explains to Lily why he has a problem with Snape.  Snape is unwilling to admit that James knows more than him about magic, so he doesn’t back down on his judgement of Slytherin.

It also helps to flesh out Lily’s house choice.  She was already nervous about the concept of Azkaban from Snape’s stories, so it’d be credible that she would shy away from a house connected to it.  It also gives her the idea of being in Gryffindor and it shows her trusting James’ judgement over Snape’s - which is important thematically for later.

It also gives Snape another reason to choose Slytherin; he doesn’t just do so because he wants to follow in his family’s footsteps, but because he’s now stubborn - now that James has told him he’s wrong to want to be in that house, he wants to be proven right.

Originally posted by theharrypottertwin-blog

It makes for a horrible heartbreaking moment when, as an adult, Dumbledore talks about him having been sorted too soon.  It makes you wonder what sort of decision Snape would’ve made in different circumstances.  

But crucially, neither of these things happened.

And I find that fascinating, because it makes James oddly unsympathetic.  It’s not that he wasn’t great to his friends, and it wasn’t that he wasn’t loving to his family.  James had a lot of finequalities, but his unwavering and unrelenting hatred and bullying of Severus Snape - when young Severus Snape had done nothing to deserve his ire - really damages his character.

And although the above scenarios wouldn’t have legitimised his bullying, it would’ve really helped the narrative - because it would’ve either clearly shown us that James was wrong, but then he changed…or that James was entirely wrong to bully Snape, but he had a logic - and a perceived justification - behind his dislike.  

I find it curious that JK didn’t explore either avenue, because I think it would’ve made James’ character more powerful.  

anonymous asked:

I'm a few pages back in your blog, what is the Cosmere fandom and their particular brand of bullshit?

Oh jesus, they’re just pretty far down the rabbit hole of toxicity (and denial about their own toxicity) that every fandom eventually reaches in its life cycle. Intolerance, propaganda, witch hunts against people who do not toe the party line… the sort of snobbish holier-than-thou SJW bullshit* that’s more about attacking, alienating, and tearing down people who disagree with you rather than anything more constructive and progress-oriented. One of their main fandom tags is “#cfsbf” which means “cosmere fandom still best fandom” aaaaand I’m just honestly STUNNED that they’re so blind to their own flaws. They have built themselves into an echo chamber where any even slightly dissenting voice is immediately and STRONGLY stamped out, and they seem to not understand that:

  1. people are allowed to disagree,
  2. communities actually grow stronger when people are secure in the ability to disagree without losing their respect for each other (but this takes a level of empathy and warmth that is a nigh-revolutionary act of trust for each other)
  3. fandom isn’t and shouldn’t be a monolith and just because someone doesn’t agree with your personal headcanon doesn’t mean that they’re an enemy that needs to be eradicated
  4. the genesis of fandom is shared love; be secure enough in your own love to allow others to love in their own way, and to love them for their love
  5. diversity of all kinds enriches the community and that INCLUDES diversity of thought and opinions
  6. holy wars take a fucking lot of energy that could be better spent on more joy-producing pursuits


*and that’s coming from me, a devout liberal who is passionately committed to the general SJW cause and all its good works

Nationalism was indeed born in hope of a new dawn for the oppressed, but the same is true of Victor Frankenstein’s sad creation; time and again, the world’s revolutionary nationalists, from Robespierre and Bolívar onward, have spoken for the people while in opposition, then arrived at power believing that this voice brooks no dissent.
—  John Claiborne Isbell, “Introduction,” Madame de Staël’s Corinne, or Italy, translated and edited by Sylvia Raphael
A request...

If you are a fellow CSer and voted for, or support, Donald Trump in any fashion, please unfollow me. I do not want to be associated with anyone who condones that orange-faced baby man’s words and behaviors. 

My blog is meant to be, most times a fun space to be in. But I’ll be damned if I won’t occasionally use it to voice my dissent. 

If this bothers you, welp, I just can’t be sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit and am full of don’t-give-a-damn. Thank you.


Women’s March On Anchorage, Alaska, photos courtesy of @calling-john-the-fisherman .

Exact numbers are unknown, but well over 2,000+ protesters marched through downtown Anchorage during a snowstorm to voice their dissent.

Find the original gallery with many more photos here on Flickr

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I'm so scared about a Trump Administration Sarah. I feel like there's nothing I can do that will make a real difference and that the safe and honorable country I lived in until this morning is slipping away.

Any little thing you can do is something, be active voice your dissent and stay active.

anonymous asked:

Actually, what's real interesting about that thread were the dissenting voices, and how quick the mod locked the thread down after a second person offered confirmation that Arda Orcal was still talking about Renee's habits up until his signing. Two independent confirmations of that in one thread.


i mean is it really that surprising that people who have undergone serious medical neglect and (frankly) malpractice including irreversible surgeries and have invested thousands of dollars in what turned out to be their own exploitation by a movement that cared nothing for them as individuals, much less as girls or women, a movement that is eager to silence and disown them the moment they voice dissent–

is it really. that. surprising.–

is it really that surprising that very few of those people (most of them women) are having their voices amplified or valued even when they do speak out. don’t give me this ‘i’ve never heard of that many people detransitioning so they must not exist.’ what a fucking short-sighted and intellectually dishonest thing to say. you know that women’s voices are systematically ignored, especially when what they have to say is critical of the status quo, the mainstream, the medical industrial complex. there is no money or power in putting forth a detransition narrative and you will not see them in mainstream media until someone decides there is money or power in them.

maybe ten or fifteen years from now when there are so many people who regret their teenage medical transition that gender therapists can turn around and milk them for ‘detransition therapy’ where they treat the traumas they enabled in the first place. then there will be thinkpieces.

American citizens need to know that their high school education largely revolved around keeping a false sense of peace and order, and history classes basically teaching you ‘oh all this was solved years ago before you were born, don’t make a big deal about it bc the leftovers are a bunch of idiots that nobody pays attention to’ (nazis, race issues, sexism) and making any kid who voices dissent at this watered down version of history look like a tryhard nerd that should be mocked. And its REALLY, REALLY easy to fall for, even if by all accounts you were a pretty strong-willed kid! when your parents were kids, they didn’t have all these rules and curfews and control over basically every aspect of their social lives. This is why you see kids in old school movies getting away with shit that would get you expelled in modern day. Basically, they don’t want you to be unsettled, so they try very hard to make modern government and political issues look like something only petty people get upset over, bc “oh that was all solved years ago.”

its taken me personally a really long time get over the defensive mentality of ‘well I paid attention in HS/got a decent education/am not just a mindless sheeple’ to finally realize that it doesnt matter what kind of kid u were and how adamant u were about being smart or knowing the truth in HS, you weren’t being told the Truth in classes where it counted (US history or Political science classes esp in smaller town areas) you were literally hearing the white adults attempt to derail conflict by pretending it had already been solved, and if you by any chance didnt buy into it you were probably made fun of by the 75% of students who bought into everything their parents said bc you were making them uncomfortable.

Look at the cold war guys. It literally ‘ended’ around the time I was born, but for decades this country felt a very real fear of war with the soviet union that ended in a pretty rushed and insincere peace treaty between the two. And if you were born around/after the time this happened, you were able to buy into the illusion that this was solved/no longer an issue because you simply had no frame of reference to compare it to. It should be no surprise Russia and the United states are still fucked up, still invading other countries and poking their inflated armies where they dont belong. Young ppl in the states were born and grew up in a very brief period of peace where adults kept any political unrest hush-hush bc they think ignoring these issues will make them die out slowly, when all prior history has pretty much pointed to the contrary (the oppressed never gain anything until they stand up for themselves. its a very long, painful battle that we never stopped fighting.)

Things have changed since your parents were growing up. You have the internet now. You have the liberty to read things from multiple sources from multiple people, and this information is (currently) free for anyone to access and talk about, which is different from ANYTHING in prior generations where they were reliant on a few biased news programs or magazines to give them the watered down version of the news that perpetuated the false sense of security that was upheld before, basically, social media started ruining everything for them.

You can see why they’re scared of you. But tbh, Good. Make them scared. In this case, knowledge is truly power. You are free to seek your own opinions and build relationships with basically anyone across the world. Don’t underestimate that.