voices of the heart

how is it that I had more sympathy for the boy than my own broken soul? how is that for him I would given arms and identity, then refused to pour my heart out for myself? I, who was on the receiving end of every crushing blow. how could I have pitied him? how could I have allowed people to see my pretense as a testament of his love?

I lost my head to the rabbits. I lost my mind to the smoke. I was polite about him, but when he was fucking me I imagined stretching my hands into his chest and crushing his larynx. he loved his voice more than his heart. I wanted to take away what he loved about himself. sometimes that meant the whiskey bottle, sometimes it meant me. oh, he loved how a single shout could turn me into cinders. it wasn’t about my body or his lust. he was in love with watching me dance on steel mouthed joy. knowing that behind the scenes the confidence was a net and my insecurities were the fish.

I think that’s what he loved me for. why he wouldn’t let me disappear into my mind. for to love me, he knew I had to be there.

so he pulled me back from the brink and called it saving.



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Timing Chapter 10
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Yay so finally here is the next chapter!  @alackofanythinghtosay has once again worked magic on translations thank you from the bottom of my heart.

He would hear a voice, a calm slow and steady voice like a heartbeat.  It would surround him and join him in a thick and heavy embrace. Even in the silence he could still feel the shape of it, the carved out spaces it left for his fingers to push through and touch.  The voice felt as if it belonged to his bloodstream as if the very cells of his being were speaking to him in a language only he could understand.  

Fear would push at the edge of the darkness with a steady, pointed insistence which he would try to ignore, try to dull the sharp flash of pain.  His thoughts would seep out and blunt the edge of the fear for moments but too soon they would be burned away and he would be left desperate to scream but unable, instead he could only listen to the voice attempting to sooth him. He longed to answer back to claw his way towards it.

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*ascends from the shadows, gentle voice echoing in the room* feel the desires of our hearts within yours, and know this to be true: should you ever be unsure if we'd appreciate encores, we most certainly, always, gratefully do ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Whoever you are! you’re adorable and wonderful and I love you! (◕‿◕✿)

Now this one was really fun to do because i experimented with another coloring style which i don’t usually do which is cell shading and it was a really long process but I’m quite happy with how this turned out. 


They have my favorite interactions from the brawl. I can’t handle them. They’ve got the whole friendly rivalry thing…the sass…the fuggin sad Hanzo….JUST….FUGGIN-

I should’ve noticed the way you laughed a bit louder around her.
—  Somewhere in the paper
(I loved someone who told me they loved me when they loved someone else)
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