voices in my head

we are endlessly searching monsters, you and i,
wandering in the dark, seeking something more to fill this hole;
this hunger within, where a hollow ache nests,
an eternal reminder that:

we were once divine, you and i, so radient,
but it still was not enough to satisfy our appetites;
so we devoured our divinity, swallowed it down
one bloodied mouthful at a time.
—  but still it is not enough… | l.x.
welcome to the after party
where the girls are lost and the boys are pretty

where the hours are long and the night is old
where gods become men in the neon glow

leave your wings and halo before you come in
down here, we’re only interested in your sins
—  welcome to the after ( under ) party | l.x.
You don’t know what it’s like to have voices in your head saying that everybody hates you saying that you’re not enough saying that you don’t deserve any kind of love and support
—  Try fighting this everyday