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I keep getting messages and asks wanting my reaction on Baby’s Day Out last night. My tweets last night stand as my reaction. I posted a sampling above.

tl;dr version of a post mortem: The Obama critique du jour for the GOP was his reading off of a TelePrompTer when they couldn’t go to anything else. And now right-wingers and the media are tripping all over themselves to congratulate Twitler for his marvelous ability to read off of a script. Last night proves he can stick to a script and NOT be an unhinged ninny when he wants to - and that’s the version we should fear the most. It whitewashes the truly evil things he wishes to accomplish. 

Instead of praising him like a 3rd grader who remembered “Hot Cross Buns” on his recorder, focus on his cruel exploitation of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens and his widow, promising clear air and water while dismantling the EPA, claiming to care about civil rights while his DOJ refuses to defend minorities from police brutality and trans kids from bullying and harassment, pretending to care about women’s health while trying to defund Planned Parenthood, the formation of VOICE (really?! a little comic book villain-esque on the name there pal… except it was totally something Hitler did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), refusing to acknowledge violence against Muslims or the mosques torched recently, and by the way, his denunciation of anti-semitic violence reeks of too little too late.

Story No. 132: Patient from California

I miscarried naturally three times, but never completely. Without surgical abortion to remove the remainder of the uterine contents, I would have retained tissue, become septic, and died. Planned Parenthood saved my life.

Voices of Courage is a project by Physicians for Reproductive Health

I don’t post personal stuff on here often because you guys are here to learn French. And I don’t post ads even though I’d make a lot of money off of them so I hope you’ll bear with me through this extremely personal post.

Donald Trump is scary, yes, but what scares me more is Mike Pence. You see, before Pence, Trump wasn’t quite an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community but he didn’t actively spend his time fighting it either. He donated to 2 separate charities of the LGBTQ+ community and even said he supported the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold marriage equality in 2015. The scary part is that when Pence came into the Vice-presidential picture, Trump did an immediate 180. He immediately said he supported “traditional” marriage values and together, they are wanting to federally fund conversion therapy and shock therapy. These methods are very dangerous and serve the purpose to “change” a person’s sexual orientation or their gender back to the norm: cis-gendered heterosexuals. AN INDIVIDUAL WHO GOES THROUGH CONVERSION THERAPY IS 8 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO COMMIT SUICIDE!!! And, of course, shock therapy is literally what it sounds like. When Trump is inaugurated in January, he will be able to appoint 4 Supreme Court Justices who will most likely be Republican. Republicans traditionally, but not always, oppose same-sex marriage. It’s important to note here that the Supreme Court cannot just randomly change laws. A case about same-sex marriage will have to be brought to their attention before they can decide anything but if they do oppose same-sex marriage then it is definitely possible for them to change the ruling of Obergefell.  But this isn’t the end of the problems that the Trump-Pence Administration brings (not even the end of the LGBTQ+ problems).

We have Black and Latino individuals who are fearing for their lives, religious individuals who are hesitantly wearing their dearly-held traditional garb, and women who are afraid they are going to be sexually assaulted every hour of every day. Trump and Pence are certain that the policemen and policewomen are only doing their jobs and racism isn’t an issue as far as homicide is concerned. And it needs to be duly noted that I don’t believe every single cop is trying to kill off people with different skin colors. But it would be irrefutably ignorant of me to sit here and say that the Black Lives Matter movement is unjustified because if we look at the statistics, there are way more Black individuals being brutally murdered than white individuals. Trump and Pence are 100% fine with the current, lax standing of our gun control laws which leaves people of color (a term which I HATE using) fearing for their lives in the land of the free. Niqabs, hijabs, sarees, turbans, and other religiously-affiliated clothing is being worn hesitantly or not at all. It is disgusting to see these people suppressing their religion just because they are afraid of people harassing, abusing, and/or murdering them. Along those same lines, 4 hours ago (Nov. 9th, 4PM EST) Trump financially settled with a woman, out of court, who had previously accused him of rape. Women are nervous wrecks about someone personally violating them because “if our president can do it, so can we!”

Was Hillary perfect? No. I can’t say she was. Was she qualified? Absolutely. Do I want to hear anymore about her damn emails? No. Keep it to yourself.

What can we do now? Hope for the best with the administration we have despite the evidence we have gained throughout the election time period. We can do small things that make impacts: donate to Planned Parenthood, donate to LGBTQ+ charities, make your voice heard about the Black Lives Matter movement, stick up for someone who is being harassed about their religion, and other small kindnesses.

And millennials, those 15,000 votes that you accrued for Harambe did nothing except lose the race for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Think about that next time you vote, smartass.


“She couldn’t afford the ultrasound at planned parenthood, she DID NOT want to adopt out the baby….but her mom, being very clever and smart and god-driven, found a crisis pregnancy center.  Christian based, but they don’t advertise that, they advertise ‘Hey, we’ll do the ultrasound for free, as long as you will listen to every option that there is’ ”. 

“We want to become a louder voice than Planned Parenthood” 

A louder, LYING voice than PP you mean. 

These people are so excited to describe the manipulation used on this person to “keep” her pregnancy.  They use soft music and every ounce of their “We are good Christian people” tokens to cover up that they LIED to this person.  They MANIPULATED her to get what they wanted.  

Christians have been manipulating folks for thousands of years. At least THAT part of what they are doing is consistent. 

I would really like to donate to an abortion fund in their names.  For all the women that couldn’t afford to have an abortion and were forced and manipulated to continue with a pregnancy that they didn’t want. 

anonymous asked:

this is probably a stupid question but I live in the state of Michigan and I am being forced to have an abortion. The father's mom says if I don't have one, she'll call the state and have the child taken away after s/he's born because of my age saying that the father and I aren't fit. Then, her rich ex-husband with push the child so far into the system, even when I'm 18 I couldn't get my child back. I don't know what to do. I'm just wondering is this possible for her to do?

You will not have your child taken from you specifically because of your age. That is not a valid reason for the child to be removed from a person. Another thing to remember is that she may be the mother of the father, but you have the rights over this child. Don’t let her bully you into thinking she has more power than you.

That being said, you can take these threats to the police, your church, a local Planned Parenthood or affiliate, and/or your Department of Health and Human Services. Tell them you are being forced to have an abortion and are having your health and life, your boyfriend’s life and health, and your child’s health and life threatened if you do not. Ask for help and for protection.

We have these pregnancy and adoption resources, some of them include groups specifically focused on preserving autonomy and helping pregnant people, including minors, in situations like yours:

These are youth resources:

These are abuse resources:

@prochoice-or-gtfo, @bebinn, @stfuprolifers, @prochoice-chic, @pro-choice-youth, @provoice​, @howprolifeofyou​, @love-pro-choice​, and others, are there any other advice or resources you can give?

- damegreywulf

This Woman Broke Up A Planned Parenthood Protest By Chanting "Yeast...
BuzzFeed News spoke to Mary, who said the protesters grew tired of her "yeasty cries."
By Rossalyn Warren

“Initially they had spread down the sidewalks on both sides of the street, but after some yelling and high kicks on my part, they huddled together,” she said.

“They glared at my princess wave and cheerleader enthusiasm, and they began a prayer circle. This is when I really shined. I have never made my voice louder.”

This Woman Broke Up A Planned Parenthood Protest By Chanting "Yeast...
BuzzFeed News spoke to Mary, who said the protesters grew tired of her "yeasty cries."
By Rossalyn Warren

This Woman Stopped A Planned Parenthood Protest By Chanting “Yeast Infection”

Over the last few weeks, Mary had seen a woman holding a sign that read “abortion kills children” outside the Planned Parenthood building near her office.

Mary said she is a supporter of Planned Parenthood – the non-profit organisation that provides reproductive health and family-planning support in the U.S. and internationally – because it had helped her personally in the past. When she was 20 years old, the clinic treated her for UTIs and yeast infections. They also provided her with her first birth-control pills.

“Planned Parenthood is vital resource for so many people,” she told BuzzFeed News. “We have to look beyond the pro-life/pro-choice debate and recognize this organization is out there providing some of the most important care to our sensitive medical needs.”

After several failed attempts at approaching the protesters outside her local clinic to discuss their complaints and reason with them, she decided to try a different approach.

Yesterday, Mary approached the anti-Planned Parenthood protesters while chanting “yeast infection” and holding this sign:

“Initially they had spread down the sidewalks on both sides of the street, but after some yelling and high kicks on my part, they huddled together,” she said.

“They glared at my princess wave and cheerleader enthusiasm, and they began a prayer circle. This is when I really shined. I have never made my voice louder.”


Today, some lovely ladies and I from William and Mary’s chapter of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood volunteered as clinic defenders at a women’s clinic in Richmond, VA.

It was my fifth time volunteering and every time I walk away encouraged and a little disheartened.

As we stand on the sidewalk between the clinic in our bright vests (that, yes, say “Pro-Choice Clinic Escort” and are awesome), I feel an enormous amount of love and support coming from the other volunteers, the grateful patients, and people in the neighborhood that go out of their way to say how appreciative they are that we are doing what we do.

However, it’s hard to not confront the protestors. To not get angry. To not tell them that they are hateful, ignorant assholes. To not grab their face and scream “do you not understand what you are doing to these women?!” It is hard. 

When the last patient enters the clinic safely at 11:45pm and we take off our vests, I know that we stood tall as strong symbols of solidarity, support, and love for women and reproductive justice. And, unlike the revolting protestors, we will be never be acting from a place of hate.

In Light of Recent Events

If you have had an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and decided to have the remains donated to science, burned, or given back to you for funeral/cremation purposes- You did the best thing for yourself and I support you.
If these videos and subsequent discussions around abortion remains and stem cell research are triggering you please reach out for support. You are not alone, it’s okay to have feelings about all of this.
Exhale is a Pro Voice talk line, available to all women and men with abortion experiences- (888) 474- 8149
Backline is a Pro Choice support line for all issues related to pregnant, abortion, adoption, and parenthood- (888) 493- 0092
The National Hotline for Abortion Recovery is a Pro Life hotline where people can call who specifically wish to recover from their abortion- (866) 482-5433


Check out this video from Students for Choice of Michigan! I’m in it! I stand with Planned Parenthood! 


On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that a woman could choose to have an abortion without legal restriction. Join Skidmore College and Skidmore VOX in celebrating it’s anniversary!

I had the honor of editing this video. VOX does such amazing things and I am so proud of my Voxies!

Lobby day went great!

Today I went down to Lansing with a couple of people from Vox to lobby for women’s health and Planned Parenthood. I had a great time, even though the Representative I had to talk to was anti-choice, the staffer I met with seemed really receptive. It’s a start, at least. 


Vox won $200 from Planned Parenthood for being the most active Students for Choice group in MI!

We beat the University of Michigan and Michigan State by over 100 points!!

I’m so excited!! We’re putting the money to our Sextival celebration that raises money for the domestic violence shelter in our area.

So happy!


Organziations that will need your help under the Trump/Pence regime!

With Drumpfs Inauguration today, if you cant attend a protest, you can make your voices known the way lobbyists do: with money.

Organizations like ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Anti-Defamation League, and dozens more need our support. Even if its just $5 it goes to resisting every ounce of what Trumps Cabinet has planned. If you cant donate, spread the word, write a letter to your representative.

Do not let Trumps regime to become normalized. Do not let hate and bigotry become normalized.