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Malec First Kiss Anniversary headcanon/drabble:

One year to almost the exact hour, Izzy calls Magnus about an emergency at the Institute. Both he and Alec have been extremely busy, due to the ongoing chaos in the shadowworld, and hadn’t seen much of each other in the past week and a half. Magnus panics because Izzy’s voice sounds urgent, and he immediately thinks something might have happened to his Alexander. Izzy greets him at the door to let him in, but gives him no answers. Magnus follows at her heels briskly until they reach the grand hall. Magnus is confused for only a second before his brain catches up. Izzy is gone now, but Alec stands at the head of the room dressed in an incredibly flattering suit that he feels Izzy helped with. Alec turns and without a second thought strides towards Magnus confidently, grabs him by the lapels of his no doubt designer jacket and kisses him deeply, passionately, and with all the love and promise that they’d built together over the past year. Deja vu, yet a moment of its own.

“Happy Anniversary”, Alec whispers against Magnus’ lips before peppering them with tiny kisses. 

“You never cease to amaze me, Alexander”, Magnus sighs out in between the kisses. 

One year ago that day Alec made his decision to live authentically, to be brave, to accept who he was, clave and societal pressures be damned. One year ago that day he shared his first kiss with someone he cared about and was attracted to without knowing where it would lead. One year ago that day the kiss was sexy and sweet but there was a newness and fear there within the kiss. But today that was gone, today there was only comfort, extraordinary love, and a fiery passion that grew daily.


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the tumblr accent challenge
not actually katie mcgrath, i just like that picture
the tumblr accent challenge

your name and username.
where are you from ??
pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
what is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house ??
what is a bubbly carbonated drink called ??
what do you call gym shoes ??
what do you call your grandparents ??
what do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket ??
what is the thing you change the TV channel with ??
choose a book and read a passage from it.
do you think you have an accent ??
be a wizard or a vampire ??
do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life ??
end audio post by saying any three words you want.

i’m tagging all the people who sent me ask messages yesterday, because i’m cool like that. ♡♡♡ @inalienablerights  /  @onyafevayuj  /  @fullcfheart  /  @inexactexpiration  /  @newtraltones  /  @shirtclad  /  @fracturedportrait  /  @ofcoldguns  /  @fcrmychildren  /  @inlookingglass  /  @goddessborn  /  @e1mayarah  /  @inze  /  AND OF COURSE, THE BITCH WHO SENT ME LIKE FUCKING THIRTY OF THESE: @jollyteatime ( i heard charlie’s ripped, btw )

Mac waltzes into Paddy’s one day and immediately pops a boner. Something about the atmosphere is different, and it makes him want to bust a nut right there on the spot.

“Baby boy,” a sensually silky baritone echoes around him. “I wanna see you hang dong for me.” The voice sounds exactly like Dennis, and Mac’s boner intensifies.

“Dennis? What’s going on? Why can’t I see you?” Mac asks, looking around the bar. He’s the only one there.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dennis’s voice says. “Take off your pants and go to the glory hole.”

Mac obliges, running to the men’s bathroom in record time. He rips off his pants and jams his dick into the wall.

“You ever heard of a power bottom glory hole, Mac? No? Well, you’re about to find out.” The wall of the bathroom stall starts riding Mac’s dick. Mac comes, and because they are in love, Bar!Dennis immediately comes, too.

“There,” Glenn Howerton says as he finishes typing up that last line. He makes an AO3 account and uploads his fic, waiting for the kudos and comments to start rolling in. “That’ll show them for never #explaining Dennis is the Bar.”

Daddy Drabbles #6

- Jefferson comes home to a special tea party  - Based off this

Jefferson sighed heavily as he finally saw his cottage up ahead, basket swaying slightly with his step. The mushrooms almost overflowed the wicker basket, a bouquet laid carefully on top. The wild flowers were carefully selected from the field he grew magically for you and he couldn’t wait to see how you’d blush when you saw them, a soft dusting of pink not dissimilar to the little pink flowers he picked. Smiling gently to himself he walked down the path to the cottage.

“Knock, knock” he teased, opening the door. The warmth enveloped him straight away and he inhaled the smell of chestnuts roasting over the fireplace.

“Papa!” Grace’s excited voice sounded giving Jefferson just enough warning to sit the basket by the door before she ran and wrapped her arms around him tightly. He chuckled before swinging her excitedly in a circle. Putting her down, you laughed at your husband and step daughter before kissing Jefferson’s cold cheek. He bent down picking up the bouquet and presented them to you. With a quiet giggle, you blushed at his actions as predicted.

“Thank you darling, they’re beautiful” you whispered, smelling the fresh flowers.

“Still not as beautiful as you” he flirted, kissing you gently.

You giggled, walking away to find a vase.

“Tell me there’s tea” Jefferson whispered conspiratorially in Grace’s direction, taking his coat off. She giggled and nodded excited before pointing to the neatly set tea party. Taking Grace’s out stretched hand he followed her to the little family table. He pulled her chair out and she sat, already pouring herself imaginary tea. Jefferson grabbed the still warm teapot you had set out and poured you a cup first before pouring his own. Putting the vase down in the middle of the table you sat next to Jefferson a smile on your face.

Jefferson quirked his head and jutted his chin towards the empty seat across from him, “who’s joining us? Mr. Rabbit or perhaps Mr. Tortoise?” he asked taking a sip of his tea.

You and Grace both supressed a giggle before you shook your head, “not exactly” you said and nodded towards Grace.

She brought a hand sown jacket out from under the table and Jefferson gazed at it. It was a small jacket, pink flowers adorning the bottom and sleeves of the soft material. “I don’t think it’ll fit-” Jefferson trailed off as the pieces fit together. His head spun to you, tears starting in your eyes. “I’m going to be a papa again?” he whispered, cradling your face in his hands. You had been feeling ill of late and Jefferson had assumed it was a winter cold. You nodded, a watery smile on your face. He smiled back before pulling you in for a tender kiss. Grace laughs softly, pulling Jefferson’s attention away.

“Oh my sweet Grace , we’re going to have to go get another Mr. Rabbit aren’t we?” he asks, sweeping her up in his arms for a trip to the market.

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if kenny's voice doesn't sound like he smoked his way through fifteen Marlboro factories i'm going to be disappointed because there's no way that man has a smooth voice

At least fifteen Marlboro factories.  Before breakfast.  Which is gravel washed down by whisky.  I can’t wait to hear his dulcet tones. 

I bet he has a surprisingly good singing voice though.  Proper crooner like. 

Voice Acting Casting Call

As I’m restarting the portraits, characters, and redoing parts of the game, I realized that I am in need of voices for some of the other major characters. In order to avoid spoilers/etc, none of these characters will be named. They’ll be given nicknames to avoid confusion.

In order to audition, either send a demo reel or some samples of the voices/noises listed below to nedrasdeveloper@gmail.com. This project will not be using full lines but rather the sound effects like in Mad Father and Pocket Mirror. It is important to note, this is a volunteer project. Additional sounds may be needed. Voice actors will have the option to beta test as well.

= Odile =
“Odile” should have a lifeless sounding voice that is very soft spoken. When she is angry, her voice becomes stronger and coarser.

1. Sigh (Annoyed)
2. “Hmph!”
3. “Tsk.”
4. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
5. Quiet Sobbing
6. Distressed Screaming 
7. Distressed Sobbing

The “Odile” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Odette =
“Odette” should have a normal sounding voice. I’m not looking for anything too specfic for her voice, so it’s very open in terms of choosing the audition voice.

1. Huh? (Confused)
2. Sigh (Annoyed)
3. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
4. Quiet Sobbing
5. Happy Laugh
6. Quiet Sobbing
7. Angry Grunt (I’ll find an example if one is needed.)

The “Odette” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Anabel =
“Anabel” should have a high pitched cheerful voice. Think of the moe sounding characters you’d hear.

1. “Huh?” (Need one that’s confused and another one that’s sad.)
2. “Ah!” (Need one that’s surprised and another one that’s scared.)
3. Scared Shriek
4. “Hmph!” (Annoyed)
5. Smug Laugh (Can be quiet, loud, or crazy. Just make it memorable!)
6. Quiet Sobbing 

The “Anabel” voice accounts for one character.

…And that’s all! The total voices that needed to be cast are five roles. Any of the people who audition and get said role, will be listed in the team page as one of the said voices. They will also get credited in the read me file with whatever links they want. Once the game is released you will be credited with the proper name of your character. Thank you so much if you have any interest and thank you so much if you read to here as well! 

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*However your voice sounds* "It takes a lot of time and practice to be a great artist. Don't compare yourself to other ones! Oh, a new phan elf au!? So gorgeous omg! That reminds me...here's a new video of me pole dancing, I finally succeeded to do *this incredible move*. Anyway now I'm gonna go and draw some more and then go to sleep. Have a good day!" (Haha, I hope you don't feel offended<3)

Perfect haha I’m not offended!!

Juice’s sister - Happy’s old lady, they find you after years. PART 3

Guysssssss, sorry i’ve bee away! I’m back at it again. 


It;s not really long but i felt like this made a good chapter.

“Happy!” Juice shouted his brothers name trying to get his voice above the sound of the motors, nothing. They needed to stop. His phone was buzzing and he had this feeling.. Quickly he sped up and drove in front of Hap only to slip towards the side of the road and stop. Happy, confused as he was, followed his brothers lead and stopped his bike. “What’s wrong Juice?” He could now see him get his phone out of his pocked and… damn was he crying? Juice started shaking as he awnserted the phone..  He couldn’t believe it. After all those years suddenly you where popping back up into their lives. “Y/n..?” Happy’s heart stopped hearing your name… Where you… Where you calling Juice? “Y/n can.. can you here me..?” “Hey big bro..” your voice was small and shaking but still the most heavenly sound in the whole wide world to Juice. He didn’t know what to say.. he didn’t remember how to talk to you. You felt like home he always thought. But right now you felt like a stranger.

“Y/n! Enough crying get it over with” Jason started to get annoyed with the breathing brake you and your brother where taking over the phone. “Tell him where he can pick you up. And tell him he has to be here tomorrow night… and and… if not I’ll kill you once and for all.” Your eyes burned into Jason’s but he didn’t move. You nodded at him and coughed up the courage to tell your brother all these things. You wanted to explain to him what has happened three years ago. And why you never got back in touch with him and your old man. But you where sure if you did that you’d get a black eye to match your other one. “Juice you.. you have to listen” your voice was starting to fall apart again.. “yeh alright I’m listening” His voice was so cold, but you didn’t know what you expected after three years. Maybe a bit more warmth, but you couldn’t blame him. “You need to get here to the warehouse.. the old one.” Juice let out a sigh.. “it’s Jason isn’t it” You felt like you could finally breath as your brother had a hint of understanding in his voice. “Yeah…” you cried out you felt so helpless… “it’s okay sis calm down tell me more” alright y/n calm your breathing and get it over with. “You and Ha.. Hap.. need to pick me up here tomorrow at nightfall… if you don’t he’ll kill me..” Saying Happy’s name hurt.. it hurt like a bitch. Since you had been taken you had always pushed all your feelings towards him away… but now you didn’t have a choice. Soon you had to face him and face yours and his heartbreak. “Motherfucker that’s what he is! We’ll be there y/n, don’t worry ain’t nobody killing nobody, I love you stay safe” and with that he hung up. “They’ll be here” you told Jason as tears streamed down your face.

Happy stared at his brother, not knowing what he was talking about. Where they were going, why y/n was calling Juice and not him. What was it she didn’t need to worry about, and modt importantly who was getting killed. His mind was racing. Juice’s face was red with anger but he said nothing he just stared at his phone. The silence was killing Hap “SO!?” He almost shouted at Juice.. “well she didn’t leave us.. Y/n was taken” Happy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the past years him and Juice always believed she left. The reason for them unknown but they didn’t have beef with nobody at the time so the fact that she was taken never really crossed their mind. Hap of course thought about it but his insecurities always gotten the better of him. Suddenly he hated himself for thinking you’d be able to do such a thing to him. He should’ve known better, he should’ve looked for you… But taken that meant that somebody was holding HIS old lady against her will… “Taken? By who?” Happy’s voice was filled with just as much anger as Juice’s face.. “Jason” Juice didn’t have to explain anything. Hap knew who he was. “THAT FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND OF HERS?” Hap there and then decided he had to die. Juice nodded “that’s not everything, when they were dating he was my dealer.” Juice stopped not sure if he should tell Hap anything else, but what choice did he have really. “Yeah so?” Hap didn’t get why this particularly mattered to the situation they where in. “Well she never told you.. or anybody really..” Juice’s troat felt sore as he was about to tell his little sisters secret to her old man.. “do you know that scar she has on her troat and the one on her stomach..” Hap nodded, feeling sad at the thought of her laying in their bed, naked and her scars exposed. He never asked about them and she never asked about his. “Well he tried to kill her Hap, that’s why we left” Happy’s stomach turned, the thought of some low life piece of shit touching his old lady and trying to kill her made him not only fumingly mad but also.. no just mad. “He’s gonna die Juice, like a lot” Juice nodded, he knew it had to be done. Had to be done before they ever even left Queens.


throwback when acapella used to be a bigger part of kpop lol 
tabi’s beatboxing check
rap line’s adlibs check
vocal line’s voices check

motion and sound are not sync but who cares i fucking love this song. their japanese songs are stellar 


Requested by alfrette 

The final note hung in the air, echoing off of the walls of the empty auditorium. Alfie was in shock for a moment, mouth hanging open.  He had brought his song to you knowing that you’d sing it better than he ever could, but he hadn’t anticipated just how outstanding your voice sounded singing his song.

“Was it good?”  His silence was making you uneasy.

“Better than good.  Y/N.  You were amazing.”


Reggie, believing himself to be alone in the locker room, is jamming along to his post work out mix. He’s so engrossed in his singalong that he nearly collides with Archie on his way out. Arch is stood by his own locker where he’s been leaning quietly for half a minute, smirking at Reggie (unbeknownst to the poor guy). Startled, Reggie instantly breaks off the bridge; instead, focusing his efforts on attempting to regain his bearings.

“Nice harmonies”, Archie chirps as Mantle yanks at his left earbud. Though he cannot know whether his judgment is in any way valid he suspects that Reggie’s voice sounds stunning gr8 alongside Halsey’s. They’re both aware of the fact that Riverdale’s Got Talent Reggie will not be living this moment down without some lighthearted taunting.

“So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover? And bite that tattoo on your shoulder?”, Archie paraphrases. He poses the lyrics as questions. “Is that right?”, he adds, mockingly, after halfheartedly mimicking his teammate’s performance.

The two of them are standing unexpectedly and uncomfortably close to one another.

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How would you imagine your characters' voice sounding ? (Wonder and tsuki) A specific accent? Or no accent? This Probably a dumb question lol. Definitely a dumb question sorry!

Idk if there’d really be an accent, but Wonders voice would be pretty calming and whispy, dreamy. Tsuki’s voice i honestly don’t know, haven’t thought too much about it. Just– Smol angry girl voice lmao.

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Totty 15

Singing headcanon
- All their seiyuu can sing, Miyu Irino sings beautifully, however I think it’d be funny if Totty has issues singing… since his voice shifts a lot when he talks… If he can sing well he sings in a voice that sounds very… different than his, “Super Cute” fakey voice he puts on for people… Maybe even deeper than his speaking voice.