“AMEN” (Can I Get an Amen) Female Cover

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I really enjoyed this song by CG5, and got a TON of requests for it! Thankfully, this one sits right in my range, heh heh. Lots of fun to cover!

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVQtlb_U5tM


BEHOLD!!  The dub for “Hell’s Studio” is finally here!

Special thank you to @doodledrawsthings for allowing me to dub her hilarious comic!  Check her out today!  ^^

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Opinion | Stories About Disability Don’t Have to Be Sad
I am not what most people expect an eighth grader with a disability to be. I am happy.
By Melissa Shang

“I keep expecting more from the plotline than what’s currently here,” one publisher wrote. “What if it was about sisters who were twins, and one had Charcot-Marie-Tooth and one didn’t? That would create a more important conflict.” Another said that Mia Lee’s character didn’t seem suited for a lighthearted story. Finally, my agent told me, “I just don’t think people are ready for this type of story for this type of character.”

What she meant is that Mia Lee, my sassy, YouTube-loving heroine, differed too much from the convention of what a disabled kid is supposed to be like. There are very few stories about kids in wheelchairs, and there are even fewer with a disabled person who is cheerful and happy. Disability is always seen as a misfortune, and disabled characters are simply opportunities to demonstrate the kindness of the able-bodied protagonists.

About the Host
( darkiplier & the host )
About the Host

@fear-is-nameless: Dark, how well DO you know the Host? He was sitting at your right side after all in Markiplier TV, surely that means something?

Dark: “I know the Host quite fondly, oddly enough. Actually, I’ve known him for a \while now, long before he began wearing the bloodstained blindfold and off-white jacket. He possesses various… talents that I find fascinating, even if they are often used for storytelling. He is almost always calm and collected, and his tongue is as sharp as his mind. 

Imagine, a novelist who possesses precognitive intuition–the ability to predict the future and describe everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in the next few seconds… Such attributes can be put to use in more ways than one. That’s one of the reasons why you saw him as my ‘right-hand man’ during that conference in early May.”

Host: “…referencing back to Markiplier TV. Darkiplier continues speaking of the Host’s capabilities, but soon changes his tone…”

Dark: (sighs) There are times where I wish he didn’t have to narrate everything. That can be rather bothersome after a while, if not frustrating. It’s one thing to speak of what you have predicted, but it’s another when it can turn into a double-edged blade– (irate) SILENCE!

Host: ”…shell cracking slightly. The Host immediately falls silent.“

Dark: ”…Thank you. If you wish to learn more about the Host, you are free to ask him yourself. I believe I’ve said enough, for now.“