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the voices in my head say the weirdest things. its usually just a quick whisper of my name or screaming. but sometimes its like "excuse me" or just "hhh" or anything in a whisper. its not usually a demand of some sort or a cry for help but its like the voices in my head are having a conversation with someone else in my head that i cant hear. the thought of that terrifies me.

The Seven’s Voices

Jason Grace

  • He’s got a lisp.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to notice, but it’s there nonetheless, in every s sound he makes.
  • Piper likes it actually. Leo mocked it for a little while but he got the (correct) feeling that it was offensive and he stopped.
  • His voice is really nice.
  • They make jokes about how he could be a reader for audiobooks, since he doesn’t really have a specific accent and his voice is perfectly in the middle range for guys.
  • Seriously, his voice is so steady, it doesn’t matter if he’s yelling or whispering, he always just sounds the same just at a different volume.
  • When he’s reading, like he used to all the time at praetor meetings, he’s very easy to listen to, and besides the lisp there’s nothing out of place in how he pronounces things at all.
  • He has a really big, booming laugh that literally sounds like “HA HA HA HA” and it makes everyone else crack up.

Piper McLean

  • Her voice is the best.
  • Mostly because of charmspeak.
  • But really, it’s low, very low for a female, and raspy, and sultry, and it sounds like caramel looks.
  • Her voice is deeper than Leo’s, and when she’s tired, Jason’s.
  • When she’s charmspeaking though, her voice takes on the most pleasant qualities of the listener. Percy hears hints of Annabeth, Hazel hears a classic New Orleans accent, so on and so forth. Nico lost his temper at her for charmspeaking him because she sounded like Bianca and he couldn’t take it.
  • But wow her voice is the best.
  • She talks fairly slow, dragging out most of her words and tying them all together. There’d be no spaces in her talking, just italics.
  • And that little rasp that she gets when she’s talking for more than a minute or yelling or whispering is awesome.

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Sans: The Smoothest Skeleton
  • Sans: The Smoothest Skeleton
  • Commonwealth-Compliments (Feat. oddballcreativekid)

Just shove chocolate in your face when you’re flustered in front of your crush. Its the best idea, trust me.

Sans voiced by @commonwealth-compliments

Toriel voiced by @oddballcreativekid

Comic by @pkbunny
Teen Becomes His School Football Team's First Transgender Player
“Everybody was so accepting, it’s amazing,” Kennedy Cooley said.

ABC News reports on Kennedy Cooley, a Canadian transgender man who has become his high school football team’s first openly transgender player (video here!).

HuffPost reports:

The 17-year-old, who wants to become a graphic designer or a firefighter, said he was initially apprehensive about joining Halifax West’s football team. Once he did, however, he found that his teammates weren’t fazed by his presence. 

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What voice do you associate with each of the signs?

I think I know what you mean, but I’m not sure so I’ll try to do this anyway

Aries, Gemini: Somewhat high pitched, loud, you can hear them from a mile away. They tend to have really recognizable voices and they’re always talking. Think of Talk! by The 1975.

Taurus, Libra: Smooth, somewhat low voices. Usually really clear, calming, and pleasant to listen to. They probably have different tones and inflections they use for different people, but its still them.

Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo: The snootiest. They’re practically born with a Yalie accent. Very smart sounding, kinda low, but ultimately still nice to hear.

Cancer, Scorpio, Aqua: Low, deep, and extremely nice to listen to. Can be gruff I guess. I always think of morning voice, but all the time.

Capricorn, Pisces: Can be stern and quiet, but also loud and fun. Low whispers to high pitched yelling about everything who knows. You always wanna talk to them more though.

  • Bedtime Story
  • Commonwealth-Compliments (Feat. oddballcreativekid)

Sans probably read the story to Frisk and Papyrus before, but they both love it and just wanna keep hearing it again and again. He’s a great bedtime story reader.

Skelebros voiced by @commonwealth-compliments

Toriel voiced by @oddballcreativekid

Comic by @moofrog