Anon -  There’s a table with a chess set in the mess hall and nothing has been touched for as long as anyone can remember. One day, a piece is moved and Spock plays the other person, each moving a piece a day. The other player keeps on loosing but doesn’t give up. After many games, when they have checkmated Spock’s king, he decides to find out who he is playing by keeping a hidden camera/voicerecorder at the chess set, much to Kirk’s amusement.

“Captain,” you greeted Jim in the turbolift.

“Lieutenant,” Kirk smirked.

“Something I can help you with?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Spock’s looking for you.”


“He’s in the mess. At the chess set.”


The lift doors opened and you disembarked, making for the mess. It was about time to face the music.

Spock sat at the chess set, his hands steepled at his lips.

“Commander,” you greeted, looking at the seat across from him.

“Lieutenant,” Spock stated. “Please, sit.”

When you took your seat he spoke again.

“It has come to my attention that you have been my adversary for the past several weeks.”

“How did you figure it out?” you grinned, already knowing about the camera he’d fitted to the edge of the board.

“It was a matter of deduction -”

You laughed.

“Deduction my ass. Pardon my language, Commander, but I saw the camera. How else do you think you got such a perfect shot of me walking away?”

Spock froze.

“I really got you with that last game, didn’t I?” You crossed your legs proudly and leaned forward to move a piece. “Shall we?”

Spock gave a curt nod and moved one of his pieces in turn.

“Your perseverance is admirable,” Spock said.

“It paid off, didn’t it?”



“There are a few kinds of people on this ship. Those that win by default. Those that cheat. And those who don’t know when to give up,” you smirked. “There’s more than one road to victory, Commander.”

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[VOICERECORDING] 170918 gugudan danjjak 99 day fanmeeting #구구단 #gugudan #하나 #소이 #세정 #나영 #혜연 #해빈 #미미 #샐리 #미나


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