What about the RFA and Unknown and V finding out that MC has a career in the arts (author, artist, actor or something like that?) @saeranlover

Lol it’s been like 5,000 years since I’ve done a request, here you go bbies


  • It was always a lingering thought in Yoosung’s mind
  • The thought always came randomly, but sometimes he swore that he  recognized your voice
  • Like the one time you yelled “Come at me!” at a friend who was teasing you and he just froze for a second to think about why it sounded familiar
  • It wasn’t until one day he was testing out a LOLOL character he’s never played before and she screamed out a line of dialogue before her attack
  • And suddenly he heard your voice behind him perfectly recreate the line
  • He turned around to see you cheekily grinning from your place on the bed
  • But it was wiped off your face soon enough because baby boi just pounced you into a big hug
  • You giggled as he rapidly asked you other things you voice acted in and gawked when he recognized the other characters you’ve voiced in games and cartoons
  • He’ll shyly ask you to reenact his favorite lines or scenes and his inner fanboy will show
  • Yoosung’s never really been into the behind the scenes stuff but he already somewhat was a fan of yours before so he’s basically dating his favorite VA
  • Silly lil’ peanut is gonna ask for your autograph on his merch of the characters you’ve voiced


  • She found out during one of your nights in
  • You were in the kitchen preparing the snacks while Jaehee sorted through the set of musicals the two of you had rented for tonight (you finally convinced her that watching ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’ for the 8th time in a row was a little much)
  • Once that was all said and done, you cuddled up to Jaehee while the movie started as she fed you popcorn
  • Oh crap, you recognized this movie
  • You actually got the part of the main dancer in this film (it was your typical dance batte film)
  • You somewhat never wanted her to find out  that you were an actor/dancer in fear of always being compared to Zen
  • Once your character was introduced, Jaehee’s eyes squinted a little at the screen before gasping and shaking your shoulders
  • “MC, MC, IS THAT YOU?”
  • “U-uhm nooooo…?”
  • “Wait, why would you keep this secret from me?”
  • After explaining your reasoning as to why, she just pulled you into a tight hug
  • “I’d never compare you anyone else, I love you just the way you are, famous or not!”
  • After watching the movie, she put aside the time to scour the internet for every performance you’ve been in and is about to be the proud owner of all your merch
  • jaehee please no that was our grocery money


  • “lolol zen have you seen mc’s latest cover?”
  • “Cover? What’re you talking about?”
  • “the one on her youtube channel???”
  • “…”
  • “you do know what she does for a living, right??”
  • After Seven endlessly mocked Zen for not knowing what his own girlfriend did for a living, Seven graciously provided the link to your Youtube channel
  • Zen then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours of his life going through
  • your entire channel
  • He knew that you liked to sing and sounded like an angel but this
  • This is something extraordinary
  • You actually made a living doing this and he never even knew!
  •  He finally made his way up to your latest cover (which was uploaded about a week ago), and HO L Y  C R A P
  • It was the song he’s practiced at home for months on end for a musical he recently just starred in!
  • When you get home that night, you’re bombarded with compliments and questions (mostly compliments)
  • You explained that you never recorded around him because you were afraid that he might’ve thought you were going to use him for popularity
  • “Babe, I know you would never do that NOW WILL YOU PLEASE DUET WITH ME–”
  • Guess who has the best mashup cover of ‘Butterfly’ now


  • Coming home a few hours early was indeed a rare occurrence for Jumin
  • Usually when he came home, you were instantly there to greet him with a hug and kiss
  • He called your name, but there was no response, just a faint typing sound
  • After hanging his coat on the coat hanger, he began walking towards the noise, his hands already working on loosening his tie
  • “Ah, here you are, my love,” he said upon entering the officeroom
  • “Jumin, you’re home early,” you smiled, letting your husband wrap his arms around your shoulders and resting his chin atop your head
  • “The office had to close early for some renovations,” Jumin explained, “but I’m more interested in what you’re working on.”
  • “I’m working on my next book!”
  • The surprised look on his face made you remember that you never brought it up to him before, but now is as good as time as any to explain
  • Jumin seemed genuinely intrigued as he listened to your explanation on your book series, which was apparently very popular
  • When you finished, he asked if you could lend him the first addition, as he did enjoy reading in his spare time
  • And soon enough, he was hooked
  • He’d have long talks with you over dinner on how he wasn’t expecting a plot twist or how well you wrote your characters
  • Or about how you should hurry and finish the next book because you left him on a cliffhanger


  • He’s known since the background check that you had a job in digital art but he tucked that away in the back of his head because there were too many other things happening at the time (eg the hacker, your sudden appearance, his emotions and job…)
  • It isn’t until one day where he’s been able to work for a few hours straight without you lecturing him about how he should take a break
  • So he got up from his chair, slapped his right leg a few times to wake it up, and ventured outside his office to find you
  • To no surprise, you were huddled inside in the bedroom, but this time with your drawing tablet in hand
  • “Hey Saeyoung,” you tiredly muttered, eyes still glued to the laptop screen
  • His eyes trailed to where you were looking and a look of mock hurt morphed on his face, “MC, how dare you draw a picture of another man!”
  • You stifled a laugh at your boyfriend’s dramatic tone, “Zen just asked me to draw some things for his website so I’m–”
  • You should me drawing me instead! Here, I’ll even pose for you!” 
  • You regret even looking behind you, because Saeyoung was already stripping down to his boxers, need I remind you the pair with cat faces on them


  • Usually you were making some sort of noise in the house, but today you were oddly quiet
  • “MC? Where are you?”
  • “I’m in the living room,” you hollered back as he started making his way over, “Be careful not to bump my arm though.”
  • “What’re you doing?” he asked, taking a seat on the floor next to you
  • You explained that you liked paint and used it as a way to make some extra pocket money
  • V was very happy and excited to hear that you had an artistic career just like him
  • You were always delighted to describe the paintings to him, and you always did it with such passion
  • After awhile, he started to miss photography and he so badly wanted to see your work for himself
  • So he decided to get the eye surgery
  • Once he did, he was shocked at how much he can see your heart poured onto the canvas
  • You often went out into nature together and sit there together for hours to photograph/paint and enjoy one another’s company
  • You also loved painting some of V’s older photographs and he loved it and every single one is framed in the house
  • #artsycouple
  • The day you painted a picture of the sun and gave it to him, he cried


  • The first time Saeran ever walked into your room, his eyes immediately darted to the big, colorful collection of sticky note pads on your desk
  • He picked one up, noting that every one had a slightly different drawing than the others, “What’re these for?”
  • “Oh, I’m an animator! I like to use these sticky notes when I’m bored.”
  • He never got to watch cartoons as a child so this was all new to him
  • Watching you peacefully work is very, very soothing to him, to just watch the lines fill with color so smoothly
  • You even let him have some of your already drawn-on sticky note pads and he likes to flip through them when he’s nervous or needs to calm down when something’s bothering him
  • His favorite is the one you made for him where it goes “I love you, Saeran!” with a cute little doodle of a cartoony-looking you kissing his cheek on it
  • As mentioned before, he never got to watch cartoons or movies as a kid and he’s willing to watch the ones you’ve worked on
  • It always amazes him that you made what was on the screen and he loves it (he’s never said it out loud but it shows on his face)
  • He really enjoys the ones that are story-based rather than the nonsense slapstick ones (which is what Saeyoung enjoys, much to his dismay)
  • Seeing the childlike innocence in his eyes is heartwarming and you wouldn’t trade it for the world 
More Deaf West Newsies

@crunchie-morris your wish is my command and also I just? Can’t get enough of this idea.

  •  I already have a post on this somewhere
  • But I’m gonna yell about it again
  • basically Newsies is perfect for Deaf West? All of it is perfect
  • Jack
    • has a voice
    • sometimes his trouble keeping in sync with his voice
    • Like when he’s joking around? his voice goes faster than he can translate
    • but also sometimes his voice just cuts off entirely
    • In Santa Fe Prologue, the “hey, hey. Don’t you know that we’se a family? would I let you down? no way. Just hold on kid, til that train make Santa Fe” is signed and not sung before Jack hugs Crutchie tightly 
    • In Santa Fe, his voice cracks on “Good ol’ Captain Jack” and cuts out, so the rest of the song in signed completely
    • When he’s giving his speech in Seize the Day, his voice is coming in and out but his signs stay steady
    • Whenever his voice is talking too fast, somebody is standing off to the side translating for the deaf newsies
    • he does do his best to keep in sync with his voice, but sometimes his voice is just going faster than he is
  • Crutchie
    • doesn’t have a voice
    • Jack always pays super close attention to everything Crutchie signs
    • Race will translate for Crutchie when needed, but mostly he just knows that the people who matter can understand him
    • he sells his papers either with a partner, usually Jack or Race, or by looking as small and pitiful as he can
    • instead of yelling when he’s getting taken away, he’s just slamming his hands into the ground, and he’s terrified because he knows nobody can hear him
    • Letter From the Refuge? Letter From the Refuge.
  • Davey
    • does not have a voice, only a deaf actor
    • Les’s voice translates for Davey at first, but eventually Davey learns to speak for himself with his signs
    • Seize the Day is incredible like this just imagine it. Davey is signing all of his parts, but Jack’s voice would still come in on the harmonies
    • and on the “Now is the time to seize the day” call and response bit Davey is signing proudly and then the rest of the newsies come in behind him
    • it’s glorious
    • also as Davey starts to come out of his shell, he goes from signing down low and more slowly to going as fast as his mind is working
  • Katherine
    • is only played by a hearing actress but signs along with all her lines
    • when she’s writing her article, she speaking it out loud as the words go up above her just like it already happens
    • when she’s singing Watch What Happens she’s singing right along with herself
    • at the “A girl? It’s a girl? How the hell? Is that even legal?” she’s pulling faces and signing as aggressively and “manly” as she can
  • Pulitzer
    • Is only a voice, he doesn’t have a deaf actor
    • Hannah is usually translating frantically but Pulitzer is swatting her hands down constantly
    • he proves he does know how to sign when Roosevelt shows up and he grudgingly starts signing
  • Race
    • similar to Jack, both voice and deaf actor
    • Race is much better at staying in sync even though he doesn’t look like it
    • when he calls Mr. Wiesel “Weasel” his deaf actor deliberately spells out the word, throwing every letter in Mr. Wiesel’s face
    • his voice is bouncing all over the place all the time while his voice is usually more controlled
    • the exception is King of New York, when both the voice and deaf actor are super hyper and super into the dance
  • The newsies
    • a mix of hearing and deaf actors, all of whom can sign
    • whenever somebody is speaking, hearing newsies are standing so that their deaf friends can see what they’re signing so they know what’s going on
    • even if the person is translating, like Roosevelt at the end, boys are translating in case somebody can’t see
  • In general
    • the dancing? you wouldn’t have to change almost any of like, Seize the Day, Carrying the Banner, King of New York, because most of the crazy dancing happens either in a dance break or when people are off to the sides, and the things that would change would be incredible? 
    • little details? the boys are always saying little things off to the side, imagine how much more fun that would be with signing added in
    • Medda would be so flamboyant with her signing and it would be Davey’s first time seeing somebody genuinely proud of being deaf? that would be his first moment of “maybe I’m not like them but also maybe that doesn’t have to be so bad”
    • Les? He starts out sticking with Davey and always keeping his voice and signing lined up, but as he starts to idolize Jack more he starts to be more like Jack in that sometimes his voice gets away from him

In conclusion: Please give me Deaf West Newsies? Please.

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hello!!!! could i request the rfa, saeran, and v's reaction to an mc who plays the ukulele and sings a lot?? :D

a m a n d a  p a l m e r


  • He’s the Amazing Supportive Boyfriend
  • High key encourages you to just break into song
  • He constantly tries to wing duets


  • He can’t play any instruments so he’s high key impressed
  • He asks you to teach it to him but he gets frustrated and gives up after like four minutes
  • But he’s so in love with your voice
  • He has you sing and play ukulele for him all the time


  • She finds your voice soothing
  • As long as you don’t go all out with intense songs ukulele anthem then she loves it
  • She really likes when you play/sing for her
  • It calms her down when she’s stressed from overworking


  • When he finds out you play ukulele, he immediately buys you the most expensive one he can find
  • He also insists that Elizabeth Third loves your voice, so he always asks you to sing to her
  • He may or may not be doing that just as an excuse to hear you sing
  • Even though you sing like all the time he can’t get enough of it


  • He is the best uke player in the world
  • after typing that i realize that i should not abbreviate it like that
  • Anyway he loves leaning meme songs like All Star and Never Gonna Give You Up
  • So expect a lot of spontaneous ukulele duets


  • He constantly tells you how amazing your voice is
  • He encourages you to try to go professional if you’re interested in it
  • And if you aren’t, he asks you to put on private concerts for him


  • He likes hearing your voice
  • Like Jaehee, it calms him down when he’s stressed or angry
  • Sometimes when he’s very tired/drunk he asks you to play a lullaby for him

Random headcanons

  • Mike brings all the snacks to all their get togethers
  • Cause otherwise the losers have to send Stan to the bakery and they just prefer Mike’s cooking over everything else
  • Bev teaches the boys how to do stuff with hair and makeup (before she cut her hair)
  • Eddie is the best with makeup and Stan is the best with hair!
  • Stan does this elaborate fishtail braid and the whole club is shook
  • Every Tuesday night is movie night
  • It’s usually at the Denbrough house
  • They all agree that there can only be one scary movie a month
  • Ben is a scaredy cat and they love him too much to put him through that
  • Ben makes Stan a scrapbook (by hand!!!!!) so he can record all his findings about birds
  • Ben makes another scrapbook for Mike, so he can press flowers into it!
  • He makes sure to press each of the loser’s favorite flower in there bc he loves his friends
  • (he also grows them in his garden)
  • He also writes his favorite things about each of them to accompany their favorite flower
  • Richie tends to steal Stan’s book and doodle in it if he’s our bird watching with his best friend (it helps him stay quiet)
  • Everyone loves Richie’s voice
  • Like it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever heard
  • They always ask him to sing, his voice is often times super tired
  • But he doesn’t mind bc he loves talking and loves his friends! So! Much!
  • One time they convince Richie to try out for the talent show
  • Somehow, he makes it on
  • The losers get front row seats (they show up like 20 minutes early to ensure they would get the best seats to see their boy preform!)
  • Stan cheers the loudest when Richie walks out
  • He loses his voice the next day
  • Richie sings an original song and plays his guitar
  • Mike is in tears bc his voice is so? Beautiful?
  • Stan is just thinking ‘wow that’s my best friend up there you go Richie oh my god’
  • Eddie is squeezing Bill’s hand violently bc he’s so! Proud! Of his boyfriend! But he doesn’t want to interrupt also Eddie is an idiot just like Richie so like you knew this was coming
  • Richie wins and the losers club practically scream their heads off
  • They give him a cute lil bouquet filled with flowers that Mike grew in his garden! And he’s in love with it!
  • They get milkshakes to celebrate
  • Eddie is always cold but never brings a jacket
  • Mostly cause one of the other losers, usually Mike or Richie, gives him theirs
  • They hate seeing him cold :(
  • Stan is the only one who realizes that he never? Brings a jacket? And he’s literally so confused?
  • Eddie is just in love with how their jackets smell and how soft they are
  • None of the losers really like jewelry, but when Eddie makes them friendship bracelets, no one takes them off
  • Like, ever
  • Literally you’d have to pry it off their dead body
  • Richie tries tutoring one time
  • It doesn’t go well
  • He’s bad at explaining and has very little patience for small children
  • Eddie has at least three of Richie’s hawaiian shirts in his closet from the nights he’s slept over
  • Eddie, of course, washed them and ordered them by color
  • (sometimes he puts one on and pretends he’s Richie and it’s the cutest thing ever)
  • Bill’s school notes are littered with drawings and doodles
  • Stan loves to flip through his school notebooks and just admire how amazing he is at drawing
  • Sometimes he asks Bill to draw him stuff
  • Of course he shows these drawings off to the rest of the losers
  • They love them just as much as Stan does
  • Bev keeps everyone in line, despite being quite the troublemaker sometimes
  • Ben writes little poems about all of them
  • Then Bill draws something to accompany the writing
  • Everyone’s shook cause they love their talented boys!
  • Also the poems are so sweet and heartfelt
  • And the drawings are so pure and cute
  • (Bill draws Eddie little doodles of succulents and cacti don’t fight me on this)
  • Eddie has a stash of hair accessories in his backpack incase Beverly ever needs a hair tie or a bobbypin
  • Mike has a garden and he grows all their favorite flowers in it okay?
  • Also he gifts Eddie a little cactus to keep on his windowsill
  • Eddie names the cactus Fred cause Ben suggested it
  • Richie makes sure not to knock Fred over when he climbs through Eddie’s window
  • Mike gives the best fashion advice, literally everyone goes to him if they need a fashion opinion
  • Richie even went to him once
  • But like, he still wears hawaiian shirts so he was a lost cause anyway
  • Also that boy can rock a pair of overalls like nobody’s business
  • And somehow Eddie ended up wearing Mike’s overalls once? But no one questions it bc he looked adorable

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Okay I need MORE Voltron language headcanons

  • if i gets this right
  • lance speaks Spanish
  • keith speaks korean
  • hunk speak hawaiian
  • shiro speaks japanese
  • pidge speaks english (unless the fandom have something else for pidge)
  • but in general they just speak english with each other
  • but listen
  • listen
  • after a while of being all together
  • it can happens that they all speak in their native language with each other
  • and thats fine cause everyone actually get it

  • but listen
  • have you ever seen an angry polynesian person
  • have you seen it???
  • its really fucking scary i can tell you (thanks my parents for this experience)
  • like
  • for whatever reason hunk gets super mad
  • like crazy mad
  • which is a hard thing cause hes a sweetheart (bless his soul)
  • i dunno someone hurt pidge or lance for i dont know what reason
  • and like he starts screaming and grunting in hawaiian to this asshole
  • and hes so fricking tall dude
  • the guy will literally piss his pants and hunk haven’t even hit him yet
  • everyone’s picturing lance getting mad and speaking spanish
  • but you haven’t seen a polynesian person being mad
  • oh man you dont wanna know

  • but allura
  • oh this princess
  • she understands everything
  • faster
  • better
  • and easier
  • than the whole crew
  • like kida from atlantis
  • like kida man
  • because thats an alien thing
  • dont question it

  • the paladins + allura and coran chilling on the couch together
  • and lance talking and talking about hs hometown
  • about the beaches
  • his family
  • and man hes just so happy talking about home
  • so the others just let him rambling
  • but he talks so much he doesnt realize he switched into spanish
  • so he stops and apologize
  • but everyone get it
  • everyone understood what he said and thats fucking great

  • but now picture this
  • picture this
  • keith speaking korean for the first time in front of his friends without realizing
  • he blush soooo mad
  • and like hide his face in his hands
  • and everyone is just there like its okay its okay

  • the next morning everyone greets him like
  • ‘annyeonghaseyo!’
  • and keith is like
  • ‘STOP IT’

  • shiro lance and keith speaking english with aN ACCENT



  • even tho they can understand each other, they can’t speak the others languages (except english)
  • except allura
  • shes great
  • but insults and bad words
  • dear god they know bad words




  • 'LANCE!’

  • 'Oh keith! say cojeme!’

  • 'PIDGE’

  • hunk teaching them how to sing in hawaiian
  • or play ukulele or kamaka while singing
  • and he has such a good singing voice

  • like 'holy shit hunk!’

  • 'Pidge, language!’

  • okay but lance singing in spanish
  • lance singing in spanish
  • and dancing liKE FUCKING SHAKIRA
  • hunk whistling at him like the best friend he is
  • lowkey keith blushing in the corner

  • 'nope definitely doesn’t turn me on’

  • 'geobjaeng-i’

  • 'PIDGE’

  • but not all bad words from japanese
  • because shiro swear rarely

  • 'allura what does 'kuso’ means?’

  • 'pidge where did you hear it?’

  • 'shiro’

  • 'SHIRO??’

  • 'so keith you’re korean right?’

  • 'lance, please dont’

  • 'then if you really are’

  • 'lance’

  • 'do you listen to kpop?’

  • *punch him*

  • shiro: you deserved it

  • 'shiro do you watch anime’

  • 'lance i swear to god’

  • turns out hunk is the one watching anime

  • ok now some klance shit

  • lance teaching keith the cuban mambo dance
  • lance does the boy part
  • and keith had never felt so ridiculous in his whole life
  • they’re doing it in the living room
  • pidge and allura loosing their shits in the corner


  • 'PIDGE’


  • like okay
  • keith mumbling and moaning in korean when hes THIS CLOSE of coming
  • but they switch for the first time
  • they switch
  • and keith is not even HALFWAY inside
  • lance loose his shit

  • plead moan whimper scream mumble whisper in spanish

  • 'dios mío!!’

  • 'si si si!!’

  • 'no se detiene!’

  • 'por favor!!’

  • basically hes just rambling no sense in spanish
  • and keith had to stop and pause just to make sure than lance is actually okay
  • like holy shit

  • lance cannot SPEAK
  • korean properly for the love of everything
  • keith can’t either in Spanish but he learns dirty things

  • sex has never been so amazing for lance  


  • 'hey keith buddy!’

  • 'what?’

  • 'how do you say 'i love you’ in korean?’

  • 'salanghae’

  • 'well keith if you insist tambien te amo

  • ’…… i hate you so much’

  • 'te amo’

  • 'lance’

  • 'salanghae’

  • 'lance’

  • 'aloha au ia 'oe’

  • 'lance’

  • 'suki desu’

  • 'LANCE’

  • 'i love you’


  • lance and hunk high five

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Can you write soulmates au with the matching tattoo? If yes then can you write a scenario where iwaizumi and reader-chan are best friends, knowing each other since they were childrens and our quiet and introverted reader slowly falls in love with him, but they aren't soulmates. And she doesn't believe in soulmates or true love, because of her parents. And iwaizumi secretly falling in love with her but he found his soulmate (sorry for being specific)

Iwaizumi’s such a cool cucumber all the time even though he’s like, perpetually fiery, so I just gotta make him stumble at something in life. This is 7k of undiluted shame and rambling, but I hope you like it. :) Thank you for waiting!

[Edit: I am SO SORRY that I completely forgot that it was supposed to be a matching tattoo instead of just a soulmates thing. I am an idiot. Tell me if you’d like to read what you actually asked for and I’ll write a drabble to make it up to you.]

You spoke in a voice
like pure-white porcelain… the smell of winter.
Within my heart, a silently raging storm
rose up, along this darkened path.
Then twinkling stars fell down from overhead…
So immersed in them,
I was nearly brought to tears.
                      - orion, Yonezu Kenshi

In a world where everyone wants to know who they’re made for, or who’s made for them, you’re an odd specimen. There’s sexual orientation, and then there’s sexual orientation, and yours is ‘realist’. Your mother never lets up for a single day, telling you that it would be lovely if a girl your age would bring a nice young man home for dinner once in a while- and it’s okay if it’s a girl! It makes you feel a little sorry about your state of affairs each time, and it stings your eyes when you have to tell her that you don’t want to rush things, despite the world’s certainty of its affairs.

She understands, and there’s a soft sadness in her eyes that makes you rush in and hug her until she forgets all about soulmates, or the emptiness of your fingers.

“Your father and I were a terrible match,” she used to tell you each night if you asked about the little red thread tied around your pinkie, and why hers is broken. “I mean, we gave it a go-” and then she’d look at you and press a wet kiss against your forehead, “-that’s how we had you, my little gem, but it was never for us.”

“Why is it broken?” You’d still persist underneath the covers, and she’d sigh a long, weary sigh.

“Because we broke it. And then I found your stepfather, and here we are.” She’d look at you with that longing, hopeful expression on her face, and you’d stare right back with the wide eyes of a child listening to a fantasy story. “You’re happy, aren’t you?” She asked this every night before she left your bedroom, and each night you’d tell her the same thing.

“I’m happy, mummy.” You’d reply, and she’d start to smile with a loud sniffle. Then that was it, each night, you’d be tucked into bed without further ado and you’d drift off into dreams about finding your own prince charming, just like your mom had.

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Your eyes
which first held me captivated
where I stood.

Your smile
to dazzle the sun
and warm every corner of my soul.

Your voice
like a sparkling mountain stream
which flows into my heart.

Your walk
and the way your gracefulness
takes my breath away.

Your hair
about which I dreamed
cascading into my face
as you leaned over me.

Your hands
whose caress I crave
to hold my face
in their tenderness.

Your arms
I long to have around my neck
as you pull me close
to your warmth.

Most of all
everything you are
changed the way I feel about my life.

I love you.

hui the gryffindor (hogwarts! ptg au 6/10)

  • a gryffindor through and through
  • came from a family of gryffindors actually
  •  bffs with dumbledore
  • also the head boy
  • the coolest head boy bc he follows the rules but is also super chill
  • “no parties in the common room after 9” “aw man this sucks” “…unless i join in!”
  • will laugh at you if you badly mess up your potion
  • once they had a transfiguration assignment to turn a leaf into a mouse
  • yanan accidentally turned it into a bunny and consequently lost it on hogwarts
  • hui lost it
  • whenever they see a rabbit hui always side eyes yanan just to tease him
  •  member of slug club
  • slug loves him and so do the other members
  • a natural leader and speaker
  • also a BEAST at wizards chess
  • even students from different houses come all the way to the common room to challenge him
  • in short, he destroys them
  • the only person he can’t beat is dumbledore
  • but tbh who CAN beat dumbledore
  • wants to restart DA
  • dumbledore already gave him the go ahead
  • he’s gathering members now
  • it’s gonna be for learning stuff defense of the dark arts doesn’t teach
  • or just practicing the stuff learned from defense of the dark arts
  • gryffindor students want to nominate him for the next triwizard cup
  •  he doesn’t know it tho
  • no one can tell whether he wants to participate bc he always gives mixed answers
  • also has a really good voice
  • like really good
  • oftentimes sings the anthem before the gryffindor quidditch matches
  • and a few other ceremonies
  • once at a ceremony the weird sisters were invited
  • and weird sisters recognized hui and told him to come on the stage to sing with them
  • little did they know hui was their #1 fan
  • basically, he was shocked beyond belief and very much star struck throughout the whole experience
  • all in all pls love gryffindor hwitaek!

i want the lights
to fall out of my eyes
like shards

i want to make myself bleed
with the way people
look at me

i want to rip out my voice
like it’s a rusty

i want to carve his evil
into my skin
so that i always feel him

i want to detach my bones
from my tendons
and move around like an angel

i want to spit out my emptiness
and use the threads of it
to knit a black hole

i want to swallow the whole sun
and pretend like i

How a Schizophrenic Falls in Love

(to all the ones I loved.)

I wait patiently for you to wake
to message me, to exchange a few words
briefly between us 
trying to establish if you were mad from the night before
or if these fears are simply out of place
encouraged by some innate sense of paranoia
or if you’ve actually left without saying goodbye the other night
feeling cross.

So first you become a Fear
that has no face but only the shape of a shadow
that looms over me and like thunderstorms on the precipice
of exploding over the city I wait for thunder 
wondering if I should go back to bed and hide for a while
until the thoughts of you turn to something else
morph into some greater sense of existential dread
that I can dismiss with an anti-anxiety medication
and sleep.

And as that Fear becomes,
and I have a body to place it to, you become a Shape:
something I see on my walls and sometimes on the street
when the world crashes around me and that Fear and Shape
are intrinsically linked showing that you have a presence in me
and my mind contorts and twists this image
playing with it like children coloring outside the lines
and expresses words you’ve never said
and puts mischief behind your smile
and venom in every line of text
expecting you to reveal yourself
as some great monster
as the Shape and Fear I have of you.

And that Shape, that Fear, it has a Voice
like yours but not yours and it whispers 
repetitious lines like incantations and it says
fear me, repulse me, run away.
It tells me what I should not have
what I should not seek 
and what I cannot grasp.

And when you do not answer
this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
spindle stories and reasoning for itself and the shape it’s taken
expressing why it has become what it has 
and why I must reject you, the unanswered phone,
the unanswered text,
the line from last night,
the look you gave me when I left;
all of this saying to me that you are either diseased,
out to get me,
or playing at parody.

And this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
is all you and much like you it shares everything
slinks into you, set up like you
a chimera with your likeness
bearing all your qualities
and none of your smile,
memories of you become tainted
the growing shadow hangs over all instances
and becomes you
until I accept your transfiguration
and impose it over all things.

Like the shadow, like you,
without reference, without reestablishing the connection
the true connection
the longer and farther away you are
the more this shadow becomes my bed mate
and this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
becomes you.

And Love, that sneaking burning suspicion
that all things are not right
and you are indeed not reading out a litany of my sins
is the impassioned wail of conscience,
a sense of guilt for seeing you this way,
a feeling of uselessness against great tides
that snake between my ears, and pulls me down by the throat

and it is beneath the waves, breathless with anxiety
and panic
that I must take this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
and embrace it in the darkness
have it with me
for if I can love this darker half
dispelled of reason, knowing for certain how much it hates
how much it loathes, and how much like you it looks –
knowing it has teeth and claws
a monster of you –

if I can love this darker half 
then I can certainly love you.

Miles Dewey Davis III was born on this day, May 26, in 1926.

“Mr. Davis’s unmistakable, voicelike, nearly vibratoless tone – at times distant and melancholy, at others assertive yet luminous – has been imitated around the world.

His solos, whether ruminating on a whispered ballad melody or jabbing against a beat, have been models for generations of jazz musicians. Other trumpeters play faster and higher, but more than in any technical feats Mr. Davis’s influence lay in his phrasing and sense of space. "I always listen to what I can leave out,” he would say.

Equally important, Mr. Davis never settled into one style; every few years he created a new lineup and format for his groups. Each phase brought denunciations from critics; each, except for the most recent one, has set off repercussions throughout modern jazz. “I have to change,” he once said. “It’s like a curse.”

More from his obituary here:

Watch on otasumi-blog.tumblr.com

Can we just talk about Flame Prince’s voice

Like i will say i was not expecting that