remember that one time i tried to make a podcast?

yea so do i

anyway i’m trying again but this time it is me, myself, and i voicing stuff.

shitty af but hey i’ll have fun

Memes and stuff

//When you go to reblog some memes and….. this one is shippy…..and this one………this one is the digital incarnation of sin itself. God, it’s hard sometimes with a non-human muse, not that I’ve ever used anyone else.

[weeps to the void]

BONUS: Props to anyone that plays a muse without the use of their voice aswell, that stuff looks hard.

  • Drunkrat

Inspired by @ghostlykick and her “Tipsy Tracer” posts, I thought about Junkrat at the bar with his fellow Overwatch members. 

He’s probably the kind of guy they invite once then never invite again.


So the Rick and Morty soundpack for Dota2 was made official!

Here’s all the dialogue!

4 minutes of michael talking in interviews
  • 4 minutes of michael talking in interviews
  • idk i just really like his voice ok