r e s t   i n   p e a c e  //  chester bennington

this has got to be one of the hardest hits with a celebrity death i have ever dealt with. my childhood and teenage hero, my idol. we all knew you dealt with a lot growing up, and you portrayed the pain so well with your lyrics. the lyrics meant so much to us all who where going through the same pain, letting us express and realise our pain and also realising we are not alone in this world.

i remember my hybrid theory album was played so much my parents even knew the album off by heart. i would listen to that album so much, especially when i was moving around and dealing with bullying in school. meteora was definitely the album that helped me transition from country to country and helped me get through a good amount of high school. minutes to midnight helped me let out my anger and pain during the middle part of high school, when bullying was at its roughest.

i do admit, i warred off linkin park after minutes to midnight, but the album ‘a thousand suns’ was such a great album and i still listened the crap out of it, especially during my times in mental hospital. and we get to ‘one more light’ which was such a beautifully yet painful album to listen to, but really made me appreciate your music and growth, i even expressed my love and respect for you guys on the heavy mv and is now one of the top comments on the video. 

the many years of being an intense lp fan were so great. moderator for the official chester fourm, being part of the lpu, constantly on the lp official chatroom, all the linkinparktv videos and exclusive songs. it was truly a brilliant time. i’m not even going to lie that i have stopped doing all of that now, but it never stopped my love and support for you guys, even if it was more quiet compared to how it used to be from me.

hearing about your passing and suicide really hit home. it hit me hard. i never got to hear your voice live. i never got to meet you in person to thank you for being part of a band that helped me grow into the stronger human i am today, but, i hope you do realise how much of an impact you had on so many of us.

i really, really, really wished we were able to help you battle this demon that took you away from the world. depression is never a joke. behind all your dad jokes and smiles, there was a deep sadness hidden away from the world. i wish you were still here with us.

thank you so much for blessing us with your vocals, your talent, your music and your life. thank you so much. i love you so much. thank you forever. #ripchester

Feminist “Voice Of Our Generation” Remains Dead-Silent About Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations

So back in 2010/2011-ish, Emma Watson went to Hollywood Powerhouse Harvey Weinstein to help her career, something other women have done. During this time and well before, rumors circulated that Weinstein was inappropriate with his “it girls,” but nothing was said of Watson and Weinstein. The inappropriate sexual behavior was an interesting thing for Watson to ignore, especially since she claims she was a feminist since age 18 and at that time, she acted like she was better than other women in the industry.

Other than meeting up at a sex nightclub called The Box, he also appeared with her before the BAFTAS in 2011. He gave her a very small role in My Week With Marilyn, also, and did not seem to feel she was “it girl” enough, hence her lack of work with him since then. Lawrence seemed to have taken Watson’s place and skyrocketed. It appears as though Watson and Weinstein had met up since 2011, but Watson hasn’t appeared in any of his films after MWWM.

So with that in mind, as well as Watson’s grandiose claims about being a ground-breaking feminist who is the voice of our generation (and who also made Malala a feminist), Watson has said absolutely nothing about the sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. Zero support for the other women in the industry.

She never said anything for Leslie Jone’s harassment by others on social media, she never supported Kesha during her sexual harassment case against Dr. Luke, never supported Taylor Swift during her sexual harassment case (for $1), never supported Ariana Grande and her fans when the shooting happened during her concert (and even was on board with an article saying she was a better feminist than Grande and Beyonce), etc. 

Meanwhile, celebrities are commenting everywhere showing their support for the victims of Weinstein. Even those who don’t make grand feminist claims about themselves. 

I think it’s pretty gross of Watson to completely ignore this, especially since she had worked with the man. Even if she thinks he is innocent for some reason, there are still ways to show support for the women.

prince of cats

chapter two: this holy shrine

on ao3 || on ffnet 

i was gonna say something but im in like a really really bad mood right now so i hope you enjoy the chapter

Marinette hesitates for longer than usual at her apartment door. There’s no way her neighbor will be out and about at this time today, she’s never run into him before yesterday. Maybe he just had an errand to run or something. She shouldn’t be nervous about the slim chance of seeing someone she’s exchanged not even half a conversation with.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

The reality of the situation is that she fell asleep on the couch in the middle of designing an evening dress and had dreamt about his eyes. His eyes! God it’s like she’s a teenager again.

Just as she’d predicted, she doesn’t run into her neighbor. She’s strangely disappointed. Not that she had been looking forward to see him, she just—

Okay. Yes, she’d been looking forward to at least catching another glimpse of him. She kind of wants to hear his voice again, maybe hear him laugh?

For some reason, she thinks it would sound like springtime—

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In the Stacks

I was in a Nessian mood and remembered that @accidental-rambler had sent me a prompt of Highschool/college au + “how do we finish this joint assignment without killing each other”  + “oh how come you love the same books as me, damn, now you’ve just become annoyingly attracttive”.  I don’t really state HS or college, so choose your poison. Hope you enjoy!

The sun was being blocked.

              Cassian had stayed up late the previous night playing video games with Azriel and Rhys, and he was regretting it now. He had a free class, and figured he’d use it to catch some sleep on the bleachers by the track field. But now his sun was being blocked and he liked the sun.

              It made him feel warm and cozy.

              He let one eye drift open  lazily, and the other quickly followed when he saw who it was.

              Nesta Archeron, with her slim frame and high cheekbones, always deserved his full attention. Even if she always seemed to scowl whenever he gave it to her.  He knew she was capable of smiling, he had seen it before – an elusive quirking of her lips, one he sighted when she was with her sisters.

              “We need to work on our English assignment,” she said shortly. Cassian levered himself up and pushed to his feet while Nesta took a quick step away from him.   Nesta was tall, but Cassian was even taller, and he often found himself thinking that it would be  so easy to tilt her chin  up and kiss her tempting, full lips.

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anonymous asked:

I've always loved DW like when I was little I thought I was just like her, because I was obsessed with ponies, hated spinach, and had an older sibling who I loved to annoy. And somehow she's even more relatable now?

dw truly is the voice of our generation. we weren’t ready for her #Truth when we were younger but we sure as hell are ready now

I cant explain how much this mattered to me! I had an IG with 15k and IG disabled it. Ive been so crushed over it. But I never stopped supporting her from my other acct. Today I hated how some said Dove needed to be this Disney persona they made her, like she cant be her own person! 

 When I get passionate about something, I cant be quiet. Im so thankful she read this and that it mattered to her, bc she has inspired so much in me and helped me to be strong. She is a new voice for our generation xx

rip, gustav åhr.
or lil peep.
that’s who people knew you as.
that’s who i knew you as.
21 years old and you were going to be so much, i could feel it in my blood.
and you still will be so much.
you are the voice blending our pain and sadness and anger into a song,
letting us belt it out in the shower while the water mixes with our tears.
you are the voice bringing our generation together.
i promise we’ll remember you in “are”.
because we will always carry you with us.


while this opened the eyes of a lot of people, please don’t use lil peep’s death soley as a “don’t do drugs” advert. understand that some of us are really devastated. stop spreading that video around. 

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also listen my dude i watched all of samurai jack in like a week and i caught up at 2:30 in the morning and idk why i like it so much but one of my favorite moments in the series is when jack and ashi are falling into the worm or fish or whatever it was and ashi grabs her weapon while chained and slices jack a bit and he just kinda glares at her and goes "are you kidding me?" iconic.

Jack is the voice of our generation.