“The Real Origin to Flowey’s voice”

This is starting to add a new meaning to the phrase “I’m Lovin’ it”

Help Wé McDonald win The Voice!

tonight is the voting for the voice season 11 finale, and Wé McDonald absolutely deserves the win! here’s some of her performances:

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Malcolm’s hand and face say WTF? but his words are pretty much the most reasonable you’ll ever hear from this version of Mr Tucker.

But to no avail!  Because Jamie’s Law is simple: If you promise him there WILL be blood, then there had better be more than just some fucking blood!

(There’s also a culturally specific joke I could make here about how Sir Jonathan was really looking forward to There Will Be Tits until he realized far too late that it was about entirely the wrong sort of birds.  But as you can see, I’m valiantly resisting the urge…)

happy new year i want garfield the deals warlock to trap me in a glass case and sell me to the highest bidder who ends up being griffin mcelroy himself and as he holds me in his arms i look deep into his eyes and ask “are you going to vore me?” and he replies “you sick fuck thats just an online persona do yall really think i just eat every thing i see?” and i breath a sigh of relief “thank god!” i reply “so youve come to save me?” and griffin smiles as his third deity eye opens and he pulls a lever and a hole opens in the ground and he dangles me over the opening. i can hear wonderland music coming from down below and see the bright flashing lights. he drops me into the suffering game. i open my mouth to speak but i cant. all that comes out is griffins voice as angus mcdonald. i try to scream but griffin makes me laugh instead. what have i done. how did this happen. why couldnt he just vore me instead?

If I’ve taken anything from watching 1-12 of It’s Always Sunny in a little under 3 weeks, it is the fact that Liam McPoyle shouting “YOU WILL CALL HEEEEEEEEEER” is, and will forever be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

anonymous asked:

I have a super unique tone to my voice and I find myself trying to compensate for it by manipulating my voice. I know this is really bad and it's probably giving me throat strain, so do you have any advice on just accepting my voice for what it is? Sorry if you've been asked this before.

You know who has unique voices? Audra McDonald. Idina Mendel. Kristin Chenoweth. Patti LuPone. Judy Garland. Barbra Streisand. These people are masters of their art and their voices are recognizable because of their uniqueness. You don’t need to hide your differences.

Fairy Tail and BNHA (voices)

Bakugou Katsuki is voiced by Yuri Dreyar (Clifford Chapin)

Uraraka Ochako is voiced by Child!Natsu Dragneel (Luci Christian)

Todoroki Shouto is voiced by Lyon Vasita (Kaiji Yuuki) and Geese (David Matranga; Geese is that one guy from the movie)

All Might is voiced by Elfman Strauss (Christopher Sabat)

Aoyama Yuuga is voiced by Zeref (Joel McDonald; yes really)

Asui Tsuyu is voiced by Mirajane Strauss (Monica Rial)

Yaoyorozu Momo is voiced by Erza Scarlet (Colleen Clinkenbeard)

Shouji Mezou is voiced by Bora and Kawaru (Ian Sinclair)

Kirishima Eijirou is voiced by Totomaru (Justin Cook)

Ashido Mina is voiced by Cana Alberona, Aquarius, and Child!Gray Fullbuster (Kitamura Eri) and Evergreen (Caitlin Glass)

Hagakure Tooru is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Coco (Felecia Angelle)

Jirou Kyouka is voiced by Sherry Blendy (Trina Nishimura)

Mineta Minoru is voiced by Juvia Lockser (Brina Palencia)

Kaminari Denki is voiced by Jason (Kyle Phillips)

Tokoyami Fumikage is voiced by Kurohebi and Hughes (Josh Grelle)

Oshiro Mashirao is voiced by Nab Lasaro and Vidaldus Taka (Mike McFarland)

Satou Rikkidou is voiced by Warrod Sequen (Cris George)

Aizawa Shouta is voiced by Freed Justine (Suwabe Junichi) and Mest Gryder (Alex Organ)

Present Mic is voiced by Reedus Jonah, Michello, and Martam (Sonny Straight; Martam is one of the old Exceed guys)

Recovery Girl is voiced by Ooba Babasaama (Juli Erickson)

Kamui Woods is voiced by Samuel (Aaron Roberts; Samuel is the Exceed from the Key of the Starry Skies arc)

Mt. Lady is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Cana Alberona (Jamie Marchi)

Shigaraki Tomura is voiced by Midnight (Uchiyama Kouki) and Loke (Eric Vale)

Kurogiri is voiced by Bluenote Stinger (Chuck Huber)

Midoriya Inko is voiced by Aquarius (Jessica Cavanagh)

Princpal Nedzu is voiced by Lyon Vastia (Jerry Jewell)