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anything for you j-dog

  • ‘yes i have abs they’re just under this protective layer of fat’
  • he recruits hunk into making allura 10,000 years worth of birthday cake
    • ‘look dude she missed ten THOUSAND birthdays and we don’t even know if they had cake on altea,, this is pretty much our duty’
    • ‘ha duty’
  • give me that sweet Big Bro content 
    • like him going around and trying to make a dress for pidge because she showed him some pics of her from before the garrison
      • it takes a couple of weeks to find the material but in the end he produces a dress so blue and amazing that not even pidge can make a sarcastic comment 
      • ‘they don’t call me the tailor for nothing pidgeon!!!’
  • let him jsut,,,, talk about his insecurities 
    • i don’t know or care how it happens but in the end its just hunk and pidge saying ‘we’re sorry, we didn’t know. that’s not an excuse but,, we honestly didn’t know you felt this way man. you act so confident all the time so we just assumed…. we’re sorry.’
    • then lance just sniffs and wipes away some tears (guh) and just laughs ‘it’s okay,, let’s just,, hug it out’
    • and then they do just that
  • allura teaches him how to use the pool!!! and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    • cuz that b got a fucking swimmers bod and he needs to stay Active
    • ‘princess, i, really am sorry for, flirting with you all the time. i was missing home and,, i dunno,, not to sound rude,, but you are very beautiful so,,, *sighs* i’m sorry. i overstepped my bounds.’
    • but then allura would just smile,, cuz she’s amazing
      • ‘its okay lance. if it makes you feel any better,, your charms would never really have worked on me because, i am,, what pidge calls, ‘hella gay’ so you no need worry’ 
    • and then they bond ever their respective gayness thank you for your time
    • *keith voice* what does that even mean
    • *pulls out one gun* ‘prepare for trouble,,’ *pulls out the second one* ‘and make it double’
    • ‘shiro,, do you think we’ll make it home? do you think my family is looking for me? shiro? SHIRO???’
    • *shiro voice* can you be like mcdonalds and give me a BREAK
  • lance: *flirts with alien*
  • alien: *flirts back*
  • lance: *blinking noise followed by an immediate blush forming on his cheeks*
    • keith: ‘wasn’t that like,, a guy alien??’
    • lance (in a DREAMY AND LOVESTRUCK VOICE COUGH COUGH): ‘does it matter?’
      • bonus: keith.exe has stopped responding 

Chocolate pies 🍫 Korean @mcdonalds are awesome . By 🌟 @greedeat .

(YET ANOTHER) FIC REC (mostly Hobi ships)

Hop in for my third fic rec of the year (following x and x)

TAGS: F for fluff, S for smut, T for character death, A for angst, ♥ favorites 


Medicine by sixtieshairdo [YOONSEOK, F/S, sick!Yoongi, homophobic slurs]

Sun and Sand by cest_what [VMIN, F, I Need U era]

my heart flutters from the sugar high by hoars [TAEGI, F/S, they cheat on their diet together] ♥

White Noise by rkatz [YOONMIN, A/S/F, soulmate!au, gets very angsty at the end] ♥

Definitions by cest_what [VMIN, F, kissing]

you know i know by marienadine [VMIN, A/F/S, depressed!Tae, not-so-platonic-cuddles]


reasons to stay by third [VMIN, A/F, Jimin’s drawings come to life]

Small gestures by skyoongs [YOONSEOK, F, extreme fluff, flustered dorks]

Win You Over by cest_what [KOOKMIN, F, lots of kissing, pining]

It’s Not a Crush (I Swear) by jonghyunslisterine [YOONSEOK, F, dancer!Hobi]

A truth universally acknowledged by Sharleena [YOONMIN, F and a tidbit of S, Yoongi is Jimin’s knight in shining armor, college!au]

like a bomb, baby~ by arysthaeniru [JINMINSEOK, F, heroes/villains!au] ♥

The Sweetest Devotion (Hit Me Like An Explosion) by inkingbrushes [YOONSEOK, F and slightly angsty, producer!Yoongi, dancer!Hobi]

You Stir up a McFlurry in my Heart by tau [YOONKOOK, F, hilarious, Yoongi is the voice behind the McDonald order speaker] ♥

i hear a familiar song that calls to me (it connects us) by arysthaeniru [2SEOK, F, video game developpers]

Young & Blue by syubology [JIHOPE, F/A, cuddles]

Still Water by cest_what [YOONSEOK, A/F, Hobi can see ghosts] ♥

Conversations Between Vacuums by arysthaeniru [NAMSEOK, F/light angst, astronaut!Joon]

Kiss the Rain by Sobioppa [YOONSEOK, F, poetic dorks in love]

i’ll be your shelter by lissome [VMIN, F/S, college!au, a thousand kisses]

same damn hunger by marienadine [YOONSEOK, A/S/F, friends with benefits, literally the best fic what the fuck] ♥ ♥ ♥

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richie and bev getting high as fuck, getting munchies and trying to go through a drive-thru

beverly marsh rolled the best joints in all of derry, and she and richie may have gone a little overboard this time.

hotboxing after school was their /thing/. they were best friends for the entire day, got high, and if they were high enough, got a lot of action. it was the way things were. mike liked to make fun of them — called richie the most obnoxious stoner in the school — but it didn’t really matter. it was tough sometimes, forcing themselves to play the roles of class clown and beauty queen all day to cover up whatever was going on in their heads, and so unwinding with a nice, long hotboxing session was the best.

and so now they were pretty gone, and hungry as hell.

richie had tugged off his leather jacket, in his big guns n’ roses t-shirt with ripped black jeans, and bev was dressed in clothing of her own making, a knitted crop top with flower embroidery she’d spent hours own and denim shorts she’d attached funky patches to. they were an odd pair to the rest of the world, the ginger free-spirit and the dark-haired punk, but hell if it mattered! richie glanced over at bev, his lips curling up into a dopey smile. “grab a nosh with me, dah-ling.” he drawled in a particularly horrendous british accent that turned bevvie into a giggling mess within two seconds flat.

“okay, okay…let’s…let’s try and get mcdonald’s or some shit like that…” she finally managed, nails digging into richie’s arm for support to hold herself back up. he snorted, turning the key in the ignition and pulling out of the school parking lot. when they came back, ben was going to tear richie a new one for driving around with bev stoned — but they did it all the time. it was bad, and they both knew it, but they shared a similar sense that if something horrible happened, it would only matter to their five losers. not their parents

(deadbeats and abusives and alcoholics, guess that’s why you two are so fucked-up!)

who may not even notice by this point, and not to the school, where bev got great grades but didn’t get involved, just a pretty thing to look at to most of the student body, and where richie fucked around and couldn’t pay attention and let himself flunk conduct when he could be soaring with a’s. “okay, fuck, fuck…” richie started to laugh as they pulled around to the drive through, glancing over at bev, who was leaning rather heavily against the window and just staring at him. “fuck, okay…is this thing on?”

he stuck his hand out the window and put his palm against the speaker, as bev broke out into another stream of laughter. an irritated monotone grumbled back. “yes, what can we get you today?” he gasped, pulling his hand back and glancing over at bev, who was stifling her giggles with her hand. “okay…i’m gonna need…do you sell scrambled eggs? or, like, barbecue chips? fuck, i’d kill for some.” the voice grumbled, “no. this is mcdonalds, not wawa.”

from the passenger side, bev piped up, “OH! how about cheese curls? or maybe…maybe…mac and cheese?” a long and tinny groan sounded from the other end of the speaker. “beat it, punks.” richie whined loudly as he peeled out, trying not to get hit as he swerved into a nearby parking spot instead. “i think i have chips in the side re—”

too late. bev’s hands were tangled up in his hair, and her lips were pressed up against his. richie smirked, pulling her closer, and figuring they could eat later, when the hunger /really/ got unbearable.

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Taako brought in a 'haunted' doll into our magic lesson today but when I asked what the hands were made of that they make that sound when he clapped them together (they were made out of a different material from the rest of the body) he just put on a weird voice and said "bones!" -Angus McDonald worlds Greatest Detective ( I'm not bragging!)


Things that activate my fight-or-flight response:

  • Adam Sandler
  • Trump’s presidency
  • Miley Cirus’ voice
  • When anyone complements me
  • McDonald’s chicken nuggets
  • Men yelling or really even speaking but that one just activates my fight response

Things I Love About Jae-Ha


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^^^^This gorgeous rapscallion is Jae-Ha !

LOOK at him ,masterpiece of beauty 😍

He’s a good kind swoon-worthy man and if he would have me I would marry him ??? ( I’m infuriated I can’t marry this character tbh)

I just????? Love him so much????

Anyway here let me rave about my gorgeous dream husband ~


- Such a sexy voice omg ,Joel McDonald you are a real catch , I would follow you into war if asked


- Long hair is one of my favorite things on guys and anime never lets me down but THIS??? A GIFT! He has a ponytail !! And hot bangs!( 90’s band album cover sexy shot bangs)

- he’s beauty, he’s grace, he’ll KICK YOU IN THE FACE

- Once fought a bear to protect his brother ( JAE-HA I LOVE YOU )


- Big Brother boss level , has 197 ‘adopted’ siblings and if you harm a single hair on any of them he WILL destroy you, your family, and the city that birthed your clan

- ’ drop your weapons ’

* 3 hours later*

’…..how did you conceal that many knives , you’re wearing a t-shirt and shorts ’


- The man knows his aesthetic, all his knives have orange ribbons on them to match his hair tie


- Has a DRAGON LEG that lets him jump super high and has 10 times the strength of normal people

- Flirt

- Masochist ( he makes fights awkward sometimes ….)

* gets punched in the face *

’ Oh , that felt good, do it again’

- Strip tease friend

- 25 years old and has the wisdom of a father of twelve I swear

- calls Yona 'kiddo ’ it’s so cute

- relaxed on the outside , stressed on the inside

- got hurt in front of Yona once and she literally killed a man for him ( YOU GO GIRL THAT IS THE RIGHT REACTION)

- Big on freedom and beauty and morals

- if Yoon is squad mom he’s squad dad

- * gravely injured * ’ wait don’t kill me I still gotta big brother my friends ’

- criticizes enemy’s fighting grace while beating them up

’ your swordplay isn’t beautiful enough ’

’ oh nice attempt at stabbing me, but you could use more finesse ’

- A good and gentle fight me

- piggyback rides champion

-Physically the oldest in the group ( chronologically ,however…… ?)

- Something about him reminds me of Sailor Moon guys , I dunno what ? Maybe the dramatic flair? ( Jae-Ha would get along with Tuxedo Mask )


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I really hope that the muffled space side voice sounds equivalent to that of a drive thru voice at McDonald's

Like that except even worse, like you’re listening through two of those drive through speakers and a concrete wall.

Fairy Tail and BNHA (voices)

Bakugou Katsuki is voiced by Yuri Dreyar (Clifford Chapin)

Uraraka Ochako is voiced by Child!Natsu Dragneel (Luci Christian)

Todoroki Shouto is voiced by Lyon Vasita (Kaiji Yuuki) and Geese (David Matranga; Geese is that one guy from the movie)

All Might is voiced by Elfman Strauss (Christopher Sabat)

Aoyama Yuuga is voiced by Zeref (Joel McDonald; yes really)

Asui Tsuyu is voiced by Mirajane Strauss (Monica Rial)

Yaoyorozu Momo is voiced by Erza Scarlet (Colleen Clinkenbeard)

Shouji Mezou is voiced by Bora and Kawaru (Ian Sinclair)

Kirishima Eijirou is voiced by Totomaru (Justin Cook)

Ashido Mina is voiced by Cana Alberona, Aquarius, and Child!Gray Fullbuster (Kitamura Eri) and Evergreen (Caitlin Glass)

Hagakure Tooru is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Coco (Felecia Angelle)

Jirou Kyouka is voiced by Sherry Blendy (Trina Nishimura)

Mineta Minoru is voiced by Juvia Lockser (Brina Palencia)

Kaminari Denki is voiced by Jason (Kyle Phillips)

Tokoyami Fumikage is voiced by Kurohebi and Hughes (Josh Grelle)

Oshiro Mashirao is voiced by Nab Lasaro and Vidaldus Taka (Mike McFarland)

Satou Rikkidou is voiced by Warrod Sequen (Cris George)

Aizawa Shouta is voiced by Freed Justine (Suwabe Junichi) and Mest Gryder (Alex Organ)

Present Mic is voiced by Reedus Jonah, Michello, and Martam (Sonny Straight; Martam is one of the old Exceed guys)

Recovery Girl is voiced by Ooba Babasaama (Juli Erickson)

Kamui Woods is voiced by Samuel (Aaron Roberts; Samuel is the Exceed from the Key of the Starry Skies arc)

Mt. Lady is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Cana Alberona (Jamie Marchi)

Shigaraki Tomura is voiced by Midnight (Uchiyama Kouki) and Loke (Eric Vale)

Kurogiri is voiced by Bluenote Stinger (Chuck Huber)

Midoriya Inko is voiced by Aquarius (Jessica Cavanagh)

Princpal Nedzu is voiced by Lyon Vastia (Jerry Jewell)

happy new year i want garfield the deals warlock to trap me in a glass case and sell me to the highest bidder who ends up being griffin mcelroy himself and as he holds me in his arms i look deep into his eyes and ask “are you going to vore me?” and he replies “you sick fuck thats just an online persona do yall really think i just eat every thing i see?” and i breath a sigh of relief “thank god!” i reply “so youve come to save me?” and griffin smiles as his third deity eye opens and he pulls a lever and a hole opens in the ground and he dangles me over the opening. i can hear wonderland music coming from down below and see the bright flashing lights. he drops me into the suffering game. i open my mouth to speak but i cant. all that comes out is griffins voice as angus mcdonald. i try to scream but griffin makes me laugh instead. what have i done. how did this happen. why couldnt he just vore me instead?

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okay but like. au to your au where the twins were abandoned because they are actually demons, but they don't know (mother found out and freaked). slowly, over time, things start happening around them (lighting stuff on fire, bill accidentally ends up in dipper's dream once, etc) until one day they get really angry (someone hurt the pines prob) and they go full out triangle wrecking their shit. angst where bill goes "guess you were right after all, huh dip."