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Taako brought in a 'haunted' doll into our magic lesson today but when I asked what the hands were made of that they make that sound when he clapped them together (they were made out of a different material from the rest of the body) he just put on a weird voice and said "bones!" -Angus McDonald worlds Greatest Detective ( I'm not bragging!)


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I really hope that the muffled space side voice sounds equivalent to that of a drive thru voice at McDonald's

Like that except even worse, like you’re listening through two of those drive through speakers and a concrete wall.

Fairy Tail and BNHA (voices)

Bakugou Katsuki is voiced by Yuri Dreyar (Clifford Chapin)

Uraraka Ochako is voiced by Child!Natsu Dragneel (Luci Christian)

Todoroki Shouto is voiced by Lyon Vasita (Kaiji Yuuki) and Geese (David Matranga; Geese is that one guy from the movie)

All Might is voiced by Elfman Strauss (Christopher Sabat)

Aoyama Yuuga is voiced by Zeref (Joel McDonald; yes really)

Asui Tsuyu is voiced by Mirajane Strauss (Monica Rial)

Yaoyorozu Momo is voiced by Erza Scarlet (Colleen Clinkenbeard)

Shouji Mezou is voiced by Bora and Kawaru (Ian Sinclair)

Kirishima Eijirou is voiced by Totomaru (Justin Cook)

Ashido Mina is voiced by Cana Alberona, Aquarius, and Child!Gray Fullbuster (Kitamura Eri) and Evergreen (Caitlin Glass)

Hagakure Tooru is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Coco (Felecia Angelle)

Jirou Kyouka is voiced by Sherry Blendy (Trina Nishimura)

Mineta Minoru is voiced by Juvia Lockser (Brina Palencia)

Kaminari Denki is voiced by Jason (Kyle Phillips)

Tokoyami Fumikage is voiced by Kurohebi and Hughes (Josh Grelle)

Oshiro Mashirao is voiced by Nab Lasaro and Vidaldus Taka (Mike McFarland)

Satou Rikkidou is voiced by Warrod Sequen (Cris George)

Aizawa Shouta is voiced by Freed Justine (Suwabe Junichi) and Mest Gryder (Alex Organ)

Present Mic is voiced by Reedus Jonah, Michello, and Martam (Sonny Straight; Martam is one of the old Exceed guys)

Recovery Girl is voiced by Ooba Babasaama (Juli Erickson)

Kamui Woods is voiced by Samuel (Aaron Roberts; Samuel is the Exceed from the Key of the Starry Skies arc)

Mt. Lady is voiced by Jenny Realight (Nazuka Kaori) and Cana Alberona (Jamie Marchi)

Shigaraki Tomura is voiced by Midnight (Uchiyama Kouki) and Loke (Eric Vale)

Kurogiri is voiced by Bluenote Stinger (Chuck Huber)

Midoriya Inko is voiced by Aquarius (Jessica Cavanagh)

Princpal Nedzu is voiced by Lyon Vastia (Jerry Jewell)

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▲ + tumblr blog stuff ( font, font size, images, etc )

mili voice, while eating mcdonalds fries: still not as salty as me | no longer accepting!

but in all seriousness, i used to be super picky about all of it? but now, as long as i can read your blog, or make out your icons, i don’t actually care too bad? my earlier salt is just something that, at most, annoys me. i don’t have enough energy to invest in hating people online about something that won’t affect me in the long run

happy new year i want garfield the deals warlock to trap me in a glass case and sell me to the highest bidder who ends up being griffin mcelroy himself and as he holds me in his arms i look deep into his eyes and ask “are you going to vore me?” and he replies “you sick fuck thats just an online persona do yall really think i just eat every thing i see?” and i breath a sigh of relief “thank god!” i reply “so youve come to save me?” and griffin smiles as his third deity eye opens and he pulls a lever and a hole opens in the ground and he dangles me over the opening. i can hear wonderland music coming from down below and see the bright flashing lights. he drops me into the suffering game. i open my mouth to speak but i cant. all that comes out is griffins voice as angus mcdonald. i try to scream but griffin makes me laugh instead. what have i done. how did this happen. why couldnt he just vore me instead?

The Chromatic Cure (Soulmate AU) 20 Minute Challenge

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Angst?

When you first lay your eyes on your soulmate, the monchrome world you live in turns into one of lively colors.

My friend challenged me to write something in twenty minutes, and here it is. I know somethings may not be correct, but come on people, I wrote this in 19 minutes and 42 seconds.


Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Everyone’s heart harbors a secret, which in the end, changes how they view the world. 

When a person is born, they are welcomed into a colorless world. Nobody knows the color of their own eyes, or even the of the socks on their feet. This black and white doesn’t just affect their vision, it affects them in their souls. These people walk through life as bleak corpses. They allow their eyesight to control their demeanor; they allow it to control their lives completely. 

Everyone’s heart holds the cure to humanities dreary, monochromatic essence. It knows how to replace the shades with lively colors. These hearts know their owner’s soulmate from the day they were born. The moment they meet their soulmate, is the moment when they are rewarded. What’s mankind’s reward for discovering the organ’s secret? 

The chromatic cure.

There’s a problem with this cure; It’s only temporary. The color will only exist as long as the soulmate exists. When the soulmate dies, so does the color.

Red was the first color Steve ever saw. 

It was the color of her dress. The dress that ended just below her knees in a waterfall of silk. The sun reflected off the fabric introducing him to a new depth of reds and oranges. A warm sensation washed through his body as the grey sky, he’s looked up to since he was just a young boy, transformed into a slate of sapphire.

Blue was the first color you ever saw. Growing up, your mother always told you stories of love and color. You used to spend hours lying in your mother’s lap as she described the colors around the room that you couldn’t identify. Out of all the colors your mother illustrated, blue had always been your favorite.

“Blue is your father’s favorite color. It was the color of the dress I wore when we first met.“ Your mother used to say.

Your eyes would sparkle at the mere thought of meeting your beloved. What dress would you be wearing? Maybe a blue one just like your mother. 

“What’s blue like, momma?”

Your mother released a small laugh. “It’s beautiful,” Her hands subconsciously stroked your wild head of hair. “Blue is the color of the ever flowing ocean, the color of robin eggs, and of fish swimming throughout the ponds at the park. It’s the bulbs of winter flowers.”

Unlike most people, you had always been a ray of sunshine. While people would allow the dreary black and white atmosphere control how they live their lives, you would have a wide smile plastered across you face. Even though you couldn’t see the colors, you always held on dearly to the memories with your mother, and to the belief that one day you would witness blue.  

When you turned to the owner of the hand that was on your shoulder, you were instantly met with Blue. The very blue that inhabits itself in the eyes of the stranger. Your breath hitched within your throat as you watched vivid colors triumph over the grey. You moved a hand to your chest, to soothe her pounding heart.

Steven wiped his clammy hand on the worn material of his pants, and moved it towards yours. “Steve Rogers.”

You slowly removed your grip from your hammering heart. Your hand trembled as it latched itself around his calloused one.

“(Y/N) ”

A bitter smile rests on your lips as she stares at the dull jewel resting on your ring finger. With an exasperated sigh, you continues to walk down the street. The sound of the snow crunching beneath your feet travels through the air as brisk winter winds fly through your tresses.

(Y/N) Rogers is a well known name in lower Brooklyn. People knew you for your kindhearted personality and delicious meatloaf. The only person more beloved in Brooklyn, and all of America for that matter, is her husband: Steven Rogers. Since 1941, he has lead his own squad through European terrain trying to achieve American victory. Children and adults all looked up to the man for his boundless bravery. He is Captain America after all.

To soothe the wartime stress, you had created a book club for all the women who desperately need a distraction. Every Thursday morning, the women of the neighborhood meet at the local tearoom for an hour of gossiping, and a side of book discussions.   

You stop a few feet away from the tearoom. You smooths out the skirt of your black dress, and try to mentally prepare yourself for yet another tiresome book club session. Your intentions when starting the club were to have an in home distraction for these women, and yourself. Ever since Steve had become the great Captain America, your stress had reached an all time high. As much as these women needed a distraction, you needed it more. Their husbands fought, but yours would lead, and that was scarier than anything else. Your intentions were not to create a club where women could gossip about the members of their community.

With an stale sigh, you hold your head up high as you walks to your impending doom.

The tea room’s chatter rings through your ears as you takes a seat at the bustling table. Marianne Smith, the young waitress who works at the tea room, brings you your usual tea. “What a lovely dress, (Y/N).” You sends a small smile towards the young woman.

The group of women share short greetings with you before they continue their weekly gossiping. “I hear Janet is pregnant, but Jim has been overseas for over a year now.”

With a dramatic roll of your eyes, you takes a large gulp of the earl grey tea that has been waiting your arrival. The warm liquid falls down your throat, sending a sense of brief relaxation through your body.

“Well that’s just dreadful.” The shrill voice of Patricia McDonald floods the air, ending your brief relaxation. You held a different kind of detestation towards Patricia. “But I know something that is far more… dreadful.” Patricia McDonald fed off of the misery of others.

The women fall silent as they await the latest scoop. “Melissa lost her color.”

Loud gasps echo through the tea room.

“Should we even let her come to book club anymore?”

Patricia vigorously shakes her head. “Heavens, no. We have no room for that here.” Murmurs of agreement spread through the group as they start to realized the serious problem at hand.

“If she can’t see the world as it’s meant to be, I don’t see a spot in our group for her.”

“She would put a damper on the whole club.”

You closes your eyes in defeat. This is exactly what you didn’t want. You didn’t want these women to feed off of your despair. You didn’t want these women to know the truth; the truth that you lost your color two weeks ago.

“(Y/N), did you hear about Melissa?”

“(Y/N)?” You take a deep breath before looking up to the group of meddlesome women. “I asked if you heard about Melissa.” The women anxiously watch your fine features for any sort of response.

You lower your lashes as your heart leaps through your chest and pounds in your ears. You remember the blue hues of your husband’s eyes. The eyes you wish you could see just one last time. You wish that you could run your fingers through his golden locks as they laid in the lush park grass.


With a small shake of Your head, you opens your eyes. “Yes,” You allows a sad smile to appear on your face. “What a shame.”

Welp… That was extremely shitty. Don’t worry, there won’t be anymore challenges, because that was HORRENDOUS

Feel free to request!

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okay but like. au to your au where the twins were abandoned because they are actually demons, but they don't know (mother found out and freaked). slowly, over time, things start happening around them (lighting stuff on fire, bill accidentally ends up in dipper's dream once, etc) until one day they get really angry (someone hurt the pines prob) and they go full out triangle wrecking their shit. angst where bill goes "guess you were right after all, huh dip."

More good news on the Voice of McDonald’s front. 

I’ve been asked to sing at the national McDonald’s Owner/Operator conference in Pheonix, AZ on October 30th. I’m the only contestant singing! Last year the contestant they chose went on to the next round to compete globally. I can’t help but feel incredibly honored to be chosen!

I’m singing with a live band for a huge amount of important people. This is a dream come true.