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Viv Vision - "An Attraction to Boys"
Ivy Dupler
Viv Vision - "An Attraction to Boys"

As requested by a couple of people (including @nadiapyms!), here’s a little something I recorded for Pride Month featuring Viv Vision: I decided to read a couple of relevant panels in the voice I used for Viv in MARVEL Avengers Academy!


House of the Rising Sun (Cover by Ashley Johnson)

I just discovered that my favourite voice actress is also a singer! I HAVE to share!


Whenever you trash the 20th anniversary Pokémon movie, just remember that the ORIGINAL voice of Satoshi/Ash KetchumRica Matsumoto cried because she was so proud of it, and everyone involved with this project.

When I play Satoshi, I always intended to do with my eyes

She commented emotionally on singing the movie’s ending theme Oración’s Theme ~Let’s Walk Together~ saying “I have been listening to this song for 20 years, and memories of various people came floating like a running lamp

If you dislike the movie, you have every right to, but please don’t be a killjoys to others who want to see it (no matter how small they may be), and open-minded older fans, such as myself, who are willing to give it a chance despite Brock & Misty not being Ash’s companions in this non-canon universe. This amazing collaboration of a film will premiere worldwide sooner or later, and I cannot wait to see it so I can properly judge the movie with my own eyes!


New Mystic Messenger comic! Check it it out and share it ;) Thanks @sketchyy-pencil for giving me permission to dub it! 


June Foray, who voiced Rocky and Natasha cartoon characters, dies at 99

“Known as the “Cartoon Queen,” she’s most famous for her voicings of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale on the “Rocky” cartoon show.

At 17, Foray moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career, and in 1950, she landed the role of Lucifer the Cat in “Cinderella.” Her versatile and comic style helped land her both male and female animation roles; Rocky, for example, spoke with a cheery young boy’s voice and Natasha’s lines were deep and husky.

Other notable roles voiced by Foray included Nell from “The Dudley Do-Right Show,” Witch Hazel from “Looney Tunes” and Cindy Lou Who from Chuck Jones’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas." 

Read the full piece and see more photos here

List of characters 


Photo 1 source: June Foray, Virtuoso of Cartoon Voices, Notably Rocky’s, Dies at 99

June 19: Happy 28th Birthday to Voice Actress and Writer Ashly Burch, who provided the English Voice of Sasha Braus on Attack on Titan and the Voices of Enid on OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes, the Rutile Twins on Steven Universe, and Bun Bun on Adventure Time, in which she was one of the Writers who worked on the show.

anonymous asked:

I just realized why Lapis pretended to be Amethyst and Peridot pretended to be Garnet: those are the roles their voice actors originally auditioned for!

Oh my stars, that is an amazing observation! 

I do recall Shelby saying she originally auditioned for the role of Garnet, but I had no idea Jennifer auditioned for the Amethyst part. That’s such an adorable way to incorporate it into the story. And it works for the purposes of the narrative (and the Crewniverse has written a pretty good storyline for it!)

Thank you for enlightening all of us.