voice wise and even because of the looks

If I could talk to Viktor

…In chapter 3 of OBSABH, I’d have a few things I’d want to say to that boy grown man. He’s got his head in the clouds and a bit of good Northern straight talking would do him a lot of good. Here goes:

Listen to Yakov. He is wise.

Listen to Chris. He is wise.

“Well he stayed the night and didn’t leave until the morning, that’s something at least”.
Oh just you wait until next time, Viktor…

“Viktor, what were you honestly expecting to come of this?”
Marriage, actually.

“If Yuuri wouldn’t talk to him through words maybe he would listen another way instead”
Well yes, he might, but to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t put money on it.

“This was Yuuri reaching out, offering - if not the hand of friendship - then the hand of good sportsmanship at the least”
About time. I mean, I love that boy but he does behave like a dick sometimes.

”…the little niggling voice in the back of his mind that he usually ignored was screaming at him to think and wonder why exactly Yuuri Katsuki was kissing him in a corridor with no warning or explanation whatsoever.”
Listen to the voice, Viktor. It is wise.

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45. “I should be the only one making you happy” with yoongi (part two) | 1.4k

@oh-sugahoney for you :)))) enjoy

part one

Fuck this, Yoongi had said as the door slammed behind him.

“Guys, what was that for?” your question settles onto guilty grimaces.

When the boys invited you over for movie night, you hadn’t expected anything out of the ordinary. This was something they always did whenever they were in between comebacks, since it was the only period in which they had enough hours left on the clock to do things other than sleep. Given that you hadn’t seen them in nearly two months, it was an easy decision for you to make.

When you arrived, you found a spot beside Yoongi (perhaps on another day you would have noticed that it was coincidentally the only seat available) and for the first twenty minutes, all was well. They’d picked a silly little comedy, and the room settled into a relaxed chorus of soft giggles at each joke, Yoongi included.

However, it became increasingly apparent that the boys had something else in mind for tonight.

Out of nowhere, Taehyung and Jungkook moved from the floor to the couch, the very couch that was already occupied by you and Yoongi, which meant that, yup, the two of you were sandwiched in between.

Though the . . . cozy (as Taehyung had called it) arrangement didn’t bother you, you could tell Yoongi was uncomfortable.

It didn’t help that every time you looked at Hoseok, he wiggled his eyebrows, and that Jimin couldn’t hide his giggles every time he looked your way.

Eventually, Yoongi’s patience drew thin.

“Jungkook, get off, it’s too fucking warm.”

“Are you sure it’s me making you warm, hyung?”

When you turned to the elder, you noticed he was glaring at Jungkook, jaw clenched and ears turning red.

“Jeon. Jungkook.”

Leave it to the maknae to be cheeky. “Hyung, we know you like it.”

Yoongi unabashedly shoved the younger aside and stomped out of the living room, which brought you to the present, with six faces staring back at you apologetically.

“Jungkook,” Jin starts, “you need to apologize to Yoongi later. You went too far.”

The maknae meekly nods, eyes downcast. “Sorry, noona,” he softly says.

“This is my fault, too,” Taehyung joins in. “I gave Kookie the idea … sorry.”

“It’s alright,” you assure them, “Yoongi’s just grumpy,” you say as you give their shoulders a squeeze.

It’s no secret that you and Yoongi have feelings for each other, nor is it any mystery why you’re keeping those feelings at bay. After getting out of a terrible relationship, Yoongi had made it clear that he wasn’t ready to jump into another one when you both realized that your friendship was turning into something more. It made sense, and you respected his maturity, so you withdrew yourselves to Normal Friend Behaviour, which apparently did not sit well with the rest of them.

“Y/N,” Namjoon looks at you. “It’s probably not my place to ask but–”

“–Yeah, I’ll talk to him,” you finish for him.

His smile is grateful and he nods, “thank you.”

“Let’s go out for dinner,” Hoseok suggests, “Jiminnie, where was that place you said we should try?”
“Oh, uh, it’s …” he fumbles with his phone, “it’s over there,” he points to his screen.

Hoseok nods, “alright. I’ll call the managers. Grab your things everybody, be ready in ten,” he directs, and gives you a wink.

You shake your head, and wait for them to disperse before walking over to the bedroom at the end of the hall.

It’s open, Yoongi’s voice slips through the door when you knock on it.

“Hey,” you say as you close the door behind you.

Even in the dark, you can see he’s lying on the bed with his feet still on the floor.

“You good?” you ask as you walk over.

Yoongi nods, sits up and reaches for you to stand between his legs.

You ruffle his hair, “you know Kookie was just teasing.”

He sighs, and, still holding your hand, rests his head against your stomach. Your other hand immediately moves to his head, fingers carding through his hair.

“… Yoongs?” you call when he doesn’t speak after a while.

“Just … can you just stay like this?” he asks, voice barely above a whisper.

“Of course,” you keep threading through his locks, “this okay?”
He nods, and breathes out, “more than okay …”

It doesn’t take much to know that Yoongi’s not a talker. Unlike Namjoon and Jimin, who deliver comfort and guidance wrapped in careful syllables chosen with love, Yoongi’s always been someone who preferred to use his actions. So the boys have always found it interesting when it became apparent that Yoongi liked you, someone who delivered words that carried weight as deep as the Marianas Trench, and who, as they came to find, could ease them out of their darkest days because damn, you were wise and your advice was golden.

It worked, though, and there was good reason for it.

For all the words that Yoongi chose to keep to himself, you had more to give to him when he doubted himself, and Yoongi reciprocated with his thoughtfulness expressed in the way he looked after you even when you weren’t aware of it. When the day knocked you off your feet and your voice drowned in sorrow, he showed you that sometimes, quiet can go a long way to help you heal.

And now, you were giving that back to him.

You stay in this stance for who knows how long, the traffic down below being the only sound filling the space.

After a while, he speaks, “thanks, Y/N, really.” He tilts his head to the side to look at you, rubbing your arm that was resting on his shoulder.

“Don’t need to, Yoongs,” you smile, smoothing his hair out of his eyes, and he instinctively leans into the touch.

“You hungry?” you lighten the subject. “They’ve left to grab dinner, let’s get some, too,” you take a few steps back.

“W-wait,” Yoongi stammers, grabbing your wrist, and takes a deep breath.

“Everything okay?” you make your way back towards him.

“There’s something I wanted to ask you,” Yoongi begins, eyes shifting to everywhere but onto yours.

You feel your heartbeat pick up, “Yoongi … if you’re about to say what I think you are, you know you don’t have to–”

“Let me finish, Y/N,” he fixes his gaze onto you. “I wanted to ask earlier, but then, that happened, and I got kind of …”

“flustered?” you offer, to which he nods, the tips of his ears gaining a rosy hue.

“I wanted … ” he trails off.

“You wanted …?”

“Do you …” he begins again.

“Do I …?”

“Um …”

“Just ask me, Yoongs. You know I’m gonna say yes.”

“Do you,” his eyes open wide, “wait, are you sure?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” you mutter as you lean down to kiss him.

The moment your lips landed on his, it was like soft fireworks exploded behind your eyes. His arms pull you into him, and you both land onto the bed. He kisses you back with more need, and you move your legs to straddle him, hands digging into his hair. Shortly, it’s hot breaths and heated kisses, bruised lips and sweet caresses, stars lighting up the room despite it being cloudy outside.

Fuck,” Yoongi says when you both settle down for air.

You chuckle. “Is that it?”

God no, come back here,” he mumbles, hands on your waist and flipping you onto your back, lips finding yours again.

“Hyung, do you think they want this?” Jimin asks, takeout boxes in hand, when the boys finally return to the apartment.

Namjoon shakes his head, “you can have it, Jiminnie.”

Damn it!” Jin exlaims, earning surprised faces from all the boys because it isn’t every day that the eldest hyung curses. “I left my phone charger in that room,” he explains, to which the boys could only laugh at his misery.

The bedroom door suddenly opens, revealing an annoyed Yoongi, who places said charger by the door. “Y'all better shut up. She’s sleeping, and if anyone wakes her up I swear I’ll—” he’s cut off by the giggles in the room. “What?

“Nice … neck, hyung.”

“Yeah, purple’s a great colour on you.”

“… fuck off.”

The room was dark and silent, only the occasional sound of a car driving and their lights moving through the curtains. Every time a light illuminated the room, Dean could see Sammy’s shinning eyes staring back at him for a few moments before it was all dark again. They didn’t needed the light, their visions were already trained to see well in the dark, but both of them enjoyed the moments when they could appreciate the beauty in the other’s eyes.

John was away for the next few days for a hunting trip- a bunch of people were spontaneously combusting. Dean wanted to go with him, but Sammy doesn’t like fire, or people dying in one, so he convinced dad to let him stay this time, Sam needed him. Dad left telling him to enjoy the spare bed while he could, cause it would be his after he comes back, - now that Sam and him were both too old and too big for sharing, John and Dean take turns sleeping on the floor - but Dean just smiled. He never stopped sharing a bed with his little brother, even if their dad doesn’t know about it.

The bed has just the right amount of space for them to lay on their sides, facing each other -sometimes for almost a hour - without saying anything. Sammy is growing up so fast, his long legs curl with Dean’s and their tip toes now touch, but Dean remembers the time his little brother were you know, little. When they were both just kids and these kind of moments didn’t had the same meaning they have now. Until the day they had.

Dean remembers the days when Sam’s touches started causing more than affection, but also desire inside Dean; when the way Sam looked at him caused his heart to beat so much faster; when every time they slept together, Sam’s smell, his warmth, his presence, would make Dean want to touch him and kiss him. He remembers the guilt, the sick feeling of wrongness, but mostly he remembers the fear. Fear of losing his baby brother, and he hated himself so much for not being good enough, for not being the brother his Sammy needed. For being so fucked  up he wanted more than Sam could ever give him. But now, he smiles as he remembers how wrong he was. Sammy was always smarter than him.

Sam was 15, but already so focused and so mature, so grown up it still breaks Dean’s heart. Of course he knew about everything Dean was feeling - Sammy was always the only one to really know Dean, even when he was just a boy. When Dean tried to push him away, Sammy always forced harder. In those countless road trips with them on the backseat of the impala, Sam would always hide his face in between Dean’s neck and shoulder and place little kisses on his skin, gentle enough for Dean to pretend they were just the touch of his breath if he wanted to. But he didn’t. At night, Sam would always press himself closer to Dean, and Dean knew he could feel his inevitable boner, but Sammy didn’t cared. Sometimes, Dean would look at Sam and caught him staring with something like fire inside his eyes. Dean would look away, but he still could feel Sam’s stare.

Dean thought he was going crazy for a long time. His heart ached so hard he could literally feel it break. He loved his baby brother, his whole life and reason to be alive, he wanted to take care of him and protect him, but he also wanted him. He wanted him so fucking much it was almost unbearable.  

At Sam’s sixteen birthday, John called to say the hunt he thought it was just a simple vengeful spirit turned out to be more complicated and it would take a few more days. Sam hadn’t looked disappointed. Instead, when Dean gave him a hug and asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he just said

“Will you give me what I really want, Dean?”

Dean couldn’t have said no even he wanted to. That night, when they shared the bed naked for the first time, when Sam kissed him, he felt the taste of his little brother and devoured it. He kissed every inch of his baby brother’s body, eager to make him feel so so good, to make him moan with pleasure - the sound instantly become Dean’s favorite song - and shiver with his touch. He stopped only once, but when Sammy begged Dean to fuck him, saying he wanted, needed everything he was not in control of himself anymore, Sam was. He still is and will always be.

That night, almost two years ago, when Dean fucked Sammy for the first time It was also the first time in Dean’s life that nothing felt wrong.

It was everything their souls ever wanted.

“Hey” Sam’s soft and sleepy voice pushed Dean out of his wander “What are you thinking about?”

Another car drives by and the light shows Dean a little smile forming in the corner of Sam’s lips. He leans in and kisses his smile before the room in completely in the dark again. Sam’s little pleased sound makes Dean’s heart grows twice its size.

It’s always like this, ever since the day Sammy was born. Dean is completely lost for his baby brother, even the smallest of things leave him smitten. Dean’s life is held by a thread and Sam is the one holding the scissor that can cut it, but Dean trusts him to never do it, even though he would gladly die for his little brother. There’s never been a day in his life where Sam wasn’t the most important thing. Sam is his flesh and blood, his oxygen and strength and before he fully accepted his true feelings, it was like he was living in half. Now, Sam fills his whole body with his love, his touches and kisses. Dean knows now there was nothing he could have done to stop this from happening, but still, he knows it was their choice to let it happen.

“I was thinking…” Dean starts, pushing Sam’s bangs away from his eyes “About how much I love you.” He finishes, kissing Sam again.

“And why do you love me?”

The words come out of Dean’s mouth like they’ve been just waiting for the right moment.

“I love you because you’re mine. I love you because you need love. I love you because when you look at me I feel like a hero. It was always like that. I love you because when I touch you, I feel more a man than any other man.” He’s looking right at Sam’s eyes, and even in the dark he can still feel the intensity of his brother’s young, wise, sad eyes.

After a moment, “I love you too.” It’s all Sam says.

“And why do you love me too?” Dean smiles with his voice, he knows Sam can feel it.

“I love you because when I touch you I make you feel more a man than any other man. I love you because nobody could ever accuse us of love. I love you because to understand our love they’d need to turn the world upside down. I love you because you could love somebody else yet still you love me. Just me.” Dean always thought Sam’s voice was beautiful, but the words sound like the most beautiful thing Dean’s ever heard.

“Just you, little brother. It’ll always be just you.” Dean says, and he knows this is the only thing that will never change in his life.

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Emma Swan vs. The Bake Sale

Note: I don’t normally update two days in a row but this prompt was too good to pass up. imhookedonaswan on AO3 made a comment on one of the prior installments about Emma bringing store brought brownies to a baked sale with judgmental moms and I really couldn’t pass it up. It was just too brilliant for me to let slip through my fingers so I decided to write it. Anyway, thanks again @welllpthisishappening for always lending an ear and constantly reading blocks of text that I send your way. You’re amazing.
Summary: Emma Swan is the Savior, the Sheriff of Storybrooke, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of five children. Her life is a bit hectic. God forbid, she bring store bought brownies to the youth football bake sale.
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,500+

Before she got married, Emma Swan admittedly thought about how her life would be if she survived the Final Battle. She had fantasized about an idyllic life where Killian and she only had to battle a monster once a week, would go to Henry’s track meets, eat dinner with her parents and have an absurd amounts of sex on a daily basis. She had imagined that she and Killian would have a few years to grow comfortable with each other before deciding whether or not they would have children. And even more admittedly, Emma had imagined that they would have one or maybe two kids, a boy and a girl preferably, and they would be beautiful, charming but respectful of their parents and wouldn’t get into too much trouble. (She always assumed that any child of theirs would have some mischief in them, but would be smart enough not to do something crazy like perhaps steal their grandfather’s sword and go swinging it around like it was a baton. Seriously.)

That was a fantasy though, and some deity up there on Mount Olympus had seen those fantasies and laughed their ass off because that was not the reality that Emma Swan was granted.

The reality was that Emma Swan and her family only ate with her parents twice a week, Henry had quit track during sophomore year to run the school newspaper and while she still had a healthy sex life, it was constantly interrupted by her four (yes, four, she was still uncertain how they had managed to get that number) small children who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of a closed door. Those same children, of course, were beautiful and charming, but they didn’t often understand the meaning of the word ‘respect’ and they seemed to get into trouble more often than they were out of it. Emma was now very familiar with the school principal, who seemed to have her on speed dial, and her family health insurance now covered absurd things like “falling off a roof” and “accidentally eating harmful paints” because apparently, she needed that. She’s pretty certain that the Emma Swan of eleven years ago would be terrified of the reality she had been given and would have gotten her tubes tied.

It wasn’t that Emma hated how her life had gone since the Final Battle had been won. She adored her life, her husband and her kids, but sometimes she just wanted a day off or at least a twenty-minute nap. That’s all she asked for. Well, maybe she also wanted for a clean kitchen too. And a magic proof cookie jar. And a vacuum that could actually pick up dog and cat hair. And a way to detect if a suspicious brown stain was chocolate or poop. Okay, she wanted a lot of things, but at the moment, she really, really, really wanted that nap and it was only nine in the morning.

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Could you do another Enoch fanfic? Reader has ice powers and Enoch is trying to comfort her.

You weren’t allowed in the garden, or by the plumbing, and people didn’t like to touch you because you’d often been called “cold as the grave”. Not personality wise really, but even a brush against you felt like a wintery gust.But unlike Olive no about of rubber gloves could keep your peculiarity contained. 

In fact the coldness seemed to spread throughout your entire being, with icy blue eyes and purplish blue lips.

“Y/N!” Miss Peregrine’s voice caught you before your fingers could reach up and brush the delicate petals of a garden rose. You jerked your hand away with a guilty look and swallowed. 

“Sorry” you muttered and the matron sighed sympathetically.

“Why don’t you go down be the lake and see if you can’t freeze a little fresh fish for supper.”

“Yes Ma’am” You grumbled and sulked away disheartened. 

Enoch, who had been watching you, eyed the rose which was in full bloom and still bore tiny bit of frost on the stem where your fingers had hovered. Waiting for Miss. Peregrine to look away Enoch quickly snipped the flower from the bush and made for the lake. 

You knelt on the shore, your finger tracing patterns in the water as the liquid formed a thin layer of ice where your skin met the surface. 


You turned and found Enoch tramping down the side of the hill. “Oh hey.”

“I brought this for you.” He motioned to the flower as he sat next to you and you shifted to your knees. 

“That’s sweet of you, but you didn’t have to. It’ll die if I touch it anyway.” You shrugged glumly and Enoch frowned. 

“See that’s the thing, I’ve got an idea.” he began. “If you touch the stem at the same time I touch it, Maybe I can keep enough life in it for you to enjoy it.” 

You blink and thought. “you think so?” 

“There’s only one way to find out.” He shrugged and held out the flower with his fist around the bottom of the stem. 

He focused hard on the flower and hesitantly you outstretched your hand to touch it as well. A fine layer of ice began to form but quickly melted away and you laughed before daring to touch a soft petal. It wilted at first but soon sprang back. 

You were so enthralled that soon you forgot to notice the small vein that was beginning to pulse in Enoch’s forehead.

When you had had your fill the boy let out a gasp like he had just dropped a heavy weight and he swallowed hard. 

“So, was it everything you hoped for?” he asking in a half joking tone and you smiled broadly. 

“Thank you Enoch. But did you know that would work?”

“I didn’t. I figured if it died I would have to comfort you another way.” 

anonymous asked:

Hmmm ok I'm slightly intrigued maybe u do get it But most probably you don't Have you ever given up and gave away something you shouldn't have because you thought it was for the best and that guilt just fucking eats away at you every day I have lied to everyone even my family to hide something I didn't even know about The work was more important and I would have sold my soul to get what I wanted I just don't know now if any of it was worth it and tbh I don't think the big guys even think it


I had to hide my kids for two years when I first got back heavily into modeling and switching back to acting. Was also bearding. Because I look so much younger than I am, they were afraid it would show negatively work wise. Also they didnt want questions about A and the minis. (I’m still cast as characters ten years younger than the actress that usually plays my mother. Its the cheeks and the voice).

One day I fucked up and mentioned my kids and it got in print when they were talking about fashion week. A was cool about it. But it resulted in a huge move for the minis and the whole family had to adjust. Mine and his.

There are other times I purposely fuck up. Because you just get sick of juggling. Other times its an honest mistake and then you deal with the shit and move on.

Los Angeles (Part 7)

Part 7 :) This one’s a little shorter, but it felt like it needed to end where I ended it, so I left it there xD There’s more story to tell, hopefully I’ll be able to tell it :) Links to all other parts are below :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

There he was, sitting out in the waiting room, fiddling with his thumbs and looking around. He looked like he was hurting, deeply hurting, but it also looked like he wasn’t worried about himself, he wasn’t hurting for himself.

Amelia pushed along the stand that her IV was attached to, and walked slowly towards where Owen was sat, not sure what she was going to say or even what she was doing there. She had said some pretty bad stuff to him, yet he was still here. He hadn’t gone anywhere, and it didn’t seem like he was even going to. The thing was, she didn’t want to push him away. She really didn’t want to push him away, she wanted him to hold her and stroke her hair like he always did. She wanted him to be there, and she wanted to be able to pour her heart out to him. But she couldn’t, she just couldn’t. None of that could happen, not now.

“Amelia? What are you doing? You should be in bed, you’’ll hurt yourself!” Owen stood up as soon as he saw her coming, raising his voice probably louder than he should have, due to the situation.

Amelia sat down on a nearby chair and leant slightly backwards to get a bit more comfortable. She looked up at Owen, her face blank and cold.

“Happy now?” She said, not looking directly at him while she spoke, just in his general direction.

“Actually-” Owen started, giving up on the sentence before it was really even started. “Amelia…” He said instead, with a sigh.

“Yes, because this is the first time I’ve heard that tone of voice.” Amelia remarked sarcastically, making sure to keep her eye contact firm on the hospital floor in front of her, instead of on Owen.

“You told me once, ‘it’s harder to love someone than to walk away from them’.”

“Who knew I was that wise.” Amelia spoke up again, the sarcasm in her voice reaching what must have been some kind of record high.

“Walking away isn’t easy either. Walking away, it tears you to shreds. It can- It can tear you to shreds. So much, that there are barely any remnants of you left.”

Amelia pushed her IV forward a little, and then pulled it right back. Gently, so it didn’t pull on the needle. Even though most of the time she couldn’t feel it, if it was in there and it wasn’t moving, a sudden jolt or even just a twitch, she was painfully reminded that yes, there was still a needle in there.

“There’s no easy in the hard stuff. There’s no easy way out, no quick escape. Avoidance, that’s not a permanent solution. It usually does more harm than good.” Owen said, only just beginning to talk about how he was feeling about this whole mess they had got themselves into.

“Owen, I-” Amelia started, but Owen carried on like she hadn’t even said a word.

“You can’t just push me away. You can’t keep pushing me away. You can’t push everyone away. Everyone who cares about you. You isolate yourself to the point where it’s just you and your self-destructive tendencies, that’s all you have left. That’s not a way to live, that’s not a way to let yourself be.” He carried on, getting a little heated now.

“Owen…” Amelia tried again, to no luck for the second time.

“You have to let people in. You have to let people share burden’s with you. You can’t just keep shutting people out. That’s not how this works, that’s not how this works.” He said, sighing because there was no magic wand anyone could wave that would just fix everything, real life wasn’t that easy.

Amelia didn’t even try to speak this time. She didn’t even try to hold back anything. No cover ups, no pretending, none of it. She could feel a tear rolling down her cheek, followed by another, and another, until a whole flood had come through the gates and she was powerless to stop it. This time she couldn’t even do anything, this time she couldn’t even try.

Before a split second could even pass, Owen had wrapped his arms around her and was holding her in tight embrace. She tried to fight away a little bit, but he didn’t give in, he just held her tighter.  She let herself collapse, she let herself crumble. He held her, and soothed her, stroking her hair and rubbing circles onto her back. They sat, for what seemed like forever, in the hospital waiting room, as if it was only them in the entire world. No one else mattered, no one else even existed. Only them. Amelia looked up at him, blinking tears from her eyes, and she didn’t even have to say a word. He knew exactly how she was feeling.

Things I want to say to GOT7

A.N. saw someone do this for BTS so why not do this for GOT7 also I’m procrastinating on studying so I’ll be posting some things.

JB: Our dear leader Jaebum, I hope your getting the rest that you deserve and that you’re getting better every single day. Everyone misses you but don’t worry when you’re back to being your happy normal self, you’ll be kicking ass at the upcoming concerts and promo that you’ll be doing. Be prepared for everyone including your own members to be screaming their heads off, literally, when you get approval to perform again. Keep writing those amazing songs, they have so much meaning behind them.

Mark: Aww mark slowly but surely you’re starting to get more of your little box and not being as shy as you use to be in the beginning. You say your dad post embarrassing things because no one wants to see that side of you but honestly that is the best things ever. Everyone loves your dad, he’s literally the sweetest person ever! Hope you get to write more songs for any the future albums.

Jackson: Ugh Jackson sometimes I have a love hate relationship with you, I love how open and friendly you are with everyone and I hate that because I wish I was that nice and friendly. You push yourself to the extreme to make everyone happy, which is one reason everyone else loves you too but please consider your health and your own happiness for once. We love see happy, wild, and sexy Jackson jumping around with his other members. Hopefully on your next album one of your songs get approved.

Junior: Ohhhh emmoa(mom) Jinyoung you are showing your true colors, more of your evil side more than anything. Which isn’t a bad thing!! You’ve always been sarcastic, threatening to hurt the maknae’s, stuff like that but you’ve been more yourself lately and its the best thing actually seeing it. It makes everyones laugh and fall for you even more. Hope you get to do more acting opportunities because you looked so happy with all behind the scene photos from your latest project. You deserve doing both things that you love music and acting.

Youngjae: My precious little cinnamon roll!!!! Theres so much I want to say to you but I’ll keep it short and simple you are so important in this group and don’t let anybody tell you other wise. You are the sweetest, cutest and your laugh makes so many others laugh as well. Continue to be the happy Youngjae that you are and keep singing your little precious heart out at every concert because people deserve to hear your beautiful voice sining your wonderful well written lyrics.

Bambam: Okay look Bambam you are growing up and even though can be a little shit head, yeah I said it, you’re growing up to be a great guy. You have the hyungs teaching you ways to be an even better person, honestly every time you and your mom are together I get so happy because she loves you so much even though her ringtone is an ikon song. Keep being the weird, funny, butt head, fashionista that you are.

Yugyeom: My precious evil maknae. You are still the sweetest little bean just like you were since you debut. Even though you’re like a huge giant now and do sexual af dances all the damn time, seriously boy tone it down before you kill someone with those body rolls, you still worry about your hyungs and all the fans. Keep being the happy little bean that you are because everyone loves seeing you jumping from wall to wall with your happy self. Btw please pull a prank of Jinyoung he’s been a little too mean to you lately and record it too for everyone to see.

Because I’m so extra when it comes to bangtan and my brain keeps on assessing each song lmao so here’s me thinking out loud about Love Yourself tracks:

  1. Intro: Serendipity
    You can see right through this song Namjoon’s soul as a songwriter - and an excellent one at that. Remember when he was talking with Hoseok (BV S2), he said how great Yoongi is in connecting the melodies of verses to chorus and such because he himself as a writer finds it difficult? Well this song just proves how much he has improved on that weakness. It was consistent on giving you that one feeling - of truly, serendipity - even more emphasized by Jimin’s angelic voice and improved technique.

  2. DNA
    Music wise, its guitar riff and whistling effect was already enough to hook me, which was pretty effective as an intro of the song itself. It was kinda addictive, and I think the acoustic guitar brought some balance to the edm/autotune element. The chorus may not be what I am “looking for” - although it suits the song - but the hook + beat drop always makes it up to me lmao when the songs plays

  3. Best of Me
    Anyways, the song was quite…..hmm idk what word should i say but uhmmmm well I feel like the song has some inconsistencies overall, esp its buildup like you know when you thought the next thing would make you jump on to your feet but it gives yet another low blow????? Ya feel? Esp on the second verse after Yoongi’s part transitioning to “haru~ haru~”

  4. dimple
    Subjectively, it’s yet another contemporary R&B with some quick and catchy rhythm and yet another BTS song that would make ‘noona’ fans go wild though im not a noona fan, my heart boom boom at this song. (I’m blaming whoever thought of coining illegirl just because of a f*cking dimple) I was caught at first listen because of its cute tune that is so fun to follow and sing for yourself because it was very light and easy. [a personal fave of mine]

  5. Pied Piper
    A great song that already got harsh comments. Some people just cant recognize that what they are listening to is in a language foreign to them and songs alike should be carefully understood. Songs are a kind of poetry, thus the bold presence of figures of speech and the writer’s creativity that shouldn’t be taken literally. What more? It is said here that the word does not even literally translate to what they think it does. Anyway enough of the drama, the song was pretty comic and cute but kinda lovely to know how the boys care for us for making yet another song directed to ARMYs without subtleties at all. Plus the genre was a bit new for them and to the K-Pop genre as a whole (pls do correct me if im wrong) but theyve done it nicely so salute. 

  6. Mic Drop
    One thing’s for sure, it’s the cypher of the album, but of BTS as a whole. I cant say anything more because it hasnt really grown on me yet. I’ll give it some time. But I’m pretty sure the live performance will wreck me cos this one’s already so lit from first verse. 

  7. Go Go
    Like <dimple>, I was caught on the first listen. It’s a really chill hiphop with slight trap and I always trust Bangtan when it comes to hiphop songs. The hook was lit af - TAEKOOKYOONSEOK NJSJSGSIEJOAOJPPALIWUSKNSSDFGH. TaeKookYoonSeok’s (its them right? or my ears are fooling me?) “YOLO YOLO YOLO YAH, YOLO YOLO YAH bla bla” part is my latest kink tbvfh. Plus, the flute(?) was kind of a smart choice in composition. The lightness and fluidity of it complements the heavy bass, the complexity of the percussion, and the raps’ rhythmic pattern. [a personal fave of mine]

  8. Outro: Her
    No doubt, this one’s a BTS song. It’s like a combination of Whalien 52, Wake Up, Unpack your bag(RM solo), and Road/Path (길). The old school hiphop never dies in BTS universe! And the lyrics are very Bangtan as well. And ugh, guess what, I realized it only today that it was a rap line track byeee

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Angst

Characters: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Lisanna Strauss

Summary: “But you already are my wife,” Natsu said, confused. For some reason, that caused me to go into hysterics, laughing, but my laughter was full of bitter pain.“That’s what you and everyone else thinks, but no, I’m really not.”

My submission for ‘Family’ of the Fairy Tail Angst Week.

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Proving Them Wrong

Member: NamJoon || BTS

Genre: Romance.

Short Summary: While BTS are being interviewed BigBang decides to flirt with you, completely against the idea of you dating NamJoon. You just had to prove them wrong.

Words: 688

A/N: I loved the way the request was so detailed. THANK YOU VERY MUACH~!

“Hey, (Y/N)! Long time no see!” a cheerful man’s voice had called out in her direction, warm hands suddenly enveloping her in a warm embrace. “What are you doing here? Came to cheer for me?” Lee SeungHyun boasted with a little smirk, spreading his arms wide apart as if to show off how great he was.

“Hello to you, too, SeungRi.” she smiled distantly, her eyes observing the person in the middle of the spotlight with a mic in his hand as sweat glinted down his tanned skin.

Ah… Kim NamJoon was definitely a work of art.

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anonymous asked:

Okay. Listen. What if MC actually looked like Rika?? I've been thinking about this a lot since my friend told me that apart from eye color I basically look the same as her. What would the RFA think??? I can't stop thinking about it.

This is an interesting one… I’ve seen people requesting V lookalikes but I haven’t come across this one yet. I wonder if MC would have been chosen specifically for that reason, if it occurred? Hmm.

Spoilers for some routes and secret endings…kinda.


  • The boy already has problems confusing you with her, but this takes it to a whole different level.
  • Remember that part where he says he thinks you probably look like her, too? Seven can’t even object this time.
  • Although it does lead to an interesting… conflict of internal feelings when he finally does see you. You two worked hard to get him past the stage of associating you with her, but seeing you in person… looking a lot like her?
  • By now he knows that he’s either in love or falling in love with you, but you look so much like Rika that he hesitates for a moment when he makes his way over to you at the party.
  • It’s not like kissing his cousin because you aren’t his cousin… right?
  • Your personalities are quite different, after all, and looks are only skin deep…
  • But he does find you incredibly attractive and that’s just… baffling? Maybe he shouldn’t think too much about it.
  • He’s in love with you as a whole, and he decides not to focus on how much you resemble her. It doesn’t really matter in the long run of things.
  • What will be interesting is when you meet his family….


  • He does a very noticeable double-take when he opens his door to find you there, at first thinking he’s seeing a ghost.
  • Rika was responsible for giving him a boost in confidence that allowed him to move forward with his career; could she have returned to give him advice on how to salvage it now?
  • But no, he knows this is you, because you had said you were on your way and your voice is so familiar and soothing to him, despite how much you look like her.
  • Once he moves past that, he’s able to spot the differences between you and Rika, helping him separate you from her in his mind.
  • It’s not that he didn’t find her pretty, because he did, but she was always with V and not really his type, anyway.
  • He’s actually able to move on fairly quickly just because he focuses on everything that’s different, both personality-wise and physically, reminding himself that it’s you, you that he fell in love with. Eventually he doesn’t even remember unless it’s pointed out.
  • Because of this, he’s able to handle when people confuse you with her at the party smoothly, laughing softly with his hand on your back as he explains that while the similarity is uncanny, you’re very obviously a different person because [insert a different reason every time]


  • She’s a little shocked by the similarities at first glance, but all it takes is a quick shake of her head and a smile from you for her to move on.
  • She was never as close to Rika as the other members and while you do share a striking resemblance, you’re much more memorable as the friend who was there for her when she needed you.
  • It’s mildly amusing to her to watch the other members sputter around you, and you two have a good laugh about it later (especially poor Yoosung)
  • She’ll occasionally comment on it if she sees a picture of Rika, but for the most part it’s not even something she considers, because it just doesn’t matter to her.
  • You are you, and that’s all she cares about.


  • When you show up at his penthouse, he’s honestly shook.
  • He was already barely holding it together, but then a Rika lookalike shows up and he’s just… what is going on right now?
  • And when you explain who you are and why you’re there? He’s still teetering at the edge of losing it. It’s just one too many strange things happening in such a short period of time.
  • He doesn’t send you away, though; he was close to Rika and a part of him wonders if that’s why he’s been able to become fairly close to you via the chat room.
  • Logically he can separate you from her because you’re not identical to her physically, and your personality is very different (this makes that “you’re warm and soft, unlike Rika” comment even more noteworthy)
  • He’s already overprotective and possessive of you, but he’s a little more so than he normally would be because he’s afraid of losing you, just like he lost her (as a friend)
  • And when V shows up to convince him to send you back? Well… that’s an interesting reaction, even if he can only partially see out of one eye.
  • Jumin does eventually stop thinking of her when he looks at you, and eventually he becomes blind to the similarities. When people comment on it at future parties (or elsewhere), he just gives them a blank look because he forgot that at one point, he thought the same.


  • Honestly? It messes with him a little.
  • When he first pulls up your picture, he thinks it’s some sort of elaborate prank being played on him. You, looking like Rika, in Rika’s apartment and on the app he designed for Rika’s parties… it’s a bit much.
  • He’s busy running programs comparing you and her physically, trying to make sure it’s not someone trying to impersonate her or - for some reason - Rika somehow not being dead and trying to return, but as someone else.
  • He breathes a sigh of relief when both of those are negative.
  • But even though he knew what to expect, he still does a double-take seeing you face-to-face. And his anger toward V and RIka about what happened to Saeran… maybe a little of it slips out irrationally at you for looking like her.
  • A fact that he’s very apologetic for later. Very, very apologetic, because it’s obvious you are nothing like Rika.
  • It’s shocking to see you two in the same room, later. Although it does highlight just how different you actually are, but memories do fade with time, so it makes sense…
  • It does make things a little more… difficult, once Saeran moves in. You guys decide to postpone marriage and you moving in with them until he’s in a more stable place and able to fully separate you from her. The last thing you need is to be the cause of any flashbacks/breakdowns.

V & Saeran here, but there is little to no happiness to be found with them.

Perfect Fit

Group & Member(s): Got7′s Jackson

Request: “ maybe something that starts out really angsty and then ends with fluff?….. jackson prefers fit girls and all but would u be able to write something like Jackson dating a little bit of a chubby girl and getting a lot of hate from fans about it and he comforts her….” (2 requests combined)

Genre: Angst-ish, Fluff

Warnings: mentions about weight insecurity 

“Y/N why are you being like this?!” Jackson asks, pleadingly. 

“I just really don’t feel like talking with you when I know for a fact you won’t understand what I’m talking about!” You exclaim, brushing past him towards the restroom. 

You slammed the door behind you, sinking down, the cold tile sending shivers down your spine as the tears fell. 

“Y/N! Please come out!” Jackson says from the other side, his concerned voice muffled. 

“Just go to practice, Jackson. I don’t feel like talking” You say, doing your best to compose yourself. 

Jackson pressed his forehead against the door, frustrated. All he wanted was to stay with you, to talk with you and make you feel better. But he also had to leave, and if he didn’t then he’d be in trouble.

“I’ll be back in a few hours - will you tell me what’s wrong then?” He asks

You felt yourself nodding no but answered “yes” anyway. 

You heard him walk away, and then you heard the slam of the front door.  

You leave your phone on the floor in the bathroom, unable to bear to look at anymore mean messages or comments. 

It had been but a day since Jackson had gone public with the fact that he was dating you, and one day was all it took for the fans to find pictures and pick you apart. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think the guys guilty pleasures be? (Ex: Ignis likes to watch gossip girl) And how would they react if the others found out about it?(Ex: Ignis tries to explains that the show actually has a deeper philosophical meaning)

Honestly dude, I don’t know how to top Ignis watching gossip girls but I hope you like our rendition -Admin Ollie
you’re a god this is hilarious. thanks for the ask! -yunicon

Noctis: Noctis likes watching cute animal videos online. He’ll literally sit there all night long (after he fulfilled all his princely duties) until three am watching kittens tumble over each other. When he watches them he sits with his knees pressed against his chest and his chin balanced on top while he stares entranced by the screen. If someone were to walk in on him while he was doing this he’d stare at them and blink a couple times before motioning to the screen, “Wanna see a cat ride a skateboard?”

Prompto: Prompto has fierce Just Dance game ability and has every single version. Prompto actually went as far to pre-order Just Dance 2015, excusing it as a gift for a potential love interest he met in the market square. He has five stars on all of the songs plus their alternative and extreme dances. If someone were walk in on him while doing the routine for Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, he would pause the game and have an intense staring contest with them before pointing to the other wii remote on the ground and asking if they want to play.

Gladio: Keeping up with the Kardashians. Gladio knows that the show is ridiculously stupid, but after accidentally stumbling across it while channel surfing he just can’t stop watching. It’s so pointless and he knows it but everytime he tries to find another show to watch nothing really compares entertainment value wise. If the others found out about it and questioned why he would even watch it, Gladio would look at them with a pained expression: “I know what you’re thinking, but it’s just so good. I can’t stop.”

Ignis: He bought a pink 3DS just so he could play Cooking Mama. During rare moments where he has some spare time on his hands, Ignis would find a quiet, secluded corner and play discreetly for an hour or so. He’d occasionally respond to Mama’s compliments with ‘Naturally’ in his smug, accented voice. If the others found out, Ignis would state he plays it simply because he thought it would help him improve his cooking skills (which btw is total bullshit and everyone knows it).

Enigma [½]

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kuroaka

Summary:  “Bokuto says he can’t make it,” Kuroo drawls, his voice rough. Akaashi swallows and nods, his face expressionless but his eyes twinkling and Kuroo can feel himself hoping that this could end up turning into something he’s wanted for a long time- a date.

A/N: inspired by this doodle. @nairuru is drowning in rare pair hell and she’s taking me down with her (I’m not complaining) 

EDIT: Part 2

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I’m having Luke feels. So, this happened.

Luke doesn’t miss Tatooine.

(the planet he grew up on, Hutts and slavers and Imps living side by side, rich and never hungry, as his people starve)

He has wanted to leave it from the very moment he could comprehend that there’s other planets, that it is possible to go away, to never come back.

(the first time he sees a forest, he can’t believe it, because while he technically knew they exist, he could never quite believe it before. the first time he sees a lake, he almost cries)

The planet is a dead end for anyone unfortunate enough to live there, the backyard of one of the worst crime lords of the galaxy. Everyone wants to leave.

(he doesn’t even remember the first time he saw a corpse. it was just part of life on Tatooine, to see the victims of the Hutts. neither does he remember the first time someone told him what it means when strangers are looking at you a certain way. he always knew that it means to run.)

But… he does miss certain things. The desert, for one.

(for the first years after, he is always cold. Leia and Han get into the habit of always having some extra blankets at hand, because they know how much he freezes.)

He misses his friends, Biggs and Camie and everyone.

(he remembers, with a cruel clarity, the moment Biggs was shot down. it is something that still haunts his dreams, something he knows he will remember for the rest of his life.)

He misses his people.

(listening to the wise woman as she tells their legends in their own tongue, knowing without a doubt that he is among friends, family, even. feeling connected to the desert, to it’s people, to their past, still living in them. knowing that the Mother looks out for them)

Most of all, though, he misses Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, killed because they were in the way, at the wrong time in the wrong place.

(he remembers Aunt Berus smile, the way she would ruffle his hair and teach him all she knew. he remembers Uncle Owen, his gruff voice, how he showed him how to repair a vaporator and always protected him)

He’s not the only one who lost much, not even close to being the one who lost the most, but he can’t help but remember, anyway.

(when he sees Leia, who lost her whole freaking planet, still strong and fighting, he can’t help but wonder how she does it. at least he could go back if he wanted.)

Luke Skywalker doesn’t miss Tatooine.

(He misses home)


Fairy Tail Episode 258 (S2 83)  

Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon

I loved today’s episode!

The first 2 minutes of the episode made me wanna cry, because it started with a flashback of Natsu’s past. Igneel had just disappeared and Natsu was looking for him. It’s hard for me to see one of my favorite characters being sad and heartbroken (I know, I know, it sounds cheesy), but I’m also really happy about the reunion between the dragon and his son. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now. ^_^

And in all honesty, the anime did a wonderful job portraying the relationship between Igneel and Natsu. Igneel’s voice actor is good. He makes the dragon sound wise, proud and strong, but also protective. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for many years, the interactions between them seemed natural. Their scenes together made me see them not only as father and son, but also as teammates and friends. That being said, I loved the parallels between Igneel attacking Acnologia and Natsu attacking Mard Geer, because they just added to the feeling that the dragon slayer and his father were in sync.

The anime also managed to hype Acnologia’s strength quite a lot. There was this certain scene where Igneel used a really powerful attack against the other dragon and everybody stared in astonishment at the giant fireball which could have easily destroyed a whole town, but Acnologia emerged from the smoke unharmed. The battle between the two dragons was and in the next episodes will continue to be quite the exciting spectacle.

There were a few scenes which were meant to warm the shippers’ hearts. Gajeel leaning on Levy and then protecting her from the heat from Igneel’s attack was really sweet. But as a hardcore NaLu shipper, I can’t help but notice little things in their interactions, gestures and words. Once again Lucy showed concern for Natsu’s well-being. You could see how worried she was just by looking at her eyes - the animators used that as means to reinforce the feeling that Lucy was really anxious about what was happening with Natsu.

The episode ended with Kyoka creating a living link between her and the main lacrima that was supposed to activate all the Faces. The way Mard Geer ordered her to do that made me feel uneasy even though I don’t like Kyoka at all. By creating that living link, Kyoka transformed into her real Etherious form.

Next week’s episode, called Tartaros Arc: 00:00, will focus on the battle between Erza and Kyoka, but what I’m really looking forward to is the Igneel vs Acnologia fight. Can’t wait for it! So far, the animation studio has not disappointed me. (:


(You have a crush)

You gazed over at him from a far. It appeared that he was focusing on the teacher, but he was really thinking about something else. Justin was the ‘man’ of the school. Admired and loved by almost everyone and surprisingly friendly towards most. He wasn’t the stereotypical type of guy that all the movies glorified; he had a humble side to him and you were able to see that over his looks and athleticism. You had always thought that he was attractive, but all of sudden you had become fascinated with him. Inflactuated with wanting to know the real him. The more you thought about it, the weirder it was. Never had you been so determined to talk to someone even as just a friend. Sighing you turned your attention back to the balding man in glasses lecturing in front of the class.
“And now you may take five minutes to pick your partners for the final project. Choose wisely,” he snarled. You blinked, realizing that you had missed most of what he was saying. As the class moved around you, you stayed still. Picking partners for a project was an unusal challenge, but it would be especially hard because you hadn’t been listening to the instructions. ‘Great job self’.
“Uh excuse me,” there was a deep voice that interrupted your thought process. You looked up and your eyes met his figure.
Your heart rate increased; you tried to calm it down.
“Do you want to work together,” he asked smiling hopefully. You blinked. Not too long ago you were gawking at him just wishing you had the nerve to talk to him and now HE was in front if YOU. Asking to work together.
Oh the irony.
“Um sure, I’m Y/N.”

Soooo.. I feel likes it’s been a while, maybe it hasn’t been, but this is like my little intro. My returning imagine. It’s very random, I just started typing and this is where I finished so hope you enjoy and guys I can’t stress enough how much requesting is needed. Don’t be shy there’s no reason to be. Thanks