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Remember, You-Know-Who-You-Are, That While I Don’t Pull Punches When The Ol’ Editor Cap’s On.....

…..I would’ve brushed you off with some excuse if I didn’t think it worth the time, and why?

Because I know how much this project & that character means to you, I’m going to push you to stretch muscles that are itching to punch some readers’ lights out with a bangin’ story. 

And I know that because - like I’ve conveyed in public & in private - I’ve seen it wriggle out of you in bits & pieces. It’s been consistent, so call me selfish but I wanna see it all together in a dense, make-me-think-about-it-later, meaty, salivating-’cause-I-can’t-wait-for-the-next-installment kind of way.

In the words of a pretty smart dude, speaking of a pretty smart lady: You got plenty of snuff.

Oh, and also: all my written comments should be heard as filtered through a no-nonsense but moderately [okay, heavily] accented voice, to wit: