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Robots are a natural fit for hazardous tasks that most sensible humans would prefer to avoid, like going into combat, or talking to your children. Fighting fires also belongs on that list, so it’s perfectly understandable that the U.S. Navy has designed two of them (named “Octavia” and “Lucas”) to assist in suppressing shipboard blazes. That makes sense. It does not make sense that they gave them faces, much less permanently set those faces to “malevolently bored.”

Even worse: The horror-doll siblings don’t merely roll (they’re perched atop modified Segways) into a fire scene, squirt some retardant about willy-nilly, and return to their nooks, never to be seen by human eyes again. They’re meant to interact with people, via “a booming voice,” and visual recognition technology that “algorithmically computes how to handle discordant or contradictory information.” So you can’t even kill them with a paradox – mankind’s only surefire weapon against robots!

5 New Technologies That Look So Needlessly Evil


Fern revokes the identity he’s tried to build for himself by trying to take Finn’s place, and thus his life comes to an end at the hand of the one he wanted to become. That hand being a multi-use prosthetic hand with shoddy voice recognition technology that can perform fatalities with its weed whacker mode!

And as if Fern’s death wasn’t enough to end on, a mysterious figure who is most likely Uncle Gumbald scoops up the Emissary From Beyond for unknown reasons. “Three Buckets” was a roller coaster ride with a tragic Finnality.

Origins: Helmet

So here is the first of what I think is going to be many drabbles for the lovely @geek-fashionista​‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU. This one has so much dialogue and I  apologize for that in advance but I was just so excited and you know what so is Adrien (and maybe Gabriel?)

Adrien rushes to the door, clutching the paper in his hand. He can barely contain his grin, and his cheeks hurt.

“Come on, stupid, pull it together,” he whispers to himself. He keeps grinning.

Adrien pushes his hand through his hair. Draws his shoulders back. Pulls in a breath through his nose. He closes his eyes, relaxing his face.

And giggles.

“Aw come on,” he whispers, and covers his face with his hand. He knocks on the door, the polished obsidian cool against his knuckles and the gold molding glinting into his eyes.

“Come in.”

Bracing his shoulder against the door and pushing, Adrien peeks his head into the room.

“Hey dad.”

Gabriel pauses writing on his tablet. He pulls off his glasses, polishes them, and looks up. “Why hello, Adrien. What are you doing here?”

“I um… I had a kind of weird request.”

Steepling his fingers together, Gabriel arches one lavender eyebrow. “Go on.”

“So um… you know how I’m fixing up the motorcycle? Well, I’m almost done, and I wanted to ride it safely, you know, because that would be very unsafe to ride a motorcycle without a helmet but I wanted to get it… custom made?” Adrien winces. “I know that sounds super bratty, it’s just, I had this idea for the helmet and it would be like—”

“What did I tell you about saying ‘like’?” Gabriel scribbles something on his tablet.

“Whoops sorry. Well anyway, I had this idea for the design of the helmet but you know me I can’t design to save my life, but you’re, you know, Gabriel Agreste and maybe… you could help me?” Adrien smiles, rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes dart around the room.

“Well,” Gabriel states as he pinches the bridge of his nose, “why don’t you pitch your idea once you’ve solidified it. Then we can talk about a final design that I can send off.”

“Oh! Wait, really? That’s great! Here, let me show you!” Adrien rushes to Gabriel’s desk, sending papers flying. He bends over the desk, slapping the paper down and smoothing it out. “So I wanted it to be all black, you know, and pretty minimalist, with a reinforced glass eye-window, but on the inside of the helmet it will be a liquid crystal display so that it can show like maps and traffic jams or help me look through my emails and then there will also have to be a microphone and voice recognition technology but don’t worry I’ve thought ahead and I’ve been working on that for a while so we can get right to the design of the helmet. Oh and yeah there have to be cat ears on the top. I know, I know, that’s childish. And that way I can hide the GPS sensors in there and who knows maybe I can whip up something else to make them more function forward, like embedding LEDs in there? So it’s similar to a headlamp? Except it wouldn’t look anything like that at all, that would look dumb. And sorry, I know I used ‘like’ I won’t do it again I promise.”

Adrien draws in a breath and looks at Gabriel, who is leaning back in his chair. “So, um, what do you think, dad?”

Gabriel turns in his swivel chair to stare at Adrien. “Don’t you have other school work that should be taking up more of your time?”

Adrien snorts and flaps his hand.

“And why exactly the cat ears?”

“Ahhh, Mom and I used to feed that stray black kitten, remember?” Adrien wrings his hands. It wasn’t exactly untrue….

“Very well. I’m glad to see that you’re trying to expand your repertoire, Adrien. Being my son, it would be very embarrassing if you didn’t learn some basics of design. One of those is contrast. Now, in this case, to contrast the roundness of the helmet and the… cat ears, I would suggest a sharper back to the helmet.”

Pulling out a sketchpad, Gabriel flips through pages of sketches and designs until he reaches a blank page. Studying the scribbles from Adrien’s piece of paper, he sketches the helmet with quick, sure strokes.

“The image I have is that of a cut diamond. Imitating the facets of the diamond, if you will. To go along with that, while the rest of the helmet is matte, the back will be polished to a shine.”

“Oh, and I know! Do you think we could make the ears swivel? And then we can attach cameras to the surface so I could look behind me?”

Gabriel presses his lips together as he continues to sketch. He picks the sketchbook up and peers at it from arm’s length.

“Why don’t you work on that, and I’ll keep working on what I’m good at.” His lips curve upwards slightly. “Let’s make this helmet something to be envied.”

Reminiscence Diamond Memory CH1

Notices from three phantom thieves…!!

“Under the full moon tonight, I’ll come to take Mr. Nabakov’s ‘Beyond Twilight’!
Phantom Thief Joker”

“Tonight, I’ll be taking 'Beyond Twilight’ from Mr. Nabakov’s posession.
Phantom Thief Queen”

“At the party held at the Nabakov residence tonight, I’ll take 'Beyond Twilight’.
Phantom Thief Spade”

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Walt Disney World Original Character Report

Character: SMRT-1 (Smart One)

Status: Extinct

Home: CommuniCore East in Epcot Center, October 1982- January 1994; Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary Resort 1994-2000.

Appearance: Small, purple and chrome robot set on a rotating pedestal surrounded by telephones.

Quotes: “If I keep this up I might graduate from Solid State.”

Description: SMRT-1 was part of the Computer Central exhibit sponsored by Sperry and later Unisys. The small, adorable robot acted as a demonstration of voice recognition technology by playing games with guests. In one example, SMRT-1 would display a list of animals on a piezoelectric display board and ask the player to select one. He would then ask the player a series of yes or no questions through a telephone handset to arrive at the answer. It also spent some time ad-libbing and singing between games: “If I keep this up I might graduate from Solid State.” After the closure of CommuniCore in 1994, SMRT-1’s shell, long silent, could be seen for several years in the Contemporary Resort Hotel’s Grand Canyon Concourse as a piece of restaurant decor. Rumor has it that the robot was sold after SMRT-1 suffered an accidental fall at the Steakhouse that caused minor damage in 2000, the current location of  SMRT-1  is a mystery.      


This has been around for a while but I only discovered this video recently and I honestly I haven’t laughed this much in a while.