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I can say I NEVER saw Rhett flirting with any female guest on the show almost to the point it's like a blind space to him. I never saw him approaching female parts even on a subconscious level. But I never saw him flirting much with any male guest, either. Seems like it all comes back to Link, Rhett is very flirty when it comes to Link and almost enjoys making innuendos. When it comes to Link, his flirting with women comes natural. But Link seems to be a very flirty and playful person in general

Yeah, that thing I mentioned in the post with the dude from Lady Antebellum, I do feel like it’s more that the guest was just a naturally flirty guy, and Rhett didn’t really flirt back. I’ve never seen him flirt with guests myself either. Link, then again, seems like a very flirty guy considering how he’s acted around guests, but he does not often flirt with Rhett (if at all, depending on what you view as such), and rarely responds to the guy’s flirting.

It’s funny, now that you’ve said it. I’ve only ever seen Rhett flirt with Link. How strange. I say this from a non-rhink perspective; thinking about by-the-book flirting, Rhett does it. The looks, the tone of voice, the innuendo, the touching. He honest to god flirts with Link.

Five chosen exhibits to nudge your memory:

Patrick Swayze Ghost thing. Especially with that tone of voice.

(gif by @graveyard-whistler, from this set)

Bad dentist. Just goin’ right ahead and askin’ your friend if he wants to get shocked in the crotch after you’d been about to end the improv scene.

(gif by @graveyard-whistler, from this set)

The I’m Dead Move is the definition of awkward teenage flirtiness where roughhousing is employed just to feel somebody. Let’s just be honest here. (I’m gonna add that it was also practised in nothing but their underwear, and that I’ve never heard them mention Rhett having done it to anyone else but Link.)

Meatball poking. I mean, that’s just flirting. Then there’s Rhett’s face throughout the thing. This is a good example of Link going along with the flirting for once.

(gif by @graveyard-whistler, from this set)

“Let’s open the door to our lives.” I mean, what even was this? I don’t even wanna say anything about this. They just opened a new chapter.

(gif by @graveyard-whistler, from this set)

On top of this touchy-feely type flirting, the times when he’s directed innuendo at Link with suggestive looks and a low tone of voice just keep piling up. He does that a lot. I don’t even need examples for that type of flirting, do I?

The only time I can recall at the moment where Link flirted with Rhett outside of character (this segment was a good example of how much he can do it in character though) was the Glitter on Your Nose incident, where he leans over towards Rhett with that face.

(gif by @graveyard-whistler, from this set)

(And I gotta say I don’t remember Rhett ever looking quite that happy before…)

I guess there’s been even more moments where Link’s leaned over and it’s been a lil’ flirty, but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near Rhett’s flirt game. Rhett’s flirt game is aggressive.