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Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

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Prompt: “You really think it’s a good idea to sass God? You know that can get consequences.” 

For @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s Challenge of Raven! Had fun writing this, so thanks! 

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John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’

 Now the Pharisees who had been sent  questioned him, “Why then do you baptize if you are not the Messiah, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?”

“I baptize with water,” John replied, “but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.

—  John 1:23-27

I love conference weekend because even though we are supposed to look to the week and better ourselves daily, conference pushes everything back into perspective for me and the Spirit perforates my spirit and helps me to know which parts of my natural man need bridling. It comes across in the most sweetest way possible but with enough spiritual force to hit you where its needed. 

Types of Divination

ASTROLOGY is divination using celestial bodies: the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

CARTOMANCY is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot.

CLAIRAUDIENCE is “clear hearing” of divinatory information. Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory perception.

CLAIRVOYANCE is “clear seeing” of divinatory information. Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory perception.

CRYSTALLOMANCY is divination through crystal gazing.

DOWSING or DIVINING RODS are methods of divination where a forked stick is used to locate water or precious minerals.

NUMEROLOGY is the numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters.

OCULOMANCY is divination from a person’s eye.

PALMISTRY is the broad field of divination and interpretation of the lines and structure of the hand.

PRECOGNITION in an inner knowledge or sense of future events.

PSYCHOMETRY is the faculty of gaining impressions from a physical object and its history.

RADIESTHESIA is the general term for divination using a device such as a divining rod or pendulum. Other forms include “table tipping” which was practiced at the White House in the 19th century, the Ouija board, automatic writing (or superconscious writing), and scrying.

SCIOMANCY is divination using a spirit guide, a method generally employed by chanelers.

SCRYING is a general term for divination using a crystal, mirrors, bowls of water, ink, or flames to induce visions.

TASSEOGRAPHY is the reading of tea leaves that remain in a tea cup once the beverage has been drunk.

Uncommon Types of Divination


AEROMANCY divination from the air and sky, particularly concentrating on cloud shapes, comets, and other phenomena not normally visible in the heavens.

ALECTRYOMANCY is divination whereby a bird is allowed to pick corn grains from a circle of letters. A variation is to recite letters of the alphabet noting those at which a cock crows.

ALEUROMANCY is divination using “fortune cookies”; answers to questions are rolled into balls of dough and once baked are chosen at random.

ALOMANCY is divination by table salt.

ALPHITOMANCY uses special cakes that are digestible by persons with a clear conscience but are unpleasant to others.

ANTHROPOMANCY is the long-outlawed means of divination by human sacrifice.

APANTOMANCY is divination through chance meetings with animals (e.g., a black cat), birds, and other creatures. Mexico City is said to have been founded where Aztec soothsayers saw an eagle flying from a cactus carrying a live snake.

ARITHMANCY or ARITHMOMANCY is an earlier form of NUMEROLOGY where divination is made through numbers and the number value of letters.

ASTRAGLOMANCY or ASTRAGYROMANCY is a form of divination by dice where the faces of the dice bear numbers and letters.

AUGURY is the general term for the art of divination and is chiefly applied to interpretations of signs and omens.

AUSTROMANCY is divination by the study of the winds.

AXIOMANCY is divination through the observation of how an ax or hatchet quivers or points when driven into post.

BELOMANCY is an ancient form of divination performed by tossing or balancing arrows.

BIBLIOMANCY involves divination by books.

BOTANOMANCY is divination from burning tree branches and leaves.

BUMPOLOGY strictly a modern term, a popular nickname for PHRENOLOGY

CAPNOMANCY is the study of smoke rising from a fire.

CATOPTROMANCY is an early form of crystal gazing that utilizes a mirror turned to the moon to catch moonbeams.

CAUSIMOMANCY is divination from behavior of objects placed in a fire.

CEPHALOMANCY refers to divination with the skull or head of a donkey or goat.

CERAUNOSCOPY seeks to draw omens from the study of thunder and lightning.

CEROSCOPY, CEROMANCY is a form of fortune telling in which melted was is poured into cold water.

CHIROMANCY is divination from the lines on people’s hands.

CHIROGNOMY is the study of the general hand formation.

CLEROMANCY is divination by “casting lots”, similar to dice but with objects such as pebbles or sea shells.

CLIDOMANCY or CLEIDOMANCY is divination using a dangling key. see RADIESTHESIA.

COSCINOMANCY is divination using a hanging sieve. see RADIESTHESIA.

CRITOMANCY is the study of barley cakes.

CROMNIOMANCY is divination using onion sprouts.

CYCLOMANCY is the practice of divination from a turning wheel.

DACTYLOMANCY is an early form of RADIESTHESIA using a dangling ring.

DAPHNOMANCY requires one to listen to laurel branches crackling in an open fire.

DEMONOMANCY is divination with the aid of demons.

DENDROMANCY is divination with either oak or mistletoe.

GASTROMANCY is an ancient form of ventriloquism whereby the voice is lowered to a sepulchral tone and prophetic utterances are delivered in a trance state.

GELOSCOPY is the divination from the tone of someone’s laughter.

GENETHLIALOGY is divination by the influence of the stars at birth.

GEOMANCY is the study of figures on the ground and the influence of the Earth’s “currents”.

GRAPHOLOGY is the analysis of character through handwriting.

GYROMANCY is a divination procedure where a person walks in a circle marked with letters until they become dizzy and stumble at different points, thus spelling out a prophesy.


HARUSPICATION is fortune-telling by means of inspecting the entrails of animals, as practiced by priests in ancient Rome.

HIEROMANCY or HIERSCOPY is divination by observing object of ancient sacrifice.

HIPPOMANCY is a form of divination from the stamping and neighing of horses.

HOROSCOPY is the practice of casting of astrological horoscopes.

HYDROMANCY is divination by water including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.

ICHTHYOMANCY is divination using fish.

LAMPADOMANCY is divination using lights or torches.

LECANOMANCY uses a basin of water for divination.

LIBANOMANCY is the study of incense and its smoke.

LITHOMANCY is divination using precious stones of various colors.

MARGARITOMANCY is the procedure of using bouncing pearls.

METAGNOMY is the divination using “visions” received in a trance state.

METEOROMANCY is divination from meteors.

METOPOSCOPY is the reading of character using the lines if the forehead.

MOLEOSOPHY is the study of moles and indicators of a person’s character and future indications.

MOLYBDOMANCY draws mystic inferences from the hissing of molten lead.

MYOMANCY is the study of the prophetic meaning of behavior of rats and mice.

OINOMANCY is divination using wine.

OMPHALOMANCY is counting the number of knots in the umbilical cord to predict how many more children the mother will have.

ONEIROMANCY is the interpretation of dreams and their prophetic nature.

ONOMANCY is the study of the meaning of names.

ONOMANTICS is the application of ONOMANCY applied to personal names, particularly in the sense of occult interpretation.

ONYCHOMANCY is the study of fingernails.

OOMANTIA and OOSCOPY is the method of divination by eggs.

OPHIOMANCY is divination from serpents.

ORNISCOPY and ORINITHOMANCY is the study of omens associated with birds, particularly birds in flight. see APANTOMANCY

OVOMANCY is another type of egg divination.

PEGOMANCY concerns itself with spring water and bubbling fountains and the omens contained therein.

PHRENOLOGY is the long practiced study of head formations.

PHYLLORHODOMANCY is a means of divination whereby one slaps a rose petal against the hand and judges the favorability of the omen by the loudness of the sound.

PHYSIOGNOMY is the study of character analysis through physical features.

PSYCHOGRAPHY is a form of mysterious writing having a divinatory nature.

PYROMANCY and PYROSCOPY are forms of divination by fire or flame, often assisted by substances thrown onto the flames.

RHABDOMANCY is divination using a stick or wand. These methods were forerunners of the divining rod.

RHAPSODOMANCY is a means of divination using a book of poetry whereby the book is opened at random and a passage read.

SIDEROMANCY is the burning of straws with a hot iron, the resulting figures having divinatory properties.

SORTILEGE is the casting of lots and the assessment of omens indicated.

SPODOMANCY is divination using cinders or soot.

STICHOMANCY is another form of throwing open a book and selecting a random passage for the purpose of divination.

STOLISOMANCY draws omens from the way people dress.

SYCOMANCY is performed by writing messages on tree leaves; the slower they dry, the more favorable the omen. A modern variation is to write on slips of paper (always including one blank) and rolling them up. They are then held in a strainer over a boiling pot; the first to unroll will be answered.

TEPHRAMANCY is divination by ashes obtained from the burning of tree bark.

TIROMANCY is a type of divination using cheese.

XYLOMANCY is divination from pieces of wood, either from their shape when collected or their appearance while burning.

Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 9, 2017)

1. During 1910s, an LA woman hid her lover in the attic for several years without her husband knowing.

2. A mother wanted her daughter to get into the cheerleading squad so bad, she hired a hitman to kill the mother of a girl who was already on the team with the belief that she would be so devastated by her mother’s death that she would drop out off the squad, thereby giving the spot to her daughter.

3. Rubbing a dog’s ear activates major nerve centers and releases pain-killing endorphins. It is also an effective act of bonding between the owner and pet.

4. A schizophrenic man from Canada vanished in 2012 and is believed to have wandered 10,500 miles to be found in the Amazon rainforest in late 2016.

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The Prophet
The Prophet

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
The Prophet

I dragged my flesh through desert gloom,
Tormented by the spirit’s yearning,
And saw a six-winged Seraph loom
Upon the footpath’s barren turning.

And as a dream in slumber lies
So light his finger on my eyes,—
My wizard eyes grew wide and wary:
An eagle’s, startled from her eyrie.

He touched my ears, and lo! a sea
Of storming voices burst on me.
I heard the whirling heavens’ tremor,
The angels’ flight and soaring sweep,
The sea-snakes coiling in the deep,
The sap the vine’s green tendrils carry.

And to my lips the Seraph clung
And tore from me my sinful tongue,
My cunning tongue and idle-worded;
The subtle serpent’s sting he set
Between my lips—his hand was wet,
His bloody hand my mouth begirded.

And with a sword he cleft my breast
And took the heart with terror turning,
And in my gaping bosom pressed
A coal that throbbed there, black and burning.
Upon the wastes, a lifeless clod,
I lay, and heard the voice of God:

“Arise, oh prophet, watch and hearken,
And with my Will thy soul engird,
Through lands that dim and seas that darken,
Burn thou men’s hearts with this, my Word.”

Translated by Avrahm Yarmolinsky (1921)
Illustration : Mikhail Vrubel (1905)


there is no planet or sign that symbolises a closer spiritual route or stronger celestial affluence. all the planets have a unique, special gateway to the spirit because they each represent singular characterisations of the infinite divine oneness, and construct a different route to the portal.

aries find intimacy with the divine following through the expression of impulse, becoming totally centered in the moment of exhilarating personal experience, celestial infusions come with exertion of energy and disregarding the tempo, the seeming restriction of the physical form and following instinct blind. the enraptured wide eyed curious toddler stare at the world around them and giving a name, identity to the universe at the same time as forming an identity of their own, this is play, god is found in play for aries, in enriching new discovery and navigating the world around them, in charging through forests without maps and when they become the warrior fighting the charge of justice or the pioneer of revelation. like a toddler who is learning to build blocks, losing themselves in colour and amusement, giggling at the ascension and becoming temperamental when they are knocked down, being the child is the divine handshake, like a fresh flower that blooms, the aries is here to blossom and revel in the delight of the dancing universe

taurus find intimacy with the divine through the creamy musical harmony, enchanting sensory aroma, ravishing illustration, poetry, beauty, the honey voice of the blues singer, the baby soft blanket they can hold in their hands, gourmet delicacies, sexual intimacy, the experience of going into nature and just being , contemplating the under pathways of the tangled roots or the ancestry in the lines of their palms. taurus is in oneness with the creator when creating, when playing his venus melodies, drawing the wings of a butterfly or manipulating the material plane to make something more beautiful. it is in mindfulness with nature and withdrawing from the rush of the world into a place of soothing, grounded comfort. it is in delighting in the sparkle of the pearls from the clam or relishing in the sweet scent of a frangipani, losing themselves in a book, writing, life’s simple pleasures and pleasure in general. laying their heads back on a ravishing silky pillow, breathing in the aloe dewdrops over morning leaves, the soft skin and crevasses of a body, a beautiful face reflecting back at them, listening to jazz and contemplating the grandness of life, this is taurus and the divine lying side by side

gemini finds divine intimacy through thought, sensual mind wandering, conversation, literature and being the infinitely inquisitive child. the deity or guru comes in the form of teachers, education curriculum, intuitive bursts of knowledge that come through social conversion and writing. gemini hears the voice of god through the twists and turns of language in literature from ancient authors and the place of worship in library, internet search engines and the classroom. his bible prose comes through textbooks and the peak experience comes in the delightful play with information, speaking and sharing garnered insights, hearing the response of a perceptive audience usually engaged and giggling, he is the prophet when teaching, when using his voice to transmit the news of the universe, when acting as the impulse of the divine’s messages, and god’s elated baby when curious wide eyed child emerges and sitting cross legged and looking up at the blackboard absorbing the words, it is their blissful meditative pose

cancers divine intimacy transmutes through the feeling of a baby’s chest rising and falling against their own, the mother tucking in her child and gently singing her piece of creation to sleep. cancer is the heavenly source expressing through both the tranquilizing mother and the receptive child of a parent’s love. through the moon cruise passageway of  their wild, illustrious imagination, the moments in solitude gazing at the portraits hanging on their walls with the faces of ancestry staring back at them, that is the root to heaven, the same blood that ran through those veins, the passed loved ones that will forever watch over them; in romantic symphony, poetry about infatuation, standing underneath the moonbeams and inhaling the celestial illumination and wedding dances that last long after every guest has left. the infinite reunites with cancer when they are contemplating the the bursts in their heart derived from the joy of their family, when they lay their healing hands on the ill or nurse someone into wellness, in the moment when every light has gone out, between awake and asleep the sound of their loved ones sleeping soundly lullabies them to gentle celestial reverie

leos divine intimacy comes in the moment of harmonic, stomach pulsing laughter, their very making the creative out of just about anything, leo is ruled by a star, and not a planet; esoterically suggesting the rulership of a higher heavenly dwelling; so the moments standing under their cosmic channel the sun and letting the radiant pores of light swim through their vessels, contemplating the grand architecture of life and the delight in broadway spectacles lighting up the street, becoming entranced in play with a child, charging headfirst like a heavenly warrior in protection of the vulnerable and the pure indulgence of frosted hot mochas. leo is the transcendental channel that dances with the divine when nourishing people with their heavenly rays of inner light, when they become enraptured in their own divine frequencies and submit into their childlike captivation and glory when the world reflects in gleaming magic and possibilities that spill into infinity. leo’s divine touch comes when contemplating the magnificence and majesty of their very selves and their natural deserving royal gratification, reveling in their solitary standing personal power; because this is meditation, time with the divine in self reflection and contemplating their own true, universal beauty. leo transmute the celestial waves of the divine creator like a vessel, they infuse as one during art, theatre, play, self gratification, writing, music, design

virgos intimacy with the divine comes through his needle eye view of the world. all that is beautiful to virgo erupts in subtle, though magnificent spectacle, where crystal cleansed eyes reveal the tiny mechanical operations and provide the golden intricacies of god’s design in a clear lens view. virgo submits to the numinous in the quiet moments when his eyes catch the the tiny sparkling dust particles during sunsets and the moment of entrancement in nature when the luscious fauna allows exhales aloe air into his lungs. his conversations with god come through the sound of his bare feet hitting the earth, aligning their body rhythms to the rhythms of nature, beating their heart at the same time as the universe thumps hers and offering their divinely porcelain crafted hands to service. the guru appears when virgo contemplates the transcendental healing powers of the earth and directs their resonant healing properties through their hands and onto remedying the inflammation of others. in the moment virgo is alone, sensually exercising their own intellect in a wander through their thought neighborhood, the divine is close, ready to channel the letters of the messenger and impart knowledge through conversation and the world of language. in the moments when virgo can be one with the universe and slip in the space behind his thoughts, then he has reunited with the divine

libra find intimacy with the divine when through the myriad of faces that rush past them during their walk to work they spot the one that smiles back. everyone is god in human clothing to libra and through others he transmits his love. their deepest meditation and conversation with their creator comes through the contemplation and applied meaningfulness of soul mates, the delight of establishing social connections and the delight of people in general; propogating the enchantment of holding relationships that have drifted back centuries. and yet while libra catches glimpses of the divine through the eyes of others, their ravenous search for completion means their solitude intrinsically, passively invites in the divine for company and allows his light to fill their leaky spots. when they are curled up fetal position and pleading with all their will for someone to wrap their arms around them, this is the call to the divine whose company transcends the physical touch. when libras realise interdependent system between people, that without the “you” there is no “I” acknowledging the ‘we’, that is recognizing the divine, the celestial bloodline we all share. libras reunion with the infinite comes through entrancing honey suckle melodies and colour, design and form that drips sweetness and beauty. their conversations with god play through song lyrics, musical crescendos, the radiant aromatic bursts of fresh flowers and the glory of morning sunrise spilling through the curtains, every sensory filter is a supernal channel where he blows his mist of mysticism for them to play with in typical libran pleasure

scorpio finds divine intimacy when everything but gravity has been ripped away and he is forced to charge blind; relying solely on intuition and the hidden power they know lies within. scorpios meditative pose is that of destruction acting as the highest form of creativity. becoming a majestic, obliterated force that pours gold into his own cracks and rising a new, sparkling incandescent self.  in the midst of trauma and self obliteration, god visits through the peak experience, where scorpio has submitted to the undefined infinite self so he can create a new star; becoming one with the god who is all too familiar with the keys of creation, so a new body of light can be born again into. when the material and exoteric psychological structures that hold scorpio together are decimated by routine plutonian destruction; during that moment of plunging into the darkness, when people and consensual structures dissolve, he is hand in hand with god.  traveling through the indwelling, listening to the esteemed archetypal goddesses, curators of sacred wisdom, ancient witches, lost ancestors and resonant esoteric guidance drifting restlessly in the midst of his soul

sagittarius finds intimacy with the divine through the aggressive, ravenous physical and intellectual quest for a tangible god. their chapel of worship transcends beyond the physical structures and desires the peak experience, urging that he becomes one with the universe in inquisitive meditation, research, following a compass, reading maps and searching for a face to face meeting with his creator. sagittarius is reuniting with the divine on a lifelong pilgrimage when he discoveries hidden bible passages that provide the nostalgia of another life, travels far and wide in the name of personal experience, explores universal mysteries, assimilates into new cultures and indulging their intrinsic sense of wanderlust. sagittarius is in divine dialogue when following the pangs of their inflamed intuition and letting instinct prioritize thought. in the search for their true self that lies in an exotic freeway the divine self joins them in synergy and the divine dialogue is transmuted through the voices of wise esoteric authors, cosmic professors, higher educators, mystics and finding the celestial mantlepiece when they step foot through the places they have read about in books, sit in meditation on the enchanting mountaintop and reach the stars they quivered their bow and arrow toward

capricorn finds intimacy with the divine in a formulaic saturnian way, the sacrificial regulatory to a scripture, following the conventional theological doctrine and crystallizing the esoteric structures into halls of worship. in prayer verbatim from the bible, their own powerful faith in structure vapors the spirit of god through the pages. and further, when they transcend beyond searching for god in the establishment, their diamond earth eyes detect every numeric make up of earth’s particles, observe god’s poetry in mathematical music and the fusion of illumination into observable form. their sense of duty to become as intimate with reality as possible is their celestial channel, dancing through the constructions of human creation, when they are justifying their own existence and worth to the universe; creating a universe of their own and lighting a brand new galaxy of new webbed dreams. heavenly saturation comes through recharging in the decorative design of flora and fauna, indulging in formula and contemplating nature’s patterns and chemistry is their deepest spiritual and intuitive process. like the businessman in a heavenly handshake, he is at one with god when exercising his renowned visual senses to ascend to the ethereal dimensions and play with god’s deepest synchronized mechanics

aquarius finds intimacy with the divine in rapturous bursts of intellectual intuition; the pleasurable sensual roam through their own boundless imagination, where they can luxuriate in their ultra matrix of innovative ideals. this is a synergy with god for aquarius, the travel through the crystallized road maps and valleys of the mind to extract futuristic galactic particles, relish in the crayon box of art, science and sacred, water bearer knowledge. god is staring back at him when he is saturated amongst the collective, watching people dance in elation together at music festivals or come together out of love for a surprise birthday party, observing the invisible threads that tie humanity together and delighting amongst the acknowledgment of a shared communion. the celestial rapture ripples through their high voltage arteries when they participate in dismantling structure and experience the exhilarating streaks of social revolution. the godhead is working like an electrical impulse through aquarius in their buzzing frequency that sets shock waves through holy water and shatters crystallized structure through voice, ideas, debate and embracing individuality. the aquarian experiences meditative ascension when they are simply being and wholly absorbed in their own, unique cosmic energy cluster that delights in having a free, unbound universe of free spirited expression where the soul can dance under its own symphonic masterpiece. the experience of god comes through the highest octave of love and creativity for aquarius, when relishing amongst their love of many things in the mindful indulgence of the majesty of creativity

pisces find intimacy with god in the moment dreams and reality fuse, trigger hypnagogic hallucinations and the astral free float into obliteration. the voices of god whispers through esoteric wisdom, poetry, visions, cinema, music and the meditative contemplation of ‘home’, what it is, and why they are longing for something they don’t even know exists. they taste heaven’s nectar when looking out at the universe, absorbing the magical particles that spore across their celestial vision, boarding neptune’s cruise ship through their wild and milky way streaked imagination and entrusting the guidance of the universal source in blind, though intuitive and cerebral  driven faith. pisces emanate the deity when laying their healing hands on a cracked soul and injecing their celestial light into the wound, laughing in sync with the giggling baby, sharing their wise material to the zodiac children and providing solace to the disturbed. the divine dialogue transmits in the elusive intoxicated trance when the piscean thought processes become frayed and loses definition.   everything spills, inclines and intermixes in etheric watercolour artwork, during the pinnacle moment of not knowing, experiencing the total loss of conscious perception, this is the moment the pisces knows and has become entranced, enveloped in the source.


if you could replace every instance of someones use of “diaspora” with “I” or “me” and everything still makes sense thats kind of a warning sign theyre trying to pull some High Priest Prophet Voice of the Spirit of the People bullshit

Eris: the black winged goddess of strife. Also called the 10th planet takes 560 years to transit, it is a transpersonal planet and therefore the house is important and what aspects it creates.

Eris defines the part of ourselves whose essential nature is as odds with our current cultural norms. This part of us stands against “what everyone does”. With Eris now recognized in our solar system and now part of our developmental path as a species, this is the time for us to recognize that true inner voice that does not bend to the will of the many. We may kick up some discord, but it is for our own good.

Eris in the Houses

•1st house: When Eris resides in your first house, your mission is to trust yourself. You will have opinions that differ from societies’, you will do things different from other people. You will experience pain and loss here, because though you may desire to integrate fully into society, you can not. This in not a Uranian process where you discover your individuality. The Eris process dictates that your innate sense of values pits yourself against society. You have no other choice.

•2nd house: With Eris in your second house of resources, it is your task to sound the alarm regarding the incorrect use of resources. You have a vastly different way handling money and wealth which involves the sharing of resources. People think you are foolish with your use of money. You are not. You realize the value of sharing cooperatively, though there is a danger of using your resources to dominate your social sphere.

•3rd house: In the third house of communications, Eris gives you a strong voice that sounds discordant against the sounds of the collective. You have the intellect to discern what is off balance and not in the interests of the society. You must beware of forcing your opinions on others, but it your job to tell society at large your perceptions.

•4th house: When Eris resides in your fourth house of the home you have the power to recognize how past conditions have contributed to current problems. You experience through your childhood how unequal power distribution causes problems in the home. If you are wise, you will work on these dynamics in your own life, so the same bitter fruit is not born. If you do not, you will repeat the experiences of your parents.

•5th house: Eris in the fifth house of romance and creativity gives you the power to create divergent forms that highlights societal problems caused by unequal power distribution. Your images, your writing, your music can inspire others with the power of your message. Likewise, if you misspend your gift, your art will devolve into pointless blame games. You must work to overcome that tendency in your life.

•6th house: When Eris sits in your sixth house of health and servants, you challenges your authority with others and other people’s authority to make health care decisions for you. This latter situation can manifest as a health care crisis that is not managed correctly by the care provider calling for clarity of thinking and intervention on your part. You will have to be your own best health care advisor.

•7th house: In your seventh house of partnerships Eris will create situations of unequal distribution of power that will stress your relationship. You will have to work at finding a partner that will share your goal of sharing the work and well as the joys of partnership, or suffer the consequences for failing to doing so. If you attempt to follow traditional male/female roles, your relationship will ultimately lose its vitality and strength of purpose.

•8th house: Eris in your eighth house of death [transformation] creates situations where you experience people trying to take away your resources. Inheritances, insurance payments and loans can be contentious and difficult experiences, especially if you are elected to be the consevator/distributor of those funds. You may have to share a partnership role in the disbursement of funds, but do not have final say in where they are to go. In the area of sexual development you may have sexual experiences that are incomplete or unsatisfying due to one partner or the other demanding a control of the sexual experience.

•9th house: With Eris in the ninth house of law and education, you may experience education and travel opportunities that are divergent from the norm. You may find the traditional educational process difficult to complete because of your urges to pursue your own line of study. Travel takes you to places where you glimpse the economic inequities of life. Even if you go to a sunny Carribean beach for vacation you might find yourself getting lost in the slums.

•10th house: When Eris resides in the tenth house of authority and power, you are here to understand your role in taking care of the those with less power than you. Should you not have a natural understanding of this role, Eris will make sure you experience the consequences of the bigger fish eating the smaller fish. You will experience why some people insist on “survival of the fittest” and you will not necessarily be the one considered “fit”. When you grow in wisdom in this role, you wlll be a fine steward of the needs of the people.

•11th house: Eris in the eleventh house of organizations and friends, you either do or will come to understand the necessity of a cooperative role within the group. You may be confronted with situations that place you outside the group for a time to experience the feeling of “odd man out.” In a cooperative society there is no room for pushing people to an outsider’s position. When you come to understand this yourself, you can teach the rest of your brothers and sisiters.

•12th house: In the twelfth house of connection with the your higher sources, Eris gives you a voice to speak about how this dimension’s experience does not necessarily mirror all of reality. You have a powerful prophetic voice that holds much wisdom and truth. You can channel the wisdom of higher realms and have the ability to access the Akashic records without the guidance of the guardians from the other side. However, because your voice is at dissonance with the drumbeat of your time, often you are not listened to, like Cassandra of Trojan War fame.

From: The astrology of Eris: there we go with them apples again By Beth Turnage

Sweet Dreams are Made

The being before her was the paragon of visceral fear in flames and wings. Every angle of him was edged out in fire that burned all else in the dreamscape but her. Above his head a crown of spinning spearheads glowed in holy light. When he spoke his voice was everywhere at once.

“And thus says the voice of the elder herald to the ears of his prophet, a voice is calling, and her demands shall be heard!”

Sakura woke up the next morning and went about her day. The only deviation was when her landlord called from the Islands to ask Sakura to reset the drip cycle for the front yard. 

It wasn’t what she had in mind when she had her prophetic dream last night, but she had to admit it was less weird than the time she ended up babysitting a neutered pug for her teacher. ‘And the castrated will be cast out.’ Or the time she ran out of Blueberries. ‘The Driscoll’s harvest will be one of nought.’ Or when she got her period a week early-

Sakura shut down her wild train of thought before the stupid herald’s voice could sound out in her head something about flowing red rivers and the nectar of her nether regions. She had heard his stupid prophecies for years and she was getting sick of them.

She fell asleep on the couch but woke up in a familiar white hall. The being was blazing before her in fluttering white robes notched in gold buttons that matched the glow of fire off his wings. His spinning gray eyes that seemed to go on forever were wide as he held up his hands to decree something.

“Just stop it!” Sakura cried, cutting Pein off before he could say anything. “Shut up, for once. Just shut up-shut up. Ughh, I’m tired of this.”

Pein lowered his hands slowly. “O-oh.”

Sakura huffed, annoyed. “This isn’t fun, and I’m sick of it. I just want to be a normal teenager and have sex dreams when I go to sleep, not this gibberish.”

Pein stared at her mutely for a moment, but then reached up to pull at the loop keeping his buttons fastened. 

Sakura balked. “Ew, not you.” 

Pein’s blazing wings of fire dropped low and dimmed to a dull ember, trailing smoke as his shoulders sagged and the dream snapped apart. 


In celebration of today’s release of Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, I present a comic dub of the amazing Pokemon Go fancomic “and the world will turn to ash” by @surfacage - featuring the voices of @hnilmik as Blanche (and THE FALSE PROPHET), Tiana Camacho as Candela, @denten02 as Spark and myself as Noire!

I’m going to be completely honest right now: I have never, in my 30+ years of life, ever played a Pokemon game proper until Pokemon GO took over my existence. Now I’m out doing almost-daily walks and exercising again. That’s just mad for a homebody my age.

So I pre-ordered Pokemon Moon through the Nintendo eShop. and today I will taking my first proper step into this bright and shiny Pokemon world. This should be exciting! Or terrible. Either way, it’s bound to be entertaining to SOMEONE

Too Cute to Be Real IV

Part 1: Hi, I’m the Prophet
Part 2: Crush(ed)
Part 3: Scared to Be Into You

Request: okay um @olgaplaygames‘s request is a little too long to describe, but I’ve kinda deviated from the original request to suit the storyline better, so it may not be exactly as they requested…

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Summary: Reader babysits the prophet Chuck Shurley during the Apocalypse, but over time finds herself falling just a little bit deeper in love with him every day

Warnings: swearing, being bitter at Chuck for no plausible reason

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

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I had a prophetic style dream that a voice kept telling me to go to Cupertino so does anyone in Cupertino need saving? I’m not like a fighter but I can make people uncomfortable like a sonofabitch

Modern prophets finding their voice and preaching to fans over YouTube
Tears welling as they read the comments of their supporters asking them to say more
Modern prophets breaking out in cold sweat in the back of a gas station
Writing the emotions into their phones notes and trying to make jumbled sense of the meanings
Modern prophets nervously shuffling cards and rolling dice trying to play the game of a weary traveler
Thread bare hoodies and tattered tennis shoes as the walk through the streets of their noisy city mumbling to themselves
Modern prophets pulling on headphones as they try to muffle the screeching of angels trying to drown out the silence as the thumb the rosary they keep around their neck
Modern prophets praying to the sunsets from the roof tops of the city they live in
The bustle of life around them they can feel it all into the very marrow of their bones
Trying their hardest to do gods work
—  Modern prophets
This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,
Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight,
Stand like Druids of eld, with voices sad and prophetic,
Stand like harpers hoar, with beards that rest on their bosoms.
—  Introduction to Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Forgiveness for the Devil

Part 3 to Soulmates with the Devil! Part 1 Part 2

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,679

Characters: LuciferxReader (and a surprise guest!)

Warnings: Mention of sorta kidnapping, slight torture, angst, smut, and I suppose the Devil still needs a warning.

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Summary: You find out from Lucifer that the two of you are soulmates. You aren’t sure what to think about it, but eventually give in and accept it. Will things work between the two of you? Or will someone or something destroy your chance at true love?

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