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pt. I : x


This is based around the idea if Daniel quoted lines from Bill Cipher.

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Everyone - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Days of Chaos

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Filthy Habit

To add my voice to the humans are space orcs headcanon…


Considered a “filthy habit” by humans, it *horrifies* aliens who are all like OH MY GOD the human is EATING ITSELF ALIVE OMG OMG RUUUUUUN BEFORE IT EATS US NEXT!!!!

And when the crewmembers report this no one believes it at first but after a while the ship captain and CMO fearfully approach their human crewmember and catch her in the act.

CMO: Human Theresa… are the rations you are allocated insufficient for your needs?

Theresa: Um… no? I mean yes. I mean er… I eat enough yeah. Why?
*chews cuticles absentmindedly*

CMO: *cringes in horror*


Theresa: *blushes and takes hands out of mouth* I know, I know, it’s a filthy habit. I can’t stop though, I never even notice I’m doing it till someone points it out.

Captain: *horrified* You… you don’t NOTICE that you are self-cannibalizing. O.O

CMO: We have to put you on suicide watch. This attempt at self-destruction must be halted. Don’t worry, Human Theresa. We will help you. Thank the stars we caught this problem before you gnawed off a limb!

Theresa: Umm… O.o *absentmindedly chewing on pinky nail*

So I was looking up Sonic stuff on Wikipedia, and got to some voice actors. Now, Sally Acorn, this girl:

Is voiced by Kath Soucie, who also plays Nicole on the same Sonic show. But Kath Soucie also voices Vivi in World of Final Fantasy, this cute little fella:

But, to my further shock and amazement, she’s even voiced in a Disney film as a character I like. She plays Nick Wilde during the flashback to his younger years:

But APPARENTLY, she also does the voice for LOLA BUNNY IN SPACE JAM:

Basically, Kath Soucie seems to be typecast as either “cute” or “furry”. Voice actor stuff is wild.

List of cartoon characters voiced by the show’s creator(s)

Adventure Time
Pen Ward voices Lumpy Space Princess and Shelby

Gravity Falls
Alex Hirsch voices Stan Pines, Soos, Bill Cipher, McGucket and various others

Rick and Morty
Justin Roiland voices Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks and various others
Dan Harmon voices Bird Person.

Phineas and Ferb
Dan Povenmire voices Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Jeff “Swampy” Marsh voices Major Monogram

Milo Murphy’s Law
Dan Povenmire voices Dakota
Jeff “Swampy” Marsh voices Cavendish

OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes!
Ian Jones-Quartey voices Radicles, Darrell and various others

Regular Show
J. G. Quintel voices Mordecai and High-Five Ghost

Feel free to add more

Source: Megamind

Hunk: So… you’re like our space dad?


Shiro: Yeah. I’m like your space dad.

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