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How to attract the signs
  • Aries: smile, be direct, make them laugh, be confident, voice your opinions, give them space
  • Taurus: be trustworthy and loyal, slow and steady, learn their likes/dislikes, touch them, invite them out
  • Gemini: flirt, joke around, be exciting, be kind of dominating, keep the conversation going
  • Cancer: Reassure them in times of need, be kind and caring, talk about family, ask for help, be their friend first
  • Leo: flatter them, show affection, give them full attention, compliment them, emotionally support them
  • Virgo: don't be fake, ask for help, run errands together, start conversations, be patient
  • Libra: win over their friends, give them freedom, look good, be funny/dorky, take them somewhere
  • Scorpio: be mysterious, know what you want, tell them about yourself, be honest and loyal
  • Sagittarius: flirt, joke around, have a carefree attitude, be adventurous, give them space, suggest new things
  • Capricorn: be hardworking and ambitious, make them laugh, be friends first, take your time, show respect
  • Aquarius: debate with them, give them freedom, surprise them, become friends first, be yourself
  • Pisces: be romantic, talk about your dreams, boost their self esteem, be sensitive about their needs

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I MET JONNY CRUZ VOICE OF LUCIO AND GAKU SPACE VOICE OF GENJI!!!WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW #animeimpulse #jonnycruz #lucio #gakuspace #genji #overwatch #playoverwatch #ow #letsbreakitdown #ryujinnokenwokurae

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Gaku Space @ Anime Impulse

Our precious prince™ Gaku Space, voice actor of Genji, graced Overwatch fans by appearing today (Jonny Cruz, Lucio’s voice actor, made a surprise appearance as well but that’s besides the point) at Anime Impulse, a very small anime convention in California. Just thought I should share some of the things he said and the things that happened!

Yes, this is Gency related.

Unfortunately I couldn’t record most of the talk, but I may upload video clips later.

  • When asked who his favorite hero was (with the restriction that he could not pick Genji), Gaku responded with Mercy.
  • One fan asked each panel member who their OTP is. Gaku also responded with Genji and Mercy. (x)
  • There was a witch!Mercy cosplayer in the crowd, who asked, “Do you need healing?” during the Q&A session. Gaku very casually said (but was still somehow very endearing to me), “Yeah, later.” It wasn’t in a rude way or anything, but it was said in a manner that even the crowd got a laugh out of it. It’s hard to describe.
  • The witch!Mercy cosplayer made a heart with her hands because of that. I couldn’t catch if Gaku did the same thing. (Edit: greywardencommandershepard on tumblr is the witch!Mercy and confirmed that Gaku also made a heart with his hands! Thank you!)
  • I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there was another cute Gency reference and the same Mercy cosplayer made the heart again. The crowd “aww”ed.
  • There are voicelines in OW that Gaku did recently but is not allowed to talk about. I’m very sure it’s referencing to the famous Valentine’s Day chocolates voicelines, but I’m not sure if he’s hinting at something else beyond that.
  • I find it absolutely amusing and adorable that Gaku actually calls Mercy “Angela” rather than “Mercy.” It might be because he has so many voicelines that use the former rather than the latter. Even the host of the panel had to be told by Gaku himself that, when he said Angela, he was referring to Mercy.
  • During the meet and greet, I requested that he say a romantic line to Mercy in either Japanese or English. He did it for me, and I have no idea what he said since it was in Japanese, but I’ll probably upload that one. Because Boy Do I Need Help. Nevermind, got the translation! (x)

Feel free to send additional questions or clarify any errors I could have made! 

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Filthy Habit

To add my voice to the humans are space orcs headcanon…


Considered a “filthy habit” by humans, it *horrifies* aliens who are all like OH MY GOD the human is EATING ITSELF ALIVE OMG OMG RUUUUUUN BEFORE IT EATS US NEXT!!!!

And when the crewmembers report this no one believes it at first but after a while the ship captain and CMO fearfully approach their human crewmember and catch her in the act.

CMO: Human Theresa… are the rations you are allocated insufficient for your needs?

Theresa: Um… no? I mean yes. I mean er… I eat enough yeah. Why?
*chews cuticles absentmindedly*

CMO: *cringes in horror*


Theresa: *blushes and takes hands out of mouth* I know, I know, it’s a filthy habit. I can’t stop though, I never even notice I’m doing it till someone points it out.

Captain: *horrified* You… you don’t NOTICE that you are self-cannibalizing. O.O

CMO: We have to put you on suicide watch. This attempt at self-destruction must be halted. Don’t worry, Human Theresa. We will help you. Thank the stars we caught this problem before you gnawed off a limb!

Theresa: Umm… O.o *absentmindedly chewing on pinky nail*


Beltino Toad and ROB64 are interrogated by two mysterious ruffians.

(scene from upcoming episode 102 of A Fox in Space)


Beltino Toad - Joshua Gotay ( @RealWTS )
ROB64 - Anthony Ross
Sagan Hachok - Christopher Niosi ( @Kirbopher )
Sonny Van Der Küt - Vinny Vinesauce ( @VinnyVinesauce )


Special thanks to Felicity Morland for helping out with some animation on this.
 : D


If you want to see how the second episode is coming along, I stream on this channel about 8 hours a day every weekday. Feel free to stop by and watch me work.

We Will Be Alright

Forgive me for writing another Star Wars Rebels one-shot but after that promo for “Visions and Voices” I have to write for it. Because ugh that promo! *squees and cries* I can’t even write now, because I’m legit scared and excited for this episode and I’m super glad that most of you on Tumblr that re-blogged my video to the promo feel the same way, really glad I’m not alone in this.

So without further wait, here is my one-shot for my expectations for “Visions and Voices”, what I write will most certainly be AUish because most of what I write is but there’s nothing wrong with having AU’s.

“Sabine, please.” Ezra spoke out as he dodged and blocked her attacks from the artist’s newly found Darksaber, which still baffled Ezra that she could use such a weapon, because as far as Ezra knew, only Jedi could wield a Lightsaber. He shook his head, back to the matter at hand. “Sabine, I don’t want to fight you.” Ezra shouted, his voice echoing off the cave walls as the young Padawan stared into her eyes, where they had once been a light, copper brown but now they were a deep emerald green that made Ezra sick to his stomach, because this wasn’t Sabine and he knew that, but that still didn’t change the fact that he wanted to fight her.

He didn’t want this, he never wanted this to happen, he came here to sever his connection towards Maul for good, but instead he ended up getting Sabine and Kanan possessed by these evil spirits, seeing them standing side by side, that deep glow of green in their eyes so strong and intense.

This was all his fault

“This isn’t you, Sabine! Please!” He found himself begging.

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