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Stages of becoming a Supernatural Fan
  • Stage #1: "Wow someone said this show was cool, lemme give it a try"
  • Stage #2: "WHAT!? I liked Jess! How can they kill someone off on the first episode!?"
  • Stage #3: "Okay I've watched 4 episodes today that's enough"
  • Stage #4: "OoOOooOoOoOoOohhhh that Angel is so adorable..MINE"
  • Stage #Woah, six eps in one day is enough:
  • Stage #5: "Wait no...THAT ANGEL IS DEANS, DEAN LOVE HIM"
  • Stage #6: *you realise that you have been sucked in so hard that it's now been 48 hours since you slept*
  • Stage #Shit a season a day is emotionally damaging:
  • Stage #7: *you realise that its 5:45 in the damn morning and all you've done is read Destiel and Sabriel Fanfiction*
  • Stage #8: "What was life before Supernatural?"
  • You: I WANT OUT
  • The fandom: *satan voice* Too bad, bitch.
Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 94 Preview (Minor Spoilers)

Here’s the small preview for Ao no Exorcist Chapter 94 from the end of Jump SQ this month.  Not much to be learned (as usual) but it looks like we are getting some color pages.




Yukio has finally heard the voice of Satan…and is plunging into darkness

-What will Rin do!?




Front page and center color

Commemorating the release of

JC Volume 20!!



Blue Exorcist

Kazue Katou

*small correction, it’s actually a front cover color, not back.
The Real NamJin :

ARMY : *sees Namjoon and Jin talking*


(Meanwhile….. *Their real conversation*)

Jin : “You touched my food.”

Rap Monster : “…….And…….?”

Jin : “And….my dear Kim Namjoon… *satanic voice* *eyes turn a glowing red* IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, DON’T GO TO SLEEP TONIGHT!!”

Rap Monster : ….


Second single from THE RELENTLESS
Me Against The Devil 

(Reminder: Remington Leith is Andy Biersack’s singing voice in American Satan)

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Demon hux possessing Kylo and making him do perverted things to himself tho 👌🏻

my darling, my soul, my (hell) angel. i split this up because it got long. this is the first part. the truly nsfw part is incoming. the rest of this series is on ao3 here, and will be updated with this soon.

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Ego. Devil on your Shoulder?

by Saṃsāran

This piece is about the evolution of ego. There are, of course, no devils or angels but the ancients had no understanding of the workings of the mind and assigned that voice that tempts us as “Satan”. 

Now Satan in the old days was not a talking snake and not a red goat hooved monster. He was a tempter. He had no power to make us do anything. Yet, there is a voice within us which is somehow not us. It shows us options and not all of those options are kind or good.

Animals do not have ego. Not because they don’t have souls or anything like that but because they do not have a highly developed cerebral cortex i.e. that part of the human brain that thinks abstractly and projects possible futures. Human beings can literally argue with themselves.

It works like this. In our abstract minds, we consider a situation We run a sort of simulation of various scenarios and then choose the one we think is best. Ego spins the scenarios and will chooses.

So, ego might spin the scenario of going down to the lake at dawn. One scenario has us catching fish for breakfast. Another scenario has us eaten by a crocodile because they are more active at dawn. So, will chooses the safer option and we go fishing later in the morning. It all happens in seconds.

Now sometimes ego will spin a scenario like this: My friend’s wife is really sexy. He is gone a lot and she is always looking at me. I should see if I can have sex with her. Now the other voice steps in and says “absolutely not! He is your friend and if you are caught he might come after you”. So we weigh the chances. Our lust vs. our friendship. Ultimately we pick one of the other.

So you see how ego could be seen as an evil entity? A tempter. Ego spins the scenario but WE (our will) must choose and act. Many religions, including Judaism (Eve tempted in the garden), Christianity (Jesus tempted in the desert) and Buddhism (the Buddha tempted by the demon Mara) have temptation stories. These stories can be seen as allegories of ego.

So, to sum up, ego evolved when we gained the ability to imagine a future and future possibilities. It serves a useful purpose but can also lead us astray. Ancient people saw this tempting voice in our head as a demon or devil which led us into temptation. The key to managing ego is to learn NOT to identify with it. You are not ego. 

Ego is a tool of the mind and must be used with good sense. Ego is striving and will often say hurtful things like “you aren’t good enough because you have a lousy car” and “you are fat and ugly and nobody will ever love you”. If you identify with ego then you will believe this. Maybe you will buy a better car. Maybe you will think that you are unlovable and spend your life in forlorn hopelessness.

Remember the tempter is only a voice in your head. You decide. You are in control. Never forget this.

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You're terrible! david hates you and you know it he's just pretending. No one really loves you daniel. You're worthless and a monster! Youve killed so many people. You don't deserve any kindness that has been given to you! Just go already. All those people you killed would be happy to see you die. (Ahhhh I'm so sorry I just saw this and I tried)

Daniel: W-Wait.. Is this true..?