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Welcome Home

Steve Rogers Extended Imagine

NSFW - Feedback/comments are welcome and encouraged; I’m still trying to get better at this! Enjoy!

You pushed the key into the door, stepping through to hold it open for Steve, who was carrying all three bags of luggage. Even after many days of traveling, his strength never faltered.

“Home sweet home,” he said, dropping the bags at the foot of the stairs.

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Sibling Rivalry

|| Dean x Reader x Sam || 

Warnings: SMUT. This is basically porn. (No Wincest)

Author’s Note: This is a smutty little thing I thought up randomly… at work. Yeah. It was a slow day. Story is below the cut! We’re starting off heavy, folks.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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His shirt (Logan X reader)

Prompt: Logan’s reaction when he sees you wearing one of his big sweatshirts

The mornings light shines bright, slipping past the closed curtains adorning your window. It fell upon you, disturbing your deep sleep. Groaning you tried to turn over and continue sleeping but the Suns rays seemed to be everywhere, hitting your face no matter where you tossed or turned. Sighing in defeat, you sat up and stretched. A yawn escaping your throat as some bones popped while you stretched, blinking the sleep from your eyes, you surveyed the room. Your clothes were lazily thrown into the floor, the sheets next to you empty. It wasn’t uncommon for Logan to get up earlier then you, it happened quite often really and you learned to accept it. Though you preferred to wake up next to him, all snug and warm, enjoying the morning together. Unfortunately for you, you weren’t a morning person and your boyfriend was. Glancing at the clock you checked the time, ten in the afternoon it read, briefly you wondered where Logan was and what he was doing. You never knew with that man, he could cause trouble with anyone or anything and it left you worried constantly. You trusted him but sometimes his temper would get out of hand, it wasn’t like there was a thing you could do about it now. Getting out of bed, you fixed the messy sheets. Straightening them, pulling the covers back on, and placing the pillows into their spot.

Deciding that it was good enough, your stomach growled, voicing its own hunger. You were in the safety of your own home, so walking out of the room not-fully-clothed wouldn’t be so bad but what if a guest came over? It wasn’t exactly ideal for you to greet them at the door in your bra and panties. Besides, your outfits were either too tight or fancy or just in the laundry since you didn’t feel energized enough to do it. Sighing, you figured you’d barrow Logan’s shirt. He wasn’t like he’d mind, it was just a shirt after all and his were always comfy and smelled just like him. It held a warmth to it that almost mimicked Logan’s, nodding you rummaged in his closest before snatching up a shirt and throwing it on. It was indeed bigger then your petite frame, the hem ending on your lower thighs. It covered everything you wanted it to, fit just right. Grinning you sniffed, the smell of pines and cologne meeting your nose, the cotton soaking in the warmth of the sun almost feeling like he was right beside you, holding you close. Your grin widened, imagining and savoring the moment before your tummy reminded you of the task at hand.

Marching into the kitchen, you searched the fridge for something to eat. A simple sandwich will do for now, you shrugged and took out some turkey and bread. Absentmindedly, you looked out your window, the forest meeting your eyes. It’s breathtaking green leaves twinkling from the morning dew and sunshine, birds chirping and singing their beautiful songs to their little hearts content, the grass a vibrant blend of different hues of green and the tree branches providing shadows and shelter to all the smaller animals. Transfixed by the scene, you took a closer look. A deer nibbled by a bush, munching on some berries as a smaller deer timidly wandered out into the open. From the looks of it, it was a baby, it’s eyes round with curiosity and interest as it sniffed the grass. A much bigger buck with antlers so big and wide you were sure he wouldn’t be able to fit past a doorframe, trotted next to the baby deer. Must be a proud father, you thought happily rather calmed at the sight. The family was just enjoying itself out there, nature could be so beautiful sometimes and you were left envious.

The opening and closing of a door brought you back to your own reality, finishing up the last bits of your food, you glanced over your shoulder. Logan entered and his brown eyes scanned your frame, a smirk tugging at his lips. His eyes slowly trailed from your thighs and up to your back, moving to your arms, focusing on the low hang of the tee and how it showed off your collarbones, then up to your face. Your hair was thrown in a messy bun previously, leaning against the kitchen counter you raised a brow.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked unsure as to why he was staring. He shook his head chuckling, moving from the end of the room to right in front of you. Arms wrapping around your waist as he pulled you closer to him, you cuddled close to him, your own arms snaking around his neck as he held you.

“No, you just look really good in my shirt.” His hands moved up and down your sides, eyes taking another peak at your ‘outfit’. Giggling you playfully pushed his shoulder, in return he smiled brightly. “What? I’m serious, you should wear my shirts more often.”

“Well, if you say so.~” You’d be sure to remember his words, this wouldn’t be the last time he’d find you in his shirt, even if he didn’t like it you would’ve still done it. “Just remember, you suggested it!” You announced, pressing a kiss to his cheek before laughter forced your lips away. Today seemed to be a good one.

All night long

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 5.736

Warnings: swearing, smut (oral sex (male receiving), explicit language), wrap it before you tap it!

Y/N: When are you back Buckyo? I miss you sooooo much!

Bucky: Wait, what? Are you drunk Y/N?

Y/N: Shhhh, no! It’s only an innocent girl’s night! Buckyyyyy, I miss you!

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Leather Love - {Tate Langdon x Reader}

Author’s notes: First fanfiction on this account! Let us know what you think. Sorry it’s a bit long. We both got carried away.  ☼ ☽
Fandom: American Horror Story
Pairing: Tate Langdon x Reader
Word Count: 1757
Request: “can you write a tate smut where u just move into the murder house and he thinks ur so beautiful and after he introduces himself u 2 fuck?? thank uu!! ” 

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Dim Rooms & Daddy Kinks

Genre: Smut

A/N: Thank you so much, sweet anon!! I genuinely adored this prompt so much and loved writing this!! Thank you for reading my first proper fic on this blog!

Word Count: 2420

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Age Gaps (Dan’s 17 and Phil’s 21) that’s really it

You can read this and my other older fics on AO3 here

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Kai set his glass on the table and stood, fixated on Drake. The wood deck still held the afternoon heat. The warmth radiated through his feet, enhancing a slow burn through his body; increasing as he closed the gap between them. He gently tugged Drake’s now empty glass from him, setting it down a couple feet away. Turning back to face him with compassion in his eyes, he reigned in the deliciously thick arms that immediately embraced his waist in return.

“Drae, I have never once doubted your love for me. What I am trying to tell you is your obligations have been met and there’s no reason to continue with your constant self-abusive, ass-kicking guilt trip over things you can’t change.”

“I had to go through everything to get here. We were meant for each other and no one else. The idea of taking away my past, would be taking away part of who I am but you would still know. You continue to allow my past to torment you.”

“You were born to save me, It’s going to take a while to adjust to that. I have to learn who I am, find my path from here. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m with you. Fate’s been sealed, obligations have been met. I’ve always trusted you to look out for me, do what’s in my best interest. But trying to make up for things I’m not aware of is not in my best interest, or yours.”

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Through Dangers Untold ch 1 (Elucien Labyrinth AU)

Elain has made a grave mistake and wished her sisters away to the dangerous realm of the goblins. To get them back, she’ll have to navigate a maddening labyrinth—and go toe-to-toe with its powerful, enigmatic ruler. Elain finds herself drawn to the red-haired Goblin King, but is he the tragic, lovesick prince from her mother’s stories, or a wicked faerie who’s only toying with her?


Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

Their mother did not spend a great deal of time with the Archeron sisters, even before she died. Their father was in charge of their education, and he passed it on to a rotating series of tutors; the nanny minded them at play, the cooks fed them, the dogs cuddled with them when they were upset.

But mama Archeron did one thing, often in her elaborate party dresses, putting them to bed while her guests laughed and drank downstairs: she told stories. Elain remembers them well, remembers how often little Feyre fell asleep halfway through, how Nesta would sulk and declare that she didn’t need stories, she was too old for them, and would end up listening raptly by the end anyway.

She remembers one story best of all, would request it over and over again.

“The Goblin King,” her mother says, her beautiful painted mouth tugging into a smile. “Was one of the High Fae, a very long time ago.”

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Three times and one (Part IV)

Being an ordinary human girl among a group of extraordinary people with peculiar abilities on an entirely different planet can be much of a challenge, more so that you have taken quite a liking into a certain God of Mischief, with whom you oddly seem to get along with very well. Sounds like trouble? Well, you kind of asked for it.

Read it on AO3!

Part I | Part II | Part III

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*katniss everdeen voice* from now on, we’ll be using codenames; you may all address me as, “eagle one.” peeta is, “been there, done that.” johanna is, “currently doing that.” annie is, “it happened once in a dream.” finnick, “if i had to pick a dude.” madge, “i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t thought about it.” gale, “been there, done that, AND got the t-shirt.” and haymitch……… haymitch is, “eagle two.”

*haymitch abernathy voice* oh thank god

The Signs as Things that have happened in the ABOT Discord
  • Aries: Soup meme
  • Taurus: ABOT emojis
  • Gemini: Chaos-misc
  • Cancer: Moegami
  • Leo: The Mess (Family Tree)
  • Virgo: Constant singing of Zamboni in voice chat
  • Libra: Hunger Games Simulator
  • Scorpio: "It's a Spoiler" meme (just Red Boxes in general)
  • Sagittarius: UAUAUAUAUAUA
  • Capricorn: Attic AU
  • Aquarius: CSI Bullshit
  • Pisces: Hands that do No Harm AU
By Night ~ Taehyung x Reader

Rated: M (thigh riding, daddy kink)

Genre: Smut (some initial fluff)

Word count: 1,286    

This is my first BTS fic ever, I hope it’s ok please don’t judge too hard! Xx I’ve been inspired by a lot of videos of sleepy Tae from Bon Voyage! 

You’d just finished brushing your teeth. It was the end of a long day’s work, and you were so incredibly ready for a good night’s sleep. Carefully placing your toothbrush back in the cup holder, you waddled out the bathroom door, switching the light off as you went.

It was quiet.

Unusually quiet. However, you could make out a large lump under the tangled crisp white bedsheets. Curiously stepping nearer this figure, you began to hear noises.

‘Hmph…… er mmmmm’ almost a moan. You could hear the clicking of saliva as a tired boy pursed and un-pursed his lips repeatedly in an evidently deep state of slumber. Finally reaching the figure, you could see the mop of tousled, sandy brown hair sticking in various directions just above the top of the sheets.

Ever so delicately, you smoothed your hand lightly into this bushy but fluffy caramel mess, until you picked up a pace and began to rake your hands continuously through the luscious locks. The boy’s eyebrows began to knit together and furrow. Could it be….. a nightmare?

As if in a struggle or through irritation, the boy restlessly shifted, tossing and turning in his warm cocoon. More of his facial features came into view. This was the angel you knew laid so vulnerably before you.

In that moment, his lips looked so peach pink, plush and temptingly kissable. His long, feathery lashes, which gave his face a youthful look fluttered like the tiniest wings of a butterfly. The side profile view did wonders to show off his accented jawline, and his honeyed skin glowed under the soft amber bedroom lighting.

He still had smudges of eyeliner, the remains of make-up he had failed to wipe off in a hurry to fall into the cushiony nest.

Not only this, but his neck was also in perfect view, stretched out before you.

What you could only dream of doing to this boy right now….

Part of you wanted to start gentle, be soft and playful. Pepper light kisses starting at his nose, being sure to kiss every beautiful feature. But then again, that sinful, manly, vein covered neck. Those pouty, pretty lips. What would It be like to scatter hickeys all over that neck? Mark the territory? Mark what is yours and will only be yours? Lick a long, wet stripe up it?

You were torn.


“Jagiya please…”

A deep, throaty and guttural moan echoed off the bedroom walls.

“H-hnnnnng please I’m desperate… so-so desperate…. I-hnn”

All of a sudden, a pair of firm, strong hands gripped sharply, digging into your hipbones. The next minute, you were flopped the other side of this boy held in a tight embrace, staring into the deep, sparkling almost lustful orbs of….


“Jagiya….. you finally came.”

You were so confused, you had been here all this time. He must have been deeply dreaming. Your head was whirling and you couldn’t think straight. You could only focus on the jewelled beads of sweat pouring down this prince’s face, threatening to spill into his smokey eye make-up, framing the hooded cat eyes.

The boy man pulled you in harshly, making you gasp in shock. You could feel a wetness closing around the fleshy shell of your ear as sucking noises filled your surroundings. A deep, yet whispered moaning groan flooded your senses:

“Don’t you ever think about leaving me this way again…”

The man proceeded to nibble and bite down on the lobe of your ear as he gripped you increasingly tighter and tighter.

“Mmmmmm you don’t know how long I’ve waited…”

The man flipped you over as your blurred, lust cloud vision tried to make out the swirling patterns of the ceiling above. He had pinned you down, his thick thighs straddling either side of you. He tilted your chin up, staring face to face with this sinful angel. His look was challenging and cocky. He smirked and ran his tongue teasingly slowly over his bleeding bottom lip, from where he had obviously viciously bit down a little too hard.

Slowly, he began to run his large palms up and down, up and down feverishly at the sides of your body. It was slow. So, so slow. You were a shivering mess, the electricity had ignited within you, a burning fire sending tingles all over.

He placed a long finger abruptly against your lips, regaining your senses.

He bent down towards your neck……

“Shhhh, don’t tell.”

He licked a long, wet stripe up your neck and blew hot air across the large surface area. You closed your eyes, as your breathing became more rapid and irregular.

He then proceeded by pulling you into a deep and passionate kiss, It was very rough and it was as if you could feel the sexual tension burn between the two of you, sparks flying. He didn’t hold back, sucking on your fleshy bottom lip and biting down ravenously like a vampire trying to draw blood. 

It was hard to hold back your moans as he went to nibble on your collarbones, beginning to grope whatever he could get hold of, your breasts and sometimes even your ass. How could this man be as sweet as one of heaven’s angels but as devilish and horny as hell?

“Mmmmmmm you’ve been a naughty girl.” He purred seductively, his voice dripping with hunger as he chuckled smugly.

You began grasping his large, meaty thighs, kissing the inners, getting closer and closer to your prize. But a husky honey voice interrupted your actions. 

“Did daddy say you could touch? Does baby want a punishment?”

You remained silent, simply opting to bite your lip and continued to stroke this man who had been sculpted by the gods. 

“Touch without permission one more time and you’ll be in for a spanking kitten - don’t test me, you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Now, if you’re so obsessed with my thighs, why don’t you show daddy what you can do…” 

You wasted no time in stripping down to just your underwear and clambering on top of Tae’s thigh, bouncing up and down in anticipation.

You slowly started grinding smoothly over the man’s leather clad thigh back and forth, shivering from the pure pleasure it sent straight through to your core.

Your whines combined with Tae’s animalistic groaning, panting and grunting was simply orgasmic. You knew it wasn’t long until you would reach climax.

“Ugh… oh my god….. Jagiya…. p-please don’t stop angel you feel so wet, I’m so hard fu-”

That was the final straw, with a deep drawn out sigh your legs spasmed uncontrollably as you rode out your orgasm.

“Y/N, touch me…. touch me right now.”

You palmed his rock-hard cock through the material of his black skinnies before reaching into his boxers, spreading the precum before licking the head.

With just a few strokes, Tae was shooting his load over his golden chocolate abs with whispers and promises of forever, the lust still laced clearly in his voice.

The room was once again silent, only small whimpers and tiny pants reverberated around the suite.

Opening your eyes, you were met with the elusive Kim Taehyung once more. This was in no way a dream. He greeted you with a boxy smile, a faint pink blush tinting his cheeks, planting a single chaste kiss on your forehead. 

“So up for another round Y/N? I still think your spanking is in order for waking me from my beauty sleep.” Tae lowly whispered as he innocently ran his long fingers through your disheveled mess of hair.

The duality of this man…… if one thing was for certain, you knew you were in for a long night for sure……

I have sinned, and I am so so sorry. Thank you so much for reading though! I hope it didn’t suck too much! Remember my asks are open if you have any questions at all or if you want to request a BTS fic! I’d consider doing ships too! I love Jikook and Sope ♡

For other times

For fourth day: Fingers. Have fun with this one, it became suuperb long. Or longer than I originally intended. Welp, hope you’ll like it!

Simple usual magic world with Natsu’s usual sleepover at Lucy’s place. No.:  25, over 3.3k words, well as you suspect, NSFW! Be aware ;D

She sighed comfortably, half-asleep as she turned to the other side only to bump into a weird and strangely hot pillow. Suddenly, she became very aware of the tight and warm clutch holding her waist down like chains and his breathing tickling the side of her neck.

For a moment, she considered panicking.

Until the scent of campfire hit her nose and she felt her muscles relax at that instant, enjoying how his whole body hugged her form from the back. It filled up her entire being with calmness, and she unintentionally snuggled closer to him.

Why would she be nervous or afraid, maybe enraged even? It was just Natsu after all.

Her eyes popped open in realization, the dreams fading away in that very second. Wait a minute here.

What was he doing in her bed?

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I remember

(A/N): my god his face is the best 

Request: Hey Sweetheart :) I just fell in love with OUAT and thought I could request a Jefferson imagine :) Maybe where you’re his big love but dont remember him. Then he keeps you at his house and you slowly start falling for him. One night after a small fight he Ends up kissing you and you end in passionate lovemaking that night. In the morning you both wake up cuddled together and you tell him that you remember him? :) Awwww thank you so much if you write this :*            

Warnings: mentions of smut 

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

   “(Y/N), you can’t ever talk to her!” Jefferson yelled, raking a hand through his hair. “She’s dangerous!”

   “She’s hurting Jefferson! She just had her son taken away from her and now she’s having to watch him grow up with someone new, someone she doesn’t even know, do you know how hard that must be for her?”

   “Yes, I do!” Jefferson yells, tears pooling within his beautiful eyes. “I know exactly how that feels (Y/N) and that hasn’t made me some kind of monster,”

   “She’s not a monster Jefferson,” Jefferson growls, his hands permanently glued to his hair.

   “You don’t know her like I know her,”

   “Jefferson, we’ve both known her the same amount of time, there’s no way you know her any differently than anyone else-”

   “That’s not the point (Y/N)! The point is she’s dangerous, you don’t know what she can do, don’t let her get close to you because she will destroy everything and anything you love, do you understand?” To this (Y/N) falls silent, gnawing on their lip gently whereas Jefferson was anything like (Y/N)’s seemingly calm persona. He wanted to yell, to punch something or someone, he wanted to hurt Regina, he wanted to make her pay for all the pain he had ever experienced, he wanted to-

    Every thought that was flying through Jefferson’s brain immediately stopped when a sudden pair of lips push against his, nearly taking his breath away. 

   “I don’t want her to hurt you Jefferson,” (Y/N) admits quietly, their cheeks ablaze as they stare at Jefferson’s scarf. “I can’t let her hurt you,” Jefferson lets (Y/N)’s words sink in, let them fester below his skin before he realizes what they mean. 

   “You- you mean-”

   “Yes Jefferson,” (Y/N) nods, biting their lip once again. “I love you and I don’t want to lose you,” Jefferson sighs shakily as he rests his forehead against (Y/N)’s letting their lips almost touch. They loved him, they still loved him, that’s all that mattered, (Y/N) still loved him.

   “I love you too (Y/N), I love you so much, oh my god,” Jefferson tries not to cry, he really does, but as soon as (Y/N) cups his cheeks and kisses him again he loses it. The tears roll down his cheeks and he whines against (Y/N)’s lips, more than desperate to kiss them back.

   What had previously been a sweet, chaste kiss quickly turned passionate, leaving both (Y/N) and Jefferson breathless.

   “Jefferson,” (Y/N)’s voice is needy, full of hunger and passion and it leaves Jefferson watering at the mouth. “Please, I need you,” God, he hadn’t heard those words in years, decades and they still had the same damn effect on him, made him hard and aching for (Y/N).

    “You have no idea how amazing it is to hear you say that,“

    Jefferson smiled as (Y/N) curled into him, shivering slightly due to the cold of his room but now he was here to keep them warm and safe and this time he wasn’t going to let them go, he wasn’t going to lose them again.

    “You’re warm,” (Y/N) whispers as they bury their face in Jefferson’s neck, breathing in his scent deeply.

    “I know I am,” Jefferson smirks as reaches up, running his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair gently, an action they once found solace in, in a land far, far away, in a time long, long ago. (Y/N) hums at his ministrations, pushing impossibly closer to him.

   “Feels good,” (Y/N) mumbles, their words slowly but surely starting to slur together.

   “You’re tired my love,” Jefferson silently cheers because god- it’s been so long since he’s been able to call (Y/N) his love. “Go to sleep,”

   “I’m afraid I’ll wake up and this will all have been a dream,”

   “Never,” Jefferson whispers as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, letting his lips linger there before he pulls away. “I’d never let that happen,”

   “Promise me?” Jefferson sighs and nods, rubbing his cheek against (Y/N)’s head.

   “I promise.” And with that in mind (Y/N) slipped to sleep, leaving Jefferson to hope that when he woke up that this indeed wasn’t a dream, that he’d still have (Y/N) by his side and that they’d still love him.

    Jefferson awoke with a groan and a stretch, stretching his arms over his head as he moaned and groaned. The sun was streaming through the windows, making everything seem bright, too bright.

   “mhhh, (Y/N)?” Jefferson reached out to hold (Y/N) but when his hand was met with empty sheets he all but bolted upright, any trace of exhaustion and soreness wiped from his body. 

   There (Y/N) was, sitting there on his bed, the sheets wrapped around their body as they stared at the floor. Oh god- what had happened, what had he done? Did they realize they didn’t love Jefferson? Had Regina said something? What in bloody hell had happened?

   “Jefferson?” (Y/N) looks at Jefferson, their eyebrows furrowed and lips parted. “Oh my god Jefferson,” They cling to him, wrapping their arms and legs around him like some kind of koala. “I remember it, I remember you and wonderland, I remember Regina and Grace and- and-” (Y/N) sobs against Jefferson, clinging to him tighter than they had before.

   Honestly Jefferson was stunned, he hadn’t ever expected anyone to break the curse and now suddenly (Y/N) was remembering everything? He knew it was strange and would probably need some investigation but for now he simply held (Y/N), kissed them softly, told them that everything was okay, that they were going to be okay.

   He had his (Y/N) back and that’s all the mattered to him.