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Decisions decisions… so many to make.

Had quite a bit of fun trying to take more time to make the audio edits sound nice, overall I really liked the comic, so it was fun making a dub of it.
The comic was this one right…..


Which was made by the talented @spatziline​, so thanks for making cool stuff!

That’s right, no one is safe from my voice, haha!

Anyway, thanks for watching!

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Portal Bonus Video - Wheatley Voiceover

As the cap to the 10+ hours day of rehearsal, I stepped inside a walk-in-closet-turned-recording-booth to record Wheatley’s lines where he taunts Chell just before the boss fight. Our stage manager, Ryan, filmed some of this work in progress while Patrick handled the recording!

I believe this is the third and best take we did of all the lines.



I’ve been waiting since March to see your name in the descriptions as a guest star

PS: Now I need Brendon Urie, just that and I can feel complete fo the rest of my life goddammit

anonymous asked:

What is the main difference between ONE and the anime series in relationship of Genos and Saitama? Very curious but haven't read much of it so far. <3

This is hilarious because I’m actually a FAKE FAN!! and haven’t read ONE’s comic and I haven’t even read much of Murata’s manga version either lmao. But what I can guess from the comic is that, Murata’s version of the original webcomic - and also the anime itself - has added a LOT more cute Saitama & Genos moments? Especially with the OVA episodes which I think are some things that aren’t even in the original story at all. Like, Murata has drawn them going to the beach together:

(people say Saitama and Genos are in this picture but I’ve never seen them… is it hot in here? *wipes sweat*)

They’ve had hotpot together (They were barely in this OVA except for this part and just them eating dinner together had the entire Genosai fandom screaming. I MEAN, CAN YOU BLAME US;, LOOK AT HIS BLUSHU FACE!! THAT IS. A. HAPPY!!!! EGG!!

and there’s also the amazing audio drama(s) where Saitama took Genos to a festival because he wanted Genos to have fun, like a kid his age should be doing, and I cry a lot

+ The festival has official art

So yeah, my understanding of Shino-senpai’s comic is that ONE Genos is totally overwhelmed by how caring/friendly/loving?? Saitama is in the anime/manga because in the original webcomic, this stuff doesn’t happen.

Haha, which makes me realize that every time OPM is recreated on another level of media (i.e. redrawn by Murata for the manga, made into the anime, audio dramas, dubbed into English (by voice actors who HELLA ship Genos/Saitama lmao) Saitama and Genos get a little bit shippier and the fans get more service (♥ヮ♥)

I get the impression that in ONE’s comic, Saitama probably comes off more oblivious/aloof/detached/uncaring than in the anime (and he can be kind of a low-key jerk in the anime too imo). But someone else who’s ACTUALLY READ THE THING would have to chime in with their Educated Opinion.