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oho-bokuto  asked:

For the song ask thingy,, B and D please!

Jaehee: Hello, Bokuto! Hmm…two at once…a song to listen to before we go to sleep, and a song that reminds me of a fictional character…

MC: W-wow…we got a tall order, huh?

Jaehee: We’ve dealt with worse at the cafe, hon. ^^ So, for the song to listen to before we sleep…hmm…”You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up,) by Josh Groban. I swear, he has an angelic voice…*becomes flustered* N-not to say that Zen’s voice isn’t an angel, because i-it is…but, Josh has…that pure sound to his singing…

MC: Awww, babe…after all this time, you’re still fangirling over Zen…though, I’m not one to judge. Zen’s voice is hot! ^^

Jaehee: (glares)

MC: …!!! B-but, not as hot as your voice, babe! I love your singing!

Jaehee: You…haven’t even heard me sing…

MC: ^^;;;;; b-but, if you did…it would be better than Zen…

Jaehee: (sighs) What song would you pick?

MC: One who’s voice is almost as pure as Josh’s: Darren Hayes. ^^

Jaehee: Who’s that? (tilts her head)

MC: He was the lead singer of Savage Garden. When he went solo, he released a song called “So Beautiful.” I listen to this song at times, when you have already went to sleep…and…(blushes) I…watch you sleep. It calms me, especially with that song, because…well, you’re so beautiful. <3

Jaehee: …awwwwwww, Cream…(cries, smiling)

MC: (giggles) W-well…we still have to talk about songs that remind us of fictional characters.

Jaehee: (wipes away her tears) O-oh, yeah…hmm…”Stolen,” by Dashboard Confessional. That song actually reminds me of, and yes, I’ll say it, Victor. From Yuri on Ice. The main thing about this song is of finding love during the summer time (though, honestly, I don’t remember what season it is during YoI. ^^) As well as the part “watch you spin around in your highest heels.” I think…of ice skates…of Victor watching Yuri move on the ice, on his “highest heels.”

MC: That…that’s beautiful, Cookie…I’m going to go down a darker route, and say “Blank Space,” by Taylor Swift. The fictional character: Light Yagami. I mean…listen to the song…especially the chorus. She got a blank space, and she will write your name. Sounds familiar, huh? XD

Jaehee: …that was dark…but, kind of funny. ^^;;

Admin FW: Well, that took longer than usual…for my picks (starting with Songs to Listen to Before I Sleep) I will go with “Adam’s Song,” by Blink-182 (I played that song on repeat one night, and the next day, I was confronted by my parents, telling me to never listen to that song again) and for Songs that Remind me of a Fictional Character, it will be “Yatta!” by the Leaf Troop…and it reminds me of Sinbad, from Magi…