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maevellakunoichi  asked:

Pls make a sequel to your Jikook/Romeo and Juliet au. It's so cute~ but only if you have time ^^

Title: Oh, Romeo, why do you have to be…?
BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Uhm… cross-dressing?
Word Count:
1 668
Romeo and Juliet + Jikook = a high school AU inspired by this.
Also, it’s a sequel to this.

Author’s Note:
Thank you so sooo much for the request, cutie!!! o(>ω<)o <3 I hope you’ll like the second part. ^^

Part 3

The long, red dress is uncomfortably tight and taut. Jungkook can’t breathe properly and the wig is too warm on his head. Drops of sweat roll down on his forehead as one girl from the theater club continues putting on his make-up. Jungkook never felt this terrible in his whole short life – but it’s not because he has to dress up like that or wear make-up. No, it’s because in ten minutes he has to stand on a stage in front of a hundred people, and has to act like Juliet.
The thought about hundreds of watching eyes makes the knots in his hollowing stomach squeeze and there is a sinking feeling in his chest. His whole body shudders and his fingers are cold as ice.

“Hey, Juliet~” Jimin steps beside the younger. “Are you okay?” He giggles, and Jungkook can feel warmth pooling in his belly and his cheeks are burning. Park Jimin is talking to him. And touching him. And he freaking giggles on that sweet voice of his.

Jungkook is far from ‘okay’ and Jimin’s warm hand on his shoulder doesn’t help at all.

“Uh… I–“ He says intelligently, his tongue seems tied in Park Jimin’s presence and because of the thought of acting on stage.

 “Are you nervous?” Jimin flashes his dazzling smile at him and Jungkook feels like fainting. Oh, no, he is not nervous. He is horrified because he supposed to play Juliet – Park Jimin’s Juliet – but he can’t even spit out a coherent sentence in front of the older boy.

“Don’t be. Relax, I know that you remember all of Juliet’s lines. You’ll be gorgeous, Jungkookie.”

Park Jimin called him ‘Jungkookie’. Park Jimin gave him a nickname. Park Jimin knows his damn name.
Jungkook feels like squealing and throwing up at the same time.

“Uh, I… I try to relax b-but it’s quite hard because I don’t like if others are watching m-me.” He stutters while avoiding Jimin’s gaze. Gosh, his eyes are so dark and pretty!

“And you still are in the theater club?” Jimin chuckles softly.

“Y-yeah, but only because Taehyung forced me! And I was the prompter, I never thought that I has to go on the stage!” Jungkook defends himself. Yes, it’s all Taehyung’s fault. He stayed in this club because Taehyung forced him, yeah. Not because Jimin is in it as well – nope, that would be ridiculous.

“Look, Jungkookie. Try to speak loudly and confidently. If you screw up or forget your lines, be spontaneous. I bet most of the parents don’t know the text of Romeo and Juliet by heart, so they won’t notice if you change the lines a little bit.

“But the supervisor will be upse–”

“Don’t worry, nobody will be angry at you because we all know that you’re doing your best, and you are our performance’s savior. The only person we are angry at is Joohyun-ssi for informing us about her sickness too late. Okay? Concentrate on me and only me, Jungkookie. Don’t give a damn about the audience, they are all parents who came to see only their child, anyway. They don’t really care about the other kids.”

“And your parents? You don’t care if I screw up the play where you are the main character?”

“My parents are working, so they are not here.” Jimin replies with a wide, bright grin as if there were nothing wrong with this.

Jungkook wonders, what else Jimin is hiding behind his beautiful, carefree smiles.

“And what if the parents will be pissed off because I’m a boy? What if they’ll find weird that a boy plays Juliet and there are kiss scenes an–“

“You are as gorgeous as a girl, okay? If they’ll be pissed off because of that, they better check up how things were in ancient Greece.”

Jungkook stares at him incredulously. It’s definitely the worst day of his life but Park Jimin comforts him and it’s almost unbelievable, and makes the situation a little bit better.

“Oh, it begins.” Jimin nods when Seokjin-ssi gives them a thumbs-up. “Get ready, Jungkookie, and don’t worry about the kiss scenes – you’ll enjoy them, I promise.” He singsongs and turns away with a wink before Jungkook could even react.

Jungkook’s entire body tingles as he tries to comprehend Jimin’s words.

What…? Wait, what? And he should be relaxed after this?!

The play is going quite well. Jungkook recites his lines on a high-pitched voice and like a robot – with poker face and zero gestures –, he doesn’t even blink while talking. He tries to focus on a fix point over the audience and remember all of his lines correctly. Jimin does the acting instead of him, as awesomely as always.

Everything goes pretty well – until the balcony scene.

“I trust your words. Just call me your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will never be Romeo again.” Jimin says and Jungkook can feel as his face turns completely red. Park Jimin asks him to ‘call him his love’, oh sweet heavens…

“W-who are you? Wh-uh… Why do you hide in the darkness and listen to my private thoughts?” He stutters on a broken voice, face flustered under the make-up.

Jimin smiles sweetly and continues the acting. Jungkook tries not to tremble in pleasure too obviously every time Jimin calls him ‘dear saint’ or ‘angel’.

“Don’t swear at all. But if you have to swear, swear by your wonderful self, which is the god I worship like an idol, and then I’ll believe you.“ Jungkook says and this is the second time when his tone is not monotone. This line comes right from his heart, because he finds Jimin nothing but absolutely wonderful.

Jimin somehow manages to not laugh at the fidgeting and painfully embarrassed Jungkook. He is a very good actor, after all.

The play goes on and Jungkook starts almost enjoying it. He stares at how splendid Jimin looks in the spotlight, how plump his lips seem, and how sparkling his eyes are. His mind is empty and full of Jimin at the same time and he has to blink a several times when Jimin nudges him a little. “Your turn.” The older boy whispers.

“Uh…” Oh God, which line he is supposed to say? He doesn’t remember where they are in the script. “Uhh…”

Jungkook starts to panic and suddenly is very aware of the pressure of those hundred eyes on him.

“You wanted to wish me a good night, right, my Juliet?” Jimin helps him and Jungkook nods thankfully.

“My sweet, so do I. But I would kill you by petting you too much. Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I’ll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow.“ He says, it’s still so weird to call Park Jimin ‘his sweet’ but the way the pet-name rolls off his tongue feels like honey.

“I hope you sleep peacefully. I wish I were Sleep and Peace, so I could spend the night with you.“

That’s it, one line and the balcony scene will finally end. Jungkook feels relieved and sighs, waiting for Jimin to finish his verse.

Now I’ll go see my priest, to ask for his help and tell him about my good luck. But before that, I want to ask you something, my adorable Juliet. I would be honored if you would attend the winter prom with me as my date.”

Jungkook’s whole body gets stiff and his mind freezes. This is not in the script, he wants to scream. But slowly, the words sink in and he stares blankly at Jimin.

Park Jimin looks worried. He looks like he is waiting for something. It can be…?

“My love, what is your answer?” Jimin asks urgently and Jungkook can’t believe his ears, because there is concern in his voice. Park Jimin asked him out in the middle of the goddamn Romeo and Juliet, and honestly wants to know his reply.

“Ohmygod, yes.” He breathes and Jimin’s whole face starts beaming.

“Great.” He giggles and closes the distance between them. Jungkook’s every sense fill up with Jimin; he can feel the scent of deodorant and sweat and peach, can feel as chubby fingertips are dancing on the skin of his neck, and can feel Jimin’s mouth on his own. It’s hot and wet and tastes like strawberry and mint – it feels like how Jungkook imagined heaven.

Jimin moves away too early, and caresses his jawline with his thumb. Jungkook swims in those deep brown eyes of the older boy and only realizes what is going on, when the audience starts clapping.

Park Jimin kissed him. Park Jimin kissed him. Park Jimin freaking kissed him, on a stage before hundreds of parents and the members of the theater club. That’s it. That’s the point where Jungkook gives up and simply flees from the stage.

Behind the scenes, he catches a glimpse of Bae Joohyun, the girl who is originally the actress of Juliet. She wears a dress similar to Jungkook’s and her face is pale but she smiles while explaining something to Seokjin.

“I took some medicines, so now I’ll be able to act by the end of the performance.” She says, voice hoarse but audible.

After their scene, Jimin and Taehyung walks behind the stage.

“Where is Jungkook?” Jimin asks. He was not able to talk with the younger since their kiss.

“He locked himself in the toilet.” Seokjin-ssi informs them with an amused look. “I think he is waiting for you to clarify a thing or two, Jimin-ah.”

“You’ve gone too far, don’t you think?” Taehyung frowns at him.

“Why?” Jimin blinks at Taehyung innocently. “I just took advantage of the situation.”

“You are the worst. Couldn’t you do this properly? Like, telling Jungkook that you find him adorable and asking him out not in front of half the school?”

“Oh, c’mon!” Jimin smirks. “That’s boring, Tae.”

Taehyung can’t do anything but just rolling his eyes – again.