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Part One: Awake

I was super in love with this prompt, and then it tried to kudzu its way out of my hands so that was a thing. So now it’s kind of… divided into 3 parts? Because this thing would’ve never seen the light of day due to me obsessively picking at it and going back instead of moving forward. By chopping it up it’s… somehow a lot easier to move forward. 

This will ideally eventually feature some of my headcanons about the fall of Overwatch, slightly modified to apply better to this particular fic B) Also mildly canon-divergent in regards to Mercy’s position and role in the story/organization, shh, don’t worry I promise I kind of know what I’m doing



“The Iceland labs have gone dark, sir.”

Jack stood slowly from his desk, eyes slowly narrowing as the words sunk in, sent the gears in his head turning.

“What do you mean they’ve gone dark?”

Lab goes quiet, lights out, alarmed yelling, the first round of a firearm cracking into the darkness.

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I wasn’t going to voice out my concerns on this topic but the more I read about it the more my blood boils.

First things first, I’ve listened to the supposed audios where Donghyuk speaks to his “girlfriend”, and there’s some things that I’d like to clarify about that.

Firstly​, if you’ve listened to those audios, you can agree with me that: 1. That’s not Donghyuk’s voice (it is, however, true that it’s a similar voice tone), 2. The audio is obviously edited, as the girls voice is extremely high pitched for a human being (of course she could have modified her voice but then what’s the point on claiming to be his girlfriend if you don’t want people to know who you are) and 3. The app which was used to record those audios, a screen recording app, does not allow the recording of internal audio (it records only audio coming from the phone’s mic. I know this as a fact, as I use the same app).

Now, let’s all think about this a little bit. Do you think that Donghyuk, a 16 year old rookie, would immerse himself on such a thing as a relationship, knowing that it would do him nor the other members any well? No. You all see him as a carefree, sassy and savage boy, when in fact he’s, probably, the most thoughtful one. He’s worried about everything, he, himself, has said it. He’s doubtful of himself and this, this is what he’s receiving, hate, shit thrown at him. Because of the stupid rumour that some incoherent asshole decided to start now he’s lost most of his fansites, which I honestly think that will end up being a good thing, as if they don’t stick with him during his down times they can’t be considered nothing but fake stans. Not only has he lost fansites but fans, which, once again, if they don’t stick with him, they’re not true stans.

A true stan is someone who supports the idol, no matter what happens; you can’t just unstan someone because of rumours. Allow me to put an example: If there were rumours that your best friend did something, it’s up to your minds what, that you don’t find correct, would you just abandon them without even giving them the slightest chance to explain themselves? If your answer is yes, then I’m sorry but you’re absolutely trash. Now, would you like that being done to you? Being abandoned without being able to explain yourself? No, right? Of course you wouldn’t like that, you’d feel bad, sad. Well, how do you think that Donghyuk feels seeing all the bullshit that’s been going on? Do you think that because he’s an idol he doesn’t have feelings? Do you think that this is what he deserves? If your answer is yes, I would like you to please go to my profile and press the unfollow button, I don’t want poisonous snakes on my account.

I don’t care what people says, I’ll stick by Donghyuk’s side no matter what, and I hope you’ll do the same. He doesn’t deserve any of this, and because most of you think that it’s better to just go with the flow and jump to conclusions and burst into accusations against someone without thinking about the possible consequences, it’s possible that the cheerful boy that we know, wont be as cheerful now. I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re happy for ruining a 16 year old’s life when the only thing he’s done is give and try to pursue his dreams.

Home - Arkham!Jason x Reader

A/N: AAAAAHHHH Beauty and the Beast comes out this week so I’m celebrating it the only way I know how: by making an angsty songfic. So this one is based off the Broadway version’s ‘Home’. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs from all the iterations of Beauty and the Beast!

Word count: 1,737

You’re an idiot of the absolute worst kind.

The city had been evacuated and you were just about to get on the very last bus out of the city when you realized you had left all of your father’s research back at your apartment. Your father urged you to forget about it, that it wasn’t important but you ran off anyway before he could stop you. That research was important, he had been working on it your entire childhood and you just knew that it would change the world one day. You couldn’t just sit by and chance it being destroyed along with the city.

So you ran back into the city, knowing fully well that there would be no more evacuation buses headed out of the city and there was a possibility that you might die. You dad tried to stop you as did the officers guarding the buses but you easily slipped past them. You father tried going after you but the officers were successful in stopping him.

‘Don’t worry dad. We’ve lived in Gotham for over twenty years, I’m sure I can find a way to survive this new level of hell.’

You quickly travel back to your apartment and shuffle through the papers at your father’s desk before stuffing them, along with his numerous notebooks into your backpack. When you thought you had everything that you could possibly ever miss you left your apartment and locked the door behind you. Tightly clutching the straps of your backpack you cautiously made your way to the GCPD building. You figured that would be the safest place for you given the circumstances.

The city is in a worse state than you thought. Criminals run rampant, raiding unsecured stores and breaking into any abandoned cars left of the street. The city is empty so the city’s worms came out to feast on Gotham’s corpse.You kept your head down and tried to avoid drawing any attention to yourself. But of course you couldn’t be that lucky. A group of thugs spotted you and started following you, calling catcalls at you as they stalked behind you. Your heart started racing as you began to quicken your pace. You need to get to the police station now.

You were less than a block from the GCPD building when the thugs roughly grabbed you by the arm and shoved you against the brick wall of a building.

“Pretty and dumb. Just my type.” One of them purred in your ear. You felt like vomiting at the way they were leering at you. One of the thugs reached up and attempted to grab hold of your face but you responded by biting down on his hand. He howled in pain and whipped his gun out, pressing it against your temple.

“Fucking bitch! Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t pump your head full of lead. Gotham’s lawless now sweetheart, no one’s going to care if one bitch drops dead.” He growled, cocking the gun, fully prepared to pull the trigger. You clenched your eyes closed so that you wouldn’t see the shot coming. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a nearby gunshot ring out but you slowly opened your eyes when you realized the shot didn’t come from the gun pressed to your head. You relief was short lived however when you saw that your attacker now had a fresh bullet hole through his temple, his expression now blank and lifeless.

You screamed in fright and shoved the corpse away from you. The body hit the pavement with a hard thud. The other attackers ran off as soon as the shot had rang out but now you were trying to run away as well. Your body ran smack into the assassin, his hands reaching out to take hold of your arms. You let out another scream which he instantly covered with his large hand.

“Do you want to get shot?” He growled through the modified voice his helmet was omitting. With tears streaming down your cheeks you shook your head fearfully. Suddenly, a car speed down the road and squealed to a stop in front of you.

“Get in.” Your new captor demanded. You were hesitant to follow his orders but at the same time you very much wanted to survive tonight. When you were seated in the car he tied a blindfold over your eyes and instructed the driver to go.

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, your voice quivering with fear. The car was silent except for the occasional chatter of the radio in the front seat. Your captor sighed and shifted forward in the seat.

“I’m taking you somewhere safe. Gotham is about to turn into a giant shit show.”

“Please. I just want to go home.” You pleaded.

“Believe me, this is the safest place in Gotham. Nothing bad will happen to you.” He swore. The car drove on in heavy silence until you eventually felt it come to a stop.

“I’m going to pick you up now. I’m not going to hurt you.” He warned before taking you into his arms and lifting you off the seat. He walked with you in his arms for a ways before he set you back on your feet, keeping a firm hand on your shoulder as if to say ‘don’t fucking run’. You hear the click of a lock and he guides you through the doorway before closing the door behind him. He steps behind you and removes the blindfold from your eyes.

You blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to taking in light again. You were surprised to find that the place he took you to looked like a cozy apartment other than the fact that there were no windows. All the light in the apartment-like bunker came from artificial light sources.

You turned to him, finally getting a good look at him for the first time. He was tall and muscular but that’s about all that you could tell about him because covering his face was a smooth that glowed blue. His whole appearance seemed soldier like and his whole appearance screamed power and control.

“Please let me go. I won’t tell anybody about any of this I swear.” You pleaded once more. Everything about this man frightened you to the bone. How the hell did you get yourself into this mess?

“This is for your own safety. You’ll be safe here for now.” He repeated. “If you need anything there are guards just outside the door.”

“Please I-” You started to argue

“You’re staying here. It won’t be safe out there for you tonight. This is your home for now.” He leaves slamming the door behind him. You rush to the door and turned the handle to find it locked from the outside.

“Let me go! Please!” You cried pounding at the door only to be met with silence. When you realized that you would be getting no help from anyone, you hung your head in your hands and slid down the door. You brought your knees up to your chin and began sobbing. You felt so hopeless and terrified. You just wanted to go home.

When you had no more tears to shed you pushed yourself onto your feet and aimlessly explored what would be your new home. You couldn’t help but to bitterly scoff at the thought. Home? How could you ever consider a place like this home?

Sighing, you walked into what would best be described as a living room and found the remote to the TV, your only line to the outside world. You changed it to the news channel only to see coverage of the carnage that was plaguing the city right now. You supposed your captor was right. There was no way you’d be able to survive up there now. If only for your survival for your father’s sake, this was the best place for you to stay.

Not that you really had a choice in the matter anyway.

Your blood boiled when the news coverage turned to who was behind all this. A photo taken from a blurry security camera was blown up on the screen. On figure was clearly the Scarecrow, the other unknown accomplice at his side was currently being debated by the commentators but you knew that striking figure from anywhere. This man who was plotting to take over the city was the same man who seemed to care enough about your safety to hide you away wherever this place was.

You felt sick to your stomach. Sick that a monster like him showed you some level of consideration, sick that this man had so much power over you and the city, sick that you were powerless to stop any of this. All you could do was sit here, locked away, and watch the horror unfold.

Savior or not, you could never forgive him for what he was doing to your city. If he thinks that sparing you from what he had planned made everything right he needs to think again.

You got to your feet and threw the remote down on the couch behind you. You had to find a way out of here and soon. You started searching the bunker for any way out. The apartment was flawless and had no clear way out other than the front door. The door was clearly not an option seeing as how the Arkham Knight’s men would be standing guard. There is no escape.

You felt a chill strike though your heart. You don’t deserve to lose your freedom in this way but you could see no way out. What you’d give to return to the life that you’ve known lately to escape this entire nightmare and just be back home at your family’s side.

But you can’t. You are at the complete mercy of this monster shut away from the world until who knows when. If you’re here for a day or forever you will never stop trying to escape. He’ll have to build higher walls around you, post an army at your door, change every lock and key before you’d ever stop trying to escape the Arkham Knight.

Shut up. (Cassian Andor x reader)

anon requested:

I just watched rogue one and I need an 2, 11, and 34 with cassian x fem!reader where he’s recruiting a smuggler (like han solo) so she could be a rebellion pilot and after a few months working together their relationship progresses which leads to some romance pretty please :) thanks!

2. “I’m going to pretend like that never happened.”

11. “Well ‘agent/captain/(title)’ if that’s even your real name”

34. “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness”


Maz’s castle is (Y/n)’s favorite place to be. She offered good advice and there were endless job possibilities. (Y/n) usually smuggled stuff for people and she was popular in the business. She and Han Solo were the best people anyone could get to transport their illegal goods, but the difference is she usually worked alone. It gets the job done easier. (Y/n) never understood why anyone would want a wookie as a co-pilot.

(Y/n) sat on the bar of Maz’s palace and ordered a drink. Today, the castle was not as crowded as usual. She could see Maz in the crowd, enjoying the music performers.

Maz had been running this place for more that a thousand years, and (Y/n) had no doubt that she would run it for a thousand more.

Sipping on her drink, she was greeted by an odd sight. A man in brown leather jacket sitting next to her, accompanied by an imperial droid.


If the empire was here, she must’ve done something to upset them.

“I assume that Corellian ship parked in front is yours,” said the man, and he said these words with a thick accent, but (Y/n) could not make out where in the galaxy did the accent come from, “It’s a nice ship.”

“Thanks,” (Y/n) replied, surprised at how calm her voice sounded, “It’s a modified VCX-100 light freighter.”

The man nodded lightly.

After a few moments of silence, (Y/n) decided to calmly get out of her seat, but that plan backfired the moment she set it in motion.

“The captain said you must not go anywhere,” the imperial droid said, trying to push her back, but she stood her ground.

The man in the brown leather jacket stood up and faced her. He had a grim look on his face. “(Y/n) (L/n), I’m captain Cassian Andor. I’m with the rebellion.”

They know her name. Of course they do, thought (Y/n), They have probably been watching her every move since the last few weeks, if not months.

“Well captain, if that’s even your real name,” (Y/n) teased, trying to get under his skin. “I have a hard time believing that you’re a rebel.” she glanced at the imperial droid, who looked offended, but then she looked back at Cassian.

However, the one who responded was the droid.

“Excuse you, I am not who you think you are. I am Kay-tuesso. I am a reprogrammed imperial droid.”

(Y/n) shrugged wordlessly and looked at Cassian. He was a fairly good-looking man, with dark brown eyes that seems like a void. She crossed her arms at him.

“What do you want?” she asked. Cassian moved closer and said in a low voice, “I hear you’re a smuggler.”

(Y/n) sighed at what he said. “I know what you want. Absolutely not,” she stated. “I am not transporting illegal goods for the rebellion. Han Solo will do it, if you can offer the right price. Me? I am not smuggling anything for the rebellion.”

“No,” he agreed, “You are not.”

(Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows inquisitively. “Why do you want from me then?”

“I came to recruit you,” he said, a smirk playing on his face, “They say you’re a pretty good pilot.”

(Y/n) smiled at the mention of this but the smile disappeared as fast as it had came, “I am not joining the rebellion. Absolutely not.”

Cassian frowned, “Why not?”

“Because I’m wanted by the republic.”

“All your criminal records will be cleared if you accept this offer,” said Kay-tuesso, which had won (Y/n)’s attention, “Which of course includes smuggling illegal substances, the release of bioweapons, unauthorized blaster use-”

“That’s enough, Kaytoo,” Cassian said sternly.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes. She glanced at the droid. “You had me and you lost me.”

Cassian glared at Kaytoo, and the droid responded, “What? I was just listing her records.”

“Don’t you want redemption?” Cassian asked, and his patience wouldn’t last very long.

(Y/n) sneered at him. “I don’t want redemption because I have done nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kaytoo asked, “should I repeat your criminal records?”

“No, thank you,” said (Y/n) said shortly.

Cassian crossed his arms across his chest, “The rebellion could use a pilot like you.”

(Y/n) stood on her tip-toes so she could see Cassian eye-to-eye, “How do I know you’re not lying? That you’re not just going to arrest me once we get there?”

“You don’t,” replied Cassian, “you just have to trust us.”

(Y/n) considered making a run for it, but that wouldn’t do her any good. She has got nothing to lose anyway.

“Alright then,” said (Y/n), “When do we start?”


six months later

(Y/n) opened every cabinet in Cassian’s ship, and she just couldn’t find it.

“What are you looking for?” asked a familiar robotic voice from behind her.

“Hydrazine,” replied (Y/n) shortly. Kaytoo reached out to the compartment above (Y/n) and threw her a metal tube filled with explosives.

“I do not think being in a relationship with the captain brings a benefit to either of you,” Kaytoo mentioned, turning its back on (Y/n)

The girl rolled her eyes, “I am not in a relationship with Cassian.”

Kaytoo did not notice her words, if it did, the droid didn’t care.

“I suppose I could tolerate you,” shrugged Kaytoo.

“Wow,” said (Y/n) with exaggerated amazement, “That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. ever.”  

“Ha ha,” said Kaytoo with a sarcastic tone.

Kay was a weirdly annoying droid, but (Y/n) had gotten used to it by now.

When Kaytoo stepped out of the ship, a certain captain walked in. He leaned against a compartment as he looked at (Y/n) who was packing flammable fuel cells in her backpack.

“Hydrazine, huh?” he asked, “What do you need it for?”

(Y/n) smirked. “To make things go boom.”

Cassian chuckled, kneeling at the same height of (Y/n), helping her pack her bags. (Y/n)  looked into his eyes. She always thought of brown eyes as boring, but Cassian’s were different. The dark tone of his pupils often turn into a warm and comforting shade of gold.

“You know,” started (Y/n), “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness that day,” she teased, smacking his arm playfully.

“So, I’m charming?” he smiled mischievously.

“Shut up.”

For a moment, they maintained eye contact with each other. (Y/n) found herself studying the captain’s facial features. There was a scar below his lower lip. Funny she never noticed it. For a fleeting moment she wondered how he got it.

She noticed that Cassian’s breathing was uneven and that his palms were sweaty. What could he probably be so nervous about?

Without a warning, Cassian crashed his rough lips against (Y/n)’s.


That’s why.

The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. (Y/n)’s eyes closed instinctively. Her once-tense hands made its way to Cassian’s sides, wrapping around it, while Cassian’s hand cupped her cheeks tenderly, glad that (Y/n) melted to the kiss as quickly as he had.

Cassian tasted like fuel, and it was one hell of an addicting taste. (Y/n) found herself wanting more, pushing herself forward so she could explore the taste further.

While (Y/n) preferred tidy yet soft kisses, it was clear Cassian’s style was a little wetter. She gasped when Cassian’ s tongue entered her mouth, but she hummed in satisfaction when their tongues were tangled like vines. 

Countless engines of spaceships roared around them, but they were to astonished to notice anything besides each other. Even the presence of a former imperial droid went unnoticed.

Cassian tilted his head slightly, brushing the tip of his nose on (Y/n)’s rosy cheek, making her chuckle a little.

“I’m going to pretend like that never happened,” said Kaytoo from the entrance of the space ship.

Cassian and (Y/n) yelped in shock as they pulled away.

(Y/n) rolled her eye at the reprogrammed imperial droid, “Shut up.”



Dan Stevens on the "Terrifying" Pressure of 'Beauty and the Beast'
The 'Legion' star and former 'Downton Abbey' heartthrob on taking on one of Disney's most famous princes.


In case you didn’t notice, Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake is currently the biggest movie in the world, having smashed five box-office records during its opening weekend alone. You can thank Dan Stevens in part for the film’s massive success; the Downton Abbey alum took on arguably the movie’s most challenging role, bringing the lovelorn, misunderstood Beast to life through a motion-capture suit and prosthetics. It’s a stark departure from his starring turn as X-Men mutant David Haller in FX’s new smash-hit series Legion, which received its Season 2 order last week. “To get to explore fantastical realms has always been a dream of mine, so long may it continue,” Stevens says of his current penchant for less-than-human roles. Below, the actor opens up about the “extreme excitement and mild terror” of taking on one of Disney’s most iconic roles, creating the voice of the Beast and developing his back story.

He admits he was “terrified” when he was cast in the role.

“It was a mixture of extreme excitement and mild terror. It’s a huge honor to be asked to play an iconic role like this. It’s a privilege. I guess the biggest responsibility I felt was to my childhood self, really, who loved this fairytale, loved fairytales in general, and loved the animated film. Then it was to my own kids. I tried not to think about all the millions of other kids that would be seeing it. Just my own, and thinking about the ways in which they enjoy the book when we read it to them, and the things in the animated film that made them laugh, and trying to retain those things.”

There were several moments throughout the filmmaking process where he questioned if he’d be able to pull off a convincing Beast.

“That question was going on throughout pre-production, really. We were exploring a couple of different ways that we might [create the Beast], so I was exploring prosthetic options, and the muscle suit was being constructed for the mass and hulk of the Beast, so I was getting to explore moving around with that on. The stilts were being modified almost daily. We’d have a meeting in the morning with a team of engineers and the choreographers, and we’d try and modify these things so I could waltz in them effectively. It wasn’t so comfortable, but definitely in a way that wasn’t going to completely cripple me. With the dance training, getting those steps down, but then getting them down in the stilts… Every day I woke up thinking, "How are we going to do this?” I continued to probably think that throughout the post[-production] process as well. The first cut of the film, the first rough assembly that Bill showed me of the movie—which was gorgeous, by the way—had me still in my Lycra suit. There was no CGI rendered at all, so the performance was there, but I had to just draw on untold resources of imagination to believe and will the Beast into being.“

Besides the Beast’s appearance, very little in the film actually used a green screen—which helped Stevens and the rest of the cast make the world of Beauty and the Beast believable.

What [director] Bill [Condon] really wanted, from the very beginning, was in order to have a world in which you have these fantastical beasts that we’re creating using technology, everything else had to feel and look real. There wasn’t a lot of green screen. The costumes and the props, and Sarah Greenwood’s production design, were intentionally practical and gorgeous. The ballroom was 360 degrees of gorgeousness. It was vast, and that area of the castle, going from the terrace outside the ballroom, through the ballroom into the hallway, around by the fireside and in through to the kitchen and the dining room, that was all one giant set. It was two massive hangars worth of set, and it would take about five minutes to walk through from one end to the other. In that sense, it felt about as real as it could. I would lumber in in this giant, gray motion capture muscle suit and feel pretty monstrous.”

Stevens’s voice wasn’t really modified to play the Beast.

“That was actually my voice. I guess they work up the bass a little bit, but no, it was something that came out of a prosthetic exploration. They made these incredible fangs for me, so I could go away and wear those for a few hours a day and figure out how he was going to talk. I started looking at how the very vain character that you see in the beginning of the movie would try and hide these fangs when he’s been cursed with these monstrous teeth. He ends up with a kind of downturned mouth, but he can still talk out of the front of his mouth and hide the fangs. On top of which, he’s a very grumpy man. He’s been stuck in this lonely tower for ten years. It’s sort of this downturned mouth thing that probably stretched the larynx, and I thought, that’s interesting. I could pursue that and have him talk more out of the bottom of his mouth, and this incredibly grumpy, dry character started to emerge.”

He did his own singing, too.

“I had an incredible voice coach. First of all, my wife, who coached me for the audition, and Ann-Marie Speed, who teaches at the Royal Academy of Music in London. [She] really got me to engage with the musculature of the voice in the same way that I was engaging my body physically to puppeteer the Beast, and to dance and do all the physical prep. [She helped me] get to grips with my voice in a new way, both to speak as the Beast, but also sing as the Beast.”

He hopes audiences pick up on the subtle changes that set the new movie apart from the original.

“You see a little bit of the Prince’s back story. You see the kind of parties he used to hold before he was cursed, and telling a bit of his back story through dance. This kind of speed-waltzing that we see at the beginning, where he’s dancing with 60 princesses—he doesn’t particularly connect to any of them.

And then obviously you’ve got that lovely celebration at the end, winter turning to spring—I think that was a new verse. They discovered some of Howard Ashman’s notes or some of Howard and Alan [Menken]’s notes, and they discovered a new verse that hadn’t been used in the original Beauty and the Beast song. I’m going to get it wildly wrong now, but I think it’s "Winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast. Nature points the way, nothing left to say. Beauty and the Beast.” That’s not in the original. It’s still the same beautiful tune, but I guess it’s telling of the whole story, really, that it’s the same tune, the same melodies, but sung in a slightly different way, which make [the songs] classics, which make them timeless. It is also a lovely verse. It’s a lovely sentiment to go out on.“

Hello! Got an announcement to make for a friend for a Doctor Who fanfiction project that we’re all very excited about.

“Attention all!  We’re looking for volunteers to take part in a fan-produced Twelfth Doctor audio adventure. This is entirely voluntary, however, we’re hoping that this project will have a fairly respectable amount of listeners when it eventually materialises – it’ll be a great opportunity for various fans and aspiring actors and actresses to come together and produce a love letter to what’s been an amazing era of Doctor Who.

Cast-wise, we’re currently looking for:

  • A Peter Capaldi voice impersonator (if you’re Scottish you may get some preferential treatment, but we’re considering all submissions very carefully) – leading role
  • Two female voice actors, both either Irish or able to put on a convincing Irish accent (not a Northern Irish accent, though!) – one a leading role and one a major but slightly less significant one (yes, you can specify)
  • A female voice actor, any age/accent welcome – main antagonist
  • A female voice actor, any age/accent welcome – minor role
  • Two male voice actors, any age/accent welcome – both minor roles
  • A male voice actor, preferably older-sounding with a Cockney accent – minor role
  • An actor of any age or gender, who is happy to have their voice modified to sound very, very strange

*Any category specifying ‘two’ doesn’t mean you have to submit together. We’re only looking for individual submissions.

If you are interested in taking the project to play any of these parts, please drop us an email at twelfthdoctoraudio@gmail.com.  This doesn’t mean you have to agree to take part yet – you can email us if you want more information but are still considering.  We’ll be able to give you more details about the story and how we’re producing it. Don’t worry about submitting any recordings yet – you’ll get to have a look at the script if you’re interested in taking part and we’ll work on the auditioning and recording process from there. If you’re not interested in taking part, we’d still really appreciate it if you gave the project a boost by sharing this post with your followers!  Thank you for your time.“

The script is one I’m quite excited about, written by a talented friend off a premise we’ve bounced around a bit. It should be quite a treat!

Puppet on Strings - Brohm

A/N: Two shouts outs I’d like to make here, both to people on tumblr. The first is @brohm for giving me the request for this. Villain!Bryce was definitely a challenge to write. The second shout out is to @copicmarkersniffers . Their take one the Asylum AU, where Bryce is the patient and not Ohm, definitely inspired my take on Bryce. Honestly, I don’t know where I would’ve started without them.


The gun was a nice refreshing change from his usual routine. Usually Bryce used a tranquilizer, but then he has to shoot the target with it and get him out of public eye. He also had to figure out how much sedative to knock him out fast but not kill him. It was a hassle, especially Delirious and CaRtOoNz never gave him any information on the targets to determine this. The silenced pistol was quick, quiet, and efficient. Problem was, blood splattered.

“See, this is why I don’t wear good shirts on assignments.” Bryce complained as the body crumpled to the floor. He could almost feel the glare that Ohmwrecker gave him under the mask that covered his eyes. He turned, looking at the masked hero with playful amusement. “What? You expecting something else?”

“It’s not normal for you.” Ohm stated, his voice as steady as his stance. Bryce poured a little before taking steps closer to his enemy. Air quotes on the enemy part. “Guns aren’t you.”

“I felt like mixing it up today.” Bryce smiled as he approached. He started to play with the right bunny ear on Ohm’s hoodie, sliding the fabric between his fingers. “Besides, this one was of high importance. Didn’t want to have anything associating me with the crime.”

“It was still you that killed him, McQuaid.” Ohm replied, pushing away Bryce’s arm. Bryce made a small pouty face at the other, but to no affect. “The police will figure this out.”

“The police are idiots.” Bryce snapped back. “They needed about 6 bodies before they figured out it was a consistent killer, and even then you had to tell them.” Ohm opened him mouth, but Bryce placed a finger over it. “Shhhhhh. You aren’t going to tell them anything, Ohmie. This is our little secret. You understand?” Ohm didn’t move. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Bryce removed the finger. “And why not?” McQuaid sighed, fixing the kitty ears on his head and his own mask. This one had eye holes, unlike Ohm’s, so he could show his shiny blue eyes. He cocked the gun and pointed it at the hero’s face. The reaction was so quick that Ohm flinched.

“I could have killed you ages ago.” Bryce answered in a serious tone. “But I like you. You’re like a toy; so easy to be played with. What happens, though, when said toy prevents me from doing my job? It loses what makes it fun in the first place. It’s disposable.” For emphasis, the reddish blond pushed the gun against Ohm'a forehead. “Like equals life. Got it?”

“I understand.” He spoke shakily.

“Good.” Bryce smiled, dropping the gun down to his waist. “Keep in mind though that one day I may get tired of you.” He twiddled the gun in his hands. “Every toy has its lifespan.”

“Just prolonging the inevitable, I guess.” Ohm chuckled nervously. Bryce threw once last glance at the hero as he left the scene.

“Just keep on my good side, Ohmie.”


Bryce, in the few moments between when he and Ryan came home, always wondered if he knew. If Ryan knew the secret he was hiding or if he was just as clueless as he let on. In all the time since he realized his boyfriend was the Ohmwrecker, there were just subtle things that could give him all away.

For one thing, Bryce didn’t use a voice modifier like Ohm somehow did. His blond red hair and blue eyes showed, or his love for cats and purple was vocal in both personalities. They were all little piece that Ryan could put together and figure out who he was and it could jeopardize …

“Baby!” Ryan called from the door, interrupting his thought train. “I’m home!”

“I’m in the living room!” Bryce shouted back. Ryan popped his head in a few seconds later, his usual cheeky grin spread across his face. “I warmed the seat up for you.”

“Thanks, Brycey~” Ryan settled onto the couch, followed by Bryce cuddling into him. “What do you want to watch?”

“Anything you want to, Ry.” Both men smiled when the TV flicked on. As Ryan switched over to the news, Bryce shifted uncomfortably. He hated watching the news, and he expressed it many times. “I know, baby. I just want to see what’s up with the heroes and stuff. Then we can finally watch Riverdale. The first season just came out on Netflix.” Bryce muttered an agreement, focusing more on his boyfriend as the stories rambled on. He didn’t start to focus until the hero stories popped up anyways. He only ever liked them anyways.

“Raphael Montoya was found dead today via a gunshot to the neck.” The news lady stated. “Montoya was the head of the powerful Nano Inc., a company that was working on nanotech for uses in medical and weaponry advancements. The company now falls into the hands of his son, Adam.”

“It’s a tragedy.” Adam expressed to the camera, flashing his signature Cheshire smile. “My father is … was a great man who managed to achieve great things in his life that was unfortunately cut short. However, my father was very conservative and I feel that I can make changes that will bring Nano Inc. into the future. Right now though, my priority is my father. May he rest in piece.”

There was a brief pause from the anchorwoman. “The full interview with Adam Montoya can be found online on our website. Mr. Montoya’s death is currently being investigated, however the police have stated that due to the method in which Montoya was killed it will be difficult to specifically identify the culprit.”

Bryce’s phone vibrated in his pocket. While his boyfriend was still absorbed in some lacrosse story, he looked at the message.

From: That one you?

Above was he article linking to the murder of Montoya. Bryce smiled to himself.

To: Yeah, it’s me. You said to keep it anonymous

From: Just confirming. Don’t worry too much about the economics test Friday

From: he still clueless?

“Who you texting?” Ryan asked, trying to peer at Bryce’s messages.

“My friend Luke.” He replied honestly. “Now, are we just Netflix-ing or are we chilling too?”

“I don’t know if Netflix-ing is a word.” Bryce quickly stole a kiss from Ryan’s lips.

“It is now.”

“Bryce Mikos, you are a cheeky son of a bitch. You know that?” Bryce smiled at the fake last name.

“You’re just realizing that now?” Ryan laughed, and Bryce fell more into his boyfriend. “Alright, let me just text him back and we can watch what you want.”

To: still my favorite puppet on strings.

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Bruce Wayne x Reader with number 17. from the angsty promptlist. With a happy endig please?

Prompt: 17. “Get your hands off her.”

Warnings: lol it’s shit

A/N: I’m so sorry that this took so long.

I was frozen to the spot. Well- not that I really had much of a choice. The Joker had me tied up and pushed up against the edge of ledge just a foot above where his hyenas were jumping up. They snapped at my ankles and I whimpered. 

“Aw, Y/n doll no need to fret.” His voice made me want to curl up into a ball and weep, “Batsy seems to like you so I wouldn’t worry too much.”

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Naida: “Naida bets your deep voice is FAKE, too! You must be usingk some voice modifier! SHE VILL MAKE LUMINION FILLET OUT OF SCAREDY BABIES LIKE YOU!”

Izanagi: “… what is she going on about?”

Perceval: “… I believe she forgot to turn off her communicator… ? Or perhaps she’s not well-rested enough. It’s far too early for this regardless.”

Izanagi: *smoky snort* “… hrmph… yet oddly enough, this is… strangely entertaining.”

Perceval: “ … as petty as it is coming from someone like myself? … I somewhat agree.”

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Concept: Damian commissioning Oracle to design him a voice modifier, saying his cracky puberty voice is a dead giveaway to his secret identity.


He’s all grumpy and keeps insisting to her that yes this absolutely is the best use of her time and yes it is totally necessary. She’s just barely holding back a grin while he rants and raves and goes through like four octaves in each sentance.

“Dames I don’t know if this could really be considered an emergency…”

“How could protecting Robin’s identity be anything but?”

“You know this is only going to last a couple of weeks, right?”

“It doesn’t matter.”


“I need it.”

And finally she just can’t stop herself from giggling because he’s just so cute and grumpy and that voice and it just makes him more frustrated.

Poor Dami. I love him so much.

BTS: A Hip-Hop/Musical Analysis and General Musical Critique on the Korean Pop Music Scene

I’m a on-air radio personality on a radio station in California, and I felt that this is something I wanted to say and write about. 

I think BTS is a totally different entity from some of the music that mainstream Korea is putting out and this is my analysis on the topic. I have been thinking about this for a while and I really wanted to get my opinion out there. If you’re interested in a long read on the analysis of Western music’s influence on Eastern pop, then please enjoy my opinionated piece.

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[[Trans Tim Drake HCs]]

+ Alfred is the first person he comes out to. It’s not dramatic in any sort of way. Tim just tells him in a mumbled sort of voice what pronouns he prefers and Alfred quickly corrects himself.

+ When he is introduced to Bruce for the first time, Alfred calls him ‘Master Timothy’ and Tim almost cries.

+ His parents care, they are just absent and Tim feels like he can’t talk to them. He only is really with them at public events and he’s scared to try to present as himself at those because he doesn’t want to ‘cause a scandal’ for his parents.

+ He gets his first menstrual cycle while training to be Robin. Bruce is not prepared for this or how distressed Tim is over it. He ends up just wrapping Tim up in as many blankets and heating pads as he can and pampering Tim and letting him know It Is Okay, He’s Still A Boy.

+ Bruce swallows his pride and asks Barbara about how to deal with cramps because it is something he has no experience with and together end up finding lots of Trans resources and Bruce makes sure all LGBT spaces in Gotham are well funded and have access to those resources.

+ Tim hates binding because it makes it harder to breath when working out, but he hates his chest more. He hijacks the tech The Flash Family uses in their suits to make a comfortable, effective binder. He’s grounded for a week for stealing Wally’s suit (only a week bc its impressive he managed to get it in the first place)

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I imagined, Liara as shadow broker forgetting to turn off the voice modifier when she calls people she knows personally and scaring the soul right out of their bodies every time, so much so that she does it on purpose every now and then for a good laugh.

There are words that you should never - or almost never - use in writing. Disengaging sense verbs, vague modifiers, passive voice – they need to go. Don’t worry about these words as you’re writing the first draft, but when it’s time for revision, break out the red pen. It’s time to destroy your manuscript.

  • Adverbs: lightly, pleasantly, quietly, dumbly. There’s a better verb.
    • “She walked slowly towards him.” Change to: “She sauntered towards him.”
  • Redundancies: needless to say, screamed loudly, end result
  • Suddenly
  • Vague words: very, really, great, thing
  • Sense verbs: saw, felt, smelled, heard, tasted. Unless someone is telling a story to another character, avoid these words. It’s much more effective and engaging to describe it in more objective terms.
    • “She smelled blood, the stench thick in the air.” Change to: “The stench of blood hung thick in the air.”

You get the idea? Vague is lazy. Many words are weak. Cut it, tighten your writing, and make it better.

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Inappropriate puppet show.

firstly, i love you biz. secondly, i don’t even know, man.


“Oh my beloved, what a fine expanse of Tevinter territory we’ve been granted to labor over.”

Dorian groans and reaches back as far as he can, the angle awkward, but he still manages to smack Bull in the arm with his waving hand. “Some of us are trying to sleep.”

Bull ignores him, and Dorian lets out a long sigh and resettles his head on both of his arms. Bull’s doing something on his arse, his hands moving about as though he’s tapping a drum… So, nothing absurdly outside of his usual behavior.

Bull modifies his voice when he speaks next, a dainty falsetto he usually only trots out when he’s impersonating Dalish. “You’re right, my darling – what a fertile land we have come upon this evening.”

Dorian presses himself up onto his elbows and looks over his shoulder. “What in the world are you doin–”

Bull pauses, and Dorian takes in his stockings on each of Bull’s hands – stretched to oblivion and beyond, he’ll never be able to wear them again, Bull’s nails starting to poke through the stitching.

Bull grins sheepishly at Dorian and opens and closes one of his hands in a motion that Dorian supposes resembles a mouth: “He’s onto us.”

“I don’t want to know,” Dorian eventually gets out, and flops back onto the mattress.


For RaeX weekend. I hope you like it!


Raven knew she wasn’t much of a prize. She was the dark creepygirl in the corner whom everyone stayed away from. She wasn’t Starfire, brimming with life, and so sweet standing near her was likely to give you a tooth ache. Starfire was beautiful;  a precious gem under a glass case taunting one with its brilliance. Raven thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane. So why the heck was she being kidnapped right now?

“Are you comfortable little bird?” Red-X asked.

Raven rolled her eyes. Here she was in the back of Red-X motorcycle fastened to his waist as she rode backwards behind him. How she wanted to kill him. She could think all the very unpleasant dimensions to send him. One with no air, lava dimensions, places where young stupid thieves where a delicacy. Yet her darn mouth and chakra had a familiar sticky adhesive x.

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