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Nct Dream As Baristas

As i walked into the small shop many voices could be heard. Chaos could be seen behind the small counter.

“"Jisung, Chenle you both better stop playing around and getting back to work&rdquo"; the blonde said.

One of the said boys have a sigh.” “Okay, okay well stop, just quit bossing us around Mark.“”

When you reached the counter a new boy with orange hair was there. “Hello Mis. are you ready to order?”

"Yes can I have a (favorite drink or food) please and thank you.” Before he could ask you your name he was being called by the blonde boy ‘mark’.

“sorry about that we are having some difficulties with our employees, may I have your name or can I call you mine?” Said the brown haired boy

“Haechan stop flirting with her and get back to work!” Mark said


As you sat down and check your phone. A tall black haired boy came with your order. “Sorry about that we are having a difficult day. We hope your enjoy your meal.” He finished with a sweet eye smile as he headed back. ‘Im definitely going to come back’ you thought

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karazu-chan  asked:

Hi, may I ask for some fanfiction recommendations? I once read an amazing fanfiction were Spiderman was an assassin and heard the voices and Deadpool was part of the Avangers. I think it was called smt like "This boys wear Red and Blue"? Do you know any more fanfiction like that? Or were Peter has more Spider like attributes? Thank you in advance :3

Mercenary Peter : 

it looks like you might be one of us by scarlett_starlett  

The Boys Wear Red And Are Black And Blue (series) by Orcusnox (Cat9894)

The blood been spilled by TheBlazeCal

Trust, Love, and Other Misconceptions About What Peter Wants by ImagineYourself    

live or die  by Chaotic_Mira  

The Calamity Before the Storm by  CopicsForNameless    

Did ya’ Miss Me?   by  orphan_account

Morally French-Vanilla by  CopicsForNameless  

Peter Parker, the Mercenary by lord_acies                

You May Be A Creepy Spider, But You’re My Creepy Spider  by YukichanMikudesu  

Spider Peter : 

Spider Spidey(series) by      riventhorn

Mutation Squared by MysticMoonhigh    

Mutated Love by  Allenxedward    

Fish-Blooded by  Carmino (orphan_account)    

Regression by  PresidentGuppy

Side Effects by ArraFrost

Bad Timing by  CariniCode  

BTS Reaction: When you sing one of their songs, but do an acoustic and slow down the Tempo


He had just gotten home at about three in the morning. He was quiet figuring you were sleep by now. in till he heard your voice.You were just trying to keep yourself awake since you can’t sleep without him cuddled next to you, so you dicied you would sing. You picked one of BTS’s songs, and got out your guitar. You didn’t notice Namjoon at the thresshold of the door, in till you heard his voice. “ Trying to hide your beautiful voice from me, huh ? “


When he got home he just thought you were just listening to Music from some girl group you like. He walked into the bedroom you both shared. Only to see it was just you rapping. He couldn’t belive he didn’t even notice it was one of his songs. when he saw you he ordered some coffee, knowing he’d be pulling an all nighter. “ Baby come on were going to record this. “ He dragged you to his studio in the basement. 


He was in the shower after a long day of pratice. You were bored finding nothing intresting at the moment. Till you saw your guitar which you haven’t picked up in at least 2 years.You dicied to experiment with Boy In Luv by slowing down the Tempo almost making it kinda Jazzy. Your eyes were closed while you were singing, so you didn’t see Hobi in front of you. You opened your eyes after to see Hobi with just a towel around his waist making you a little flustered. “ Y/N What song is that.” You looked at him with “ Are you stupid “ face and just layed down under the covers after putting up your guitar.


He was currently distracted by the Anime he was watching, not paying attention to how bored I was I snuck off Into the bedroom you both share, and picked up your guitar. Singing BS&T, But with a slower tempo. Taehyung paused his drama noticing you were no longer lying on his chest. As soon as he heard your voice he followed it finding you you you guyses bedroom. He sat you on his lap. “ Can you start from the begining, if you were bored you should have told me I’d be willing to listen to your beautiful voice all day. “


All of the group were boosting you up to sing for them, they heard before that you sing, but you have never shared your voice with any of them. Even your boyfriend Jimin. You finally gave into their begging, and picked up the guitar in the conner of the room, and picked their song Boy In Luv, but slowed down the Tempo and changing a few notes, Tweeking it to fit your voice. ONce you finished Jimin started acting all proud. “ Yep..That’s my girl I tought her everything she knows.” You just rolled your eyes at him.


He had heard only bits and picies of your singing so his begging countinued for a week till you gave in mostly in to the fact of how cute he was acting. You chose BS&T to sing making the tempo and notes fit your voice. Jungkook did have to tease you it was just in his nature. “ I knew I dated you for the right reasons, your voice is beautiful. “ You hit him lightly on his chest before pouting, then reciving a back hug from him as an apology.


You always kept the fact that you sing a secret from him thinking your voice was not good enough. You dicied to pratice Boy In Luv in a slower Tempo just for fun since Jin wasn’t home. Little did you know he was coming home early as a surprise. He quietly snuck in to the house, but then heard a voice singing which sounded like it was coming from a person, it could not have possibly been from a phone. He walked in to the shared bedroom. Beyond seeing him you stopped dead in your tracks. He sat on the bed next to. “ You should sing to me your voice is soothing.”


Early one evening, Trey received a call from an unknown number. Thinking it might be work related, he answered and was surprised at the voice he heard on the other line. It was someone he thought he would never hear from again.

“How did you get this number?”

“I have my ways,” replied the caller on the other line. “A better question to ask would be why I’m calling.”

“I don’t give a fuck why you’re calling. We had an agreement.”

“An agreement which you took advantage of.”

“Did you call just to bitch and moan?”

“No, I called to tell you to watch your back. You’ll pay for sending men after me.”

“I’m not afraid of you, asshole. Your threats won’t work, you can’t touch me.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Yes, we will,” Trey replied, lowering his voice as Vivienne walked into the room. “And this conversation is over. Don’t ever call me again.

Speak up and don’t be afraid 

Voices have been ignored and blocked for far too long , our community have been tainted and intoxicated by something we all hate and that thing is called “drama” this community shouldn’t be revolving around such hatred, approving of violence, threats of beating and killing, we are a family, we all share the same common goal and interests, when did this stop becoming a family and started being a war zone? For those of you who wont stand and raise above the bar and wont let your voice be heard, ill do it for you, lady’s and genital men lets all go back to our roots and let those days of fun and laughter for ALL return to us once more and stop this senseless shameless and agonizing pain and learn to love once another.

WILL you stand with me? (sorry for those who i dont tag)

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a hair extension potion made by Anna! He’ll probably lose his hair in a couple of days ahahaha

idea by @draceempressa and was drawn by me :D


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Is nobody going to talk about how this man

shares a voice actor with this man

because if I had to hear and go through this revelation I’m dragging you all down with me