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I’m p sure it’s every fic writer’s dream to have people come into their ask box and gush/give headcanons/ask questions/generally voice their opinion on their stories


ღ Youngjae (sunshine incarnate) appreciation ღ

Reasons I love him:
 ღ His amazing laugh
 ღ His domo smile
 ღ His adorable english
 ღ His beautiful voice
 ღ His generally sunshiny and positive personality


This episode was quite important for Maizono’s character development in general and I just wanted to share this.

We got to see Maizono and Naegi talking to each other but there’s quite an implication in that short conversation. Have you guys noticed something different about her?

Maizono spoke informally to Naegi.

Not rudely or anything but like they were like close. For instance, Maizono said “Daijyobu?” instead of  normal “Daijyobudesuka?”

I’ll explain what this means. Maizono is a person very strict to herself and is VERY polite in general thanks to her idol job. Maizono used to speak formally to everyone too.

But in this episode, she was speaking informally to Naegi, like how people do when they are intimate or friendly.

Many people are wondering if it’s only Naegi she speaks informally to or to other students too. But thing here is she’s speaking more naturally and comfortably. Like a normal teenage girl. If you look at the scene once again, you’ll notice that her smiles and voice tones are generally more natural. (well, last time, she was in a killing game with strangers so this one should be more natural, though)

Some people might think, “So what’s the big deal is about this?” And it actually is a big deal. Maizono, like Kirigiri is a person who tends to hide her true emotions a lot to people she’s not familiar with. If Kirigiri hides her emotion behind smile-less mask, Maizono hides herself behind smiles and speaking politely every time. In school mode’s kokoronpa, she showed a little bit of trauma about showing her true emotions too. And a polite person being able to speak informally to someone else is actually a great deal in Japan too.

For Maizono, being able to speak informally to someone is a huge progress  in character development. It’s almost like Kirigiri being able to laugh out loud. Something like Chihiro finally wearing clothes for men(though everyone was wearing their former schools’ uniforms for unknown reason). This short event implies that she was truly opening herself up to someone other than her groupmates instead of using formal speeches and distancing herself.

Naegi mentioned in DR1’s chapter 1 that there seemed to be a mask on her face. Some of her fans are glad that she managed to show her true face behind her mask smiles.

I’m glad that Maizono managed to open herself up comfortably. I really wonder if she speaks like that to other classmates too. But I’m kind of sure that she would have by the time she manages to graduate school normally.


‘Anakin, why?!
I’m sorry. I have seen that it is the Jedi who will stand in the way of peace’


Milady de Winter + Queen Anne

well i just had to draw my old OCs! created them when i was 10 and i still love them. i mentioned them briefly last week! on the left is Meg and the right is Fitzi

they’re sisters that are descendants of a demon mom and a normal dad and have incredibly powers. Meg has the ability to transform and stretch her arms to grab and throw things and when she’s furious, can turn white and become firey. Fitzi has the ability to transform into a large cat demon with a skull as a mask that has super strength, speed and can breathe fire. though sunlight for that form can be deadly

meg is a loud, rude, and sassy girl who does everything in her power to be the worst ™

fitzi prefers to keep to herself and speaks in a deadpan voice and seems generally uninterested in things unless around meg or her sister. then she’s about as troublesome as she is

@asensuality (i believe u said u’d like to be tagged in oc posts)

aqours overwatch main headcanons
  • hanamaru: soldier: 76. she learned from the tutorial and finds it too scary and confusing to try to learn another character
  • kanan: mei. kanan likes to play a relaxed mei but still occasionally has the sadistic urges everyone who plays mei has. loves strategic and lifesaving ice wall placement
  • mari: mari actually plays a lot of competitive and plays to win. she usually plays as d.va with aqours just to spam voice lines and generally annoy the enemy team however, and is frighteningly good with self-destruct trickshots. has the lunar new year skins
  • ruby: orisa. ruby loves the cute lil robot that can also protect people
  • dia: symmetra. dia sure don't mess around, and will often create turret nests to protect ruby even if she doesn't really need it
  • chika: lucio. chika relates deeply to positive hyperactive frog man and can't stop won't stop booping enemies off ledges and cliffs, and radiates a positive healing aura irl and url
  • you: surprisingly, winston. idk much about you but i imagine mild-mannered glasses scientist appeals to you, though she sometimes surprises aqours with a primal rage potg
  • riko: mercy ofc. she loves healing and helping the rest of her team. often panics whenever she's under fire though
  • yohane: i'm gonna say it. i'm about to say it. i'm saying it. yohane mains reaper

concept: ennard and eggs just becoming wacky roomates

Getting a lot of asks now, and I don’t have time to answer them all, sorry! Just gonna post a quick summary about cat claws, then I’m not going to be answering any more on the subject of cat claws!

  • Please don’t declaw your cat. It is vary harmful to their physical and mental health.
  • Cats will generally take care of their own nails. Make sure to provide a scratching post to help with this.
  • However, if a cat is not properly taking care of their claws, you should trim them. Otherwise, they could snag on something and tear, or grow into the paw.
  • The pink part of the nail towards the paw is called the “quick,” and you shouldn’t cut anywhere near here. This will hurt them and cause bleeding. Use a cat nail clipper if at all possible.
  • Having their claws trimmed can be very stressful for a cat, so be sure to provide incentives like treats, and keep talking to them in a soothing voice. Cats generally like the sound of people’s voice. 
  • Also just try to see how your cat reacts to how their paw is touched. One of my cats couldn’t care less if you touch her paws, and the other hates it. Obviously, you’d want to use different strategies for either type.
  • If you’re too frightened or if it is too difficult for you, you can have a groomer do it.
  • Also regarding soft paw caps, as far as I can tell and from sources like the ASPCA, they are safe and fine as long as they are the right size. 

Ugh, suddenly I’m thinking about John’s accent. Like how it must vary from time to time, given I mean, technically, he’s been living in London since he was…what? 17? 18? So like, yes he’s got that Liverpool, working intonation, it ain’t going anywhere, but he’s also liven in London for most of his adult life which must come through as well. Like idk, I feel like instead of losing his accent the longer he stays in America, he just starts pulling out more of a London dialect because most Yanks understand it better, unless he’s being a pain in the ass. Also anyone he’s close to will hear the rougher tone at certain times, when he gets emotional, half awake, in bed, or just when he’s not thinking about it.

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {04/05} favourite seiyuu of all time: eguchi takuya


Did an escape room for the first time today, fun stuff. We got to the last puzzle but couldn’t figure it out in time!

Absolutely loving Breath of the Wild, absolutely loving Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon is prettier, has higher presentation quality (like, you know, actual voice acting), generally better story writing, and more complex and engaging combat.

Breath of the Wild is…man, I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s a bit unlike any game I’ve really played before. I guess this is what Grand Theft Auto players feel like? Except instead of a city of cars and random people to beat up, BotW is a fully fleshed out fantasy kingdom where almost every NPC has a name, an individual design, and a personality. So, so many details and mechanics all stack and connect in ways that MAKE SENSE within its world, and instead of levelling up your character’s stats, it’s more about learning more about how the game’s interconnected mechanics work together, and figuring out for yourself how to take advantage of them. This is the Zelda game we’ve been waiting for – the concept of the original NES classic has been fully realized. The only things I could really ask for are:

Let me give items to NPCs outside of quests? (like especially when they’re talking about how they’re looking for a specific thing)

Let me make my own character (game works well with Link KIND of functioning as his own person this time around with technically a lot of unspoken dialogue with NPCs but it’d be so much more awesome to explore this world as my own hero I made and can decide on their personality, etc.)


I guess I can’t really think of much else? Because most things I’ve thought of otherwise, turns out the game actually seems to HAVE, so…?

I don’t have quite as much to say about Horizon atm since it’s mostly more simple – the game is much more focused than BotW and does what it does very well!

Highly recommend either or both depending on what you have access to.

Aaaaand yea I’ve not been able to get far into chapter 14 and I have four days in a row of work ahead of me, sooooo…>_>;;

Welp. Time to get to it, I guess.