voice for horses

I was standing in my yard and there was a pinkish-orange mini horse standing across the road, nibbling on a giant pile of sticks and leaves. I figured I should probably tell my mom there’s a horse just hanging around so I started walking toward the front door and suddenly, the horse was standing right in front of me. I reached forward to pet it on the nose and it growled “HUNGRY FOR HAND” in a really demonic horse voice. I couldn’t run or scream and then a few seconds later I woke up.


Favourite thing to do on saturday nights: Fave movies screencaps redraw!:D

Shin from the movie “Hoshi wo ou kodomo” (children who chase lost voices/ Journey to Agartha.) by Makoto Shinkai!:D (NOT A ghibli movie but I think some character design staff from ghibli had a hand in it maybe.)

Watched it yesterday and its pretty good!


Michael x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Michael.” You gasped when you opened the door.

“Hi sweetheart.” He said softly, his voice cracked and horse.

You took in the bruises and the lumps that dusted his jaw and neck, his head was still bleeding. Neither of you moved, unsure what to do or say, the last time you’d seen each other you yelled at him to get out of Tommy’s way before something bad happened.

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Requested by wibbily-wobbily-fan-girl10

Klaus blinked once.  Twice.  Three times.  Each time he expected you to disappear, like you had so many times before.  Surely you must have been a figment of his imagination.  It wasn’t until Davina came up behind you, obviously confused at the turn of events the spell she had been casting had taken, that Klaus felt his body shudder.

“Y/N.”  He breathed, long legs striding quickly to you so he could envelope you into his arms.  He clutched you to his chest, one hand winding tightly around your waist while the other knotted itself into your long hair.  You clung to him just as desperately, nuzzling into his neck for comfort.

“Klaus.”  You murmured, voice raspy and horse.  You were scared and confused, but with a quiet ‘hush’ in your ear Klaus assured you that he would take care of you.  He would take care of everything.


JoJo comic dub with @bigmovingtarget

This will probably be my last video until summer, I’m hella busy.

Tracing tattoos

Paring: Jack Maynard X reader

Request: no

Fandom: buttercream squad

Prompt: Jack is sick (like always jfc does that boy have an immune system)


“Jack, for goodness sake you can’t go out like this!” You sighed, you could see he was sick. His face was pale, nose red and his bright blue eyes were paired with deep purple eye bags. Covering his mouth he let out a chesty cough.

“(Y/N), I promised Mikey I’d film today. You know I don’t break any promises, epically not to Mikey.” He said, his voice horse. You nodded, Jack was a very loyal person and he’d never let anyone down.

As he reached for the door you stood in his way, his brows knitted together in confusion as you cupped his cheek. “Please, I’ll call Mikey, just go back to bed.” You pleaded. You could see in his eyes he was thinking about it, trying to convince him further you ran your hand through his long blonde hair.

Eventually he nodded, you smiled at him thankfully as he removed his jacket and slowly made his way to your bedroom.

Just as promised you pulled out your phone and called Mikey, it rang twice before he picked up sounding cheerful as ever.

“Hey, (Y/N)! You okay?” He asked, you simply smiled at his happy go lucky mood.

“Yeah Mikey, I’m good thank you. It’s just Jack, he’s really sick and I’m not sure he can film today. I hope it doesn’t effect your schedule too much!” You mumbled, knowing he’d understand but not wanting Jack to hear as you knew he felt bad.

“Oh no problem! Tell him I hope he gets better soon, yeah it’s not a problem. I actually kinda noticed yesterday he didn’t look all too good when I was round. No worries guys!” You could hear his smile through the phone and you were thankful he was so understanding, Mikey was such a good friend to Jack and you knew they appreciated and cared about each other more than they’d ever admit.

“Thank you for understanding Mikey! I’ll call you back tomorrow and update you on his condition!” You giggled, making it sound overdramatic, causing Mikey to laugh too.

“Yeah, knowing Jack he’ll deny he’s even sick. Well I’ll talk to you tomorrow (Y/N)!” Mikey said cheerily, you said your goodbyes and hung up.

Sliding your phone into your pocket you heard the shuffle of bare feet coming behind you into the kitchen. You turned around and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Go to bed.” You smiled, pulling away to look at his face and bopping his nose. He let out a small smile and nodded. You stood on your tiptoes slightly and kissed his forehead. Feeling it’s warmth on your lips.

Once again he shuffled to your bedroom, sweatpants and a baggy shirt hung from his frame. Following behind him closely you settled him into bed, giving him extra pillows to prop up his neck and grabbing his laptop.

“Pick a film,” you smiled, setting the laptop into his legs and standing up yourself. Pulling off your clothes you pulled on one of his shirts over your underwear. “I’m going to make you some soup.”

He nodded, browsing through Netflix. You knew eventually he’d settle for a film you’d seen a thousand times before but you didn’t mind. Pulling out a pan from the cupboard and laying it on the stove you rummaged before finding a tin of soup.

Eventually you’d heated up the soup and placed it into a bowl, carefully you somehow carried the bowl of soup, two cold and flu tablets and a glass of water to your room.

The laptop began playing Bad Neighbours, a film you both found hilarious. Smiling at his choice you handed him the soup, putting the water and tablets on his nightstand.

“Nice choice of film.” You laughed, he nodded and smiled as he slurped his soup. It drove you insane when he slurped, and he knew it but you let him off because he was sick and he looked so cute with floppy hair hanging over his face.

He ate slowly, before finishing and taking the tablets. Thankfully he cuddled up to your side, he’d removed his shirt while you were in the kitchen. You presumed it was cold sweats, but he’d never admit it was because he liked to feel close to you at his most venerable, when he couldn’t take care of himself.

“You’re the best.” He smiles, the film long forgotten, you twirled stands of his hair through your fingers as he lay his head on your chest, one of his legs between your own.

“(Y/N),” he said sleepily, making his voice when more quiet and horse but still adorable. “can you do that thing where you trace my tattoos?” He asked, you blushed and nodded. You’d always liked his tattoos, and wondered if you’d ever see more appear upon his soft skin.

Staring with his skull tattoo, your finger traced the outline of it gently. Taking in every single detail of it, you than moved up to his dates, and then up to his ribs, and then, secretly his favourite place, you began to trace the cross on the top of his back. He’d relaxed into your arms, the delicate movements of your fingers settling him down. The occasional sniff from Jack was all that filled the room apart from your breathing.

Eventually he’d fallen asleep, cuddled up to you. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else when he was sick, or well for that matter. In truth, no matter how Jack was feeling a simple cuddle from you always made his day so much better. He loved you, and he made sure he used his energy to say that before he got some much needed rest.


So this was my first Jack Maynard imagine! Feel free to give me feedback, I always appreciate what you guys have to say. My requests are open for any buttercream squad/criminal minds imagines, or just for someone to talk to. I hope you have a lovely day/evening :)

Yoda Jokes Pt 3
  • Tzuyu: [Yoda Voice] Here’s a good one
  • Jihyo: Oh my god
  • Tzuyu: [Yoda Voice] From - straight from - the Death Star
  • Jihyo: Ok
  • Tzuyu: [Yoda Voice] What did a jockey’s manager say to him before the big race?
  • Jihyo: What did they say Yoda?
  • Tzuyu: [Yoda Voice] Use the HORSE
  • Tzuyu: [Yoda Voice] Mhhhhm FUNNYNY JOKE
  • Jihyo: [Laughing Hysterically] Shut up