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Pierced (Mature (?))

This one is for my Queen Child of Memes @mama0strich a.k.a @dolan-twin-trash 

I really hope you like it! 

Seated, you waited nervously, awaiting your turn at the Tattoo Parlour. Excited and anxious all at once, you couldn’t quite stay still, bouncing your legs and drumming your fingers on your thighs, you kept breaking out into excited smiles. 

You had always been an ardent fan of body art. You had quite a few tattoos and your ears and belly button were already pierced but lately that familiar itch to get some more art done to your body, had returned. Giving in to your more impulsive side, you had quickly booked an appointment before you could change your mind.

You grinned as your phone lit up. Ethan’s name popped up on the screen and the devil inside you crowed with joy as you read his text.

‘Just tell me what the surprise is! You know I hate waiting.’

Smiling mischievously, you slid your phone into the pocket of your jeans just as you heard your name being called.

Standing, you took a deep breath before you walked over to the guy who had called for you. Smiling at him, you sat down on the plush leather chair.

Pulling on his rubber gloves, the man expertly walked you through the procedure, outlining the do’s and don’t’s once the piercing was done and how to look after the piercing to avoid infection and healing. 

You listened to him intently, not wanting to slip out on any important detail. After all, the body part or parts you were getting pierced would not do well to get infected.

Soon though, it was time.

Being incredibly professional, you did not feel embarrassed or shy in the least when he asked you to take your top off and unhook your bra. Clinically taking in and marking the areas where he would need to push the needle through, the man got to work.

Besides flinching at the pinch and furtive pain that shot through you once the needle pushed through the sensitive skin, you held your own. Soon, it was time for the second needle and within minutes, the piercings were complete. 

Holding up a small mirror, the man gestured at you to have a look and you finally got to take in the new additions.

Although your nipples were red and somewhat swollen, the piercings shone in the light and seeing them in the mirror made you feel incredibly confident and sexy. You were extremely glad you had gone through with this decision. 

Slipping your shirt back on as carefully as you could, you stuffed the bra in your purse as you made your way to the counter to pay for the piercings. You couldn’t wait to show your boyfriend, Ethan. Although this was a gift to yourself, it was a sweet treat for him too! 

To say that you both were adventurous in the sheets, was putting it lightly and you could barely hold it together as you headed back home. You had been teasing Ethan for more than a week now about the surprise and you had patiently pushed him to the point where he was close to combusting with curiosity. 

Biting your lip, you worked yourself up with anticipation, letting your imagination run wild with ideas about all the things Ethan would do to you once he saw the piercings. You couldn’t get home soon enough, thoughts of Ethan assaulting you all the way back home.

‘Honey, I’m home!’ you yelled before bursting out into giggles at your clichéd entrance.

Within minutes, Ethan was standing in front of you, an eyebrow raised.

‘So?’ he said as he tried to hug you.

Knowing how sensitive your nipples were at the moment, you brushed his arms away, instead backing him to the couch.

Pushing him down on it, you straddled him, placing one leg on each side of his hips.

‘Close your eyes,’ you said.

Without asking why, Ethan closed his eyes shut, a smile playing on his lips.

You gently pulled off your top and scooted further until your breasts softly grazed against Ethan’s chest.

Eyes fluttering open, Ethan took a second or two to register your naked torso before his eyed widened, finally noticing the silver glinting from your breasts.

‘You got your nipples pierced,’ he spoke, his voice devoid of emotion.

‘Uh hm’ you said taking in the lack of enthusiasm on his part.

His hands that were previously placed gently on your sides, now dug in as he muttered, his eyes never looking away from your breasts, ‘Who did them? Was it a guy?’

Taken aback by the tone of his voice, you simply nodded.

The nails dug deeper as he took in your response.

‘So, not only did a guy see you naked but he also got to touch you while he pierced you,’ Ethan replied, his eyes still on your breasts, his voice laced with anger and jealousy.

Although it wasn’t a question, you felt like you needed to justify yourself.

‘It was nothing like that! He was incredibly professional and I doubt he even looked at them. He does this for a living. It’s his job to look at boobs and stick needles in them. You’re over-’

Before you could continue with your little explanation, Ethan finally looked up at you, his eyes silencing you.

Clenching his jaw, he brushed his hand against the side of your breast, making you shiver. 

‘No one gets to see you naked, excepting me. The thought of another man’s eyes on you…’ Ethan trailed off, his jaw stiff as he spoke.

Not trusting yourself to speak, you simply stared at him, helpless at the unexpected change of events. Keeping his eyes focused on yours, he bent down and blew on your nipples, making you arch instinctively, before pulling back and staring at you, grimly.

‘I thought you’d like them,’ you whispered, unable to hide how upset you were starting to feel.

Your whimper like voice finally broke through the jealousy that Ethan was radiating.

‘I do, baby. You have no idea how much I do. It’s just…you’re mine. The very thought of some other guy looking at you, putting his hands on you, it gets me so angry.’ Ethan replied as he exhaled heavily, shaking his head as though trying to shake off unwanted thoughts.

Cupping his face, you pecked his lips, relief flooding you when he kissed you back.

Taking his hands, you placed them carefully on each side of your breasts. His calloused hands were gentle as they cupped your tender breasts, the roughness of his palms setting your skin on fire as they did.

‘I am yours. No one gets to touch me the way you do. Only you.’ you said softly, your words gently brushing away the last of Ethan’s jealousy and anger.

Looking down at the piercings, Ethan admitted grudgingly, ‘I do love these new additions a lot,’ before looking back at you, a smile spreading across his face, your favourite on him.

Sighing in relief, you smiled back, starting to relax in his arms.

Leaning in, Ethan kissed you, being careful about not brushing against your breasts as your lips hungrily met his.

Breaking away, breathless, you placed your forehead against his.

Knowing full well how to toy with him and trick him into thinking he was in control, you said with fake disappointment, ‘I’m glad you like them baby. I just wish they didn’t put a kink in the bedroom department.’

Without giving any hints or indication, Ethan stood up, taking you by surprise, a squeal escaping your lips, as he held you against him while you wrapped your legs around his waist. 

‘Leave that to me, baby girl. I have some ideas I want to try.’

Saying that, he turned and swiftly carried you to the bedroom, silencing the laugh that had escaped your lips in reply, his hands making quick work of his and your clothes on the way.

Stages of McElroy Hell
  • Stage 1: Finding a McElroy product you find funny. Watching that particular product
  • Stage 2: Finding out there's multiple McElroy products and many more McElroys than you first thought
  • Stage 3: Watching upwards of 3 McElroy products
  • Stage 4: Listening to MBMBAM weekly
  • Stage 5: Working through MBMBAM's backlog
  • Stage 6: Can finally differentiate between Travis and Justin's voices
  • Stage 7: Adopting their syntax
  • Stage 8: IDK I think at this point you become an amiibo vorer

Multifandom Challenge  ||  21/100 Characters  ||  Balthier
↳   “I hope you haven’t forgotten my role in this little story. I’m the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man: he never dies.”

the "chill" type
Final Fantasy XV
the "chill" type

Prompto: Oh no. Oh no! Ohhh we’re trapped down here!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

Ignis: The exit’s sealed off. ( ・ - ・)

Prompto: But we can unseal it, right Noct? Noct!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

Noctis: How should I know?! We’ll think of something, just chill.  (; ・`д・´)

Prompto: Do I seem like the “chill” type to you?  °(ಗдಗ。)°.

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol