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So I was reading through the "fun facts" tag and noticed that you wrote something about Neil's voice for meph was not at all the voice you had in mind for him. What WAS the voice you had in mind initially? :3

It was more of an overly-proper, pompous ass with a sort of hammy, theatrical bravado.  I guess what I had in mind was some sort of half-Frasier, half-Robot Devil from Futurama.  I’m having a hard time remembering, but I think when I was writing the comic, he didn’t use contractions (y’know; can’t, would’ve…y’all’d’ve), ‘cause I just kinda pictured him with a more eccentric, clinical speech pattern I guess!

But Neil came at it with more of a ‘used car salesman’ vibe, and I think that works way better.  It’s still hammy, which was my main concern, but having him speak more casually I think endears you to him more easily… he IS the devil, but he’s also comic relief, and he’s also sort of your host for the story, so he needed to be a little more… down-to-earth, so to speak. 


A reel of bloopers and improv from the latest Meet The Cores 3 recording session with Sean Oxspring and Greg Holgate. ;)

The last fanart I reblogged just reminded me.  I used to type up little “fun facts” about W2H and then save them as drafts and never get around to posting them, haha.  But since that jogged my memory, I’ll indulge in one!

So the line “I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock” was not only written by Neil, but it was also his audition for Mephistopheles.  

Welcome to Hell in it’s current animated form started life as a project in a film class I took in junior year, where we had to put together an animatic.  Most of the class was animation students, and a lot of us used that opportunity to get a head start on the idea we’d eventually work into our graduation film.  

When I presented my animatic to the class, it didn’t have any sound or official dialogue yet, I was basically just pitching the story beats.  After class Neil came up to me and asked if I needed a voice for the devil character, and volunteered himself.  He rattled off that line, “yeahaha, well, I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock”.  

And I just remember being so excited and baffled.  Like that feeling when someone tells you they like your characters?  Like that, but doubled, because it was someone who really wanted to bring something to the table and help me develop it, without me even asking.  That wasn’t AT ALL what I had in mind for Mephistopheles’ voice, but I just thought it was so funny and fitting, and he was so enthusiastic about doing it, that it was like… okay, yeah, yeah, that’s perfect.  You got the job dude.  The rest is history!

Since Bubsy is relevant right now…here’s a bit of a fun fact.  Rouge, Omochao and Bubsy all once had the same voice actress. 

Lani Minella voiced Bubsy in Bubsy 3D, the Station Square announcer in Sonic Adventure, Void in Sonic Shuffle and she was also the first to give life to Rouge The Bat and Omochao in Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes.




If I’m not mistaken, this is like a radio drama(?) wherein the main guy comes home to find there’s a voice message from his family on the phone, and each family member takes turns giving him a message.

1) Listen to the video. (LISTEN UNTIL THE END. SRSLY.)
2) Guess the number of seiyuus present with Akira Ishida (he’s obvious since he’s the picture lol)
3) HINT: (It doesn’t need to be a 1:1 ratio of characters)
4) ANSWER: See the end of tags. NO SPOILER.

Today I got to hug voice actor Vic Mignogna because during a Q&A panel at Otakon he mentioned his love of sharks and how he did multiple school projects on them, which is something we have in common, so I raise my hand and ask what his favorite shark is and mention I also love sharks and he tested me by asking if I knew the name of the electroreceptors sharks have which I knew was the something of lorenzini, the answer was ampulle of lorenzini, this I knew from watching a special on shark week a billion times. So basically a very popular voice actor gave me a hug because I know lots of things about sharks


For some reason, Morikubo looks really adorable in this video! (^_^)
It feels like he’s acting like the real QN’s Reiji! xDD
Tatsu even yell at him to pull himself together lololol
(Utapri 4th stage: Day 1 - QN Free Talk)

François-Thomas Germain Assassination
François-Thomas Germain/Arno Dorian
François-Thomas Germain Assassination

Germain: Bravo. You’ve slain the villain. That is how you’ve cast this little morality play in your mind, isn’t it? I’m not really here. I’m not really there, either. At the moment, I’m bleeding out on the floor of the Temple. But it seems the Father of Understanding has seen fit to give us this time to talk.

Ah. A particular favorite of mine. I did not understand the visions that haunted my mind, you see. Great towers of gold, cities shining white as silver. I thought I was going mad. Then I found this place - Jacques de Molay’s vault. Through his writings, I understood.

Arno: Understood what?

Germain: That somehow, through the centuries, I was connected to Grand Master de Molay. That I had been chosen to purge the Order of the decadence and corruption that had set in like rot. And to wash the world clean, and restore to the truth the Father of Understanding intended.

Arno: That seems to have gone over well.

Germain: Prophets are seldom appreciated in their own time. Exile and abasement forced me to reevaluate my strategy. Find new avenues for the realization of my purpose.

Arno: No matter the cost?

Germain: New order never comes without destruction of the old. And if men are made to fear untrammeled liberty, so much the better. A brief taste of chaos will remind them why they crave obedience.

It appears we part ways here. Think on this: the march of progress is slow, but it is inevitable as a glacier. All you have accomplished is to delay the inevitable. One death cannot stop the tide. Perhaps it will not be my hand that shepherds mankind back to its proper place - but it will be someone’s. Think on this when you remember her.


★ star wars meme | 7/10 characters: Princess Leia Organa

“Someone has to save our skins!”