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The last fanart I reblogged just reminded me.  I used to type up little “fun facts” about W2H and then save them as drafts and never get around to posting them, haha.  But since that jogged my memory, I’ll indulge in one!

So the line “I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock” was not only written by Neil, but it was also his audition for Mephistopheles.  

Welcome to Hell in it’s current animated form started life as a project in a film class I took in junior year, where we had to put together an animatic.  Most of the class was animation students, and a lot of us used that opportunity to get a head start on the idea we’d eventually work into our graduation film.  

When I presented my animatic to the class, it didn’t have any sound or official dialogue yet, I was basically just pitching the story beats.  After class Neil came up to me and asked if I needed a voice for the devil character, and volunteered himself.  He rattled off that line, “yeahaha, well, I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock”.  

And I just remember being so excited and baffled.  Like that feeling when someone tells you they like your characters?  Like that, but doubled, because it was someone who really wanted to bring something to the table and help me develop it, without me even asking.  That wasn’t AT ALL what I had in mind for Mephistopheles’ voice, but I just thought it was so funny and fitting, and he was so enthusiastic about doing it, that it was like… okay, yeah, yeah, that’s perfect.  You got the job dude.  The rest is history!

Since Bubsy is relevant right now…here’s a bit of a fun fact.  Rouge, Omochao and Bubsy all once had the same voice actress. 

Lani Minella voiced Bubsy in Bubsy 3D, the Station Square announcer in Sonic Adventure, Void in Sonic Shuffle and she was also the first to give life to Rouge The Bat and Omochao in Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes.


  • Atsushi: Do you ever think about these things before you say them, or just...?
  • Dazai: Yeah, I do. I think 'Wow, that's brilliant, I should say that out loud'. And then I do, and it's spectacular. It exceeds even my own expectations.

For some reason, Morikubo looks really adorable in this video! (^_^)
It feels like he’s acting like the real QN’s Reiji! xDD
Tatsu even yell at him to pull himself together lololol
(Utapri 4th stage: Day 1 - QN Free Talk)


★ star wars meme | 7/10 characters: Princess Leia Organa

“Someone has to save our skins!”

Fun Little Voice Actor Trivia #1

As an English dub Voice Actor fanatic, this is just a fun little piece of trivia for me. I was watching the Tokyo Ghoul English dub, and I came to a fun realization. 

This beautiful mother, Ryouko Fueguchi, here:

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Is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard, the voice of Marie Mjolnir 

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And Ryouko’s unseen husband….

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Is voiced by Chuck Huber, the voice of….

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So basically Marie and Stein became Ghouls who would give up life and limb to protect the life of their innocent daughter. 

Just a quick fun fact since whenever I hear Chuck and Colleen together my mind goes back to Stein and Marie, and my mind when to weird places whenever I heard them in Tokyo Ghoul. 

By the way their family deserved way better.

you: geeze, i hope no one comes to explain ridiculous voice actor facts and analyze minute differences in speech patterns

me: slowly creeps in from around the corner

on shipping

Contains spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender, season 2.

If you don’t want to see them, don’t read, but I’m not putting this under a cut because it’s important. And if you’re going to read what I say, read it all, not just the start, even if you don’t like the beginning.

On shipping (or not shipping) Sheith:

Stop pointing out the brother’s line in S2E08 as a way to gloat about the “death” of a ship.

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you ship. But I do care about the fact that you’re trying to shove your beliefs and interpretations down everyone’s throats when there are, in fact, still other ways to look at the situation.

I’m going to clarify this with: I do not ship Sheith. I never have, and I probably never will. But I can see why people do, and I understand that part of being a fandom is respecting everyone and their own ships.

Now, that said, let’s move on to discuss why I say this, why I would defend something I can’t ship (gasp, is this tolerance?!) and why I urge you to stop attacking each other and arguing when this is a show that isn’t focused on romance and a show in which there are no current canon pairings, except for Sam and Colleen Holt and subtle hints at Hunk and Shay.

1. Respect how Keith feels.

What do you think I mean by that?

It means that I 100%, wholeheartedly accept that he truly feels that Shiro is his brother. Keith Kogane is not the kind of person that would say something he didn’t mean, and in the moment when he tells Fake-Shiro that he’s like a brother, Keith believes it with all his heart, and it’s hard for him to say.

Respect how he feels.

In that instant, Keith believes that Shiro is like a brother to him, yes. 

But this doesn’t mean it can’t lead to more later.

Keith thinks of Shiro as his brother, but he also seems to have little experience with family that stays, so he’s afraid of being attached because he’s afraid that Shiro will just leave, like his mother and ultimately, like I think his father did. He’s scared to acknowledge how much Shiro really means to him.

So, from a Sheith fan’s perspective, this isn’t the death of the ship. From my perspective, it’s still not the death of a ship. What it is, however, is a tantalizing taste of something more. It’s acknowledgement that, at this point in time, Shiro is the closest person to Keith. And it’s absolutely true. 

It’s how Keith feels in that moment; he’s pure, he’s vulnerable, and he’s afraid of being left alone again.

Respect that he feels this way - this is for antis and fans of the ship alike.

2. Think about the possibilities.

After talking about how Keith feels, you have to consider what comes next.

Some people are blatantly throwing that scene around and declaring it as the end. Celebrating it. And this is what I hate about fandom. This is both an absolutely disgusting display of entitlement and an incredibly rude attitude towards anyone whose views do not align with theirs.

But consider the numerous possibilities.

Consider the slow realization that Shiro means more to him than a brother. The realization that Shiro is his family, but not just because they’re close. Consider Keith coming to terms with the fact that his feelings are more than platonic or familial, and learning to accept the idea of romantic love into his life for the first time.

Consider that.

I don’t care if you’re not a Sheith shipper. Consider it from and outsider’s point of view if you must. Consider how it may have happened in other series or stories you’ve watched or read. Consider just the misinterpretation of brotherly affection, how Keith didn’t realize how much he really loved Shiro until faced with, say, his disappearance?

Do not blame or attack or shame when you haven’t even considered the natural progression, the idea of love, the blossoming of warmth and hope and affection in his chest when he realizes that there’s something more.

Shiro is a brother to him now, but feelings wax and wane and there is nothing stopping a fan creator, whether they are an artist or a writer or a gifmaker, from exploring those varying factors.

3. Remember that a fandom is a community, and hatred divides us all.

I am not stopping you. I am not stopping them. They are not stopping me. So what right do you have to try to stop them?

This ship hate is divisive. It eats away at the fandom from the inside, creating something grotesque and vile, sending tendrils of poison into even the most inconspicuous corners of the fandom.

This needs to stop.

You are not better than anyone here.

I don’t care what you think, but your ships are not better than mine. My ships are not better than yours. Someone who ships your notp is not in the wrong. Your opinions do not trump theirs, and it is wrong on every level to try forcing your ships on people.

Stop gloating.

I don’t care how many “moments” your ship got. Don’t rub it in someone’s face just because you think it directly contradicts their beliefs, or their ship.

If you’re doing this, you are what’s wrong with fandom.

Practice tolerance. Use blacklisting. Try to have civil conversations about why or why not you like what you do, and why they don’t.

Do whatever makes the fandom a comfortable place for you, within reason. This does NOT include making rude comments about other ships, or other people who like them.

4. Discourse.


This fandom has so much of it, it’s sickening. But it happens with every fandom at some point or another, when so many people with differing opinions come into the picture. Especially when we have younger generations, who feel so entitled to their opinions and who were raised to believe that they can say or do whatever they want, mixed in with older generations who have been here since the original, who think they’re schooling the younger kids when they’re only making it worse.

But my remarks on the discourse are simple:


For months, all official sources still said five teens, even after that video fiasco and a few interviews. I choose to believe the official printed sources over things that may have been said in the moment or under duress. Which is why I also do not take the rough ages given by the voice actors recently as fact. 

And I will write them at whichever ages I please, because THIS IS WHAT FANFICTION IS FOR.


I don’t care which ones you ship and which you don’t. You’re free to them, because it’s your decision.

But stop spreading hate to those who don’t ship what you ship.

I ship Shidge. Have you seen me blaspheming and hating on everyone who doesn’t agree? But because of fandom mentality, and the disgusting pack approach of some antis, I haven’t publicized it very much. In fact, I tricked myself into believing that I shipped Klance more because of how much hatred I had seen.

Someone shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone about a ship they like, or to admit that they don’t like a ship.

Stop making this an environment where people feel safer to keep their ships to themselves. 

Stop the hate. 

Stop the fighting. 

Stop trying to shove your beliefs and ships into everyone’s faces.


This is our fandom.

We are all trying to show our love for the series in our own ways.


We may not always agree, we may not see eye to eye, but the key to progress is patience and tolerance and above all, the ability to see that there really is a person behind the profile you’re attacking. 

They have feelings. They have beliefs. They have a story that you know nothing about. And all of these make up who they are and how they view the world. 

They’re going to be different from you. Everyone is. 

In order to become a better person, a better member of fandom society as a whole, you have to be able to see that

And a final note: Don’t make Space Dad sad. Wherever he is, he would want us all to get along.

The voice behind Dr. Edward Richtofen is that of legendary voice actor Nolan North. You may also know him as Brutus from Black Ops II's “Mob of the Dead”, Ghost from “Destiny”, Hades from the “God of War” series, The Penguin from the “Batman: Arkham” video game series, as well as Nathan Drake from the “Uncharted” series, and Desmond Miles from the “Assassin’s Creed” series.

- fact compiled by treyarchszombies.tumblr.com