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Here’s a compilation of all of Angor Rot’s voice lines !
I really love his voice and so i just had to make a small tribute to him !

Bular voice lines comming up next yo ;0


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A Tale of English VA’s and Yuri on Ice

A girl, with subscriptions that allow her both, watches in tandem the sub and dub of Yuri!!! on Ice. On a cold Monday night, the episode featuring this ridiculous man airs in English. 

ie Christophe Giacometti. 

This girl has been excited for this moment, and isn’t disappointed. It’s not what she heard in her head, but he delights her nonetheless. That bit even managed the exact same amount of cringe as the Japanese without being too much (you know the scene to which I refer).

But alas, her voice actor geekery has failed her. Who is this man who’s so awesomely given her favorite side character a second voice to enjoy (this one in her native tongue)? 

“Can it be…him? No, that can’t be right. He’s playing Celestino. Perhaps it’s?….No no no, not deep enough. Oh how utterly vexing!”

And in her dismay, she sends a missive out to the world, a digital message in a bottle, hoping her song of devotion will reach the right set of ears. 

But lo, plagued by sleeplessness, she tosses and turns with these ideas. And goodly so, for she’s awake to receive the reply. 

And thus she rejoices, for not only is the mystery solved, but said actor is one of her favorites and has marked upon this day her gratitude. 

In short:

The English voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, Shenron, Alex Louis Armstrong, AllMight, Garterbelt, Kitz Woerman, Batou (in Arise), Ritsu Kasanoda (OHSHC), and Eflman Straus among many many other badass dudes….is this guy in Yuri on Ice.

The world is a magical place. 

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Taniyama Kishou: PEN NAME: Dazai-san ni houtai wo maite agetai -san

One day, a pink-colored bikini and a letter were suddenly sent to Uemura Yuto’s post box. The letter says “Wear this pink-colored bikini and then roam around Yokohama, if you don’t, then think of your friend’s life as good as dead.” WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, YUTO?!
Uemura Yuto: Wait a moment…
Taniyama Kishou: Yeah, what are you gonna do Yuuto?
Miyano Mamoru: Yeah, what are you gonna do???
Taniyama Kishou: What are you gonna do? If someone sent you a pink-colored bikini and suddenly tells you to roam around Yokohama wearing only that bikini?
Uemura Yuto: Eeeehhh?
Miyano Mamoru: Well, your friend’s life is in danger you know.
Uemura Yuto: But… Well… Uhhh…
Miyano Mamoru: Who’s your number one friend?
Taniyama Kishou: Who? Celementius? *not sure about the spelling tho*
Uemura Yuto: Celenin- ehh. Celimin-… uhhh… tius
Everyone: *laughs*
Uemura Yuto: But my friend’s life is in danger right? Then of course, I’m gonna risk my life to save him. I’ll do it. I’ll wear that bikini and roam around Yokohama. Really.
Miyano Mamoru: We’ve prepared it.
Uemura Yuto: Eh?
Miyano Mamoru: It’s a lie, it’s a lie…
Taniyama Kishou: Here it is…
Uemura Yuto: Eh? For real?
Taniyama Kishou: Eh? There’s none? We don’t have it now? The staff is already wearing it.
Everyone: *laughs*
Miyano Mamoru: Who is your friend in the seiyuu industry?
Uemura Yuto: My friend in the seiyuu industry? Well, like Aoi Shouta-kun?
Miyano Mamoru: Aoi Sho-… *laughs*
Taniyama Kishou: Aoi Shouta-kun really has amazing connections, doesn’t he? He’s even close friends with Ono Kensho too!
Uemura Yuto: Yeah, the two of us go to Disney. That kind of relationship.
Taniyama Kishou: You’re giving away your secret! So it’s like that huh…
Miyano Mamoru: That’s amazing, isn’t it?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we went to Disney Sea last time.
Taniyama Kishou: You went to Disney Sea? With Aoi Shouta?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we went to Disney Sea.
Taniyama Kishou: It’s not like you’re dating, right?
Uemura Yuto: NO NO NO NO
Everyone: *laughs*
Taniyama Kishou: Well, we’re happy about this in our own way.
Miyano Mamoru: Let’s talk about the details later. ;)
Taniyama Kishou: Yeah, let’s hear it from the two of them.
Uemura Yuto: Okay, later…
Miyano Mamoru: Yes, tell us more about it. ;)
Taniyama Kishou: Ohh, you really are close aren’t you?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we are. Okay, Thank you very much! Okay then-…
Taniyama Kishou: Let’s go? Next time? ;)
Miyano Mamoru: Why don’t the two of us go to Disney Sea?
Taniyama Kishou: Well, I’m the type who goes really wild you know?
Taniyama Kishou: The two of us should go to a restaurant. Let’s have dinner there. ;)
Miyano Mamoru: Should we get reservations?
Taniyama Kishou: *talks about the Disney Sea attractions*
Miyano Mamoru: That’s enough! Hahaha. The audience are a little bit turned off.
Taniyama Kishou: The two of us even haven’t been there together you know? This kid… No, these kids…

SHEIDESU’S NOTE: Sorry if my translations were hard to understand (or wrong) :D And there were parts that I did not translate anymore :))

Source: Bungou Stray Radio #1

I JUST FOUND DIZ AND IM YELLING OMG… I SPENT THE LAST 2 HOURS SEARCHING THROUGH THE WHOLE INTERNET TRYING TO FIND THIS ANIME WITH KOREAN DUB OTL BUT I COULDNT FIND IT TTTT i searched in English and Korean but no chance… seems like nobody uploaded it.. oh my gods i wanna see/hear this im screaming TT maybe ill just ask my korean friend to search for this dvd with korean dub and send it to me TT

Petition to address Maeno Tomoaki

as BEST SEME please


Kaidou Haru (Super Lovers)

Yukina Kou (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi)

Kaburagi Motoharu (Ameiro Paradox)

Kurose Riku (Ten Count)

He has voiced a lot  more seme characters, but after Kurose, do we really need more arguments? 

Friendly reminder that...

Daisuke Ono, the voice actor of this guy:

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and this guy:

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and this guy:

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You’re welcome. You don’t have to thank me for ruining your childhood~

Funtime Freddy No likie the Casual Bongos
  • Funtime Freddy No likie the Casual Bongos

Here’s a little dub I did of this neat short comic describing Funtime Freddy’s distaste for casual bongos.  Hope ya like it @sproingtrep

Comic by @sproingtrep

Audio by yours truly 

Well, since I am really into Seiyuus (Voice actors) (Especially male seiyuus, HAH UwU)  Annnd, I have been watching Yuri on ice!! (Great anime btw)

So, I made some pictures, in each picture showing the characters which they were voiced by the same voice actor. (Sorry, if my english is bad, hah!)  

( Nagachika Hideyoshi from Tokyo Ghoul.)

(Ryuugamine Mikado from Durarara!! also voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

(Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke.)

(Tsukkishima Kei rom Haikyuu!!)

(Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke.)

(Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!!)

(Hiro Hamada (Japanese dub) from Big hero 6.)

(Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail.) (He is also the singer for the ED “You only live once”)

(Germany from Axis Powers Hetalia.)

Last, but not least

(Matsuno Ichimatsu from Osomatsu san.) 

Voice actors are monsters, man. By monsters I mean amazing.