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Carmelita Voice Actor Post

ha ha ha this is by far my most popular post and it originally contained multiple embarrassing errors 

because @bisexualslycooper idly wondered what the breakdown was and I have nothing better to do with my time!

Sly 1: Roxana Ortega

Is she actually Hispanic? imdb says her mother was Peruvian and her dad was Mexican-American, so heck yeah!
Other notable roles: apparently she was in g-force

Sly 2: Alesia Glidewell

Is she actually Hispanic? Technically, no! According to Wikipedia her dad was Brazilian-American (and her mother Japanese). This makes her Latina, but not Hispanic - ie, from a Spanish-speaking country. As @slycooperandcarlosfox​ informs me, she is fluent in Spanish, along with Portuguese and Italian. And, y’know. English.
Other notable roles: Lots! She has voiced both Samus Aran and Krystal, provided the creepy motion capture for F.E.A.R.’s Alma, and - most famously, I imagine - was the face and body model for Chell from Portal. Not only that, but her imdb page has stuff in basically every category, from “Producer” and “Director” down to “Camera and Electrical Department”. What an accomplished woman!

Sly 3: Ruth Livier

Is she actually Hispanic? Given how she has “received special recognition by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts”, I kinda hope so, yeah! (@whoisthemasterthief informs me she is Mexican-American, specifically.)
Other notable roles: apparently she was in drag to me hell (and GTA:SA, as one of the pedestrian VAs)

Sly 4: Grey Delisle Griffin

Is she actually Hispanic? Yes! She was raised by her maternal grandmother, who is Mexican, and often credits said grandmother as having a huge influence on her.
Other notable roles: Man, where to start? A ton of versions of Daphne (Scooby Doo), Mandy (ie, Billy and), Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown), Frankie (Foster’s Home), Sam (Danny Phantom), Vicky (Fairly Oddparents), and of course, her personal favorite role [mine too!], Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender.

…it’s really all or nothing when it comes to other roles, isn’t it?

My sincere thanks to @whoisthemasterthief and @miatheladygamer for correcting me about the semantic difference between “Hispanic” and “Latinx” and DeLisle’s grandmother, respectively!

tayredgrave  asked:

I just. I'm still recovering from the vlog. I never thought could love a character more than I already do but here I am. I just wanna scream. this vlog ruined me. Steven's voice acting ruined me. ;;;;;;;;

steven appreciation time like holy heck everything he pours into keith is just incredible…….im always just so hooked on his speech and how keith talks. im never over it like the rasp, the small pauses before certain trails of thoughts or words, tiny stutters or tripping over words, the cracks in his voice, speed of sentences like pushing and tugging like the turbulence in keith when he’s swinging closer to some inner turmoil and the tumultuous nature embedded within, the slight shift in inflection for like a second it’s an experience listening to steven’s VAing and how he talks about keith in interviews like…. 

he’s truly so wonderful and gifted 

Scriptwriters/Video Editors wanted!

It saddens me to say that our primary scriptwriter, Cole, will be taking a break from the blog to work on real life things. While we will absolutely wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors, this leaves us a bit understaffed in the scriptwriting department!

I’m making this post as a reminder that while there aren’t many characters left open for voice acting auditions, there is still a heavy demand for scriptwriters. There is only so much I can do on my own, and while there are people within our voice actors willing to help out, and one other scriptwriter, I’m worried about the requests we have slowly accumulating, and the amount of intros we need to get done with this huge wave of casting.

If you are wondering if there is any previous experience you need in order to apply to be a scriptwriter, there really isn’t! Just an understanding of the characters you’re comfy scripting for. It’s a little like roleplaying you know? Except that it gets to be fully voice acted!

We also are in need of video editors! People that understand how to make sprite videos in the least are helpful. I am always willing to lend the resources and try to teach people how to make skits emulating the games. Every helping hand counts! Even if you just want to help out making art for us, we would be happy to take in anyone willing to pitch in, within certain reasonability!

This blog may not be all too popular yet, but if you’d like to help out with our blog in any of these aspects, please refer to the audition page here, and email us at drfluffvoices@gmail.com! I hate to make such a long-winded post about this, but I feel that once we have a better crew, we can get things running smoother.

Thank you to everyone that follows and supports us! We are currently working on a requested Kiibo x Listener Love Confession, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

-Mod Chiaki

Okay, so, I’m a little slow to the uptake, but I’ve just started watching Yuri!!! On Ice and I decided to start watching it in English dub. I’ve just gotta say a few things:

1. The opening???? I was a little put off by the visual aspect of it, but oh my gosh, that song and the lyrics are so remarkably beautiful!!!! I listened to several covers of it as well and I’m just so in love with it already! (I’m only on episode 2, haha!)

2. The entire visual aspect of the Anime itself is GORGEOUS!!! The characters and their characterization is phenomenal! I found myself completely swallowed and absorbed straight in - it’s so good and flows so smoothly! I’m in love with pretty much the whole cast ( so far, anyway )

3. OKAY. And my last and only reason for writing this is because, I just gotta say, I have so much more to say but lemme just please say– if you are not normally a dub watcher, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch the dub. Why?


I first became his fan when I watched the Devil is a Part-Timer in English dub and since then, I’ve followed him in newer roles. I looked up the cast before watching the dub because I thought, “Haha! I wonder who Funimation is gonna get to ruin this perfectly good gay romance?” But when I saw Josh Grelle as Yuri and then Jerry Jewell as Viktor, I instantly thought, “Hold up…is this…gonna be good?”

I was so absolutely FLOORED by the amount of passion, dedication, and work that went into Josh Grelle’s role like HOLY SHIT!!!!

His reactions are so REAL!
His screams are HILARIOUS!
His small grunts and groans are ADORABLE!

Like seriously, I’m in awe!!! I’ve always known he was a good voice actor but OH MY GOD!!!! I’m so thrilled to continue watching him NAIL this role and breathe this character to life!

Like, I don’t even care which VA is “better” sounding for Yuri, JOSH GRELLE DESERVES 10 MILLION GOLD STARS FOR HIS PERFORMANCE, OKAY?! I’ll even post some clips up for some proof!!

And I hope that someday, our paths cross so that I can express my absolute admiration for you because HOT DAMN–

I’m sorry, but I am just stunned at this man’s performance!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Don’t get spooked.

Where’s the heck is the demo, kiddo?

Hey guys! I apologize for the silence, I’ve just been working really hard on polishing the game and I’m here to clear some things up regarding the upcoming demo. 

 Initially the demo along with the KS campaign was meant to come out by the end of September. However, now it’s obvious that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve decided after an initial review of me playing (what i thought was the final) demo, there were still a lot of things missing/incomplete/unpolished. 

 I realize I can’t half ass this preview compared to the other alphas I’ve been releasing because this is the demo that will show what we’re capable of. so I’m going to delay the launch of the KS campaign along with the demo. 

 It definitely frustrates me as much as you guys that are patiently waiting for the demo. But I’ll be working hard for a while trying to get this thing to what I believe is at an acceptable quality for the next and possibly final alpha.

 I hope you understand. Thank you.

(i didn’t realize it has been almost 2 months since my last post god damn i’m so sorry for being so silent)

In any case, I have been working on the game all this time. So lets post something more progress related. I have a lot to share but I will split this into multiple posts so I don’t make a giant wall of text (it’s big enough as it is).

I’ve revisited the aircraft nozzles. They should look a lot better now.

Turns out modelling them individually and animating it is much easier than adding details through textures. Now I don’t have to worry about UV space for the nozzles and they look ten times better than usual. while occupying around 50% the amount of UV space they took originally. However it does come at a cost with tri-count, but then again all the things I model are relatively low poly to current industry standards.

Questions and Answers

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Thus, as Undyne Appreciation Week comes to an end, I present a comic compilation! Yay!

Undyne is a wonderful character, and the best part about her is her zeal for life. She never does anything halfway, and is the most determined monster in the underground. NGAHHH love me this fish warrior!

Thanks to @undyne-appreciation for putting together Undyne Appreciation Week! This was so much fun and I’m glad I got to participate!

All voices by Cellochicita


New video :D My update voice-reel! Email neowishcontact@gmail.com for inquiries!

  • f.lux: You're waking up in 8 1/2 hours
Mettaton is Mad -Underfell-
Ian Murray

This was sort of a Request by one of my followers! Apparently they liked my voice work and ask if I could provide my voice for a comic they made. I looked at it and I giggled so I decided to do it.

If you’re wondering why Mettaton sounds lil deeper then my usually Mettaton voice cause I personally think the Underfell version of him would sound alil deeper then his normal voice.

But hope you guys like it. Also @monster-prince-riy-mite This is for you!

Comic = @monster-prince-riy-mite

Voices = Me

Music = Metal Crusher | Undertale | PC (slowed down)

             Death by Glamour | Undertale | PC (slowed down)

John Cameron Mitchell's Voice Acting appreciation post

Honestly there were just SO many good moments in episode 7:

  • How he sounds so uncomfortable saying “Yes….. President…”
  • “You want him… killed?”
  • He’s trying so hard during his conversation with the PBC President not to raise his voice you can just feel the frustration.
  • MOCKING THE PRESIDENT (his fake stuffy voice kills me)
  • The WHOLE scene with him trying to introduce the show with the polar bear
  • His fake laugh, like he’s trying so hard to make this scene entertaining for the audience when he’s obviously afraid for his life
  • He tries to tell the polar bear to sit good lord
  • “…What.”
  • Slowly losing his patience while talking to Julian
  • “I don’t care anymore! It’s all over! Feed me to the polar bear I want him to eat mee!”
  • His breathless rambling into the microphone an oh god that wheezing laughter someone help this man
  • “Well, that’s it isn’t it ladies and gentleman, I… I bet this is it.”
  • He still finds the energy to put his usual enthusiasm into “broadcasting from the TOP of the Eiffel Tower”
open casting call: female voices

I need to cast a female character for a video.  The character has a Southern accent, so please only try out if you think you can manage that particular accent decently.

Send an email to prozdkp@gmail.com with the subject line “I wanna voice act for YOU” if you’re interested, and make sure to tell me your Tumblr username.  If you have examples or a reel of your range, you’re welcome to include them, but they are not required.  I will email you the details of the role after receiving your email.

some tips for if you choose to audition:

1.  Honestly, you will have a better chance of getting cast if you have a good quality mic.  But as long as it’s not distractingly low quality, I encourage you to try anyway if you’re interested.

2.  Make sure the volume of your takes is at a good level (no whispering super quietly or incredibly loud distortion).

3.  Please only audition if you will be able to get the takes done in a reasonably timely manner.

Reblogs would be much appreciated.

I just want to appreciate the voice acting in our preview clip real quick.

The way Tahno pronounces the words “did to me” and “it’s permanent” are reminiscent of childhood pronunciation.

What’s happening that we can hear in Tahno’s voice is him returning to a childlike state to deal with the anxiety and trauma from getting his bending taken away.

This is a true psychological happening called Regression.

And the way it’s pulled through in the voice acting is brilliant.

Rareware Voice Actors

Yes, we are all familiar with the silly noises and sounds that we’ve heard in our childhoods. And yes, we’re too familiar with those who makes the noises. I just decided that it would be a reasonable idea to bring the spotlight to some of these underrated bunch of lovely people. Some are still working for Rare, most aren’t. But hell, we’re giving them the attention some of them need!

I’m not going to include any voice actors from the shows (Battletoads, DKC, Viva Pinata), just the ones that voiced characters in the games.

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I’ve been thinking about making a post talking about Iori and Miyako, since in my mind they’re the two most underappreciated Chosen out of the cast (Daisuke used to be with them, but I think he’s found his fanbase. And I think all the S1 cast has found love now, thanks to nostalgia and/or other reasons).

But Miyako will have to wait, because this thought just occurred to me: You know how in the dub, Cody kind of had a hoarse voice? I’m wondering if how the kid sounded affected how the audience felt about him.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that my favorite thing about Iori/Cody is that even though he seems so stoic and serious (and he really is like that), underneath he’s so passionate about doing what’s right. You can see it especially in the later part of 02. It’s probably why a lot of 02 reviews say they’re satisfied with Iori’s characterization; he has that hidden layer to him that you don’t see until his black/white morality outlook is challenged.

Voice acting adds a lot to the character. It’s why I think Gatomon and Tailmon are so different; Gatomon’s voice fits her appearance more, while Tailmon’s fits her maturity level/experiences more. There’s nothing wrong with either, even though now I’m much more used to Tailmon’s voice.

While I don’t have any problems with the dub voices for the human characters (in season one at least. I’m less familiar with 02’s voices…), I’ll say that Cody’s voice is probably one of the more ill-fitted. Some people think Mimi’s dub voice made her seem more ditzy too, but I’m not sure. And I'm not saying that Philece Sampler didn’t do a good job with either of those characters. I think she did. It’s just that Megumi Urawa and Ai Maeda had some really, really good performances. And I think Cody’s voice kind of leaves out that subtle passion he had in the original, which to me is the underlying reason why he’s a more unique character than he seems at first glance.

10,000 follower thank you & a casting call for voice actors

!!!! This time last year I was inching close to 100 and was thinking about doing a small thank-you fic for my 100th follower. Now we’re here, which is crazy. This fandom may have its small spots of chaos, but all in all it’s sweet and creative and kind and it really like it around here. ^_^

I’ve decided to make a small surprise thank-you thing, and the itch hit me to make it collaborative in some way. SO.

I’m thinking of taking auditions for voice actors for Marinette and Adrien. The final project won’t end up being long or labor-intensive for either voice; the details aren’t finalized yet, but if you’re interested send in an ask off anon here or to my personal @televisiontelepath. Hopefully the final result will be a lot of fun!

Thanks again, guys, it’s been a great ride and I hope we can keep growing as a fandom.

-mod tT


So I decided that if Dorian is making it into Inquisition and he ISN’T Orlesian, he needs to be voiced by Cary Elwes.


Here’s something that I found!

Back in good ol 2006, I met Candi Milo (Cheese, Frida Rivera, Coco, 2nd voice of Dexter). I got her some autographs on pictures of FHFIF and Dexter’s Laboratory.

I even remembered to say something about my name as Cheese (“Bryant smells like Kobe! Without the Kobe.”)

This was my only person-to-person experience with an official voice actor, and what inspired me to lean towards voice acting.