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Four museums one morning. You would want me indulging after with my best friend. .
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The 4th installment of reading Late Night Tumblr Posts…I think I am taking a break after this one @@.

The hype around the new Venom movie has revealed that one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes also has the biggest collection of fangirls and fanboys.

Makes sense when you think about it. Built like a linebacker, killer smile, costume like a leather gimp, tentacles, foot long tongue. Venom’s got it going ON!

The first take is my take on the classic Venom sound, made thanks to feedback from a long time fan. He’s had over 20 actors play him now, and each has brought something interesting to the role.

The second take is how I always thought Venom should sound. Alien, murderous, animalistic and monstrous. He’s gone through a lot of different actors and voice effects through the years, all with varying degrees of success. Here’s me trying to perfect it.

Leave a comment telling me which is your favourite! :D

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Even if Pai’s repeal of net neutrality has to go through the Court of Appeals before anything can take effect, and even if changes to the internet would be gradual in the unlikely chance the repeal would be accepted by said court, we will still need to fight for our internet.

Keep calling your reps! Keeping making noise!

If fandom communities are important to you…

If online friendships are important to you…

If online safe spaces are important to you…

If having a voice is important to you…

If finding a job is important to you…

If running a business online is important to you…

If online shopping is important to you…

Do not stop fighting for the internet until we are assured that it will not be taken away.

I love this. The Women’s March was yesterday. I wish I went to support us Black Women. We have to deal with so many obstacles because of the color of our skin and also because we are women. It’s crazy.. but the one thing they can’t take from us is our voices and ability to stand up for ourselves 💪🏾✊🏽

But anyways I love this. Resistance in princess form. Let’s call it… the #resisterhood 🤙🏾😌


Doki Doki Pun Club???

comic by @theslowesthnery