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170728 | SEHUN, Vogue“Is EXO the Most Stylish K-Pop Band of All Time?”

Sehun’s answers:

  • Style that has changed the most - kyungsoo
  • MV Favorite look - monster
  • Style Icon - Chris Brown

Sehun wears a Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt, and his hair has been dyed & spiked to resemble a Bird of Paradise.”

“Chanyeol mentioned Sehun in his interview as the one whose style have changed the most”

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Is EXO the Most Stylish K-Pop Band of All Time?

Suho Whose style has changed the most? Kyungsoo’s [D.O.] style has changed me a bit. Usually, I don’t wear all black clothes like he does. I pay a lot of attention to fashion, and I like to play around with a lot of different brands, shoes, and clothes. But our schedules have gotten so hectic, and I realized that when I don’t have time to sleep, I just reach for simple, comfy, black things (laughs). Which MV had your favorite look? In our “Monster” video, the military-inspired style. It looked a bit more manly, it was comfortable, and the clothes were a bit oversize, which made them easy to dance in. It looked cool. Who is your style icon at the moment? I loved Colin Firth’s look in Kingsman. Once I get a little older, I want to walk around with that kind of clean, gentlemanly style.