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[TRANS/NETIZENS] “Eyes, that seemed to captivate” Refreshing September together with YoonA

[Article]  “Eyes, that seemed to captivate” Refreshing September together with YoonA [Photoshoot]

1. [+1475 -345] Pretty Autumn Goddess who has a pretty face and heart! The first photo ♥

2. [+993 -233] It seems like it’s been a long time~she’s truly beautiful and good looking 

3. [+686 -137]  Look how prettier this girl is ;; these keyboard warriors… why are you guys being like this

 4. [+948 -235] “ A center Goddess beauty class that calls for a jealousy” she’s pretty and her doll face is seriously pretty ^^

5. [+608 -31] YoonA looks pretty~ Soshi fighting~

6. [+128 -26] YoonAya!… The antis are aging me… I should go and look for the new ad of Innisfree Anti Aging. All antis should die

7. [+133 -28] Really pretty  ㅠㅠ I’ll look forward to your drama soon!

8. [+103 -18] I hope K2 begins to broadcast quickly

9. [+112 -22] Seriously, YoonA is freakin’ pretty  ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

10. [+150 -35] No matter what people say, YoonA is pretty and kind. It’s okay YoonA unnie!

11. [+137 -31] ah… she’s becoming prettier all the time… she looks attractive  ㅋ

12. [+117 -26] My Role Model YoonA  ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

13. [+92 -7] Captivating~ Really pretty

14. [+181 -47] YoonA is not only pretty but also has a good heart

15. [+132 -31] look at the age and gender ratio ㄷㄷ   it’s her 10th year since debut without having a scandal, her Instagram reached 4M which set the shortest record.  She was the only Asian Girlgroup member that was chosen that caused an influential impact to the world from the top american site Forbes.

16. [+148 -37] Deer Yoong is always working hard. I will always support you and I hope you’ll be more successful!

17. [+110 -26] YoonA is synonymous to innocence but the setting is somewhat balance. It seems that her inner beauty is seen. 

18. [+109 -26] Pretty YoonA! Always hwaiting! ^^ The K2 hit daebak~

19. [+91 -20] YoonA is beautiful, My Goddess 

20. [+70 -13] her mysterious brown eyes give you a dreamlike feeling

Source: TVReport via Naver

Trans by @crownprincesone