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Watch what happens when Meryl Street stops by the Vogue offices for an interview with Anna Wintour. 

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On the final day of the New York Spring collections, director Charlotte Wales and fashion editor Jorden Bickham asked Kate Upton, Joan Smalls, Elsa Hosk, and a crew of their catwalking pals to come to work at the Vogue offices. How to wear the new officewear was the immediate challenge. How to navigate a corporate tower while retaining a fierce sense of style was the actual heart of the matter. 

Watch what happens when a supermodel army, wearing the best new spins on careerwear from New York Fashion Week, descends on One World Trade Center.

Fic A Day 2018 - Day 4

Title: Feminine

Author: darriness

Word Count: 516

Summary: Blaine’s got some opinions.

Author’s Note: From my Advent verse. Title is the word of the day. Enjoy!

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Blaine pads into Kurt’s home office. His socked feet making no sound and yet when he places the glass of wine he’d been carrying in for Kurt on the table next to Kurt’s drawing table and slides a hand along Kurt’s t-shirt clad back, Kurt doesn’t even flinch.

“Thanks, love.” Kurt whispers, tilting his head up briefly to accept a kiss before turning back to his drawing.

“What are you working on?” Blaine asks. Kurt usually has three or four projects on the go so Blaine is never sure which one he’s working on.

Kurt shrugs, “Just some stuff for the men’s line.”

Blaine hums and rubs his hand slowly along Kurt’s shoulders while his husband continues to draw. Blaine loves to watch Kurt draw. He loves to watch the muscles in his back shift, the muscles in his arm tense and relax, and the effortless beauty of the lines he creates.

Tonight however, Blaine’s eyebrows furrow at the picture Kurt is drawing, “This is for the men’s line?” He asks and Kurt hums in the affirmative, “Then why, and I mean this with all the love in the world, does it look so…feminine?”

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me-ladie  asked:

As always... Soulmate AU!! 🙌💙

You’re a soulmate AU hoarder.

Soulmate AU where you can see what your soulmate is doing when you’re asleep and they’re awake

Carisi was staring at him.

It was driving him nuts. He would feel his eyes on him, then as soon as he looked up, he would suddenly be very interested in the papers on the desk in front of him. Rafael was too old and far too impatient to be playing games.

“Do you have a question?”


“About the case,” he said, nodding at the papers scattered in front of him.

“No, I…” Carisi shook his head. “I’m sorry, I’m distracted. You mind if I take a break?”

“You’re the one who wanted to work on this, it makes no difference to me whether you’re here or not.”

“Gee, thanks,” Carisi said, with false sweetness. He took his phone out and tapped a few times,  then started scrolling. Every so often he’d let out a sigh or an interested sound, until Rafael lost patience and snapped his laptop closed.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?”


“You clearly want me to ask what you’re reading, so what are you reading?”

Sonny pressed his lips together, either trying to hide a smile or annoyed that he’d been found out, Rafael couldn’t tell. “I’m reading an article about soulmates.”

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This is all @foleypdx ’s fault. I was studying without pants, sent her a pic of my textbook on my legs, and she replied with ‘nice science. nice gam’. I can only assume that her later thought process was this:
lol, Alexis is a science, she’s pantsless, Lena’s a science, she’s probs also pantsless.
She then sent me: 'imagine Lena pantsless in her office’
To which I screamed about and then wrote this.

Also, the idea that Lena doesn’t like caramel is from wtfoctagon whom I cannot seem to tag? but here’s a Link to their blog, but their fic: Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets which is literally the best representation of Jess that I have ever seen with mine own two eyes and I fucking love this fic, I can’t even describe how much I adore it.

This is also on AO3 :

Jess was tired and now Ms. Danvers was here and Ms. Danvers was nice but honestly she was loud and rambunctious and a little over the top with everything in life and Jess was just tired. So, yes, she waved Ms. Danvers toward Ms. Luthor’s door without buzzing Ms. Luthor and THEN the phone rang and well? Ms. Luthor always liked seeing Ms. Danvers so it just wasn’t going to be a problem.

Kara opened the door; Lena’s office was dark except for one lamp beside her couch. Kara really needed to talk to Lena about staying so late. Really, if the light bothered her enough that she had to sit in near dark-

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Forbidden - Chapter I Vol I

Chapter one is here! You may notice that this is Vol I, the first chapter contains a lot of character development, establishment of the story line and character profiles. The story, so far, may seem uneventful but is important in order to begin and provide an understanding. You will also notice that I have named the character, no it is not my name, it is just one I like and I prefer it over writing Y/N, so let me know what you think. Chapter II will be posted tomorrow morning, then we can get in to the good stuff! I hope you like it anyway, looking forward to your feedback. 

Happy reading! 

Avoiding the place you’re from when finally freed from the confines of High School, then College, unwanted friendships and relentlessly clingy family members is one thing. Returning to where you’re from after doing all of those things, not at all discreetly might I add, is a whole other ball game.

Deciding to turn my back on everything I knew was by no means a hard decision to make. All my life I’ve had aspirations that would have remained far beyond my reach had I caved and opted to remain comfortable, always neglecting change and opportunity. How ever when Vogue knocks on your door, impressed by your writing ability and impeccable fashion sense, you don’t ask questions. I certainly didn’t, I didn’t stop to think about anything, even some things I maybe should have… I just left.

Now here I am, back in Los Angeles and shitting myself. Leading up to coming home, after being offered an opportunity to work from a Vogue office space in the place every one I love still remains, I wasn’t worried at all. Which now, stepping out of my cab on my way to the real estate to pick up my keys for my new place, the idea of being so unconcerned by the aspect of running back in to everything I purposely left behind, seems absolutely ridiculous. Nonetheless, I pushing on full force straight back in to my old life, except not really, because I’m almost a completely different person now, with a different job, a different style, a different outlook on life and very different priorities.


“Vida! Oh sweetheart I’m so happy to see you!” “Hi Mum.. Hi Dad”, I hugged them both and stepped inside, immediately resonating with the smell of the house I called home for what felt like forever. Moving away from home is something I always looked forward to, not because I resented my life at home, in fact I have amazing parents who love me and a little brother who is one of my very best friends. The independence is what I craved, the opportunity to do things and make decisions without anyone else’s input. I followed my Mum through to the kitchen, while Dad remained firmly planted on the lounge and focused on the television.

As I took a seat at Mum’s kitchen bench and watched her wander around mindlessly making our tea, mouthing to herself details of what she needs to do this week and what to get at the store like she always does, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the growing anxiety I felt in my chest. This flood of panic through my whole body was being caused by something I had tried my best to suppress, but to no avail. I know a question I was dreading was coming, it would be directed at me from my mother, something she always mentioned but I never complied; though now, in person, I feared I may have to succumb to her interrogation.

 “So.. V, have you spoken to Bill?” “Mum..,” I stopped to choose my words carefully, strategizing in my mind how to say this without sounding panicked, guilty or at all effected by my lost friendship with one of the only people I ever truly cared about outside of my family unit.

“.. Bill and I have both carried on with our lives, we’re both busy and have successful careers, Bill isn’t a concern of mine anymore and I wish you’d stop asking so much.. about him.” My sentence faded as I heard how I had slipped up, completely failing in all attempts to remain calm, coming across completely defensive. She stopped and stared at me for a moment, knowing better than to continue, knowing what leaving him behind did to me and still does, even though I no longer care to admit it.

“Okay sweetheart, I thought it might be worth asking.” “That’s okay Mum, tell me about you, what’s happening around here – what have I missed?”


After staying at my parents for dinner and filling one another in about all of the things we’d missed from each other’s lives, I got back in to my white Audi A7 I treated myself to before moving home, and made my way to my new apartment. I immediately hated myself upon entering my door, realising just how much I still had to unpack. I’m a relatively minimalistic person and believe in only the necessities and a tidy home, but there was no ignoring absolutely nothing being done.

After unpacking my bathroom and some clothes I knew I’d need in the next few days, I made myself a rather large cup of tea and made myself comfortable on my, possibly well oversized considering I live alone but that’s neither here nor there, sofa and settled in for some Riverdale, and then bed.