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Go for it! Have some fun!

@voxmyriad I did the thing.

Okay but your “hufflepuff loki” rtag makes me want Loki having to be DADA teacher as part of some elaborate plea deal to get back into Earth/Asgard society

A student better schooled in Hogwarts’ History would know that the last Hufflepuff to occupy The Position was Galatea Merrythought, a fifty-year tenure that had lasted until 1945.

There’d been a great deal of upheaval in the world then, too, and the need of a bulwark of defense against the eponymous Dark Arts had seemed just as essential as it does now. The world is an everchanging place, and the wizarding world has finally begun to stir itself into attempting to keep pace.

Aliens in New York, after all. And Dark Elves in London. And Muggles with powers to rival wizardry’s own, from sources too fantastical for even wizards to believe.

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