vogue girl 2010


Kim Woo Bin and Esom in “Traveling Lovers” (eh?) photoshoot for Vogue Girl. 

Clearly back then the preference by photographer was on her and, Woob served the function of her boy toy, but I feel today it has to be said: she’s the only girl student from White Christmas" :P

Actually don’t think I’ve ever seen this scanned (aside from one even smaller than this) #Shrug probably too old now as it’s from 2010

[Old photoshoot (cr @金宇彬_TIME)] Jan 2010 Vogue Girl:

Kim Hyun Joong, 21 years old, B-blood type, model, lives in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. “Judging by appearance people think I have a cool personality, actually I’m a very warm and easy-going person. My favorite saying is "Ah, really?” When bored I like to blast my mp3 and imagine myself the leading model of a fashion show. My wish in 2010 is to have a higher naver search ranking than the singer bearing the same name. To me youth is the ability to pick yourself up and smile in times of defeat, the downside is you feel burdened to accomplish something before turning old.“