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i thought it seemed like another hint they might ubdate vog soon actually. that, the intro of more exotic heavy machine guns, and the return of icebreaker!! all good things in the vault :3c

There is a big theory that VoG and CE is coming back in an April Update-like.. update. The revamped Nexus strike has a few VoG relic mechanics. Omnigul’s return that technically doesn’t break lore.
It’d be really cool to see them get a fresh breath of life

Vog holds his hand up to the woman, awaiting a highfive for the job well done.

The leader of the Red Sashes begrudgingly accepts, high fiving the man, showing the small group of no bodies that they’d done a job well done.

Upon seeing this exchange, Bug holds up its hand for a high five, cocking it’s head much like a confused dog as it waits. The shadow flickering behind seems to be high fiving itself.

The woman looks at the Whisper with something akin to disgust. Slowly she pulls her sword from her belt, scabbard and all, and pushes Bug away.


90s will remember this song 😄 #jpccmg2016 #vog (at Grand Hyatt Bali)

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((I need to make dinner but I have the TV on for background noise and it reminded me of a few Hawaii things that might help enhance your RP experience by knowing them, so here they are:

  • There’s a “Scenic Hawaii” tv channel that constantly plays footage (panoramic shots, interviews, mini-documentaries of certain areas and the like) of the islands; perhaps having a “Scenic Alola” channel might be of help somehow
  • The islands consistently have trade winds blow in due to their latitude/longitude stuff, so windy weather is very common (and strong); this also ties in to some terms, like windward for east Oahu/Melemele and leeward for west Oahu/Melemele
  • Because the big island is an actual active volcano, it’s commonly belching out volcanic smog (vog) as well as lava, and this smog often gets blow to the other islands on the aforementioned trade winds; this can sometimes cause headaches and mild sick-feeling, and it’s probably a lot worse if you’re closer to the volcano or sensitive to air quality
  • While Hawaii’s associated with pineapples a lot, two of its other big produce are bananas (Dole has a plantation on Oahu) and sugarcane (not so much anymore, the last mill closes at the end of this year)
  • Hawaiian cuisine is eclectic; bento boxes/”plate lunches” can easily be bought (travel meals?), many dishes brought by immigrants were adapted, like saimin (noodles), and many things are sold in food trucks, like spam musubi (spam and rice wrapped in nori), or indeed malasadas

I can’t think of any more right now but if I do I’ll post them later))


Shots with sade smooth me out. #shots #sade #smoothjazz #schnapps #familytime #thankful #thanksgiving #momentsalone #realme #vog #vloging #vlogingtime #actorslife #lifeofanactor #instacalm #mellow #peace✌ #happyholidays #drinkforme I’m thankful for all my days while they last.

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