I knew I couldn’t handle casually listening to ‘Visions of Gideon’. It’s so haunting. It’s so beautiful. But it takes me right back to that moment in the film and I’m a wreck. Honestly… goosebumps from the second I hear “I have loved you for the last time…

I have trouble with Sufjan songs sometimes but this one - and ‘Mystery of Love’ which is this story - are gorgeous and immersive and so full of feeling. I don’t know which one I want nominated for the Oscar but at least one has to be or I’m going to fight the Academy tbh.

thanatonaucy  asked:

“…I’m.. Sorry..”

Pahanin sobbed publicly in the Last City, he couldn’t feel a single bone in his body, but fear of being trapped in time in the Vault like his fireteam empowered him to escape the Vault of Glass. He firsthand watched Kabr die, he watched all of them get stuck in time. Not him, not him. 

While the once optimistic, punny Hunter, he was too scarred to even make a single pun, or talk about facts of cephalopods. There was too much going through his mind to even be himself.  Pahanin through his sobs heard a voice coming to comfort him, he ignored it for a moment before he looked up to see an unfamiliar face, but a familiar voice. 

As an artist, T-Vog has been doing his thing which had involved the likes of many with him. He has done numerous singles which is still making waves.

T-Vog’s first song was with the second runner up of “Peak got Talent” (Byno), then followed up with a mixtape of P Diddy’s coming home Titled “I have a dream” featuring the First runner up of “Nigerian Idol’s (Naomi Marc)”. He then did a mixtape of Sarkodie’s illuminate titled ‘Tsunami’ which also made waves on radio.

T-Vog has a lot coming; his words are filled with standard.

Listen and download his new single “Akanke” an Alternative/ Afro-Soul/ Slow Rock Chilling Song that will send chills down your Spine below.

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