Ocean entry and lava delta formation, Hawaii


@astross-aqcualigus sent me a video link discussing some interesting scrapped footage that may be from a Vex centered expansion so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

A Different Kind of Chatfic

Day 2: Social Media or Celebrations (¿por qué no las dos?)

OG-angel has entered the chat

mrsplisetsky15 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 changed chat name to !!!!!!!!

yurislover_1997: guYS DID YOU HEAR

OG-angel: you mean abt otabek and yuratchka?!?!?!!

yurislover_1997: YES OMG

yurislover_1997: im crying help

OG-angel: im not going to be any help wtf do u think im doing

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Fighting for free pancakes at IHOP.

As someone who worked in customer service (mostly retail) for the better part of a decade, I am overly nice in every situation where I have a problem that needs a manager.  Y'all.  I had a FIFTEEN MINUTE DISCUSSION about free pancakes at IHOP because literally every person I talked to was dumb.  I’m gonna try to relay this to y'all as best I can so you can understand how simple the issue was.  This isn’t my receipt because I don’t have it but this is a pretty good example of a receipt from IHOP that has a customer survey coupon on it.

I don’t know if it’s at every location, but the IHOP by me gives you a receipt that has a survey on it with every visit.  You go home and take the survey, write down the code in the blank space (the fourth item near the bottom) and use that as your coupon for free pancakes at your next visit.  Not same visit, but the next visit.  I use one 90% of the time I go to IHOP and I go to IHOP more frequently that I’m finna admit to all out in public like this.

Study the receipt though, because it’s gonna be important to the story.

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Redditor Uberwolf_ points out something that I have overlooked. Not all reprised raids will be available straight out the gate when Age of Triumph launches. Here is his/her explanation:

Hi DTG, I know, I know, a lot of people think all the raids are coming out tomorrow, but sadly this is not the case, trust me I wish it was but it is not.

Bungie SPECIFICALLY said that on the first week, only Crota will be available, then the next week VoG will be available and featured, but you will still be able to play Crota too, just not featured, so on and so forth.

Sorry to burst any of your bubbles, but I’d much rather disappoint you now with the truth, then let you be disappointed with the lies tomorrow.

So here are the release dates for update raids:

Crota’s End: March 28th

Vault of Glass : April 4th

King’s Fall : April 11th

Wrath of the Machine: April 18th

edit: 52:20 onwards from here

Deej : “We begin with Crota, then Vault of glass, then on the third week we come in and play Kings Fall, and then Wrath of the Machine”

“So if you look here, we’re in a setting where the 390 version of Kings Fall hasn’t been unlocked yet”

edit 2:

“The first week of Age of Triumph will send players to the Moon for Crota’s End, while Vault of Glass fans will have to wait until week two. King’s Fall will be featured third, followed by Wrath of the Machine. As each 390 Light version goes live, it will remain playable (without challenges) even when it’s not the weekly featured raid. Every raid will now offer armor with an ornament slot; the gear from Wrath of the Machine, which already had one slot, will now have two.”

And an additional comment from Redditor RiseofBacon:

How it works

Week 1 - CE at 390 w/Featured

Week 2 - VoG at 390 w/Featured, CE also available at 390

Week 3 - KF at 390 w/Featured, CE & VoG available at 390

Week 4 - WoTM Featured and all Raids active at 390

Week 5 & Afterwards - Featured Raid & ALL Raids at 390