@astross-aqcualigus sent me a video link discussing some interesting scrapped footage that may be from a Vex centered expansion so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

The 40 mm High Explosive Grenade VOG-25 provides effective action against enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at distance of up to 400 m. The grenade is self-contained type and is fitted with distance-armed, self-destruct fuze.

A Gorgon Has Found Its Prey

So Bungie is having a Bungie Day Destiny T-shirt contest design! my first design (I say first, if I plan to make more) is of the Gorgon. The design also includes six circles encasing the different class symbols to signify a raid team of six! VoG has always been my all-time favorite raid, so why not make a design to commemorate it?

You can vote for the design by liking it here! (to be updated)