First aired May 14th, 2016.

Written by Mike Vogle

Directed by Jim Miller, Denny Wu, & Tim Stuby.

Synopsis: When Starlight Glimmer gets a case of the Holiday Blues, Twilight decides to read her favorite story, “A Hearth’s Warming Tail”.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand, we have here a cute tale that serves necessary development in Starlight and Twilight’s relationship, not to mention several great musical numbers to boot. But on the other, 

Famm’ pruvà
chell’ ca tu pruov p me
a stessa voglia e m'spuglià primm e t'avè
o core nun m'sbatt ‘mpiett
so doce sul rind o liett
io non ti merito..
vuless sta comme staj tu abbracciat a me..
ca stessa vogl’ e m'addurmì vicin a te…
e invec già m'sto 'nventann n'ata scusa..
p t'fa vestere.

Rosario Miraggio ( via @thelastking7 )

Fonte: @thelastking7

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First ever 3D printed video necklace, Memento, launches on Kickstarter

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Vogl murì sul ntra li bracc toie,
Orma so tropp misi ca sto immaginann,
To dico ca sta ser vogl addivient a mamma, regalm sta gioia , chesta soddisfazion, addiventà papà famm scurdà e paranoie..
—  Rocco Hunt.