But honestly, Elena Gilbert has Damon Salvatore wrapped around her little finger.

She wants to show him a meteor shower? He goes.

She wants to go into a photo booth and take silly pictures? He does it.

She wants him to be her date to a dance at college? He obliges.

If she wanted to go to the freaking Disneyland Resort, he’d take her.

Because as long as Elena is happy, Damon doesn’t freaking care what he has to do. Because seeing his girl smile is all it takes to make him happy.

@schrombo Spanish FR-8 “La Coruña” chambered in .308 Winchester received a box magazine conversion by Austrian gunmaker Voere (works for any 98K with minor modifications).

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writing prompt: jungkook is a merman who curses like a sailor and taehyung is a marine biologist who scuba dives in his free time

taehyung/jeongguk, 2519 words, fluffy as hell
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taehyung knew the ocean could be as dangerous as it could be warm- he had heard the tales over and over again, ships smashed in stormy waves, bodies floating in a sea as dark as midnight, the deepest ocean where the sun didn’t shine and the pressure could crush him alive, but he never let that stop him from appreciating the sheer majesty of it all.

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Beyonce is god, and I can only hope I did her justice.