Heroes haven’t died that’s a misconception. They live forever in the city of fallen angels.

This is a picture of the water tower in Vukovar. The water tower was bombed a lot of times during the siege of Vukovar but it never collapsed. The water tower is a symbol of Vukovar, homeland war, suffering and of the sacrifice that the people of Vukovar gave for independent Croatia. During the siege, aggressors always bombed the water tower because it had croatian flag on it. Every night a defender would put the croatian flag on top of the tower and every morning people of Vukovar would wake up and look at the water tower to see the flag. The flag meant that Vukovar had not yet fallen into the hands of the enemy. Unfortunately, the city fell after three months of siege. Aggressors removed the croatian flag. The city was freed peacefully in 1998.