vodkka girls

I'm asking all of my followers to read this. This shit is ridiculous and I'm asking for everyone to reblog this for sake of future girls getting into this SHITTY 'entertainment business' as well as to help the girls that have been taken advantage of. I'm asking for all help, PLEASE.
These people also have a tumblr. http://thevodkkagirls.tumblr.com/ While working with Vodkka Girls Entertainment many models were left in the dark about what was going to be happening later down the road. They were promised everything would stick to artistic levels and they would NEVER result to things competing modeling sites like Suicide Girls, God Girls, etc would degrade themselves to do. Everything was great until the website launched. Jane (CEO of Vodkka) began demanding shoots from every girl a part of Vodkka or they would not be marketed. Yet they were all so brainwashed by the talk of being superstars we submitted pictures unknowing that we would all be nothing more than pawns in a game of Steve and Jane’s. In time a lot of the models realized without payment or any progress of bettering the company from becoming the sleaze site it is now, that it was time to quit. Many tried contacting Vodkka, PLEADING to get the pictures taken down since no payment was received and we just sat back and watched then make HUNDREDS off their pictures. Just in the nick of time before lawsuits were started some of the girls taken advantage of received TEN dollars in the mail. I guess they saw that good enough to ruin previous models lives. The outcome now to get any of the models pictures taken down is to pay Jane $900 and to publicly apologize to the Vodkka Girls Entertainment company. Not to mention if we say anything about them posting our pictures we get constant threats of being sued when all were saying is the truth about the company. Makes you wonder what all their hiding doesn’t it?

This is JUST a summary of what is going down. There are girls being taken advantage of and these girls are being posted STILL after leaving the group. These girls learned their lesson yes, but in a VERY UNFAIR way. These girls are asking for your help.