Bottom Layer:
1 cup Raspberry Vodka
1 box Berry Blue Jello

Middle Layer:
½ cup Coconut Vodka
½ cup Pina Colada Mix
1 box Unflavored Gelatin

Top Layer:
1 cup Fruit Punch Vodka
1 box Fruit Punch Jello
Allow each layer to cure before adding the next layer.
Once the mix has hardened, top it off with Whipped Cream and Bomb Pop Popsicles


Post your original recipe and photo on Instagram using#TipsyBartender and we will repost the best ones. Each month, the pics with most likes wins $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place: $100.

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How many is Wednesday?  Oh who cares.

Dinner ended up being chopped up iron-skillet-braised cocktail smoke sausages in scalloped potatoes with fresh broccoli and sauteed onions, topped with cheese.  Delicious.

Besides squaring up lil’ bitty quilt blocks today, I did a load of laundry, cleaned out a junk drawer in the bedroom, cleaned the living room and vacuumed, and sorted 4 garbage bags of donated fabrics. Oh and looked for wedding-dress fabrics online.  I must have put 20 possibilities in my watch list.  Also, I drank a lot LOT of vodka.

Today my husband bought me a garnet solitaire set in sterling to wear with my wedding band, which should arrive in time for our 3rd anniversary a week from Saturday. 

We only got a little rain this afternoon, which means the stupid storm front passed us by, and the stupid dogs got a free day inside the house.

We were going to go to Dollywood tomorrow.  There’s about a 70% chance of rain all day.  Maybe we’ll take the kids to the fireworks store instead.

Did I mention I’ve had a LOT of vodka?  I still type pretty well, but it’s a front.  Trust me.